About Woodforest National Bank

Basic Information.

Woodforest National Bank
1330 Lake Robbins Drive
Spring, TX 77380

Status: Active

84 client reviews-Woodforest National Bank scored 3.5 out of 5.

Concentration:Commercial Lending Specialization
FDIC Insurance:1980-09-05
FDIC Cert:#23220
Holden By:Woodforest Financial Group Employee Stock Ownership Plan (With 401(K) Provisions) (Amended And
Charter Class:Commercial bank, national (federal) charter and Fed member, supervised by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC)
# of Branches:752, ranked #17
Total Assets:$4,487,613,000, ranked #218
Total Deposits:$4,015,048,000, ranked #198
Total Equity Capital:$388,523,000, ranked #265
Total Domestic Deposits:$4,015,048,000, ranked #198
Net Income:$58,871,000, ranked #146
Quarterly Net Income:$21,640,000, ranked #140
Return on Assets:2%, ranked #165
Quarterly Return on Assets:2%, ranked #190
Return on Equity:20%, ranked #245
Quarterly Return on Equity:22%, ranked #195

Routing Numbers.

In our record, Woodforest National Bank has a total of 10 routing numbers.

Routing NumberProcess FedACHProcess FedwireLocationRegistered Name
031319058YYThe Woodlands, TXWoodforest National Bk
044115809YYThe Woodlands, TXWoodforest National Bank
053112592YYThe Woodlands, TXWoodforest National Bank
071926809YYRockford, ILWoodforest National Bank
081226829YYThe Woodlands, TXWoodforest National Bank
113008465YYThe Woodlands, TXWoodforest National Bank
314972853YYThe Woodlands, TXWoodforest National Bank
113001394YNThe Woodlands, TXBank Of Woodforest
113023136YNThe Woodlands, TXWoodforest Natl Bank
113111909YNThe Woodlands, TXWoodforest Natl Bank

84 thoughts on “About Woodforest National Bank”

  1. I wanted to take time out to recognize the professionalism of of Mrs. Tawana Williamson the Branch Manager at the Decatur Branch of Wood Forest Banks. She is superlative in the execution of her duties as branch manager. Her customer service skills are superb and without match. I have been banking with Wood Forest for several years now and have conducted business in several states Mrs. Williamson stands out as being a top performer and should be promoted and given a pay increase.

  2. Have always had good experiences with Woodforest! One particular employee who helped me this past week was Liz. She went above and beyond to help me, excellent customer service and made me feel comfortable and at ease with difficult decisions.

  3. I banked at Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and Bank One. I tell you one thing. When I make a deposit to my account and wait the waiting period. I decide to go out of town. I expect to be able to have access to my money. The embarrassment I went thru to not be able to withdraw or be able to eat or to buy anything because I had used my temporary card more than three times!! made me close my accounts and go to Wood Forest. I was able to have some money to go back home and eat. I am a happy camper now

  4. I don’t like this bank at all when i banked with Bank of America if something wasnt my fault they would wave the fee but this bank trying to take u for all your money even if its not your fault

  5. I was in this location on July 18th approximately noon. The teller was extremely rude and unnecessarily sarcastic and short. I will be closing all of my accounts here and suggesting my family and friends do the same. I don’t give someone my money to be treated poorly. This company needs to get this fixed or they will continue to lose business.

  6. I am an ex military wife, my ex husband was in the Marine Corps 1st then U.S Army retired after 24 yrs in, he was deployed to Iraq after 9/11 he stayed there for 5 years then came home for 2 weeks then retired in them 2 weeks and went back over as a contractor working with Special Forces. He has now been there 10 years. All the time he has been there he has sent me money for me to take care of the household bills and to take care of the 3 kids, we divorced in 2004 and he still sent me money til yesterday 06/15/2015 and he would send by way of wiring from his bank account with USAA & Capital One, into my Woodforest account for the last 3 yrs since I moved to Louisiana, I had been with other banks before and NEVER had any problems, today I tried to use my debit card an couldn’t so I went to the bank to find out what was wrong, they told me my account was closed for suspicious activity on my account and due to the extensive monitoring required for the activity on your account we regret to inform you your account will be closed. I called and spoke with the corporate office and they said they are not obliged to tell me what was suspicious activity was on my account, We have the same last name and the wires come in his name to my name and they can also see I pay all my bills with my debit card, so they are thinking I am a drug dealer or money laundering, so they closed my account, my 3 kids have accounts with them that now we are closing and I advise you to NEVER bank with them, My ex husband and best friend fights for this country and I can’t even have him wire money to me from his bank account to pay bills and take care of the kids as long as I was with Wood Forest National Bank, because to them I am obviously a criminal and not a mother & ex military wife of 24 years!!!

