About WEX Bank

Basic Information.

WEX Bank
7090 South Union Park Avenue, Suite 350
Midvale, UT 84047

Status: Active

7 client reviews-WEX Bank scored 2.5 out of 5.

Concentration:Commercial Lending Specialization
FDIC Insurance:1998-06-01
FDIC Cert:#34697
Charter Class:Commercial bank, state charter and Fed nonmember, supervised by the FDIC
Total Assets:$2,030,350,000, ranked #391
Total Deposits:$1,554,328,000, ranked #401
Total Equity Capital:$216,697,000, ranked #402
Total Domestic Deposits:$1,554,328,000, ranked #400
Net Income:$116,217,000, ranked #93
Quarterly Net Income:$41,474,000, ranked #87
Return on Assets:8%, ranked #22
Quarterly Return on Assets:9%, ranked #22
Return on Equity:73%, ranked #8
Quarterly Return on Equity:77%, ranked #15

Routing Numbers.

In our record, WEX Bank has a total of 3 routing numbers.

Routing NumberProcess FedACHProcess FedwireLocationRegistered Name
124085244YYSioux Falls, SDMetabank
124085286YYMidvale, UTWex Bank
124084643NYMidvale, UTWex Bank

7 thoughts on “About WEX Bank”

  1. The jury is still out. So far no troubles with Higher One or its parent company WEX Bank. I will however be watching carefully for excessive fees and the like. I have chosen to have my refund deposited into my personal account and we’ll see how that goes. Most of the complaints I see here relate to people who have no idea how to manage their money.

  2. STUDENTS PLEASE KEEP CLOSE EYE ON UR HIGHERONE ACCOUNT AND I HOPE NONE OF YOU GET TREATED LIKE THEY DO ME >>>Higher one you guys have been nothing but liers and treating me like am no body and that my word don’t mean anything being yelled at by your claims depts. hung up on and when placing a stop payment I was thinking that would not get posted to my account but look I got charged twice at 24.00 each and you still put THREW the payment I stopped .. last week your supervisor could not help me with pending transaction being reversed even when I gave all info that the merchant is not going to collect on funds. you made me miss a cancer treatment then and thanks to your bank putting threw a transaction that I made stop payment on is preventing me to go to another treatment today. you guys have no clue what it feels like to miss a treatment the pain its horrible. and you guys don’t even respond to the easy help notices I have sent .. I have been lied to by every bank rep and supervisor and now manager . wow if I did not need this bank for CTU I would close it but this is the only bank that accepts our stipend. i have two disputes in claims been there for over a month now no prevision credit nothing no updates nothing I call and ask about it and I get yelled at and hung up on and no one tells me nothing . I cant believe how your reps treats me .. not sure if they treat anyone else like that but I sure hope not. and now here it is 9/18/2014 another treatment I have to miss .. thanks higher one aka WEX BANK

  3. I’m not so sure why these students are so upset. All I see is irresponsible people handling their finances, as well as not having a clear understanding for banking security. I have two accounts, on with WEX Premier and one with another very popular giant in the banking industry. There was a big debit card scare, I had more problems using MY money with the other bank than I did with WEX.

    I am completely happy with the security WEX has provided, I was a little unnerved by having to wait for my initial identity verification, but completely understood why this was necessary. So, I had to send physical documents instead of uploading documents, no big deal.

    It is a little difficult to make deposits, unless you have direct deposit, you actually have to send the money to a processing center in CT?! (Never had to deposit cash/MO as of yet, but I am sure the technology will come.

    Their fees are awesome, especially for someone paying off student loans, $3.95 a month cannot be beat!!! The nice big banks at every corner charge anywhere from $11 to $14 a month!!! And, as long as I have direct deposit, I need not worry about having a minimum balance, you CANNOT say that about my other most popular bank, yup, minumum balance or you get slammed with fees, and for us “older” students, we don’t get the luxury of a mommy/daddy/student account, so WEX does that for us older folks. (I just have to say thanks, because , there is NO other bank that does that unless you are 25/26 y/o college student)

    For those who lost their card for MONTHS on end, you have no complaints, because you did not respond immediately, YES, because of FDIC laws and banking security after 9/11, you will run into problems, I mean seriously, who forgets their money for MONTHS!

    For those having security issues, don’t blame the bank, blame the government for placing and imposing stiffer banking securities and regulations. If people didn’t break laws or “hack” computers, we would all still have pass books and have to goto a bank, in person, during banking hours!These laws are to protect you, not to inconvenience you and keep your money. (And to the person who had to pay all these fees, because your card was stolen, there is a process, but not for like 10 months, you could have called the bank, I wouldn’t believe you either after that amount of time, you should be charged an ignorance fee!)

    Just remember, WEX is still up and coming, it’s not your bank on the corner. Cash Deposits may be difficult to make, but,who handles cash really?

  4. I dont know about all the poor reviews i see. Higher ones security is a tough one but we can all thank 911 for that.. seriously great security makes me feel safe…also my card was deemed stolen several months ago…i was NOT charged a fee and was treated respectfully..higher one rectified my prob . Immediately…….

    Kudos higher one

  5. Currently sitting on hold to cancel my account. I went to the local University for one year and they forced this One card on me with no consent given. They used it to refund what was left of my refund to the account. However little did I know that if I didn’t use my card, they would charge me a fee of 10 dollars a month until it dropped below 100. Now they take 3.75 every month for no reason. I’ve lost my card for months and they’ve taken over 100 dollars from me for no reason. I didn’t ask for this service, I didn’t agree to this. I feel very cheated and have fair reason to believe this whole banking system is a scam.

  6. I have been dealing with Higher One, for the purpose of receiving financial aid, I tried unsuccessfully for 1 month to get my identity verified, and even though I had uploaded all the necessary documents Higher one still would not release the hold and I had to contact the college that I attend to get this problem resolved, if this was not the company that my school uses, there is no way I would ever use this company, they are not organized, they do not do things in a timely manner and they are unprofessional. Hopefully with enough complaints our college will use someone different next year. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  7. I feel like the Wex Banks are trying to find every way to tact on new costs when ever they can. This bank is linked with the school district and instead of the school releseing us our fund to our own bank or closet for that matter. Many students were fourst to stick with The Wex banks Higher one accounts. They just released a price rack up on those who have been banking with them forever but are no longer are enrolled. Along with the 2dollars a 50 cents I get charged every time I use my card any way except at their ATMs where there is only one on campas with a long line and even if ur card is stole you get charged 20.00 for a replacement. I can’t never reach the bank when I need to and their account higher one is worth reading the fine print.

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