About PNC Bank

Basic Information.

PNC Bank
222 Delaware Avenue
Wilmington, DE 19899

Status: Active

359 client reviews-PNC Bank scored 2.5 out of 5.

Concentration:Commercial Lending Specialization
FDIC Insurance:1934-01-01
FDIC Cert:#6384
Holden By:Pnc Financial Services Group, Inc., The
Charter Class:Commercial bank, national (federal) charter and Fed member, supervised by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC)
# of Branches:2798, ranked #5
Total Assets:$351,502,429,000, ranked #6
Total Deposits:$249,154,060,000, ranked #7
Total Equity Capital:$37,626,522,000, ranked #6
Total Domestic Deposits:$242,845,027,000, ranked #6
Net Income:$2,449,531,000, ranked #6
Quarterly Net Income:$812,015,000, ranked #6
Return on Assets:1%, ranked #958
Quarterly Return on Assets:1%, ranked #1072
Return on Equity:9%, ranked #2310
Quarterly Return on Equity:9%, ranked #2431

Routing Numbers.

In our record, PNC Bank has a total of 152 routing numbers.

Routing NumberProcess FedACHProcess FedwireLocationRegistered Name
031000053YYPittsburgh, PAPncbank, National Association
031100089YYPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank, National Association
031207607YYPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank, New Jersey
041000124YYPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank, Ohio
043000096YYPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank, National Association
043002900YYPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank, Na
083000108YYPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank, Kentucky, Inc.
021200012YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank Newark
021200575YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank N.a.
021201943YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank
021202191YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank
021202311YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank N.a.
021202447YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank N.a.
031001175YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank
031100490YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank Inc. – Baltimore
031203999YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank
031205913YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank, Na
031300012YNPittsburgh, PAPncbank, N.a.
031300562YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank
031302447YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank, Na
031306100YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank, Na
031307426YNPittsburgh, PAPncbank, Na
031307604YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank, Na
031312738YNPittsburgh, PAPncbank, Na
031313562YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank, Na
031316967YNPittsburgh, PAPncbank, Na
031902766YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank
041001246YNCleveland, OHPnc Bank, Na
041200144YNCleveland, OHPnc Bank, Na
041203895YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank, Na
041204166YNCleveland, OHPnc Bank, Na
041205521YNCleveland, OHPnc Bank, Na
041211298YNCleveland, OHPnc Bank, Na
041213814YNCleveland, OHPnc Bank, Na
041215278YNCleveland, OHPnc Bank, Na
042000398YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank Ach Services
042000424YNCleveland, OHPnc Bank, Na
042100049YNCleveland, OHPnc Bank, Na
042100188YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank Ach Services
042104249YNCleveland, OHPnc Bank, Na
042200279YNCleveland, OHPnc Bank, Na
042202426YNCleveland, OHPnc Bank, Na
042215248YNCleveland, OHPnc Bank, Na
043000122YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank, Pa
043300738YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank
043303832YNCleveland, OHPnc Bank, Na
043305131YNCleveland, OHPnc Bank, Na
044000011YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank, Na
051401331YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank Inc. – Baltimore
051403517YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank Inc. – Baltimore
051403630YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank Inc. – Baltimore
051403915YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank Inc. – Baltimore
051404118YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank Inc. – Baltimore
052000618YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank Na, Baltimore
052100547YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank Na – Baltimore
052100725YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank, Inc. – Baltimore
052100893YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank Inc. – Baltimore
052100929YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank Inc. – Baltimore
052101106YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank Inc. – Baltimore
052101588YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank Inc. – Baltimore
052102215YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank, Na
052102590YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank Inc. – Baltimore
053100850YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank, National Association
054000030YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank, Na
055000262YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank Na – Baltimore
055000288YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank Na – Baltimore
055000372YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank Inc. – Baltimore
055000657YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank – Baltimore
055000770YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank Inc. – Baltimore
055001054YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank, Na – Baltimore
055001122YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank Inc. – Baltimore
055001384YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank Inc. – Baltimore
055001698YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank Na – Baltimore
055001766YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank Na Inc. – Baltimore
055001876YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank, Na
055002244YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank Inc. – Baltimore
055002286YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank Inc. – Baltimore
055002558YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank, Inc. – Baltimore
056004720YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank Inc. – Baltimore
056008852YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank Inc. – Baltimore
061103360YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank, National Association
061119639YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank, National Association
061192630YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank, National Association
061203257YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank, National Association
062001209YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank, National Association
062202082YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank, National Association
062203298YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank, National Association
062205665YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank, National Association
063110791YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank, National Association
063114386YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank, National Association
063114548YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank, National Association
063114632YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank, National Association
063114784YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank, National Association
063214312YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank, National Association
065103625YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank, National Association
065103887YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank, National Association
067003671YNCleveland, OHPnc Bank, Na
067012057YNRocky Mount, NCPnc Bank, National Association
067012882YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank, National Association
067014194YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank, National Association
071001630YNCleve, OHPnc Bank, Na
071100049YNCleveland, OHPnc Bank, Na
071100324YNCleveland, OHPnc Bank, Na
071100706YNCleveland, OHPnc Bank, Na
071101174YNCleveland, OHPnc Bank, Na
071201647YNCleveland, OHPnc Bank, Na
071901882YNCleveland, OHPnc Bank, Na
071921833YNCleveland, OHPnc Bank, Na
071921891YNCleveland, OHPnc Bank, Na
072000915YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank, Michigan
072400353YNCleveland, OHPnc Bank, Na
072400421YNCleveland, OHPnc Bank, Na
072400670YNCleveland, OHPnc Bank, Na
072401006YNCleveland, OHPnc Bank, Na
072401585YNCleveland, OHPnc Bank, Na
072402199YNCleveland, OHPnc Bank, Na
072412176YNCleveland, OHPnc Bank, Na
074000065YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank, Indiana
074000515YNCleveland, OHPnc Bank, Na
074900194YNCleveland, OHPnc Bank, Na
074912577YNCleveland, OHPnc Bank, Na
074912988YNCleveland, OHPnc Bank, Na
081000702YNCleveland, OHPnc Bank, Na
081000728YNCleveland, OHPnc Bank, Na
081001727YNCleveland, OHPnc Bank, Na
081004517YNSt Charles, MOPnc Bank, Na
081010860YNCleveland, OHPnc Bank, Na
083000056YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank, Kentucky
083000920YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank, Na
083009060YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank, Indiana
083902154YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank, Na
231371579YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank, Na
242070966YNCleveland, OHPnc Bank, Na
242071237YNCleveland, OHPnc Bank, Na
242071305YNCleveland, OHPnc Bank, Na
242071583YNCleveland, OHPnc Bank, Na
242072715YNCleveland, OHPnc Bank, Na
242170031YNCleveland, OHPnc Bank, Na
242170154YNCleveland, OHPnc Bank, Na
255072207YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank Na – Baltimore
261170546YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank, National Association
262285184YNPittsburgh, PAPnc Bank, National Association
267084199YNCleveland, OHPnc Bank, Na
267087358YNCleveland, OHPnc Bank, Na
271070607YNCleveland, OHPnc Bank, Na
271070791YNCleveland, OHPnc Bank, Na
271971560YNCleveland, OHPnc Bank, Na
271971816YNCleveland, OHPnc Bank, Na
271973791YNCleveland, OHPnc Bank, Na
275071408YNCleveland, OHPnc Bank, Na
281073458YNCleveland, OHPnc Bank, Na
281073568YNCleveland, OHPnc Bank, Na

Swift Codes.

According PNC Bank website. incoming wires from parties outside of the U.S. should use PNC’s SWIFT ID: PNCCUS33.

Swift CodeNameCityCountry

Oversea Locations.

The following is the list of 2 PNC Bank branches that are located in either foreign countries or outside the 50 states of the United States.

Canada Branch130 King Street West, Suite 2140, Toronto
Nassau Branch308 East Bay Street, Nassau

359 thoughts on “About PNC Bank”

  1. I cannot tell you how much this branch and its employees have gone out of their way to not only get to know me, but my personal and business needs as well. From day one, they have been courteous, respectful and always have my best interests in mind. Its great knowing that I can walk in on any given day and receive such great customer service! I can guarantee that you will NOT get better service elsewhere!

    Thanks PNC for such a pleasant experience!

  2. PNC pays no interest on deposits and charges customers astronomical fees to use ATMs operated by other banks. The tellers are generally friendly and helpful, with little or no waiting time at the McLean, Virginia branch we use. On the other hand, the branch is closed for most of the weekend when I most need to use it, and the branch manager mistreated my wife and I when we sought to have some documents notarized by him. Even though I’ve been a customer in good standing for years, he was going to charge my wife a fee to notarize her signature because she is not a PNC customer, and reacted rudely when we protested. PNC customer service apologized and refunded the cost of my wife’s notarization, but was unrepentant about the bank’s policy. I would not recommend PNC or its McLean branch.

  3. PNC is a great bank to do business with. I mostly use Great Southern in Bridgeville, PA (great people), but use others as well, including Avon, NC.

    Some of these reviews are comical. A person who is irate because she refuses to fill out a deposit slip to make a deposit should not have a bank account anywhere. Others that are just as amusing are within these reviews. They make fun reading. It’s like a “Who’s Who of People Who Are Always Mad About Something”.

  4. Absolutely professional and Helpful Bankers. Tellers are courtious, have empathy, listen to cust needs and provided accordinly solutions

  5. My mother and I have been customers here for several years. I recently had to contact Carmen Torres, who is the branch manager, after being advised specifically that she was aware of the issues and she was able to deal with it. When I contacted her, she was rude, abrupt and told me she was not the person to deal with the problem and that she could give me no information. Very disappointing customer service.

  6. Customers are greeted when entering the bank, and are realized by your name. All employees are very friendly and helpful!! I prefer not to do online banking.

  7. We are in a position that we are aging. Both my husband and I are trying to keep up with all the technology and doing a pretty good job of it. We have “performance” checking account and we requested sever statements be printed due to errors we could not locate. In the meantime we signed up online banking an are trying to understand it all. The bank charged a $130 fee for the statement copies we requested. We were not told there would be a fee. We discussed this with the bank manager and she said she would take it up with her manager and get back to us in a couple of days. A week later, no reply and no fee removal. She verbally agreed that with performance banking, not fees should have been applied. This whole think stinks and once this is resolved, we will start moving our money elsewhere.

  8. I am in real estate business..Keller Williams.these guys are great all down earth..say ” hello’.They rememeber you.

    The boss jumps up..trys help tellers..like Southwest airlines.The bank is class act.I recently went in Fruitville branch and they were equally polite and nice.

    I expect service because that is what’..I provide for my relaestae buyers and sellers…thanks..j.cunningham

  9. I have been a lifelong customer of PNC. I do love all notifications I get on my email about my accounts. Really puts me at piece of mind. That saying, I have never been treated so badly by an employee over cashing a check for my daughter for $78. The branch mgr. waited on me and asked whose check I was cashing and I explained my daughter. He thought I was trying to fraud him or something and said he needed to compare signatures and did she have account. I could see if they had something on me for frauding in the past and I know they have to be careful, but that is not the case. Really I have alot of accounts and investments at this bank since the 80’s and he was looking at my account had my license, but that wasn’t good enough and it was like because he could: he had the power. I told him I would go to another branch and have no problem cashing which I did(although way out of my way).Not to rant but I am done with this bank and have started moving my accounts. I have four other banks in my local town that would be glad to have me. I kind of think it was a power thing and this man really should not be in mgmt. I have had lots of managers in my liftetime and he should definitely have better judgement when dealing with great customers. There was no reason for this inconvenience and I needed to get this cashed and get home. This bank trip took well over an hour instead of 15 minutes and the worst part was my dinner was burnt by the time I got home; that was the straw that broke the camels back.