  7. I just love this bank its the best ever the staff are awesome they give you help in every way known. I love the fact they call me by name. If I have problems they go the extra miles to see that it is resolve to my satisfaction.I have been to other locations and none can compare to this one. Keep up the good work and I will always remain a faithful customer.

  8. I have been with Woodforest Bank for over 6 yrs. The branch I use is in Walmart in Austintown, OH. There are not words to express the superior service I have received. This branch goes above and beyond any expectations I have ever had of a bank. I lost my husband two years ago ( he also banked there)and the staff was so empathetic and I received a sympathy card personalized from them……….. who does that in this day and age? They have accomodated me with several requests on the spare of the moment. Highly professional people! Woodforest should be proud to have these wonderful professionals working for them. To date I have sent over 20 people to this bank to open accounts. This branch is just AWESOME!

  9. This is the best bank I have ever used. I highly recommend this branch to anyone looking for a great banking experience.

  10. Great staff always willing too help!They go the extra mile too make you happy.Would recommend this bank tomorrow everyone I know.Love the late hours and weekend hours.

  11. I live in Sanford NC and recently I asked my parents to transfer my money from Russia. Wood Forest is the only bank in this area that handles large Western Union transactions. The web site said the large transactions can be up to $5,000, but in reality you cannot cash over $2,500. I had no idea, otherwise I would not tell my parents to use Western Union to make it easier for them. There was no note or any sign in the bank about their limits on transactions. The bank changed their limit without informing Western Union so they could update theit site. They offered to senders(my parents) to split one transaction, but it didn’t work and my parents got the money back. But they lost $161 for transferring money back and forth.

  12. Friendly people good and quick service, only thing I think needs improvement is the opening time 10:00, other than that very good place to bank at.

  13. I love my Woodforest Bank in Hickory Creek, Texas. I enjoy being able to walk up and they know me. I don’t like the big banks that you are just a face and not really a name. They are always a HUGE help and I have definately needed them several times! Stephanie the manager has been my life saver. Awesome lady!!!

  14. I’ve been a member almost 3yrs and have never had a complaint. All the staff knows me by first name and pretty much know my reason I’m stopping by. I enjoy the great customer service, the company excels my expectations, wonderful experience.

  15. I have had an overall great experience banking with Woodforest National Bank located at 1000 Chestnut Commons in Elyria, OH. Always greeted by a very professional and customer service friendly staff!

  16. The manager a big black guy does not help customers sends them away . They do not need to keep him as he is worthless and lazy.

  17. The staff are very professional. They have always made me feel like I am an important and valued customer. No other bank has ever satisfied my needs as well as this group of people in Greenwood, SC. Thanks for all you do 🙂

  18. Great service very helpful and friendly. they gave my 2 yr old crayons, colouring book, balloon and a lollipop! The guy with the blonde hair does a great job and takes his job seriously, he deserves a bonus lol.

  19. Poor service lack of management that place is a mess, employees are rude and always gossiping about something will never do business there again I am a born and bred Havelock native love Wal Mart but that bank is just bad news

  20. This is by far the worst bank ever!!!! My husband has an account with them, they are rude, the manager always gives my husband some type of off the wall reason to not help him, they have deposited our funds into other accounts, they’ve deposited other people’s funds into our account, do not bank with this bank, maybe others are better but not this one!!!! Unless you want to loose ur hard earned money with a dumb manager I wouldn’t suggest them to anyone!!!

  21. Okay. Can I please shop in Walmart without being tackled by an employee to open an account. I know you have a quota to make, but I wanna just shop in peace.

  22. I’m 55 yrs old and have banked at a lot of banks. This one, by far, is the best bank I have ever been with! I have been plagued with some disabilities lately and my mental capacities are not quite all there. However, they have always treated me with kindness and respect no matter how many times I mess up my account. Crystal is the bank manager and if I had a company I would steal her away – she is that good at what she does.

