About Wesbanco Bank, Inc.

Basic Information.

Wesbanco Bank, Inc.
One Bank Plaza
Wheeling, WV 26003

Status: Active

8 client reviews-Wesbanco Bank, Inc. scored 3 out of 5.

Concentration:Commercial Lending Specialization
FDIC Insurance:1934-01-01
FDIC Cert:#803
Holden By:Wesbanco, Inc.
Charter Class:Commercial bank, state charter and Fed nonmember, supervised by the FDIC
# of Branches:143, ranked #64
Total Assets:$8,433,420,000, ranked #132
Total Deposits:$6,194,728,000, ranked #138
Total Equity Capital:$1,172,744,000, ranked #124
Total Domestic Deposits:$6,194,728,000, ranked #138
Net Income:$61,851,000, ranked #137
Quarterly Net Income:$22,875,000, ranked #134
Return on Assets:1%, ranked #958
Quarterly Return on Assets:1%, ranked #1072
Return on Equity:8%, ranked #2818
Quarterly Return on Equity:8%, ranked #2929

Routing Numbers.

In our record, Wesbanco Bank, Inc. has a total of 16 routing numbers.

Routing NumberProcess FedACHProcess FedwireLocationRegistered Name
043400036YYWheeling, WVWesbanco Bank Inc
043401190YYWheeling, WVWesbanco Bank Inc
044207283YYWheeling, WVWesbanco Bank Inc
051500562YYWheeling, WVWesbanco Bank, Inc
051500753YYWheeling, WVWesbanco Bank, Inc
242071897YYWheeling, WVWesbanco Bank, Inc
242272816YYWheeling, WVWesbanco Bank Inc
042202219YNWheeling, WVWesbanco Bank Inc
043205079YNWheeling, WVWesbanco Bank Wheeling
043401637YNWheeling, WVWesbanco Bank Wheeling
043403282YNWheeling, WVWesbanco Bank Inc
044111188YNWheeling, WVWesbanco Bank Inc
051504542YNWheeling, WVWesbanco Bank, Inc
051901705YNWheeling, WVWesbanco Bank, Inc
242070885YNWheeling, WVWesbanco Bank Inc
243073632YNWheeling, WVWesbanco Bank Inc

8 thoughts on “About Wesbanco Bank, Inc.”

  1. St.Clairsville branch. Been trying to get a home loan since the 1st of October. First, the appraisal man was 1 month getting around to doing it, they told me he was in the hospital, apparently they only have one appraisal person doing this. Secondly to get anybody to call me back it’s like pulling teeth they just don’t do it. Justin one day I’ve called 7 times and left messages and still no one calls me back. I would not recommend this bank for any reason at all. I advised my friends to draw their money out of it and put it somewhere else, worst service I have ever run across.

  2. I have been a Fidelity Bank customer & now am a Wesbanco customer. There is a teller named Linda at the Zelienople branch who has for years and continues to offer the worst customer service. She does not greet you, does not acknowledge you, does not thank you. She glares at you as if you are an imposition. She has treated my mother this way and all 3 of my children this way (all customers). After another experience with her this week, I have decided to move my account. I work in retail and know the importance of good customer service. Linda needs some serious ‘coaching’.

  3. I’m calling the Lane Ave. location right now, just to ask how late they are open until today. (I didn’t find it on their website.) When I finally obtained a human voice, she quickly asked: “Can you hold please?” Before I could even answer, she switched me to ‘hold’. That was 20 minutes ago and I’m still holding. My first inclination was to hang up and call her back, but now I’m curious to see how long she’ll leave me on hold. Meanwhile, I’m looking for another in my area.

  4. We have been happy Fidelity/Wesbanco customers for over thirty years. The staff serve with pleasant attitudes and make going to the bank an experience I look forward to.

    They are knowledgable and have always been eager to assist us even when it means going the extra proverbial mile.

    Thank you, Wesbanco Zelienople Branch!

  5. About a year ago i closed an account with your Moundsville Branch because their management and staff were so indifferent and service was meager at best. Reopened a checking account at the Highlands branch because it was close to my place of employment. The staff their was totally gratuitous in all their services. They were forth- right and considerate in every service or circumstance i brought to their attention. One person in particular Ms. Candice Bailey has always in true faith and finesse give quality service and attenion to all of our banking needs. I can truely say that the Branch Manager and Staff in this bank cherishes each and every customer. Thanks, Sincerely yours: Joseph C. Hays IV

  6. Horrible service in Pine Grove, WV. My wife had had an account there with always a positive balance for a few months now. We wanted to cash a payroll check there, we were denied because they said her account was too new. Then they said they wouldnt even accept is as a deposit to wait and clear, because the manager “had never heard of the company”. Really ? So, she knows every company in the world ? Horrible service. Didnt even say sorry or even goodbye, just gave us back the check and walked off. Needless to say, we closed our account.

  7. My restaurant has been a long time client of Fidelity/West Banco and have always received great service at the Pittsburgh Strip District Branch. My recent visit on 6/11 was not the same though. I walked into the empty branch, walked about a foot in front of the ropes and waited to be greeted. The teller (Laura) called me up and greeted me by saying… “Can you wait in line next time; I have personal information in front of me that you can’t look at!”

    Being in the customer service business, this was certainly not anyway to greet a long time customer and left me with a terrible impression of the change over to West Banco, in regards to their training of customer service.

  8. Fantastic people who care about you the customer. The know and call you by name. Its what a community bank use to be and still is here at the YSO office.

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