  10. I have been charged $40 a year for the last 3 years for a safety deposit box that was supposed to be free. PNC owes me $120 and is dragging their feet on giving me credit. I have performance select checking and have not been set up for 3 years to receive the additional service benefit of a free safety deposit box. If they are doing this to me there must be hundreds of customers also being charged for free deposit boxes????

  11. EXCELLENT STAFF TO DEAL WITH! Management are very intelligent about different transactions I’ve had to make with client’s, especially one of the manager’s named P.J. Very nice lady to do bussiness with!! Highly recommend this P.N.C. branch!!!

  12. PNC stinks at providing a great customer experience. Every time I go through the drive through to deposit a check, they send it back out and want me to fill out a deposit slip with my account number. I never remember my account number and this whole exchange wastes my time. If I go to my other two banks they just take the check, ask me what account to put it in and I’m done. I mention improving to management they basically say that it is a safety feature for me so that they don’t deposit it incorrectly. Of course its not hard to look at the receipt and make sure it went into your account correctly.

  13. I was in the Bank today and the teller was a little snippey with me and it was embarrassing.I told her an amount that I wanted and she heard it wrong so when I told her she got loud and told me what I said which was wrong.It took all I had not to get mad with her. I didn’t say it loud cause I don’t want to get robbed when I leave the bank,but overall the other tellers are good. Thank you for listening.

  14. I am very surprised by all of the negative reviews. I have had PNC for years and they are the best bank I have ever dealt with. As far as overdraft fees they are the same or better than any of the large banks and their customer service is excellent. All of their fees are clearly explained when you open an account and if I have ever had a problem it was addressed and solved quickly by courteous staff members who were very accommodating and understanding. They are the best bank out there in services, convenience and customer service. I am sorry that so many people gave negative reviews because my experience has been so positive for over 35 years.

  15. I’ve read some of the other reviews: This is a bank, have these people dealt with banks and their service and fees in the past 25 years? All of these complaints are of the banking industry Not of their particular offices. Arghhh

    The Mt Dora, Florida branch has extremely pleasant and helpful personnel. I have been in the branch numerous times and have always found the same high standard of service.

  16. I have nothing against this particular branch but PNC in general is THE worst bank I have ever dealt with. I had a problem with an overdraft of $5.83!!! it was an oversight due to a debit card charge. They charged me the overdraft fee of $36, not happy about but understandable. What I wasn’t prepared for was the $7 per day charge which added up to over $100 because I didn’t have the money to immediately cover the $36 original fee because I am on Social Security and live from month to month – I have no savings to fall back on. I’ve never heard of a bank doing this sort of thing – $7 per day!! So for $5.83 it has cost me $106! Crooks!!!!

  17. For 6 months I have been trying to set up a custodial account for my newborn granddaughter. Initially I had to come back multiple times to sign additional paperwork that was overlooked by the bank. The account STILL is not correct. I’m there every month trying to get this straightened out. I’m promised return phone calls – no one calls me back. I think it’s time to switch banks otherwise my granddaughter will be going to kindergarten before PNC can get this right!

  18. Received a check for a large amount from a client. My business and personal bank said that to avoid the 7 day check hold that I should go to PNC, this is where check was from, and get a bank cashiers check. My bank said that PNC should verify funds and xut a check from that account with a bank check. PNC employee, Heather, female with blond hair, was rude the moment I walked in. Never took her eyes off the computer screen.

    Asked about receiving a cashier or bank check for the one I had. I had full documentation, etc. “NO! Unless you are a PNC customer or have a relationship with PNC we don’t do that.” “No one does!” “You need to have an account here or the client that wrote the check needs to be with you for us to do that.”

    Why would my own bank send me 10 miles to your only branch in Greenville to do this? Your customer wrote me a check. I am trying to cash it, deposit it, etc. and you are not directing me to how that can happen. I need to have a relationship with your bank?! Heck no! Especially not now!!!

    I am so frustrated! I went back to my bank and they are mortified that I was treated that way. They will also be filing a complaint and negative review.

    Heather not once looked up the check or account that the check was written on to verify the funds, she gave me a number to call to verify them myself.

    Before leavi g I asked her to just cash the $27,000 check. I knew she couldn’t since it was made out to my business but I wanted her to do something. Get her bottom off of her twirly stool! She said “I do t even have enough mo ey to cash that!”. Umm…. It’s a bank! I hope the other people you have a “relationship” with didn’t hear that! They may decide to take their “relationship” elsewhere.

  19. I have been a customer with another bank for about 18 years. I never had a problem with them. But for our business when PNC approached us and offer a very good deal (?) we thought we will switch our personal A/C also with them. But it was a big mistake. They do not keep up with their words and they assume you are trying to steal their money. I am okay with the branch I go but the customer reps at toll free and the peoples at online helping center all are terrible. The lady who offered 100 dollar bonus to switch our merchant service never put the money in our A/C. The loan officer we took the loan opened an A/C with PNC without knowledge under our name. (of course he did not deposit any money!). The most terrible thing happened when I was using their bill pay service. I just started to use their bill pay. My old bank, if I make a same amount of payment to same a/c it will pop up with a warning. But this wont. They process same pay three times in same month and charging me the fee for OD and loan fee. 2nd one was my mistake but 3rd one I never authorized. I requested for the refund they blame each other

  20. I enjoy the people at this bank. I don’t have any loan sap stories or anything to cry about, but I would like to say that the people here seem to treat me well. And I for one really appreciate it. Thanks guys n gals! Keep up the great work! 🙂

  21. After more than 12 years and over $5 millions in deposits, for any bank you should be a VIP, but not here! They would not approve my business a simple $50K line of credit, being a loyal customer all these years. Whenever they offered any lines or loans I declined since I had enough cash flow, so this time around I said sure I can use some money to relief my bottom line, only to my shock they came back and tell me I was denied, for a sum that happened to be smaller than my deposits this month alone, and about a fraction of my deposits this year with them. What is up with that, They want my money but cant use theirs., I am moving my accounts, only this time I have to pick a real bank that will work for me from day one. PNC what a shame, I felt betrayed. You know who I am.

  22. I was there last night depositing a company check and personal cash into the drive-thru atm. The fiancee was driving so she was handling the atm and by accident hits quick withdraw and it fires out $60 (3 twenties). When we go to deposit that $60 with the original personal cash deposit, it rejects 2 twenties. We try again, it accepts one but declines the other. We try 2 more times and no luck! I kept the $20 in my wallet and we went to Rita’s for waterice. I go to pay with the $20 and they can’t accept it, mention its a fake after checking.

    I call the PNC Branch today and first they try to say the ATM doesn’t dispense $50’s after I was clear about it being a $20 then they said there has to be a victim in the matter (basically implying me) and that it was just my bad luck and I lost $20 BUT strongly suggest I turn the $20 to this lousy branch so they can hand it over to the Secret Service.

    I been banking here for awhile and have my business account here. This was the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back… all over $20. I do not trust them or any of their services now. I am not going to go out of my way to this Glen Mills Branch to TURN IN the fake $20 when I was wary about going all the way back just to exchange for a real $20.

    I would never go back to this Glen Mills location until I’m set with a NEW bank and come back here to cancel and go tell them to go F themselves for what they did/didn’t do in the matter.

  23. TOday my husband was treated horribly by this bank after being a long time customer. It is like the new branch manager does not care about client retention at all. My husband closed his account today and I will also be closing it next week when I can get to the bank. I opened an account with them because of how friendly they were but this is no longer. It is horrible at this branch.

  24. I cannot even believe this is a business let alone a bank! I have had my business account for about 3 months now with PNC and they have done absolutely nothing but steal every dollar I have placed in the account.I have “miscellanous withdraws” which the bank cannot explain.. which overdrafts the account $100-$200, every few days.. when I call to complain, I am on the automated system for 2-5 hours, or lied to by the branch supervisor jean, or told the person who knows what is going on is on “vacation” or not at their desk. They purposely change around your deposits and debits to overdraft the account.And also, the people working at the bank must all be family members of the person who does the hiring, because they all have the same rude attitutde and think they can talk to you like your doing them a favor by coming to their bank, as well as dress like theyre at a night club. They also make it a huge issue to cash a check there, they even told one of my employees that she could not cash her check (which was a PNC bank Check)without her passport and student id, although she already showed them her state issued drivers license.

    To make matters worse, I have a payroll acoount and an operating account… For 2 months I have had an issue with a previous payroll company (who I am no longer with) That were actually the people who referred me to PNC,drawing money from my account. In June I reported this and asked for a hold to be put on them.Nothing was done, so I no longer put money in that account, I asked Jean to close the account. again nothing was done, I called and was promised a call back.. again nothing was done. Until all of my money was missing from my operating account so I went to the branch again( Keep in mind,I had to close my store to leave and go to the bank)I was told that this was withdrawn to cover the money taken from the payroll account, I threatened a police report.. So Jean gave me a hug, promised it would be fixed and they would no longer let these false charges be taken from my account and it would be closed and was told to just consider this “Growing pains” and “it will all be ok”…The money was refunded.But now with a $175.00 overdraft fee placed on the operating account. Again, furious I called the bank,andwas told by Jean “honey make a deposit to cover it for now and Ill refund the overdraft fees”,i made the deposit.. the overdraft fees were never refunded and $96 was now taken out of the deposit for more overdraft fees… and I was told by Jean “sweetheart, I can only ask, I can’t actually do it” So finally today, there is another $185 missing from my operating account.. after 2 days of phone calls, being placed on hold, promised a call back, disconnected… I am told that this money was taken out for more overdraft fees from the new charges on the payroll account (from the same company that they supposedly put a hold on 2 months ago, on the account they supposedly closed) again and Pnc as a right to do this..And Jean is on vacation, the supervisor is away from her desk and I’ll get a call back. PLEASE DO NOT open your business account here.I have spoken with several other business owners in the area and they all agree and will also be closing their accounts with PNC. THEY ARE THEIVES AND WILL TAKE EVERY DOLLAR FROM YOUR POCKET!

  25. On line banking- security is tough- get it right by second time or locked out!!

    Ahoskie NC Branch of PNC tellers and other staff very helpful and give you a good feeling after you conduct your business.

  26. I have a checking account with PNC and I went into the Mount Washington, KY location this morning to cash 2 checks that (when totaled) equal a little over $500. I did not want the money deposited and I wanted cash. Keep in mind that I have a bank account with them and every other bank I have used always cashed my checks with no problem. Not only was the “bank drone” rude to me, but she proceeded to talk to me in a way that was judging and nothing professional. She told me she could not cash the checks even after locating my account and when I asked why she said, “The ATM makes the rules.” When I laughed she handed me the checks back and told me to have a nice day. I called the hotline and filed a claim and shortly after went back into PNC to establish a business account… whereas the “branch manager” told me that I was “threatening” to her worker… and that as a result she was going to close my personal bank account. I told her that she was not authorized to close my account against my will. She wanted me to sign a piece of paper to close the account and I refused. I am going to file a lawsuit against PNC bank on the basis of discrimination and misandry (negative ill toward men). Also, I am pretty sure she will get fired… especially since I asked her what her goal was in closing my account after she acknowledged that I could just start another account at another PNC bank location… terrible customer service. At the end of the day I was a CUSTOMER who wanted to cash 2 checks and start a business account… and I ended up cashing NO CHECKS and having my account FORCE CLOSED against my will!!!