  23. Three months ago, I deposited a third party check. It was my brother’s small handwritten $100.00 paycheck. It was endorsed properly and then deposited into the overnight deposit box. Four days later I got a call from a bank manager who told me that they don’t handle third party checks and to come pick up the check. I had never heard of a bank not cashing a third party check. I asked why and the rep told me that they didn’t know my brother and could not verify his identity. What? I couldn’t believe it. So I checked their website and all of the documents they gave me when I opened the account and found no policy of the sort. So I went into the branch to pick up the check and asked for a written policy and the manager could not offer any written policy and just said, sorry ma’am, we do not cash third party checks. So all of the bank managers follow a spoken yet unwritten policy. Who does that?

  24. Three months ago, I deposited a third party check. It was my brother’s small handwritten $100.00 paycheck. It was endorsed properly and then deposited into the overnight deposit box. Four days later I got a call from a bank manager who told me that they don’t handle third party checks and to come pick up the check. I had never heard of a bank not cashing a third party check. I asked why and the rep told me that they didn’t know my brother and could not verify his identity. What? I couldn’t believe it. So I checked their website and all of the documents they gave me when I opened the account and found no policy of the sort. So I went into the branch to pick up the check and asked for a written policy and the manager could not offer any written policy and just said, sorry ma’am, we do not cash third party checks. So all of the bank managers follow a spoken yet unwritten policy. Who does that?

  25. Used Woodforest for Western Union Money Transfers Many times before. On March 24, 2014 a (new employee) was allowed by her manager to Refuse Service to me. The employee Profiled me as being involved in illegal activity. In her verbal comments I felt she was on the edge of defamation of my character. I represent a church who was sending money to a foreign missionary to help repair a church roof damaged from a typhoon that went through the Phillipines. I went to another Western Union facility within 5 miles of this Bank and made the transaction without issue. Shame on the employees at Woodforest National Bank who were involved with this incident. I showed them I.D.’s and had proof of who I represented, they did not believe me. This incident should have never happened!!!!

  26. I had my bank card stolen. I called the franklin branch the shut down the card right away. I went up there sign paper work. Everyone was real nice explained to me everything I need to do as far as filing a polices report.they was great in a not so great time in my life. Thank you woodforest in franklin ohio

  27. Very rude employees on cell phones while helping my son open his first account I had my grandson also with me the employee turned to her co worker and said something stinks then she told me I needed to change my sons diaper # 1 that’s not her worry concern or job # 2 my grandsons diaper was cleaner than her mouth #3 if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all!!! Very Disrespectful Employees they should be fired many others would love to have their job and appreciate it and their customers!!! These women were very rude Ill mannered and I will do business else where my grandson is mixed and this insult was also raciest the women were black me and my son are Caucasian The only abusive language is coming from your employees since when does a bank clerk tell you your child stinks and needs the diaper changed Never!!! Totally out of line

  28. The staff is excellent. Had some glitches with the service but the staff is WONDERFUL. Had some problems with online banking and with scanning checks for deposit.

  29. Teller didn’t know the meaning of the terms on my bank statement.

    I was not told about the $15 activation fee for a debit card.

    Online payments are sometimes “pending” for up to a week. I didn’t know what this meant but people on eBay will not ship my items until this is gone. Hmmm.

    There is no Q&A on their website and very limited information.

    The only way to activate the debit card is at an ATM, no number to call for activation like most banks.

    They only have ATMs at their bank locations.

    Need I say more?

  30. This bank is filled with the rudest “GHETTO Staff”. People are more well spoken at a fast food restaurant. I have heard employees say all kinds of inappropriate things while in front of customers. I heard one black woman yell at a white woman there saying she was gonna hit her with customers around.I do not recommend going to this bank ever!!!

  31. went and made a deposit. turns out I was given a receipt but it was not posted. overcharges were added and took 2 days to resolve. if it was not for my receipt I would have no way to proof my deposit.

  32. I have had nothing but wonderful experiences since opening an account with this bank, but it would be even better if I were able to deposit funds after hour and through the ATM .

