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Basic Information.

Umpqua Bank
445 S.E. Main Street
Roseburg, OR 97470

Status: Active

22 client reviews-Umpqua Bank scored 3 out of 5.

Concentration:Commercial Lending Specialization
FDIC Insurance:1953-11-09
FDIC Cert:#17266
Holden By:Umpqua Holdings Corporation
Charter Class:Commercial bank, state charter and Fed nonmember, supervised by the FDIC
# of Branches:342, ranked #30
Total Assets:$23,159,826,000, ranked #67
Total Deposits:$17,566,679,000, ranked #67
Total Equity Capital:$4,123,234,000, ranked #46
Total Domestic Deposits:$17,566,679,000, ranked #66
Net Income:$169,217,000, ranked #66
Quarterly Net Income:$61,025,000, ranked #61
Return on Assets:1%, ranked #958
Quarterly Return on Assets:1%, ranked #1072
Return on Equity:6%, ranked #3899
Quarterly Return on Equity:6%, ranked #3954

Routing Numbers.

In our record, Umpqua Bank has a total of 26 routing numbers.

Routing NumberProcess FedACHProcess FedwireLocationRegistered Name
121136785YYPortland, ORUmpqua Bank
121140276YYPortland, ORUmpqua Bank
121140823YYPortland, ORUmpqua Bank
121140933YYPortland, ORUmpqua Bank
121141042YYPortland, ORUmpqua Bank
121141819YYPortland, ORUmpqua Bank
121142517YYPortland, ORUmpqua Bank
121142627YYPortland, ORUmpqua Bank
121142902YYPortland, ORUmpqua Bank
121143118YYPortland, ORUmpqua Bank
121181730YYPortland, ORUmpqua Bank
121202185YYPortland, ORUmpqua Bank
123202125YYPortland, ORUmpqua Bank (valley Of The Rogue Bk)
123205054YYPortland, ORUmpqua Bank
123206053YYPortland, ORUmpqua Bank
123308553YYPortland, ORUmpqua Bank
125006390YYPortland, ORUmpqua Bank
325182946YYPortland, ORUmpqua Bank
123201045NYReedsport, ORUmpqua Bank
123202921NYCoos Bay, ORUmpqua Bank
123206561NYAlbany, ORUmpqua Bank
123206671NYCoos Bay, ORUmpqua Bank
321171139NYNapa, CAUmpqua Bank
121138741YNPortland, ORUmpqua Bank
123204835YNPortland, ORUmpqua Bank
123206781YNPortland, ORUmpqua Bank (oregon State Bank)

Swift Codes.

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22 thoughts on “About Umpqua Bank”

  1. Once again, I was tremendously impressed with the staff at Umpqua Bank in Albany, Oregon. My praise today goes to customer service representative Caron who helped me complete the seemingly endless tasks needed to oversee an estate account. She’s knowledgeable, helpful, and efficient. She’s living proof that the bank manager is making good and sound hiring decisions. . . The skills of each of these employees provide an efficient and pleasant experience for bank customers in Albany, Oregon.

  2. It’s been my bank for over ten years, I’ve never had a problem there and the staff are all really nice.

  3. You’ve got to experience what I did. The staff greeted me with a smile and superior customer service, Whitney made me feel “at home” in the beautifully decorated and designed lobby of the downtown branch. We completed most of the paper work for my husband and my newly formed business account, but asked if she could help by meeting us later to fill out other needed forms. Subsequently, Whitney showed up at our home with freshly baked donuts and balloons to finish the process and offer congratulations. We couldn’t be happier with our newly found friend and business! A win, win.

  4. Went through the drive-thru to cash an Umpqua check. The teller insisted on charging a fee for not having an account, I detested. The only reason for me going to the bank the check was drawn from was to prevent a fee for cashing. After a few minutes expressing my distaste she waived the fee and started to process my check.

    Taking my local oregon id she went on to say something to the nature of we do not normally do this at the drive-thru but since we have already started; while holding up an ink pad. I was a bit confused at first then realized she now wanted my fingerprint. “Unless you have a problem with that?”, she said.