  27. I have been going to PNC bank since before it changed over from National City. I usually go to the branch closer to where I live, but often times I will go to the one close to where I work in Worthington. This branch is excellent except in recent years the Worthington branch “adopted” a new branch manager. Not only is he rude to his coworkers by reprimanding them in front of customers, he also treats customers poorly. I came to understand quickly that his managerial skills leave something to be desired. I overheard him discussing personal information (address and account numbers) with another customer while we were waiting in line, which made me nervous. He actually expected the woman in line to share her information amongst others without a shred of privacy. Mind you I had no idea yet that he was the branch manager. Only after seeing him walking about a few times appearing to do little else than lower morale did I realize he worked there. Sadly, this was not an isolated incident such as a bad day or something. On numerous occasions he has turned me off of the bank entirely. On another note, the branch manager reveals security flaws and potential banking workarounds with customers which I find disconcerting. The teller staff, bankers, and assistant manager are excellent. The only issue I have is with the bank manager and his lack of professionalism. Sometimes the branch manager has too much time on his hands and will stand no more than 2 feet from me when I am filling out paperwork. I am unsure, but it appears he is reading what I am writing. I often find myself posing the question, “is he a wolf in sheep’s clothing?” The Worthington, Ohio branch is most convenient for me because it fits best with my work schedule. However, I often consider blowing my lunch break once a week to go to another branch to avoid the uncomfortable experience.

  28. I use PNC for my business banking and my personal banking as well. I love the personal service that I get at this location. I was extremely disappointed when the Round Lake Beach branch closed, but the Grayslake location has really stepped up and filled their shoes better then I expected. Their fast, friendly service in processing all of my transactions has been great. Great Job PNC !!

  29. I have lived in many cities around the US, had many different personal, business, & loan dealings with various banks. I will never use another bank again. I value their honesty, integrity, & office environment. I would absolutely recommend the Richmond Rd location to anyone that would like to deal with people that hold the above qualities & themselves to a high standard of excellence.

    Thanks again to PNC Richmond Rd location for treating me like an intelligent person!

  30. PNC is a big bank that is completely out-of-touch with customer care. Every time I go into the branch, many of the tellers and personal bankers continue to chat amongst themselves, rather than greeting you. Then they allow you to stand and wait, even if you’re the only one in line, until they finish their conversations. On one occasion, I sat waiting 10 min. for the one non-busy personal banker to finish her personal, non-work-related conversation with another personal banker until anyone acknowledged me waiting. I left disgusted. If anyone at PNC is reading this, pls note: I would rather have GOOD, EFFICIENT, AUTHENTIC customer service than a free cup of designer coffee in the sitting area any day. For what you spend on coffee service to impress your customers you could hire a LOT of additional personal bankers to take care of customers better.

  31. I have had personal health issues since 2007 but have been able to maintain my payments except PNC Mortgage. I have worked very hard to keep payments current PNC started foreclosure in 2012. I was able to make the full payment before actual foreclosure. In 2012 I had another set back…robbery….that set me back again as I was FORCED to buy back the items stolen from me. It was the thief. the person who knowingly purchased the stolen goods and the attorneys who profited from my misfortune.

    MY COMPLAINT: Try as I may, I have NEVER been able to make personal contact with any bank official to discuss my issues.

    When I return calls to my “point of contact’ they are NEVER available. I have completed pages and ages of forms, they never satisfy the person reviewing them. Now I am confronted again with foreclosure. The amount due: Approx

    $6500.00 + attorney fees……What has happened to friendly, helpful and personal banking? I started with the predecessors of this bank in 1955….

  32. This bank LOVES fees and they sneak them up on you overnight while the branches are closed. I have both a business and other personal accounts with PNC and have had nothing but problems: monthly merchant fees are debited to the account overnight at random without any advance notice from the bank.Daily batch reports (for credit card transactions) take 2 days to credit the account. BUSINESS OWNERS BEWARE: shop around for a bank first!

  33. short and to the point…I looked up the business hours not the drive thru hours for Pnc Bank for Saturday. The hours are posted 8:30 am to 1:00pm and I made a copy. I get there at 8:30am the first door is open the second is locked i understand that then the bank manager tells me the drive thru is open at 8:30 ok but that isnt what it says on the website and then she tries to make it seem like I am a idiot and I dont know what I am talking about very very rude.

  34. Went in to check on the status of business account. Could not help us in figuring it out. Had our IDs with us. it wasnt good enough. She did not check our account number, instead she checks the business name. There were other business with similar names. I gave her a blank check with our business name and account number on it, instead she keeps asking us who is on the LLC. The business is “sole proprietor”. It’s irrelevant to why we went in but she kept bugging us for the LLC documents. We can close the account but we can’t do anything else to it??? What a moron. We will open with a different bank and close with PNC. This is the branch manager. She was so rude and on her high horse. Don’t waste your time with them.after four years of banking with PNC this is the end.

  35. Wood brook branch on Charles Street in Baltimore is a wonderful

    Bank. I moved our accounts over. The managers, tellers and even the customers are great. Best service!

  36. They lost a check of mine. The are terrible to deal with. After this I’m seriously thinking of leaving this bank.

  37. The manager at PNC Stoney brook branch was so rude and nasty. I have been a customer for 34 years

    I am going to Republic.

  38. The manager at PNC Stoney brook branch was so rude and nasty. I have been a customer for 34 years

    I am going to Republic.

  39. I had a large $4,000,000 business loan on my marina. Plus two smaller mortgages on two rental units in Baltimore City. PNC inherited these loans as I originated them with Mercantile Bank. The marina and the rental units were, and have always been profitable. They have always cash flowed. I never missed a payment. Word from up high said ‘get out of real estate investments in maryland’. A war room was established and PNC combed through all the documents. My marina loan had a covenant that required me to personally maintain $1,000,000 in a bank account. I fell below the $1,000,000. The foreclosed on all the properties, charged me hundreds of thousands in loan modification and forbearance fees. I was forced to sell profitable properties at the worst time in the history of the market. DON’T THINK THIS BANK WILL BE THERE FOR YOU IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM! BUILD YOUR BANKING RELATIONSHIP SOMEWHERE ELSE.

  40. I moved my accounts to this bank about 3 years ago and have never been more pleased! In that time frame I also purchased a home and what an easy, enjoyable journey, they made that event for me. The Ballwin branch is great!

  41. For a regional bank, I am amazed at the efficiency and quality of service I have received over the years from this bank. I have International business interests and hence my banking needs aren’t necessarily run of the mill and most of my transactions are shall I saw complicated. The managers , Olga in particular has been outstanding and has always gone above and beyond to work things out for me.

  42. I love my PNC (Rossville, PA). Everyone greets me by name. They take time to talk to me, learn about my interests etc. When I have a question they do whatever it takes to answer it. The interest rate is awful, but that’s true at all banks. I am pleased with my free business checking. I have never had any fees attached to it, like other reviews mention. The atmosphere inside the bank is friendly and family like.

  43. Bank manager at the PNC Bank in Canonsburg, PA is RUDE, ARROGANT, and NASTY! I attempted to use the ATM, and he came out SCREAMING at me that I was holding up balancing the machine. Who in the world does this???? I think someone needs a drug test!

  44. PNC Dr. Phillips in Orlando, you’d think this location would be prestigious offering quality customer service and products. But WRONG….Worst BANK EVER!

    I thought I was the only customer that is experiencing such horrible service. Sheryl, Jasmine and Dotti are the worst in customer service. Their service is rude, unprofessional, they know little about PNC products. I’m a medical doctor with two branch location one in DP and the other in Clermont, and I had both my personal and business account with this branch and it was the worst service ever.

    Do not use this PNC especially this branch unless you want rude and unprofessional service from the tellers and managers.

  45. This Branch is very inviting and the tellers and staff are so so nice !! I have nothing but good things to say and wouldn’t bank anywhere else !!

  46. Oh, just put me out of my misery. Attempted a small transaction at this bank – open an account for a child away at school The bankers got everything wrong. When I complained, they told me to go elsewhere, closed the account.

    I can accept errors. Mistakes are understandable. Lying is not.

    But for the fact that they had a branch near my child’s school, I would have avoided them. Am going to a credit union.

  47. Left work early tonight to go to this PNC branch to deposit a check into my business account. I pulled in to the drive through lane at 5:56. The drive-through closes at 6PM so even though I was cutting it close, I was on time. The sign said OPEN in bright green letters.

    I was 3 or 4 cars away from it being my turn. At 6pm on the nose, the Open sign changed to Close. But I was there for 4 minutes already so I paid no mind. I’m now second in line and there are ZERO cars behind me. The teller in the drive through who was not servicing other customers waved me down, at first I thought she wanted me to pull up to her window so they could cut out a minute or too sooner. Boy was I wrong. As I pulled out of line and up to her, she points to the ATM machine telling me to make my transaction on there. I pulled back to the ATM like a bumbling idiot not knowing where to begin. I didn’t have my PNC card on me so I went right back in line where I was, behind the same car.

    So now it’s my turn in line. The man behind the counter took his dear old time to acknowledge me and when he did he said they were closed and I need to use the ATM. Even though I was there before 6PM that didn’t seem to matter to him. I even asked him to look at the camera clock, I was there on time. He said “our clocks probably are not set the same. ” I can’t make this stuff up, that was his response. Keep in mind, there is no one else behind me in line and I was there before closing time.

    Again, he tells me I have to use the ATM and I tell him I cannot as I do not have my card with me and I shouldn’t have to use the ATM as I was there before 6. He told “I’m trying to give you an option here” I told him that option blows because he took my options away. As he barely made eye contact with such a matter of fact attitude, this guy was not going to budge. What was he trying to prove? It’s not like he had to set a precedence in front of an already long line..it was just me!

    At that point I lost my cool…rightfully so as far as I’m concerned.

    I’ve worked in a service industry, I understand no one like the guys that comes in at the last minute, but you still need to serve them. There is no reason to turn away 1 customer who played by the rules and got there on time. If was inside the bank, they wouldn’t of kicked me out…why is it acceptable to do it to someone in the drive through line.

    Both tellers were rude and just wanted to pack it up and go home. I wanted to go home too…but I wasted my time in that line.

    Bottom line..Eatontown PNC Bank service sucks. These 2 tellers ruined it for all of the other employees there and that’s a shame. I’ve never had an experience like this at any other PNC branch. Although it was minor, it was completely unacceptable and not the way customers should be treated.

  48. This bank was the best choice for me. There are two locations in our small town which both have friendly and helpful staff. The business-related staff is informative, professional, and goes above and beyond to help with setting up merchant services. The online banking is clear, easy to use, and accessible from pc and apps. I have two banks, and I much prefer this one for service, rates, and professionalism.

  49. I have had checking accounts at 4 different banks and have been most impressed with this one. I love the “virtual wallet” where I can have my checking account funds split across three different accounts – we use it to set aside money for specific things we want to buy, and also it ensures we never get an overdraft charge, ever! The customer service at this bank is amazing. They treat you like you are a celebrity. We moved to MO and still bank with PNC. We are able to deposit checks via our smartphones and get cash from any ATM for free (fees are reimbursed). I can’t say enough about how wonderful this branch is.

  50. Don’t give this branch your time, go to any other PNC location. I’ve never encountered such an unprofessional, rude, incompetent staff and manager. The wait time was also unbelievable because the staff wanted to discuss their own personal issues instead of caring for customers. the manager actually stepped over the line by looking up my number, calling me, being extremely rude and unprofessional and then desperately trying to solicit business that I did not want nor need from them. My family and I will be sure to never use this tiny branch again. PNC Corporate should look into all their customers complaints and close this branch.

  51. My husband and I have been banking with PNC for more than 10 years and this branch has to be the worst. I deposited a check from one of our renters and the teller questioned it because it was made out to our company name. I explained to her that is how PNC created our account, and that each property was created with a different series. She nonetheless questioned it and asked for authorization. She then proceed to insult me by telling me that she does not want to check to bounce bank. I also wanted to get some cash so I completed the withdrawal form and informed her that I wanted to take money out from one of our checking accounts. I told her the last 4 digits and also gve her my drivers license. She asked me to re-sign the withdrawal slip since my signature didnt match. I was so embarassed since I had already gave her my driver’s license in the first place. The manager was no help – instead of apologizing all he did was defend her without even trying to listen to my story.

  52. Everyone at this branch is very kind and patient! I refuse to use another location after being treated so well at this one. I have been to other locations in raleigh and was very displeased with the costumer service! The branch mgr Ms. Blanca goes out of her way to make sure her costumers leave with a smile.