  33. I opened an account with them for convenience because I worked @ Walmart and, after a few years, they decided to close the branch @ the Amsterdam store. This left me with quite a problem as, I would have to travel 75 miles to physically deposit any funds! I am extremely unhappy with their decision to close the branch I was dealing with! I am leaving A.S.A.P!!

  34. Great checking and saving bank, Great people Here, It a place where they know you by name, your just not a number. Very pleased with the staff, only wish i could do my financing with them too, home car ect. As long as the bank is here i will be too.

  35. The staff needs training in proper customer service and on how to serve their customers sufficiently and effectively.

  36. I have been a member of woodforest in horseheads for yrs… the girls there are wonderful to me.. they are very helpful. i really like gong there because of the friendliest and helpfullness of the girls.

  37. I have been a member of woodforest in horseheads for yrs… the girls there are wonderful to me.. they are very helpful. i really like gong there because of the friendliest and helpfullness of the girls.

  38. These girls at Kankakee are the greatest! I had a fraud encounter they stopped refunded and my new debit card was here in 5 days. So polite and when I call in they know who I am. LOVE WOODFOREST!!!!!

  39. I have been with Woodforest four years and have never had a problem with them. My direct deposits are in my account a day before payday, the staff is always pleasant and it’s always clean. I have been to 4 different branches in my area. The one on Madison Blvd in Madison and South Parkway in Huntsville are my favorites.

  40. HORRIBLE PLACE!! I went there yesterday to DEPOSIT a check. The customer who gave it to me has a signature that is frighteningly close to mine, although NOT THE SAME! Because of this factor I didn’t even try to CASH said check, only DEPOSIT it. The S.B. at the bank not only wouldn’t DEPOSIT it, she called the cops on me! Cops got there and were on my side. DEPOSIT the damn thing and put a hold on it.Not this idiot, she thought it was better to treat a CUSTOMER like a CRIMINAL. All of this went on for about an hour, hundreds of people saw me being MISTREATED and standing with 2 sheriffs at the front of a WalMart. Along with several WalMart managers….


    (did I mention I have EPILEPSY and this whole incidence could very easily triggered a seizure. Rats! If it only would have……….

  41. I been with Woodforest Bank for a Year with the account me and my son have. They lie about stuff and when you go in to talk to them about a certain issue they go all the way threw your account and pull up everything from time you been with them which is invading my personal business cause they have no right doing this unless I ask them to. This is not the first time they have done this and everybody that is standing there know your business when they get threw telling it out loud! Really thinking about changing banks. Me and my husband had an account with them and they did me and him the same way and my husband was really mad for that was our privacy and not for the world to know! Then when your year is over with second chance banking and it comes time to convert over you have to go take the GPS test and it take 60 days to convert over and that’s past your year and you still have to pay that fee they charge until they convert your account! They never tell you this until you go and ask why your account have not been converted Its like they get you in when you open the account and then its a different story!

  42. Chose this bank for convenience. Deposited a check and was given a paper telling me “We have confidential information that indicated the check may not be paid.” Basically someone (they wouldn’t tell me who) had decided the check would bounce! I am considering setting up an account elsewhere. Teller was indifferent and/or rude! They must be getting their customer service training from the DPS!

  43. I love this bank they are helpful and honest ……..There is one employee she has short dark hair and is of possibly asian or another closely related nationality. She is the most honest and friendly person I have ever dealt with in a banking experience. She caught an error and notified me immediately. Its her personality that will really get the customers she treats you with respect and doesnt care to go out of her way to help you at all.

  44. I love this bank so much. They call u if something is wrong with your account and even help you find out what the problem is. The branch on mechanicsville call a company for me to see why they was charging my account twice a month for different amounts. That was very very helpful cause the branch manger got my money back with no problem