    I was dumbfounded. With few words I explained the only place that takes fingerprints are jails and I am not a criminal for not having an account. I asked for my id and check back and immediately drove across the street to the First Community credit union.

    The Credit Union experience was much, much better. Instead of just cashing the check I decided to to open a checking & saving account. After running through the paperwork and credit checks they were happy to open an account for me (and did NOT require biometrics). It was a really smooth process.

  5. The Martinazzi branch is the worse bank I’ve ever been to. The manager is never there, the tellers unhelpful. They messed up my Health Savings Account which cost me hours of wasted time getting corrected. It is amazing how this branch stays in business! They are proud of their community service. Why not start good service in their own bank?

  6. The manager and employees sincerely go over, above and beyond the call of duty regarding customer service, kindness, integrity and sincerity. I could not have been more impressed with the people behind the desk such as Gabe and Katie to name a few. The ambiance and aesthetics of the structure are definitely one to be admired. I feel extraordinary comfortable ensuring my security with them. I’d bet my life that you’d be much happier with Umpqua Bank vs any other banking institution.


    Nathan Starr

  7. This branch is the worst for customer service. I was just there. No tellers were working! There was 1 person on the phone in the manager’s cubicle, one person behind a desk at new accounts, one person in the merchandiser cubicle, and one person at the drive up window. I stood there for 5 minutes. No one acknowledged my presence. I finally asked one person (who was with a customer) if they had any tellers today. The reply was: We only have 4 people working today and we’re really busy.

    Avoid this branch and just take your business elsewhere!

  8. Over 20 years of doing business with Umpqua. I am called by name and treated with respect. I highly recommend Umpqua.

  9. This is the only bank I have ever dealt with that will call my home or office to personally let me know if there is any problem with my account or let me know the answer to a question I asked while in the branch that they could not answer immediately. To me that is able an beyond customer service in this day and age of banking. Always great staff no matter which branch I go to. Although where I bank is my favorite branch. There is never a hold on any check from any client no matter the size of the check or where it is from, unlike B of A.

    There credit card rates are high for a business and the website for the credit card is at least a decade old in design and functionality.

    Although their interest rate on our business loan is excellent.

    I find that the personal accounts are a better value than the business account, but for the little extra it cost for a business account compared to some of the competitors it is well worth it when it comes to customer service.

    In the 10 years I have banked with Umpqua I have never once considered moving my account. Not that I have not had a few problems, but I consider two issues in ten years for three accounts is not a bad track record.

    I was trying to get a home mortgage through Umpqua and the experience was the worst of any home loan since the 80’s with Washington Mutual. A pleasant person and an easy application. But follow through was non-existent. It is a good thing we backed out of buying the home because it took a year to get a follow up call to see if we still wanted the loan.

    The other issue we had was an auto payment to a business loan that got messed up on renewal of the loan. It took several months to get that working correctly. Any fees, bad credit reporting etc. were always taken care of without even asking though. So it was painless, just frustrating that one department could not communicate with another department.

  10. Extremely unhelpful and demeaning staff memebers. I simply wanted to start a savings account for my children and felt insulted and stupid for not having the correct paper work for opening such account. I was left with such a bad impression that I personally will never return or recommend. Hoping that a new bank moves into the neighborhood soon. 🙂

  11. Umpqua Bank

    This has got to be the worst bank in the world, for website AND customer service.

    Bank declined our credit card payment because they “didn’t like the looks” of the company I was buying from.

    We have ordered from this company many times without a problem…It is for medication.

    The money was in the account, but this Bank declined the transaction without even contacting us!

    (I heard about the decline from the company we were ordering from.)

    Took us 2 days to get a 1 minute answer from the bank (and still waiting for this transaction to be fixed!):

    Unanswered emails, long waits on the phone line with obnoxious music & ads designed to drive you away from Customer Service Help as quickly as possible.