  53. Very helpful employees. They don’t push for any offers , just make you aware. Very convenient location.

  54. We made the foolish decision to go to the branch office to be sure the credit card offer was correct. The branch manager, let’s call him “Dan”, tried 3x to enter the offer, and still couldn’t get it right. He said he’d “take care of it”, but three weeks later, with plenty of time on the phone with even more PNC incompetent fools, and it still isn’t completely resolved.

    By the way, I was told I cannot call PNC Bank Employees “Incompetent fools”….

  55. My husband has a business account that he started at this branch. The strip on his card went bad, so he ordered another card. After a few weeks, it hadn’t come in yet. He went inside, specifically said he was about to go out of the country and ordered another one. He gets to Canada and can’t check in because the card he still had was cancelled. When his new card was ordered, he should have been told his old number would be invalid.

    Then, he gets back and goes INSIDE to deposit the check he earned. Two weeks later, we found the check in our mailbox. Apparently, it was being returned to us because it doesn’t have a date. It is a Canadian check. IT DOESN’T HAVE A PLACE FOR A DATE. If the check needed a date added to it, then the person at the counter should have been the checkpoint for that, not sending the check back 2 weeks later- after we expected that money to be in the account. This is just the latest experience. Managers have not been helpful with setting up account in general.


  57. I opened an account at this branch and had multiple problems because of a lack of staff training. Especially the staff named Porsche has very little experiences and doesn’t know how to work with customers. When I first met her, she smiled and looked like a nice peron, but she did not properly explain about what documents she needed for a new customer to open an account and made me go home multiple times for additional documents. Because of her lack of knowledge and experiences, I wasted so much time and energy and experienced many unpleasant incidents (which I won’t even bother going into details here). When I asked her questions, instead of giving me explainations, Porsche became very rude and defensive. She clearly has attitude problems and should not work with customers. PNC should not have inexperienced staff persons work with customers before they get adequate training and experience. Consultants should have years of experience in order to give good first impressions to their customers. It was so stressful to have my bank accounts with this branch that only after 2 months, I closed my accounts. PNC is the worst bank ever.

  58. Applied for loan at Clairton Rd location. I asked female rep (Nicki might have been her name)a question and she ignored my question and said i could read it in the literature. Really? You can’t take time to answer 2 questions I had? Very condescending. Not knowledgeable about her product. Nor did she seem very interested in obtaining my loan….When I received the Estimate of Costs in the mail, it said I would have to pay $8,000 in closing costs on a $10,000 home equity loan. I called her and she said that I wouldnt have to pay it. That its “just an estimate and worst case scenario.” HUH?? She said “It’s like going to the Doctors when they tell you that the worst case scenario would be…” HUH?? But that still is a possibility!! She was very dismissive and rude.

  59. This bank is awful. One of the machines in drive through wasn’t working when I tried to send my checks through, the teller kept asking me to just “Keep trying” to send it through. So I did then she just proceeded to walk away, as I pressed the call button she screamed at me “I’M GOING TO GET HELP, HOLD ON” Yeah, thanks for letting me know that. Then when she gets a person over and all seems well I press the send button to try to see if it works and the teller yells “STOP PUSHING THE BUTTON!!!” I felt so embarressed and all of this could have been avoided with clear communication on her end. I am changing my bank ASAP!!

  60. I find my branch excellent. It’s like going to ‘Cheers’ where everybody knows your name. I like this bank so much I have moved my business accounts here (2 accounts), I have my small business account plus my personal account, then I opened an account for my son. They are always helpful and willing to look anything up for you (IRA interest rates and the like).

  61. I’ve been a PNC customer since 2000. I rarely go into a branch cause I do 98% of all my banking electronically, but unfortunately, when I do go, I end up at this branch location. It’s torture. They are rude and inconsistent. This branch has made me seriously reconsider where I bank.

  62. Hi. I am writing this review because of my bad experience with the bank. I have had several I mean several mishaps with the bank. I did have a positive balance in my account until one day I checked my account and it was in the negatives. The bank is a very poor experienced bank. I don’t know why I stay with this bank but as soon as I get some other things squared away I am closing out my account and going to a different bank.. thank you everyone and have a good day

  63. On Wednesday November 27th, ’13 at the Champaign, IL Kirby/Mattis PNC Branch, I was deliberately scammed out of $475 by teller Brandon. I gave him bills to condense into $100’s. He tried to call my $20 dollar bills $1 dollar bills and when I found out, he said it was a “mistake”. I didn’t even give him any $1 dollar bills. I got all of my money back, but I am letting everyone know to be aware of this scam by this teller. Bank manager Dave Henry is aware of the situation. Apparently Dave Henry thinks that is perfectly ok and believes it was a “mistake” and won’t fire Brandon for that.

  64. I went into the bank on a Saturday at 9. The lady told me it would take 2-4 hours for a response. I ended up having to wait until Monday. I had to call them to find out I needed to verify my income with paystubs and my co-signers w-2. I do so at 11:45 am on Tuesday. I wait for a response, don’t get one. I call them on Tuesday at 4:30, and was told the loan officer was busy, so they took my info and said they would call me back, never did. I call back on Wednesday morning at 10 am, again the loan officer is busy, I was told they would call me back, they never did. I call back at 12:30 the same day. The loan officer was on lunch, so the bank teller checked out the loan process for me, she determined that I now had to bring in paystubs for my co-signer, in addition to the past 2 year’s w-2s I had aready brought in. This is when I gave up on PNC. I will never attempt to get a loan through PNC, I recommend you do the same. I am going to a credit union where the process should take about 30 minutes, not 5 days. Just terrible.

  65. I’ve never been one to stick with a bank for any extended period of time. Typically something happens that really irks me and I move along, with no loyalty at all because lets be honest. . they have no loyalty to us as consumers. However, I feel differently about PNC and this branch in particular. I really like PNC. Anytime I’ve had issues with my account they’ve been very helpful and accommodating. The times I’ve been in there they’ve made recommendations for me, just glancing at my account, that were beneficial to me. I was disappointed when they eliminated PNC Points because that was an incredible program!! But I can honestly say that I, for once in my life, feel a bit of loyalty to a bank. I enjoy all the services they provide and I don’t feel like I’m getting hosed in the end. And that, my friends, speaks volumes when it comes to the banking industry.

  66. I was told that PNC Bank Manager at this location that PNC does not notarise any documents pertaining to property transfer etc. I reminded the bank manager that he had notarised the same letters a month ago and this time i needed a similar set of letters notarised for a different government office. He just said that he had erred in the past and should not have signed.

    It looks like they are not very forthcoming and consistent with their policy.

    A Bank survives for the little things, not the things that every other bank offers.

    I am slowly looking at moving our accounts somewhere else.

  67. I really like this bank. I have never waited too long in line. I have never had a problem with service and or staff. I am originally from Washington state and compared to banks in my area these people are very warm and caring. But like any bank in the 2013 they are not as awesome as banks in the 80’s and 90’s. I want more free gifts and incentives. Also no overdraft fee would be pretty cool too.But that is just how banks are nowadays. Otherwise this bank rocks!

  68. I bank at the Tilghman Square branch several times a week and am always greeted with a smile. The staff is polite and helpful.

  69. We have had problems with business and personal accounts. The staff is not knowledgeable of how to handle business accounts. When you need something done you have to wait for them to call and figure out how because it always seems to be something they have never had to do before. On a personal level they are unwilling to assist you when there is an issue with your account. It is best to just call the 800 number. The lady in the front always has such an attitude.

  70. I cannot say enough about my experience with the PNC Branch at 1511 Walnut St, Philadelphia. I have had negative experiences with TD Bank and BNY Mellon in this area so I was pleasantly surprised at the degree of personal and professional care. I was shepherded through the process of refinancing my house, a goal that I have had for a long time but needed support to complete. The loan rep advocated for me all the way and I was able to obtain an excellent rate even after rates began to rise again. I feel like the bank is emphasizing customer service and it shows. I’m fairly happy with the on-line service and the use of the Virtual Wallet but do think it needs tweaking. But I’m really just writing this review to thank my local branch for being so awesome.

  71. If I could have given less than one star, I would have!

    I opened a small business account here and have to say, the day I opened the account, the staff was absolutely wonderful! They were so wonderful that I even opened a personal account. That is precisely where the pleasantries of dealing with PNC bank stopped.

    To make an agonizingly long story short, PNC accidentally charged my account with a fee that was not even applicable to my account, and then proceeded to close it!!! Without my knowledge! THREE MONTHS LATER, I finally got someone to reopen the account, after endless phone calls back and forth, but am still waiting for a refund to be made to my account!

    I am not one to write reviews–I actually have never written a bad review before, but the incompetence, unprofessionalism, and sheer stupidity that this branch has exhibited when handling my account has been beyond appalling. And mind you, it was THEIR MISTAKE TO BEGIN WITH!

    This bank is a pathetic excuse for a financial institution.

  72. I open an account at this bank because the small bank I was with was having issues with accepting cash deposits at their only ATM, and it took too long for checks to clear. I was assured that PNC clears checks by next business day. So, I deposit a couple checks and some cash into Pnc, then deposited a PNC check into the ATM at the other bank account. The next day the check from the other bank goes through, and PNC wacks me with an overdraft fee. The funds were in there, so I can only assume that it was because the checks I deposited well before the evening cutoff, had NOT cleared the next day. Even the other bank, though would not allow me to draw from an uncleared check, would not charge me an overdraft fee, and Chase would have let me draw the cash by next day. I can see where this is going and will be closing the account as soon as I can get the direct deposit from my employer cancelled.

  73. On Monday, September 9, 2013, I logged into our PNC online banking account and noticed that an unauthorized teller withdrawal had been made from our savings account in the amount of $6,500.00 on Aug. 29, 2013. Unlike every other deposit and cash withdrawal, the signed ticket/receipt had not been scanned and posted online.

    My husband immediately telephoned the bank and was informed that the withdrawal had been made from the PNC branch on Michigan Rd. in Indianapolis, IN. We live in northern Virginia. My husband had been within an hour or so from Washington D.C. for the entire 24 hours of August 29. It would have been physically impossible for my husband to have been in Indianapolis that day (or the day before or after.)

    The bank’s records said that HE had presented a driver’s license with the correct DL#. However, upon further investigation, my husband discovered that the expiration on the fraudulent ID had been incorrect. His DL, which has never been lost or stolen, doesn’t expire until January 6, 2017. The fraudulent license had an expiration date of January 15, 2016.

    After numerous phone calls to the Indianapolis location, which is staffed completely with stereotypical affirmative action employees, my husband managed to obtain a faxed copy of the withdrawal slip. The signature was all wrong.

    As of tonight, September 15, we have yet to see any video evidence of the transaction. Presumably, if the bank is telling the truth, someone entered the bank with a fake ID pretending to be my husband and made a withdrawal thanks to a teller who was a complete m0ron.

    The only problem is that my husband’s DL# is not written anywhere. He hasn’t written a check in a long time, especially not a check with his DL# written on it. And even if he had, how would someone know we had a savings account with PNC? We switched completely to online banking ages ago and don’t even receive savings account statements in the mail anymore.

    It has been 6 days since we reported the problem to PNC’s corporate office. They have yet to replace our money. On Monday we withdrew the rest of our savings, and now we plan to deposit it in a small local bank. The scary thing about these large banks with numerous branches around the country is that all it takes is for an incompetent teller and the bank will literally hand thousands of dollars of your money to just anyone off the street…and you will have to fight and wait for recompense, if it ever comes.

    * * *

    UPDATE: Afternoon, Mon., Sept. 16

    Currently working with a competent PNC corporate employee named Adrianne since Latasha Wlburn, the rep previously assigned to the case, left voicemail only once on my husband’s cellphone last week but has otherwise been unreachable.

    Apparently the Michigan Rd. branch is sticking to the story that my husband was the one who made the withdrawal. According to the new rep, the Michigan Rd. branch never filed an incident report despite numerous phone calls from my husband about the theft. So Adrianne has now filed a report today, and she has requested the images from the security camera. She is having the pictures faxed and mailed to us.