  45. I called Woodforest Bank’s customer service three weeks before my card was to expire. The gentleman told me not worry they’d [probably] send out a new one within two weeks. So I thought nothing of it. Until April 1, 2013, I still had not received my card. I called CUSTOMER SERVICE-again, the saga began. I advised the lady that I had not received my card. She said she’s order me one. I told her I needed it right away since some of my subscriptions are tied to my card. She said the branch manager of my account would have to order the rush. She transferred me to the presumed branch manager, Zak. He tells me he’ll order my card right away and put it on a rush-stating to me that it’s going to cost him $55.00 for the fedex cost. A week goes by no card. I call Zak to advise him and he states that the card is on it’s way and I should have it by Wednesday of that week. Thursday of that week no card. I call customer service and speak with a supervisor. She contacts Zak and discusses my issue. Zak tells her that he ordered the card but forgot to put a rush on it. Shaun the customer service rep advises that Zak confirmed with her that he would expedite the card to me upon receipt. Okay, fine the issues appears to have reached an exhaustive conclusion. Why would Zak then call me on April 10–the date he received my card–to ask me if I wanted to come to the branch and pick up the card or have him mail it to me which will take a few extra days. So much for expedited delivery or a branch manager having a reasonable understanding of setting customer expectations.

  46. We’ve been banking with Woodforest for over 5 years and have always been pleased with their service, branch locations, and products. We initially started our banking with Woodforest in The Woodlands. Then after a relocation, we continued our banking relationship in their South Carolina network. We do 100% of our banking with Woodforest including loans. We highly recommend Woodforest Bank!

  47. I was just looking on the site to see if i wanted go with them. I found that answer out real quick. The answer is easy no. They cost you more than you many or may not put in. I am not rich and I don’t have money to put in an account and then have it taken away by fees. It is called second chance to help you built not to break up down. I would not have even given them a star. The only reson i did was because they have a good picture for this foolishness they call a bank. I dont like the peoples attitudes that work there anyway. None of them in Montgomery Al.

  48. Do not bank with them. The Texarkana location has a worker by the name Leain and she goes in people accounts without their premission. And then calls asking you question about what you deposit in your account. It’s none of your business. They are rude when you call to speak to branch manager. Bank any where but with them

  49. Heather at the Senatobia branch is the best, and so is the rest of the staff, also the people in Oxford are great too. I love the personal service, and after going to the bank at oxford for the second time the teller remembered my name and remembered that my husband was in the hospital! I love this bank!

  50. Please please tell the Kathy lady in there (pry 50 years old; bleach blond hair, heavy set gal) to stop w/the nasty perfume! My eyes hurt every time she helps me. She is SOOO sweet and nice and I love to talk to her; but have a headache w/in 30 seconds of speaking w/her. Please please make it stop!

  51. Well, I have an account with Woodforest and the day before yesterday, my purse was stolen as well as my bank card. I reported it stolen to my bank and they supposedly canceled the card and it couldn’t be used anymore. Well, not 24 hours later, the lowly pricks who took my purse are there using my “canceled card” somehow again. I went back to the bank and told them to close the account altogether which they said they did and I sign on the website to make sure but its not cancelled and I’m overdrafted about 600 dollars now! What the heck is this? I’d rather go with chase or generations, where I know they’re safer. Don’t go with woodforest please.

  52. Do not open a account this poor excuse of a bank. Inconsistent with their policies. Customer service is non existent. They are rude unfriendly and have no idea what they are suppose to be doing. I have attempted to close out an account twice. Went to open an Account with another bank and it showed I owed this bank money after numerous phone calls my account was never closed and service charges were charged to me because of a zero balance! The bank did not have me sign the close account form. Seriously an error on the banks part cost me? This bank is only out to make money at your expense!

  53. I don’t have an account here and I would never want one here. I drove my mother there as a favor because she was sending money to her brother who is the one with the bank account there. The lady that helped us was rude and unfriendly. It made me uncomfortable to be there. Are all banks in walmart like this? I left the first convenience bank at the supercenters for this exact reason.

  54. Do NOT set up ACH withdraws from any account with this bank. The bank will sometimes allow, and sometimes not allow ACH drafts if there the funds are there or not. Three times they rejected ACH drafts when the account did not have the funds, and three times they let the ACH go through and maintained a negetive account balance. They do not have a consistant track record.

  55. i hate the new staff at your katy bank. they all have a very bad attitude when you have a bank issue. then when ask to use thier phone, they told me they do not let customers use thier phone. then when i went back 10 days later and ask for help bad attitude.

  56. I have been with this bank for 4 years and have never had such a great relationship with a bank and all the employees. They know myself and all my family. They are wonderful to deal with. From the manager to the tellers, one word, professional!!!