    Website has been very bad from the start; Multiple re-works without any improvement in functionality.

    A high-school kid writes could write software programs better than this:

    Out-dated from the outset.

    Help Page has NO active links.

    Random extended down-times for maintenance.

    Slow updates to transactions.

    Transactions that come and go, and then come back again.

    It’s crazy.

    I recommend a different bank.

    ANY bank has got to be better than this.

  12. Cordobe’s – Talent,OR

    2013-11-148 minutes ago 1 51 They say Umpqua Bank is making money;you would never tell by visiting the Phoenix branch. Here you can see the tellers and staff ,often times standing around waiting for something to do. Well, I don’t pay their salaries but what sometimes happens ,they take their insecurities and frustrations out on some of their clients. Other customers pick up on it and often feel free to verbally abuse others who may be waiting for services. It becomes a joke and the store manager is more interested in doing lunch than seeing that the office runs smoothley. Part of the problem is the location . I’ve never seen a bigger bunch of cowboy pickup truckers and assorted backwoods types in one central location . I guess this is why they enjoy visiting this particular store. They like the snide remarks , the jokes , the ugly stares and backbiting rudeness I’ve at times witnessed and experienced. Will they cash your check? Well, If they like you!

  13. 1. Took more than 10 days to verify my identity to obtain a debit card. I’ve never had to do more than show my ID at any other financial institution to obtain a debit card.

    2. A (now former) business partner attempted to make himself sole owner of the account and all other members signers. When I said “no way” to the banker (a friend of now former business partner), the account was frozen until their legal department could figure it out. I own the majority of the business, yet they felt it necessary to freeze the account.

    3. I had to freeze out my (now former) business partner in a merger. But wait…the Umpqua Bank legal department hadn’t OK’d it, so paying debts and DOR isn’t yet possible.

    As soon as Umpqua Bank decides they have no choice but to let my money go (I was the sole investor), I’m taking every dime out and never looking back.

    The only good thing I can say is, I’ve never had to wait in line. Due to lack of business?

  14. DO NOT USE UMPQUA BANK – They are not business friendly – DO NOT USE UMPQUA BANK –

    Business have transaction needs and business need to move cash form one location to another and purchase products and pay vendors. Typically this is done with standing wires and business debit cards

    I decided to give Umpqua Bank a try, and this is what I found

    1. UMPQUA BANK is not business friendly; Umpqua bank has no concept in handling business accounts or the needs that business that have to pay vendors with debit cards.

    2. UMPQUA BANK force business transactions to use wires on transfers over 10K

    3. UMPQUA BANK has un-realistic limits of $3,000 on debt card transactions (regardless of how much money you place in a debit card account.

    4. UMPQUA BANK attitude is that it is their money and they are doing you a favor (and if you write checks over $10K, watch out)

    5. UMPQUA BANK has no concept of a standing wire to pay the same business vendor multiple times.

    6. UMPQUA BANK places 5 day hold on Cashier Checks drawn from sister banks.

    What a mistake! I have other bank accounts for my other businesses at one of those big nasty banks. I have no limits on my business debit card. I have standing wires to pay my vendors. So why did I create the new business at Umpqua Bank? I wanted to try something different – Big mistake on my part.

    I’ll un-wind my business transactions from Umpqua Bank and go elsewhere – I recommend that you do the same.

    Do not use Umpqua bank. Do not make the mistake that I did. Umpqua bank does not have their act together and I doubt that they will under the executive management in place. Who knows, maybe the feds will shut them down in a bank audit.

    DO NOT USE UMPQUA BANK – there are better banks then Umpqua – UMPQUA BANK IS A JOKE

  15. I was very surprised to see a negative comment regarding this branch of Umpqua, as I have only positive experiences there. For that reason I decided to leave a comment, not something I would normally take the time to do. About a year ago a nonprofit I work with transferred their money from a larger national bank to Umpqua in search of better service. They have always bent over backwards to help us, it has been great. So impressive have the folks at this branch been, than several of our board members have moved their personal accounts to Umpqua as well.