    We have requested additional information such as whether or not the birthday on the fraudulent ID was correct and whether or not the teller asked for a second form of ID. Any time we have tried to make a large cash withdrawal from our local PNC branches, they have always asked for at least two forms of identification.

    * * *

    UPDATE: Yesterday, Tues. Sept. 17, my husband again called the PNC bank on Michigan Rd. where the theft took place. Manager Kendra Irving answered the phone. “Oh, it’s you,” she said when she realized who was calling. My husband asked Ms. Irving for any and all information regarding the fraudulent identification used in the Aug 29 transaction at her bank. She said, with a bad attitude, that she already gave the information to the corporate rep in charge of the case. Then she said she would have to look the info up again and get back with him.

    I then filed a police report with my local police department. The officer will be sending it to the fraud department who will likely forward the information to the Indianapolis police. I can’t help but feel like the branch manager is stonewalling and covering up for either a completely incompetent teller or a criminal one. Also, calls to the corporate rep Adrianne have all gone to voicemail on Tuesday and today (Wed., Sept. 19). We never did receive a fax of the security images even though Adrianne said she would have them within an hour of her request on Tuesday afternoon. Kendra Irving, the branch manager, is out of the office today.

    * * *

    UPDATE: Afternoon of Thurs., Sept. 19

    My husband left a voicemail for Adrianne, who we haven’t heard from since Monday. We have yet to receive the security images. Branch manager Keindre Irving called my husband today with a much-improved attitude. She said that her branch only requires one form of identification to make large cash withdrawals, even if that person is from out of state. According to Ms. Irving, the correct DL# and birthdate were entered into the system, but the expiration date was not correct. So, not only can someone walk into this particular branch with only one form of out-of-state ID, the expiration date doesn’t even have to match nor does the person’s signature. My husband’s name and signature starts with a “J.” The fraudulent signature began with a “D.” A very large, obvious D. And the rest of the signature was even more off. It is almost as if the thief, by habit, just signed his own name. And the bank teller didn’t even blink. This is a huge security breach with scary implications for PNC customers around the country. A case number has been assigned by my local police, and an ORI number has also been assigned (presumably to send to Indianapolis law enforcement.)

    I was so ticked off by PNC dragging their feet, I went onto their Facebook page and commented about the situation and provided a link to one of the consumer complaint websites where I had described everything in detail. Either that or the appearance of this complaint on ConsumerAffairs.com today rattled someone high up within the company because Charles Shearer from the Pittsburgh corporate office called my husband and gave him the contact information for their investigator. Mr. Shearer apologized profusely and assured my husband that our money would be returned 3 – 5 days from the time we speak with the investigator (likely to make sure my husband and I are not being fraudulent.) So, we are going to fax a copy of the police report to her tomorrow morning.

    Hopefully this will be resolved soon. I can’t help but wonder, though, how this would have turned out if the victim had been an elderly woman who was not as technologically savvy and tenacious as I am.

    * * *


    Late afternoon of Mon., Sept. 23, PNC replaced our $6500. The following day my husband withdrew the money and closed the savings account…but not without hassle. At first, the local PNC branch he normally goes to said that he couldn’t withdraw the funds because “fraudulent charges had been made on the account.” Obviously he wasn’t having any of that, so the bank workers called PNC corporate and got the green light to withdraw the money. But they refused to give him the money in cash. They said they could only give him a certified check. So, he took the check and then walked to the teller window and demanded they cash it. They said he would have to pay a fee because he had closed his account. He replied that he still had a checking account open with them and demanded they cash the check without charging a fee. They finally complied. What a nightmare. Worst bank ever.

  74. If you withdraw money in large amounts or deposit. The tellers ask too many personal questions. It’s my money, it’s not an interview.

  75. PNC has incompetent people who presently work in their branches as well as in their Indiana Harbor Branch retail escaltion division.

    Each time I call i receive nothing. No one ever knows anything. I have banked with Chase, Wamu, BOA but I guess this is why they are not an accredited business with the BBB

  76. I have been with this bank for right around a year and a half and I have nothing bad to say about them. The staff is very kind and are very helpful. For an example I was having a problem with people taking money out of my account without approval and they helped me get my money back. I will definitely be using this bank for a long time.

  77. I deposited a personal check on Thursday and that money was made available to me by Saturday. I started using my money that day and all weekend up until Tuesday. Much to my surprise they put a hold on my account when I tried to withdraw some of my money. They said that “loss prevention” flagged it. I asked why they would make the funds available Saturday, deduct the funds from the other party’s account, then not “hold” my account until Tuesday. They gave me a manufactured answer and told me my funds won’t be available again until the following Saturday so they can make sure the check is valid. I told them my business partner who wrote the check is a millionaire and it should onlt take a simple phone call to verify the funds. They said thats not how “their” policy works. So my next question was, then how can you know the funds will be available on Saturday? Obviously, this stumped them and they said they don’t know. All in all, 5k is missing from my partners account, and I dont have it either. They took the money from his account, made it available to me, then took it away. I’m very displeased and frustrated.

  78. The staff at this location is so nice, and so helpful. With the holidays making budgets a little tight, I knew I may overdraft. But I tried to deposit cash in my account before I got hit with a $36dollar fee. Any way sure enough I struck out. But I called and told them the reason and they noticed that I tried to solve it before it happened. And they reversed the fee… Best bank ever, you never see this type of kindness from banks anymore. But PNC is above all others… THANKS

  79. Work with Greg, he did a great job getting my wife and I set up with a joint acct. He stayed past the noon closing time to make sure we fully understood and answered all of our questions. He was very friendly and did a great job explaining all details. Plus their new virtual account sounds like it will be pretty neat. Def use this bank and ask for Greg A!!

  80. Don’t open an account thinking that you are going to get the $150 incentive. This is just a scam and they never plan on depositing the money. At first they said the “code” didn’t get input properly and it would be fixed and then they said it was passed the promotion time so they couldn’t rectify it. Customer service is rude and unprofessional. I don’t trust my money with this bank.

  81. Left PNC after experiencing this branch as slow, slow, slow and not one employee seems to care. Not very upbeat people.

  82. First of all, going to the bank should not be a stressful situation as it always was for me when I had my account with PNC. I travel quite a bit around the Pittsburgh area and have gone to many PNC locations. It starts from the top. PNC only caters to people that have a large amount of money in their bank. Everybody else gets ripped-off with their excessive fees (they’ve even been fined and have been forced to refund their illegal fees). I used to have what was called a “free checking account”. Well to me, free means free. They would regularly take out a “maintenance fee” of $75.00, without any advance notice, which would regularly put my account in the negative. Then I would have to argue with them to refund these illegal maintenance fees plus the NSF fees, as a result of them taking money from my account illegaly. The last time it happened, I told them to leave their sticky paws off my money. Well, it happened again and I closed my account a year ago. I opened a new account with another bank, and have not one time had any problems that I repeatedly experienced with this rip-off PNC bank. I would never do any type of business with them again. PNC to me stands for Pigs ‘N Crooks.

  83. The bank hours on the internet have not been the same as your actual bank hours for months. I stopped by on a Saturday and you were not open.

  84. As a basic checking account customer, I don’t do a lot of banking and I don’t have much to complain about. So I’m pretty pleased with PNC in that respect. I do, however, have one complaint. Once I cashed a check at an ATM and it erroneously withdrew the money from MY account, rather than from my dad’s, like it was denoted on the check. Since I got the cash, I didn’t suspect there was a problem, until my dad informed me the charge wasn’t on his statement. I checked my bank account, which I rarely do because I don’t use it very often, and I was overdrawn like $300. I called customer support and the lady told me the ATM malfunctioned, but she couldn’t waive the fees. So I would up spending $300 of my own money to compensate for their malfunctioning equipment. I don’t think that this is acceptable AT ALL. Also, the lady was a total ditz and asked me “Who is H.G. Truman?” H.G. Truman is the road that the ATM was located on. Oh. My god. A decent bank, but God forbid their equipment malfunctions because you’re gonna pay for it.

  85. I just had two instances in two hours. One at the branch and one on the phone with a manager in regards to overdraft fees. I have to problem if I overdraft, but the last two instances I was not notified until the following day by email and I have one of the balance notifications on my account. I immediately put money in the morning of the bank to prove it, keep my receipts and email notices. I walked in with all information and was basically told it was my fault for not being responsible for my account. Sorry, but I don’t check my account everyday with my smart phone surgically attached to my hip like some people. What is the point of having online access and notifications if it is after the fact the following business day and have to put cash in as opposed to transferring money online. Sorry but not all of us our capable of that and still have to do it the old fashioned way. No wonder some of these banks are being sued for these outlandishly high fees and what I consider a bit fraudulent too. Bye bye PNC…Merry X-mas.

  86. Went in today to put some money in my checking account. The young women who helped me made me feel so dumb! She was rude and not welcoming. She acted as though I should have known everything about the banking system and talked down to me. I went a little bit ago and it was the same type of customer service but different girl! Find new employees!

  87. They are a “chase your balance” bank. They are a typical big bank that cares nothing about the individual. I have been banking with them and/or NCB for over 40 years. Before the economic downturn I had a credit card with a $10k balance. As I have paid it down they follow right behind me dropping the available balance. It always looks like I am maxed out. This crushes my credit score. I spoke to a representative and their basic response…………..tough crap.

  88. Was with RBC prior to their merger to PNC and although a bit chaotic during the transition, this bank has been quite good. The staff is friendly and eager to help, the tellers remember your name and seem happy to be there (although there has been a lot of turnover lately), and the banker that’s been there for a while always makes time for me, gives me excellent advice, and is the nicest guy you could work with.

    The turnover gets a little annoying but my favorite people still remain.

  89. My comment to the conterfeit issue posted previously. Why did you get money from PNC bank,and then go across the parking lot to 5/3 to get smaller bills? Was that so you could swap out the real money with your own conterfeit money? There are policies in place to protect customers, and banks, from thieves. Maybe you really did get a conterfeit bill, or maybe you fall under the latter of this comment. This bank is wonderful, and the employees are great. Since they have gotten a new Branch Manager, the air in building seems lighter. Before you could have cut the tension in the air with a knife!

  90. My family is with PNC bank (not for long) , about every friday we go there to deposit checks. My family is treated so poorly, my son 17 and daughter 19 have both came home complaining. They have told me stories about how they get funny looks from the tellers, how unfriendly the tellers are and how my son and daughter are treated as if they are not even there … POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE ! PNC bank has been posting opening positions for a teller from about aug.2012-now , my daughter has applied numerous amounts of times and yet they keep dening her application. I honestly think that this is a race issue. PNC bank .. this is not fair at all , and your service sucks !

  91. I have two things….both are negative. The first being, PNC Mortgage is AWFUL. My husband and I recently applied for and eventually did receive, a mortgage through PNC. It was an absolute NIGHTMARE working with our loan officer. He was completely inept. He would ask us for current paystubs for companies my husband has not worked for for several years, send us emails that were meant for other clients, give us inaccurate information regarding the loan and when it would close, put wrong information regarding our address and employment histories, which then had to later be corrected. It was just ridiculous. Now granted, the loan did eventually close, and it closed on time. However, we were nervous the entire process, because of the loan officers inability to provide factual information, and his incompetency. I was constantly calling to check in with him to make sure he was doing his job, which I should not have had to do. Our home insurance agent said they had not dealt with someone so incompetent regarding a new home purchase before. Additionally, the real estate agent told us after the sale went through that she was glad, because they have had PNC mortgages before that were nightmares, just like ours turned out to be. It was just horrendous and so stressful. Secondly….the other day I used my PNC check card at Home Depot, and it was declined because our zip code was not updated in the system yet due to our recent move. There was money in the account. I called to see why it was declined, and the representative told me it had debited the money TWICE from my account, and there was nothing they could do. However, I had no receipt to show that debit, and it was declined in the store. I had to use a different card to make my purchase. I was basically told I was out of luck by the representative on the phone. Come to find out, the money that was debited twice had a hold on it, but was released back to me with no issues 24 hours later by Home Depot. That has happened before with some of my other cards, and the credit card companies were able to tell me about the hold immediately and assure me that the funds would be released. This representative apparently knew nothing about that. PNC clearly needs to either hire people who actually have knowledge to do their jobs, or provide their employees with better training. After all of these debacles, we are seriously considering taking our business to 5/3 instead. I am sad about that, because when I started banking with them under National City, I never had a problem. Take my advice and give your business to another bank, that invests more in their employees.