  57. My complaint about this branch of Woodforest Bank is that they are not receiving the awards and kudos that they deserve from the upper echelon. The staff at the Fredonia Branch are remarkable and deserving of recognition. I could always use a different bank but I absolutely refuse. The staff did an in-house fund raiser to help with the financial costs of my family once they found out that I had been diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer. Who does that? That was the first time that I had ever received money from a bank!!! Keep up the excellent work and I will be a lifelong member. To the bosses of this fine bank…..reward them….they deserve that and so much more!!!!!!

  58. I started with this bank in North Carolina. I have kept my account(s) through living in IL, KY, and now TN. I will drive 30 min to use this bank over next door to any other bank in America!!!!! No hassle, great rates, excellent service, and their senior plan is bar none the best. I pay for NOTHING!!! I encourage all my family and friends to use this bank. Now I encourage you!


  60. I do not only all of my personal checking here, but I have five business accounts here as well. Very friendly and helpful staff. Love the hours.

  61. The customer service was excellent. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. They quickly greeted me. They are hardworking and professional. I strongly encourage others to open accounts at this branch!

  62. About a year and a half ago, I was looking to open a checking account because another bank had charged me way too much for simple things like calling in and talking to someone at their office ($10 fee). I went to 2 other banks and they refused to open an account for me because of me refusing to pay the ridiculous fees the other banks charged me.

    Then I was in my local Walmart and saw a bank there with a sign “2nd Chance Checking” so I stopped in and asked a few questions about their fees and such and then successfully signed up for an account with absolutely no problem. The branch manager, Andrea, personally opened my account and was very kind and friendly.

    As the months passed by the tellers at Woodforest got to know me and always were very kind and always called me by my first name when I dropped by to deposit or withdraw money. By the way almost every deposit is available IMMEDIATELY! At the other bank, even though I’m sure they knew me, it seemed like I was just a number to them, maybe because I kept a lower balance than other customers, maybe because I had no huge loans with them, who knows. Also if I made a deposit that wasn’t cash it would take 1-3 business day(s), or more, to be available to me. Not at Woodforesst! The tellers at WOODFOREST always treated me like I had a million bucks in my account.

    After having an account there for a year, in good standing, they upgraded my account to a free account with FREE $500 in overdraft protection that they called “privilege pay.” At the other banks they made you apply for a line of credit to get overdraft protection, which, of course, they never approved for the average person! Not at Woodforest! They upgraded my account one day I was in there, making a deposit, surprising me! Wow, again making me feel like a treasured client.

    At one point in time I had an overdraft, it got paid (thank goodness) and I got charged a $34 fee. Now its worth mentioning that while Woodforest only charged me ONE overdraft fee, the other bank would have charged me about 11 FEES because at my other bank they charged overdraft fees on” pending items” too. Again, NOT AT WOODFOREST. I went in that day and corrected my account making the balance positive and making sure my “pending transactions” didn’t get any overdraft fees when they cleared. I talked to the manager that day and she told me that they limit the amount of overdraft fees that someone can incure in one day. Then she told me she would REFUND the overdraft fee if I completed an online banking education class (which took about 10 minutes to do) which was well worth the $34.00 I was refunded.

    Another great thing about Woodforest is their online banking. You can log in anytime and see EVERYTHING going on with your account. For example, if I just went to the store and spent $50, there it was right on the screen. If I just got gas, instead of showing $1 it showed the actual amount. This is very helpful, in case you make a mistake. If you overspent, as long as you can make it to the bank before the “pending items” change to “posted items” (about 1-3 days) you can save yourself on fees if you make a deposit and bring your account to a positive balance. My other bank hid the “pending transactions” and just told you a total of them. Like I said earlier in this review, if you make a mistake and over spend, you will be charged fees on EVERY “pending item” that could be as much as $300+. NOT WOODFORREST!

    Fast forward about 6 months. I woke up and checked my account online as I always do and there was an ACH for $200 that I did not recognize. It turned out to be fraud. Now this is what impresses me the most about Woodforest National Bank, the Vice President of the entire company (not just my local bank manager or a regional manager) this was the real deal Vice President of the bank (on a NATIONAL executive level) calling me from HIS CELL PHONE! A few questions and he fixed the problem RIGHT AWAY and told me to call him ON HIS CELL PHONE if I ever needed his help again. Now you tell me of a bank where the VICE PRESIDENT personally helped you out when your account only had a balance of $112.00 and gave you his cell phone number for future help if needed! Again, ONE MORE REASON I felt like I had a million dollars in my account.