  16. They claim “The World’s Greatest Bank”, but in today’s banking world, the bar isn’t exactly set very high, so I’m not sure what that is saying. My experience is, a bank is a bank and Umpqua is just a bank.

    It may be a great place to work, the atmosphere always is friendly, and they enjoy their community events, free cookies, coffee, tea, ice cream, etc. But I would rather have lower fees, higher interest, and less feeding junk to the community in a marketing scheme designed to polish their image. Although I will say, I’m looking forward to stopping in and enjoying those freebies now that I am not paying for them.

    I was okay with paying the fees if there is a mutual beneficial relationship. However, as with all banks, it’s very one-sided, the profit side for the bank. My complaints with Umpqua Bank:

    1. I worked with the County, our client, and our client’s bank to legally transfer over a $150 check. Despite banking over 3 years with Umpqua, supporting their Green Street Lending program, and having $100k plus sitting in their low interest Money Market account, Umpqua “The Community” bank, the “World’s Greatest Bank”, refused to work with us to cash it. When I asked the manager why the process was in place if one couldn’t cash it, I was told it was done on an exceptional basis. Which says, we can do it, but not for you, and it was the final straw for me. Such a slap in the face.

    2. Adam White made an error on my account on a $72,000 check that required me to redeposit the check. Not only did I lose out on an investment opportunity, I got charged $25.00 for issuing the check. When I pointed out the error and the trouble it caused, Adam did not have the professionalism to apologize for his huge error. How is that for customer service.

    3. The next day when my account went NSF and I asked them to credit the $35 NSF fee, they refused because it was my error. Well, I didn’t get to charge them $35 for their error.

    4. When mentioning I was frustrated and would be closing my accounts, the response was “Sorry to hear that” and the teller walked off. No questions asked on why. I sure didn’t feel valued.

    5. When closing my account, I thought all the checks cleared and was preparing to close the account, when a $1.80 charge come through which they covered, but charged me $35.00 and $7.00 a day until I discovered it. Because by now, I was considered “a complainer” they weren’t about to give me a courtesy call, which again says more about the staff, and their professionalism.

    6. They claim a direct link to the bank president, Ray Davis, but I tried twice to reach him and never even received a form letter response from him. But I did get a voicemail from someone in customer service, and the $25.00 check fee credited to my account.

    We are a small, soul-based business seeking a financial institution that I thought would be supportive of small businesses. This wasn’t a good fit for us. We moved to OnPoint Credit Union, where by the way, the $35 one-time and $7.00/day fees don’t exist for us.

    Are they the World’s Greatest Bank? Perhaps, but being great isn’t what is important to me, what’s important to me is being appreciated and treated as a valued community member, without high fees and low interest paying accounts. We found that at OnPoint Credit Union.

    I am proud today to say that I no longer do business with any banks, we’re now strictly credit union for personal and business banking.

  17. Umpqua bank has been excellent to deal with. David the manager is superior when it comes to banking. I personally dealt with Anthony when opening my account and he was friendly and professional. I have referred others to Umpqua bank and specifically this branch and all have been satisfied with their experience. I highly reccomend Umpqua and wish they had a branch in Spanish Springs as well.

  18. The incompetence at this bank is shocking. My husband and I have never been so frustrated with a bank location. The employees there do not seem to know the banking policies and some of them will tell you one thing over the phone, but then others will change the story once you enter the bank. They cannot even complete simple tasks such as opening and closing accounts without major issues which require several phone calls to the manager. My husband and I have been banking with Umpqua since 2005, and we have never experienced such awful customer service. In an era where banking institutions are being so heavily scrutinized by the public, you would think they would treat their customers as if they actually cared about them. If you want good coffee go to a local coffeeshop. If you want good banking experiences, then AVOID THIS BANK.

  19. I love using this branch of Umpqua Bank. Everyone is SO friendly, the coffee is great and my transactions are handled quickly and efficiently.

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