  92. Only problem I have is with one woman who works there. Everyone else is professional and wonderful to deal with. But I never go in there anymore when she is there, that is how unpleasant she is.

  93. PNC Bank in Battle Creek MI downtown has very nice Manager and tellers. They try very hard to resolve any issues I have had with PNC. Unfortunely they do not make the rules for PNC. Upon looking at my account on line I had a charge from PNC for only looking at some of my deposits. I spoke with a person using the 800 number he explained that there is a 3.00 charge just for viewing deposits. Told me they had to go into the archives to process this. If this in on line banking the deposits would be on their server so this makes no sense at all. 6 months ago when I looked on line at deposits I was not charged apparently this is a new fee that has been added. By the way this is for my business account I do not have a personal account with PNC and my understanding only applies to business accounts. I will look for another bank for my business account and get in writing all fees that can be charged to the account.

  94. This branch is awesome! All the staff go out of their way to help and to make sure you are taken care of. Camby branch is the best above other branches because of their customer service.

  95. My father sends me certified checks from down state so they will clear immediately apparently my bank does not understand what a certified check is. The teller for one questioned me about the check asking where I got it from and when I brought up the fact that I had been questioned the teller looked at me an said ” well it looks fake” with a very rude tone. All the tellers are incompetent. They gossip, and frequently have to ask questions about a simple deposit. My mother had been at pnc for many many years and over the past year or so has also had many problems. Never go to this bank.

  96. i been having a lot of issues with this bank lately, i been for about 5 yrs with them and was the worse experience i ever had i will considerate to switch and try another bank cause as a customer they dont meet mine needs and expectations,bank tellers needs more training and how to help and treat customer properly. people is not well trained thats what i think!!!!

  97. One of the worst banking experiences that I’ve ever had. The manager named ‘Nancy’ asked for my online username pertaining to my online banking login though I have already given them my driver license and debit card. It took them 20 minutes just to make a simple transaction. Even then, they withdrew cash from the wrong account. It seems that the hiring standard of the workers here was not that high. I am not sure about quality of service at other PNC branches but please do yourself a favor and definitely stay away from this branch at Kingstowne (Alexandria, VA)!

  98. Since moving to New Jersey a year ago and need a local bank, PNC has been the friend around the corner, with a can do eager to please atmosphere. Thanks!

  99. I Deposited $340 ($305 in cash and a $35 Costco rebate check for my Keurig machine) on 12/17/12 into the ATM that is attached to the bank. About a week later I noticed that the deposit never posted to my account! No deposit, no withdrawl, it’s like I never made the deposit! I called the bank and they were of no help! They told me to call customer service. I spoke with customer service and they were as lost as the representatives in the location! They told me that they would open up a case for me. In the mean time I would not receive any of my money until a max of 10 business days! How can a bank not make at least the cash portion available for 10 business days!! On 1-4-13 the provided me with a conditional credit of 340 pending their investigation. On 2-15-13 they decided to reverse my provisional credit and only provide me with 305 dollars. After speaking with customer service they said that I need to contact the person that issued me the check because they lost the original envelope!! The only problem with this is that the check that I deposited was a rebate check. How can a bank say that they lost an envelope from an on-site ATM deposit (the ATM is connected to the bank) and then ask me to fix their problem? I normally would have no problem helping out because everyone makes mistakes but there is no way that I am going to be able to get a voided copy of a rebate check. The people at customer service are just not able to understand that and help me out. I called back and tried to explain the situation to them again and all I received was a provisional credit for $35 once they complete their investigation again!! I am a long time customer of over 10 years and they can’t even spare me my time and hassle of this entire situation??!! I am very disappointed with this bank and will be banking elsewhere if this issue is not resolved this time around. I will provide an updated review once this process is complete.

  100. Worst banking experience ever. Starting with the bank Manager!!!! Stay away from PNC and especially this branch!! Consumer beware!

  101. This bank is full of a bunch of Incompetent people who only want to steal your money. Stay far far away from this bank.

  102. I switched from Chase two years ago and made a. BIG mistake. This bank and particular branch “Nickel and Dimed” me from the start and charged fees upon fees which, even when they were PNC’s fault would not be taken off of my account. Iam switching back to Chase after three days of calling to try and speak with the manager to reverse a charge and my the store manager NEVER calling back but, instead, telling his Cronies to not cancel the charges. I would HIGHLY recommend that no one ever use PNC (especially the Mt. Prospect branch).

  103. My local bank lost its identity from multiple ownership transitions, and such, the employees’ lost their accountability needed to sustain good customer service. Done with this bank forever. As a result, I closed my personal accounts, business account, and refinanced mortgage with other bank, due to displeasure(s). At least I could do this, but certainly feel sorry for those whom are trapped with these greed driven bank. I will always warn all that I know to stay away from PNC. Please heed to this warning. Thanks.

  104. PNC Bank gave my personal account and contact information to a third party inviolation of state and federal privacy statutes. When I filed a formal complaint to the corporate legal counsel, they closed my accounts without giving me all my money back.

  105. I am certain that any positive reviews of PNC Bank have been submitted by PNC Bank employees, relatives of employees, or friends of employees.

  106. I have been a PNC customer for at least ten years back when it was called National City. Today and two weeks ago I received the best customer service from a branch on the west side of Chicago. The first experience for me was two weeks ago when I needed to pull money from savings account during my lunch break. I was stressed because several of my students did not have the money to attend a field trip that I had planned since November. I went to PNC with the intent to quickly pull money out, but there were two elderly men being serviced. The two tellers that were asisting the men had a conference with each other other. I assumed that it was personal and I was pissed off. One teller said something to nice to me and i cannot recall what was said, but I responded with “This is the worst PNC I have ever came to. After she finished with the older man, who was in a wheelchair, she came behind the glass to help me. She was not rude and in fact so was extremely helpful giving me information on how to change my saving account into one that would better suit my needs. I left with the intent to write a nice letter because I was ashamed of my behavior towards her, I appreciated the care and attention the tellers gave to older men that they serviced but because of a conversation they had with each other I automatically assumed they were making us wait. I Will be a PNC customer for life!

  107. Yes, I agree, as a former employee, I discovered that they do NOT put customer service first (which is the reason I left) All they want is new accounts … PERIOD ! Once they acquire a new account/customer, they move on to acquiring the next Employees get revenue credits for each account a new customer opens and there are account quotas that must be met each month So if you are looking for a bank with good customer service, LOOK ELSEWHERE

  108. They claim t be all about customer service but when it comes time t act, forget it! They can’t even call you back!

    I would not recommend!

  109. I had a small business account. It took them 2 weeks to add a DBA and would not do it without a notarized operating agreement. In MD an LLC is not even required to have one. I closed the account, so I thought. The manager never replies to emails or hardly ever calls you back. I got charged a service fee. I called them and told them to close it and reverse it. “We cant close the account with a pending charge.” LOL. Its THEIR charge for not closing the account. What is wrong with this place?

  110. Get your web master to correct the phone numbers listed for branches because when you call the number for Brownsboro Crossing you get the University of Louisville Branch. Then they give you a number that turns out to be a fax machine. Sounds like where I want to keep my money? Then I go to the trouble of filling out this comment form only to find out it is a marketing ploy. Really?

  111. After closing my business, I went to this bank to close my business account. This was accomplished without much issue. However, in the ensuring months, I have found that electronic withdrawals fro other sources continued to tap into my closed account with a zero balance. I have been informed that the account can re-open any time some one tries to withdraw money from it and this is PNC’s policy. So in effect, you can’t close an account and if some one tries to go into it no matter how far in the future it will generate overdraft charges. I have dealt with this issue many times over the past months and have reached my limit. The mindless approach PNC takes to it’s customers is beyond absurd and I will not address this issue again.

  112. Getting service at PNC bank – either the Sanford, Florida branch on WP Ball Blvd. or the corporate office – is almost impossible. Everyone tries to do the least amount of work to keep their job. They claim to not have any authority to provide the service I need and transfer me. They gave my personal contact information out to a third party in violation to state and federal privacy statutes. I have been discriminated against on the basis of my religious beliefs (Christian) and disabilities resulting from a hit-and-run collision by law enforcement. When I filed a complaint (one) against the branch with the corporate office, they closed my accounts.

  113. I have three accounts with PNC. I went in to withdraw some of MY MONEY one day. I had the mispleasure, to say the least, of dealing with AKI ZIELINSKI. She treated me as though she was donating the money to me. She was IMPOLITE and UNPROFESSIONAL, IGNORANT and CERTAINLY OBTUS. I showed her FOUR forms of IDs including my drivers license, a credit card, a debit card and a payroll check and she still refused to help me. The branch manager was not available; the assistant manager was not available and I ended up having to deal with that ignorant unprofessional lady who has no idea how to service a customer.

    Eventually, after almost 20 minutes I was so frustrated and disgruntled that I went to another branch where in few short minutes I was in and out.


  114. I have had nothing but wonderful service each time I have gone to the Allisonville branch of PNC. The service has been so good, in fact, that even when I am closer to another branch- I drive a little further to go the the Allisonville branch because of the personal service and efficiency. I have never had to wait long and the banking tasks are always correctly performed. I am sorry to hear that this branch is closing because they truly provide excellent customer service. Thank you Allisonville branch!


    Customer service at this branch sucks!!

    When I first came in, two securities, one kind of sitting ON the table talking to the other one.

    I went there for first time home mortgage, Rudy Lopez was the mortgage banker who helped me. God, I swear, I will never step into that location again.

    His tone for the entire time is extremely arrogant! It sounds like customers are begging him to get a mortgage! You are a professional banker! You CAN NOT bring your personal mood of the day into your work ok?

    I hope this location could improve their banker’s profession at work.No any customer deserve to go to a bank to get yelled at like this in order to get mortgage! Only if you want to.


    5247 N Broadway

    Chicago, IL 60640

    This location!!

  116. My old bank RBC was the best, but when PNC takeover nothing but problem!!

    They didn’t send me my credit card bill and place me 30 days late in my credit report!! I called them and sent them a letters but there is NO CUSTOMER service!!!

    I just got the attorney to help me and so far cost me $5000 to start… I will not give up fighting with them because it was not my fault!!!! They put me on paperless without my permeation. Shame on PNC bank


  118. This branch passed a counterfeit bill on 10/29/12. Within 10 minutes they were contacted by the 5/3 in kroger across the parking lot advising them they had passed a fake bill to one of their customers. PNC refused to replace the bad bill as there policy states if you leave the bank with it, it’s not their problem, even though at least one employee for PNC did not follow other policy procedures to prevent them from having the bill in the first place. A client of any financial institution should be able to have the confidence that the employees of a bank have the technology and ability to identify counterfeit bills. If they can’t do it, how in the world could they possibly think a consumer who is not trained to i.d. counterfeit bills could do it? boviously their competitor 5/3 has the ability.

  119. Applied for Loan Consolidation and approved. Was told over the phone that PNC controlls payout and will write checks. Get to the location, told a lump sum was feasible. Link to account not active after receiving written letter of approval. Still waiting on PNC. I have an appt at 3:30 tomorrow but still do not know if the loan will be closed. Faith in PNC shaky as still getting mixed infomation as to whether a lump sum is viable or not or does PNC send check directly?

  120. PNC Bank N. Atherton Branch in State College has always treated us with the utmost respect and professionalism. They have gone out of their way to help. They are quick to solve problems and provide answers.

  121. We have four bank accounts at PNC, two of them are business. We get the greatest customer service at the Westnedge/Howard Branch. They always have time to help us make changes, open new accounts, get things set up online, do international transfers, and they provide great merchant services too. When my husband and kids and I go in, we are warmly greeted and we feel right at home.