    To summarize, I would highly recommend this bank to anyone who wants a bank that not only says “We care about our customers….” but they ABSOLUTLEY really 100% do care about their customers. Thank you Woodforest for your AMAZING service. It’s the little things your bank does that counts. I’ve had bank accounts with around 25-30 banks in my lifetime and NEVER got the great service from anyone like I have from you. I’m just your ordinary guy who keeps an average of $300-600 in my account with “not so good” credit. Keep up the good work and everyone will have accounts with your bank! Thank You, from your customer for life!

  63. I really like the customer service. I notice that the branches I go to are pretty busy and the customers are satisfied with their transactions. The staff is attentive and courteous. Overall I really like the bank.

  64. I really like the customer service. I notice that the branches I go to are pretty busy and the customers are satisfied with their transactions. The staff is attentive and courteous. Overall I really like the bank.

  65. there is a racial issue between black and white. i stud in waiting to ask for more information about the bank when the black lady walked away from me to take a check from a black man that approached from the customer service area. in amazement i went to her and said i was first in line and she told me to wait than she went into the back and a blond girl i believe her name was heather finished helping me! something really needs to be done about this!

  66. I switched banks because I didn’t like going in and having to talk to a banking representative through plexi glass. The associates are always friendly and I have never had to wait in line yet. I love the extended hours as compared to other banks. I always do online banking, but since woodforest sends me an email alert every day about my account, I have yet to set up my online account. I like being able to deposit money and then 5 minutes later make my credit card payment because the deposit has already been credited to my checking account. There isn’t a single thing so far that I dislike about the East Side Spartanburg branch location.

  67. The manger is something else, I called woodforest main office and had the most awful complaint to them about that manager in Macomb, Illinois. Please see other ppl. reviews. Seems like every1 knows how rude and ugly she is. The main branch has informed me that they are getting a lots of words even ppl. cussing them for giving the job for that fake lady in Macomb. They told me that they are working on firing her soon. Great news for me and for the others ppl. Please read all reviws.

  68. Every time I go there for western union sending money, every employee is been very helpful. Only the manager there, she is terrible, with lemon face, wants to force on clients her own rules. Example: I have a western union membership card, whenever I want to send money from anywhere here in the U.S I have to present my card, they swipe it and there you go they’ll retrieve all info. about me, no need to fill that form no more and I was told everywhere but first I was told by western union since I am a long time customer…Only that ignorant lady in woodforest Wal Mart Macomb wanted me to fill up the form, I know she does it on purpose. When I told her ( several times ) her employees never asked me to, she replies but I WANT to….. She is bad deal, just go and look at her lemon face.

  69. I have banked with another large bank for decades, but have discovered the old fashioned personal touch where your bank knows you by name and treats you with respect. I love, love, love the website and its simplicity. It is truly a great place to bank!

  70. The branch manager of this branch is the most unprofessional, lazy person I have ever ran across in a workplace in my life. She sat in the corner desk in the back and yelled across the room to the teller that was helping me. I had a Money Gram money order that I receive once monthly from my ex-husband and deposit monthly into my account for my daughters braces payment. The branch manager told the teller to inform me that Woodforest Bank doesn’t cash them anymore and good luck finding somewhere that does due to the high fraud rate on them. I told the teller I cashed them at the other branch in Oceola, IN every month and had no problem there. He gave me the money order back and said we will not be able to cash it. I told the teller I wanted the phone number and name of the District Manager of the bank and he said I would have to talk to his branch manager for that. I said then get her up here to the desk. The branch manager yelled across the room again not getting up out of her cozy chair and said if she can prove to me she cashes these every month at the other branch we will take it call the other branch and check. Meanwhile I am calling the phone number on my checks to try to locate the district manager of this bank but got an answering manchine due to Columbus Day. The teller called the other branch and they told him they do deposit these for me every month. After hearing this the branch manager who has not got up one time to come and talk to me yelled just cash the thing and get it over with. I will NEVER enter that bank branch and something needs to be done with that bank manager.