  122. Absolutely worst experience possible. Short version: Business account “needed” to be opened for check deposit even with already having one business account, two checking, two savings and two growth. Quotas need met and will constantly push new accounts opened. 4 trips to the branch each time revealing new information on the status of in house transfers led to a month of waiting and no resolution. Employees not paid/bills behind/fees stack up. Finally had the nerve to tell me online transfers were not possible after being led on for over a month and asked me to open another separate account! Lack of training, lack of any customer service…despicable.

  123. Absolutely worst experience possible. Short version: Business account “needed” to be opened for check deposit even with already having one business account, two checking, two savings and two growth. Quotas need met and will constantly push new accounts opened. 4 trips to the branch each time revealing new information on the status of in house transfers led to a month of waiting and no resolution. Employees not paid/bills behind/fees stack up. Finally had the nerve to tell me online transfers were not possible after being led on for over a month and asked me to open another separate account! Lack of training, lack of any customer service…despicable.

  124. They have not been able to start my online banking to this day and it has only been three years. I could do my banking faster by walking to the post office. This place is by far the worst bank I have ever had to deal with in my life. I moved my account elsewhere — goodbye.

  125. I can not say enough about this bank! Restrictions are good! They keep you protected (you don’t want people stealing all your money right?) Anytime I have an issue they are so willing to help and make it so much easier to understand. They also try to HELP you and figure out what will BEST FIT YOUR NEEDS! I was so nervous about opening up a bank account. Didn’t know what to do or anything! One day I just walked in and they were so willing to help and explained all of my options.

    Can not say enough about this bank. Highly recommended.

  126. PNC Bank Policy’s are too restrictive and non-customer friendly. Went to bank on Sat to transfer $$ from my account to employee’s account also at PNC. I did not have employee’s account# with me and PNC would not accept $$ into employee’s account. This a small town and they know me and my employee as we are regulars. Not blaming PNC employees, just their policy and rules. If anyone tries to deposit $$ into my account I would be very upset if the bank refuses. Mon I will search for customer friendly bank to deal with along with employes that want immediate fund deposit.

  127. The Kearny, NJ branch of PNC Bank gave me a counterfeit $10 bill. Unaware, I left the building and went across the street to use the money at the pharmacy. The pharmacy informed me that the $10 bill is counterfeit. I brang the money directly back to the bank. They said they can’t reimburse my account because I left the building with it. I was never reimbursed and this branch robbed me.

  128. I have always been pleased with the staff and customer service here. They bend over backwards to please and are always friendly. I have a number of accounts with this branch and am very happy.

  129. I visited this branch where I opened my PNC account to alert them of charges that appeared on my spend account that I did not make. The customer service rep said she would process a dispute of the items totaling in excess of $400. I was told by a branch manager at a different branch that I should have received provisional credit on my account so that while the dispute was being investigated I would not incur insufficient funds charges, but when I asked the rep about it I was simply told “I don’t know why but the system did not provide that credit. It is a courtesy and sometimes they provide it and sometimes they don’t.” If I had known that, I would have banked elsewhere. I took it upon myself to contact the vendor of the mistaken charges and was told it was a data processing error and that they would issue a credit within 24-48 hours. I learned they issued the credit the very next day, but still no change in my account. I was charged an insufficient funds fee and when my direct deposit went through the $400+ and the fee were taken from the amount. When I called PNC to see why the credit had not posted, I was then told that it can take 3-7 business days once a credit is issued for it to actually appear on my account! In the meantime, I am out of $400+. The branch manager didn’t even make an effort to assist me and just asked me to hold for the customer service rep. While courteous, they do not go the extra mile in customer service to make sure they’ve done all they can to resolve these kinds of issues. If it takes less than a hour for a debit to post on my account, why does it take 3-7 days for a credit to post?!!! No satisfactory answers given.

  130. 6:30 pm on Thursday September 6th 2012 I pull up to use the drive through ATM. I put my card in when, before I have a chance to make a selection, the ATM SHUTS OFF. I was shocked! Tried calling customer service and while I was on hold the staff walks out. I was so relieved! When I asked about my card, one woman turned and rather than come over to assist me SHOUTED across the parking lot: “We can’t get in, security system is on.” She offered NO other means of help. When I conveyed to her how nervous I was about the security of my bank card, she simply said the card is sealed in a “channel” and I can come back at 9 am to pick it up. How convenient, since I WORK at 9 am downtown. I cannot wait to retrieve my card and cancel my account. I had always had such positive customer service experience with PNC but never again.

  131. The employees are always courteous. The branch manager is extremely knowlegable and always treats me and other customers with respect. The facilty is new and is always clean.

  132. In March 2012 I used the PCN ATM in Evanston to withdraw cash from my out of state bank. The PCN ATM took my debit card. It was after hours, so I called the PCN branch manager the following day to ask about my debit card. He indicated that it would be sent to my out of state bank. My out of state never received the my debit card. And in the mean time approximately $7,000 was fraudulently charged to my debit card. PNC never sent my debit card to my out of state bank as they said they would.

  133. I have had a banking relationship with 5/3 rd bank for over 14 years and yet I continued to get indifferent service from them and when my wife who was new to the country decided to open a new bank a/c we decided to give PNC a try. We were so taken by the friendliness of the staff at their Cherokee Triangle location, that we went on to move our safe deposit box over from 5/3rd bank and eventually both my checking and savings accounts.

    In full disclosure we have yet to apply for loan from them but our retail banking experience with PNC has been nothing but commendable.

    Olga, one of the managers on staff at this location is simply outstanding. She’s not only helped us with planning advice and has always stepped up to address any and all exceptions that have showed up over the course of the 24 months both my wife & I have been customers. Danielle & Padua has been also been great to deal with.

    This was just our way to say “Thank You” to the friendly staff at PNC’s Cherokee Triangle location.

  134. I usually go to the branch at Montgomery and Union Cemetery where I always get excellent customer service. Yesterday I found myself in a hurry (which was my downfall) and used the ATM at Harper’s Point. I could try to explain the course of events but it would take too long. Let’s just say it turned into a “train wreck” of my own making. I went into the branch and was greeted by a very pleasant teller (I did not get her name) who began trying to untangle the mess but ended up turning me over to Jeff who deals with ATM operations. Jeff went out of his way to make sure he fixed my 2 mistakes as well as keeping enough in my account for dinner until the other checks cleared. (by the way Jeff we had tacos) Everyone was polite and more than patient! During the whole process 3 customers were greeted by name and friendly banter. The tellers behind the counters yesterday were complete professionals. Thanks again guys!

  135. I was appointed guardian of my aunt by a court in Illinois and moved her here. At the time that she moved here, her bank was PNC in Pennsylvania. I went to the branch in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, thinking that it would be easier to deal with the same bank. I was quite mistaken.

    After 4 months, I am still struggling to resolve all of the problems. Here is a list of problems:

    1. The two accounts in Pennsylvania were set up incorrectly, and the account that I set up for her at the Buffalo Grove branch was also setup incorrectly. I am still trying to fix these problems.

    2. I have been to the Buffalo Grove branch 6 times in 4 months. I have dealt with 5 different employees in that time, 2 of whom are no longer with PNC bank. Every time I go in, it is like starting all over, as they don’t even accept my word that I am a client. One banker who is thankfully not there any more admitted to me that it was his first day and he did not know what to do. If that is so, why was I referred to him in the first place.

    3. Some of the problems stem from Social Security, that is, PNC’s erroneous idea of Social Security Rules. Despite the fact that I checked with different officials and found the correct information, the assistant manager assures me that the Social Security agents are incorrect in their knowledge of the rules.

    My advice: if you are ever tempted to use PNC bank, run quickly in the other direction!

  136. I called the 96th St, Fishers location and asked about having a document notarized. I was told that they would notarize my document as long as I was a PNC customer and that I would not incurr a fee for this service. So I made a visit to the the 96th Street, Fishers location and was told by a teller that they could not notarize any documents that were not PNC related. The teller was in the process of running the drive thru at the same time of waiting on me. My presence seem to annoy her. I left this location and went two blocks to find a Chase bank. I am not a customer of Chase bank but thought I would go in and ask them if they could notarize my document. Needless to say, they not only notarize my document but didn’t charge me a fee AND provided me with top notch customer service. I decided to go back to PNC and tell them about my experience. I ended up speaking with the branch manager – Wen. He gave me the impression that he could have cared less. Their policy is not to notorize documents unrelated to PNC as they do not want to be held liable for the contents of the document. Clearly, they are not aware of what a notary is used for. They are validating that person in front of them signed the document. The contents of the document has NOTHING to do with the notary. This has been the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. I am in the process of moving my account to Chase.

  137. Terrible – for some reason, do not view themselves as being in the customer service business – take the attitude that you need them more than they need you. Be smart, avoid the excess fees and terrible service – go to a credit union.

  138. My best friends grandma passed away and he was the benefactor to her stuff. He lost his mom and dad 10 years earlier. He ask me since he didnt have a bank account if he could sign it to me and then when it went through give him the money. So i call PNC Evanston IL. they said not an issue i hop in a cab with my friend it cost me $25 to get there. Then they said well we have to have a bank manager here to except it. They failed to mention that when i called. So then i had to take a cab back to the shop i own. so now i am out $50 and my friend $150 thousand. Sorry James i tried.

  139. pnc bank at,4650 East Broad Street,

    Columbus OH 43213,,will never go back again,,

    im soo mad,,bought a car and ,, went with the lady who sold me the car to do the notairy seal,,the cleck who does the seal is called derek,he didnt even received us on a office,,he just did it behind his counter,he just said filled the title and i will do the seal,he left us for and comes back , put the stamp and said you good to go,,,,once done,i drove to transfer the title on my name,,bigg surprise,,the clerck at the title agency,,wrote on big letters(seller come in for affidavite,)cause the line in the top concerning the seller was supposed to be filled said the clerk at the title agency,, derek from pnc didnt check the title before puting the seal in it,,i goes back to them and his manager the lady told me,,we are not responsable for what you guys write or dont ,,and we do this for free,,i cant believe it,,defending him this way,, and teeling me that they can sc.. me,,because there is no charge???i will never go there again,,impofessional,,

  140. Every time that I go into this branch I receive great service. They are polite and professional. Every single person that I have come into contact with in the branch has provided me with great service.

  141. Every time I go in there they recognize me, ask me about my college and work; they’re very personal and sweet and I absolutely love it! They’ve been pestering me to get direct deposit so I could get better benefits from my checking account. Naomi called me up and we chatted and she was very informative and told me multiple times that all she wanted was the best for me. How can customer service get any better than that?

  142. Wanted to cash a check from the IRS. My name and address are entirely correct, but as a student I include my school’s UB box on it as well. The woman at the counter, claimed to be the boss of this branch, insisted that the check has to be cashed by my school, NOT ME, because it has my school’s name on it!!! She said I had to confirm with my school, then I could cash my check. So I did. My school’s administrator called her but that woman insisted that the address was not correct and I could never cash the check!!! So I rushed back and from from the bank the 3rd time under 109 degree and COULD NOT PUT MY MONEY IN MY ACCOUNT! That PNC woman was hostile the entire time and LIED to me. She really knew how to treat a prospective long-term customer with zero respect I’m so amazed. Save your self the problem with an online high-interest bank and skip PNC for your sanity!

  143. Deposited $750 cash into my checking account at this branch at 3:15 today. Got ready to go to the grocery store and money is not credited. Called the bank and talked to Andy who was the rudest. When I asked why they didn’t inform customers they would not have access to deposited money due to computer problems his response was “I don’t know why someone didn’t tell you.” When I asked if he knew how long before computers would be down I was told “I don’t have a crystal ball.” Called branch manager Joel….no satisfaction. ANOTHER unhappy PNC customer….