  71. i had 50$ checkings 25$ savings.my mom made the required# of transactions in order to keep from charging the minimum balance fee, which was charged anyway.when i closed my account i had 37 checkings.they charged me 25 to close each account and said to close my account i had to close my joint account(i found out was moms,though ours were set up separate)i closed hers and got 70 and another check 12 for my accounts.the reason i was charged was because i restarted my account that didnt last more than 180 days(the purpose of resetting my account ironically,was because it couldnt separated otherwise)when my mom called to make sure the account was closed they said no just cleared and she would have to close it in person,until i called and put my foot down,because i was told it would be closed in 24 hours and it was well over that time.had i not done that,they would have charged her the minimum balance fee,(6)then the overdraft fee for insufficient funds(32)also the banker was rude

  72. Woodforest needs to put a bank in Victoria Texas.

    They are the best bank to do business with. I already

    have an account with them, but need to move to Victoria, Texas and I would like to stay with the same bank.

  73. I moved to Va from La approx 2 years ago. We needed a local bank that was handy and close. While in Walmart I was approached by a Woodforest teller asking if I needed a bank. Long story, shortened; these people go beyond to make banking easy, friendly, and most of all convenient. The staff is always top notch, the manager always takes time to talk with every customer, most by their first names. I was at the bank late one afternoon to deposit a check, the manager asked me if I had known about my son taking out money during the school day. Not only does he know my name, he has taken the time to learn my sons names. Hometown banking at it’s finest… THIS IS HOW A BANK SHOULD OPERATE!!!

  74. I have been banking with woodforest for a year. I am a highly satisfied customer. Anytime I have a question it has been answered. Also when I come in I am waited on within 2 minutes. The service is always professionnal and they listen to their customers. They have the edge because people return for good service. I will recommend this bank to others.

  75. I use to bank at the Woodforest Coshocton branch and soon closed my account with them because of there rudeness and bitter persona .I would never recommend this branch to anyone.However the Zanesville branches are quit the opposite they are very kind no matter what and have great PR with there customers.

  76. I would give this branch 5 stars across the board. The staff is second to none. They call me by name every time. I am not a number. The service is great. They answer my questions or research any problems (very few)promptly. At times there is a short wait when they are busy but they move you along.

  77. They have demonstrated professionalism and no matter what the problem was they showed great patience and delt with the situation in possitive and kind way. Their people skills make other banks look so sad, time is great, they don’t keep you waiting for ever. i have banked with them for 3 years now and i won’t go back to any of the others i’ve banked with. (Bank of America, and Chase)

  78. Aside from having fantasic hours and being open every day of the year, with the exception of Christmas, Newark, Ohio’s Woodforest National Bank is literally a bank that will meet all your needs. Their fees are low, their customer service is out of this world, everyone there knows me by name and I am happy with the money I have invested their–I have a couple CDs as well as an IRA and their Platinum Plus Checking account. I am very pleased with their interest rates. They might not be extravagant, but they are the best rates in the area. I have run into a few problems with my account (merchants charging my card twice and things like that), yet the folks at this Woodforest always help me out!

    Their branch network consists of over 700 locations, almost 80 of those just here in Ohio. They also have Western Union, which is handy from time to time.

    My grandmother has their Sterling Advantage account, which is free checking for anyone age 50 or older. She gets a free debit MasterCard, free checks for the life of the account, free money orders and cashier’s checks, free notary services and all types of other free things!

    I highly recommend this bank to those with a few dollars and those with a few thousand dollars! It’s well worth it.

  79. Weekend hours were convenient but now has changed.

    Hold time on account is very long – up to 30 days, when merchants place a hold on credit cards for amounts over $500. Excellent customer services on treatment by tellers and manager at retail bank, Pflugerville,TX. Note: interest rate and cost – N/A – I have not used -(not poor.)

  80. Do not bank with woodforest there main objective is to make sure that you over draft your account so that they can keep giving you 35 dollar charges on each transaction and the will not notify you if your account is low.

  81. The service from every one i have come in contact with from the tellers tellers account manager has been just wouderfull,some one speeks to me when ever i walk in to the bank,and wnen ever i have a problem ,they get it straightin out right away,so thanks a lot.

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