  144. My husband I went to this bank seeking financial counseling. The greetings were fine. Lots of hype. But after 2 meetings, we walked away with very little in the way of directive assistance. In fact, we were advised in ways that actually caused us further financial problems. Bankers tell lies. If you are not aware of this, then you are very young and inexperienced. So expect bankers to lure you in with false promises. But to give ridiculous financial advice to those who are truly struggling in this economy is unconscionable. If you are not wealthy, do not bank here. If you wealthy, the staff will kiss your back side. That is the banker’s job; PR and to make money for their employer. Since this seems to be the status quo of the industry, I am hard-pressed to recommend any other banks. After all, there are very few to choose from these days.

  145. I am from out of state and this branch made me feel more welcome than any other PNC I have ever been to before!! They were very helpful, understanding and courteous. I would reccomend Kenilworth PNC to any and everyone! Did I mention they have free checking??! Great job to the entire staff!

  146. I walked into a PNC bank today hoping to open a new free checking account. The teller at the front had a great attitude before she even realized I was a new customer. After being directed to talk to one of the other bankers I had to wait a few minutes but was assisted as soon as possible. Even though there were only two of them on duty they moved quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly. The man who helped me, Matt Bobillo, easily helped me choose the account that was perfect for me. He took into account every need that I had, and then explained the inter workings of the account in lay-man’s terms that I could understand. I had a long list of questions, but he answered most of them in his explenation, and then easily answered the questions I did have. I have no doubt that my short term and long term fiscal matters are in great hands. Friendly staff and great customer service that are willing to help a college student out. Would reccomend to everyone I know.

  147. The worst branch to go to rude people and tell lies. For wat reason I’d nevergo back to that branch they Are rude!

  148. The worst branch to go to rude people and tell lies. For wat reason I’d nevergo back to that branch they Are rude!

  149. I love this bank and the people that work there… Piet always welcomes me as well as Paul and AJ.. I receive great personal service..

  150. It is always a pleasure doing business in this branch. The people are warm and friendly. They are also eager to assist and very helpful!

  151. My branch of PNC Bank is on Oceanshore Blvd in Ormond by the Sea and the Staff and Bank Manager are excellent! always very helpful and always quick with answers to any questions. Always quick to put things right if there’s a problem and always courteous even when you are upset!! Awsome customer service wouldn’t bank anywhere else! I know all the faces there just don’t remember names well. They remember me by name though!!! Great job all of you!! Now if I could get my interest down a bit on my credit cards I would be ecstatic!!

  152. The Vice President, Karen Vergos is horrible. Every time I call to speak with her she is unavailable. She micromanage my account without asking and she place holds on my accounts for the maximum amount of time instead of next day deposit. I think she is racist.

  153. I’ve been banking with PNC in Virginia since they acquired JMB followed by Merc. All of the employees at the Fairfax office have been nothing but polite, informed and helpful! Many thanks to Mai and Sam!

  154. Went in person to get my name added to my husband’s account and get checks that was needed for my paycheck. We went on a Tuesday, and was supposed to hear back by Friday at the latest. Monday, I call, and they have no record of me being added, but the checks are on cue somewhere. They then proceed to tell me I don’t need a check, even though my administrator refused to accept account and routing number…guy kept insisting that I need to convince them that was all I need. Seriously – try to tell my administrator how to do their job when I haven’t started yet? Customer service when I was there seemed pretty good, but follow-through and follow up are disappointing. Definitely will encourage my husband and family to bank else where. Thanks for nothing PNC.

  155. We had the most traumatic experience with this bank in Clayton, MO. We had called in advance from Colorado inquiring as to what we needed to open a new business account in MO from an existing business in our state. We were told we needed our EIN # and 2 forms of ID. We traveled to Clayton, MO and met with Bryan Allen. Everything instructed by phone had changed, from forms to ID to requesting irrelevant information. We were instructed to obtain additional forms that we needed to pull up on our own computer and print out, although they did not have internet to do so. We had to leave a find a sandwich shop nearby that had internet, locate the form and e-mail the paperwork back to the bank; although when we returned to the bank- that form wasn’t sufficient and they needed something else. It seems that the right hand didn’t know what the left hand needed, and they were not knowledgeable on LLC business accounts. Our deposit was an insurance check drawn on their bank. Although we never got the account open after wasting half a day in their bank, and wasting a lot of money and time traveling to their bank- we were able to get our business account resolved with another bank. We had plenty of documentation of our business, ID, LLC, EIN#, documents and paperwork proving our identity of ownership of our existing business. It seemed unusual that we were taken to a back office, instead of the New Accounts desk in the lobby. Although we received an apology from 2 bankers, it did not replace our frustration we experienced. We then just requested certified funds for the insurance check that was drawn on PNC Bank since they couldn’t open the account, they refused. We offered to give our insurance adjuster’s # from the claims check from PNC. We had plenty of documentation, ID, EIN#, proof of ownership of our existing business to open a new account. We offered to open a new registration with the Secretary of State for MO, but we were encouraged to leave and deposit into our account from another bank. The banker directed us to US Bank down the street in which we already had an account. This was the most exhausting experience we have endeavored at a bank.

  156. I applied for a used auto refinance loan 3 times. Every time I applied they came back with a different reason to deny me. I even had an excellent co-signer with outstanding credit and they still turned me down.

  157. I use Deptford, Gloucester city, and turnersville,new Jersey ,locations and all 3 have the nicest people that work there….Keep up the good work

  158. I went to PNC Bank N. Atherton Branch in State College around 1 pm for customer service, which can be done within 5 minutes. But I have waited for more than 30 minutes. This was not the worst part. During my waiting time, one female clerk (I don’t wanna say her name, which I could) was on a phone call in her office. At the beginning, I assumed that it was an business phone call and it is more important. Until an male clerk came to the female clerk’s office and ask her if I need help. The female clerk said “I asked her, and she didn’t say anything”. The male clerk came to talk to me and said they will be back to me in one sec. After only a few minutes, the female clerk came to help me. I said “I am sorry if you asked me earlier and I didn’t hear you.” She denied:”I didn’t mean you. I mean her.” We both know that there was no other customer waiting out there. I was the only one.

    My point is that it is acceptable to wait for a little longer if all clerks are busy. But don’t you think people working in banks should at least be honest?

  159. I made a cash deposit, and it wasn’t credited to the account. To talk to a human I had to listen to a very long menu over and over, and then I was on hold with crappy muzak for over 20 minutes – with messages offering to put me back with an automated service. If I wanted an automated service I would have used one. It’s bad enough that they didn’t credit a CASH deposit, but to make me wait this long to talk to some one about it is very bad customer service

  160. I just moved to the area and I was accustomed to the wonderful staff at the PNC in Frederick, MD. Well, all PNCs are not the same. The staff at the White Marsh location is rude, unfriendly and makes you feel like you’re a burden to them. One of the higher-ups, “Marlon,” has questioned me on multiple occasions why I come to this branch when I live in PA. Well, I work across the street. And, why is it his business? Then I came in to withdraw money from my savings account, he asked what it was for, I told him it was to have my car worked on. Then he continued to question me about the car work, why I had to pay in cash, then again why I’m here when I live in PA. Needless to say, I called corporate to file a complaint, and they’ve been wonderful.

  161. I have had a safe deposit box since the bank was Harbor Federal. I continued to rent the box when National City took over and then when the bank became PNC. I have accessed it off and on throughout this time. Yesterday March 12, 2015 I went to the bank to access the box, and was denied access. The employee said I was’ authorized. I explained that I had been authorized for 30 years. I asked her to check the sign in sheet and she would see that my signature was on most of the times the box was accessed. She remained adamant and refused to give me access to my box which I pay for. She said she would have to do some research.

    I wonder how I can trust my finances to a bank that cannot keep its records better!

  162. I wanted to take a moment to note the great service received by Jennifer at the Mountain Top branch on Saturday, March 7. She walked over to assist me as soon as I walked in the door. She helped with several separate items and was extremely pleasant and professional. She is an asset to the branch and possesses outstanding customer service skills.

  163. I banked with PNC for years. I opened a home equity line of credit and then when I was getting ready to refinance I went in to the branch to get a payoff.. I had a separate bank check for 600 over the amount they told me and told them to just either deposit the extra in my account or send me a check. A month later I heard nothing. Called and they said it took about 7-10 days for the check to go through and they were sending out my refund that day. Then two months later I am informed that I owe them 350 for early closure. I would have thought when I went in to the branch to get the payoff they would have informed of this and secondly I thought they would not have sent me 600 back on overpayment. I fought this for about 2 months with multiple calls to Rochelle with no response. After 2 months I receive a statement saying my balance was 0. I was so excited, then in the next second I open the next piece of mail from PNC and it is an overdraft since they just decided to take the money out of my checking without notifying me and causing me to bounce a check for 35$. And have the gall to charge me a fee for that said overdraft. Fought this for another few months with no call back from Rochelle so the decision was mad to close me and my families 5 accounts..

    Now fast forward nine months and I get an email regarding my account at PNC. Turns out after I closed my account I thought I had contacted everyone that automatically withdrew from my account, enquirer, YMCA etc. Today I am notified that PNC reopened my account without my knowledge for what they call a ‘must pay’ of 7.49. I had previously cancelled that and now they are telling me I need to pay them for this or go to collections. Really, you reopen an account without me knowing it.. They gave me the number to call the supposed company and the numbers is disconnected. Not sure how PNC is still in business. I can’t believe they can just decide what to do in your accounts and not even notify you first.. I thought closing my account was enough. What is the next step if they can decide when your account is open or closed depending on their need??

    Completely fed up

  164. Branch Manager Keindre Irving has continued to show an unhelpful attitude towards my wife and I. We do not have PNC account, but we were given a PNC check by a local business that was just over $300. When we tried to deposit the check in our bank, it was returned and we were fined. It turns out that some other entity has acquired these funds, and so the banking system thought that it had already been payed. We have visited the branch 3 times now to resolve this, and (after nicely giving us her card) Keindre Irving has been unresponsive to our very courtious calls and emails (3 calls and 3 emails over a month). This situation has gone on for about 6 months now and has not been resolved.

  165. I have been banking with PNC for 7 years now and have never started having problems until this past year. Both time I was having major issues with my accounts, PNC was very patient on the phone with me and helped me with my problems in a very understanding and compatinate way. I work at a bank myself and knew if a bank isn’t offering you their best services, then you shouldn’t be banking with them. I was ready to end my business with PNC this past problem but Melissa was so helpful and fixed a problem that I myself had accidentally caused, so I’ve decided to stay. I will continually recommend you to my friends

  166. I had a transaction go through on my account by another greedy corporation “FedEx” without notifying me of it. Which caused a chain reaction of 6 transactions to decline, all under $5. I was charged over $200 in total in fees for transactions under $5 dollars. The assistant branch manager even refused to remove one fee. Responding by saying the bank all removed over 130 in fees in the last 12 months. In which they still made plenty of money off me. I paid the money and am really pissed off. It is not right for the bank to do this to anyone, especially someone who can barely afford it. SHAME ON YOU PNC BANK!!!

  167. Terrible customer service when I walked up to the desk my first and ONLY time I have/will set foot inside this branch lobby. I asked a question about my “virtual wallet” accounts and was rudely treated like I was stupid for not knowing the answer to my own valid question. I will not ever go to this branch again and have been banking with PNC my entire life.

  168. This branch is just wonderful to deal with. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. You are always greeted with a smile whether you walk in the branch or go through the drive through. All the tellers are friendly, and quick to deliver so you are in and out.

  169. Went to this Branch Saturday the 1/10 and asked for $500 withdrawal. Got a big “0” When I called the 1800 number I waited on hold for 25 minutes only to get Im sorry you have to wait till Teusday. Meanwhile I couldnt withdrawal any money

    BEWARE they dont even check to fill their ATM’S before a weekend starts!

  170. I called my bank this morning to see why they were charging my account monthly fees when it was supposed to be a free checking account when I originally got it (years ago) and they said PNC started charging everyone for their accounts, so they tried to offer me their “free virtual wallet”. They said as long as I did ALL of my bank online, at an ATM or on my mobile and didn’t come in to use their tellers or drive thru, I wouldn’t be charged any fees. I guess they would rather not have any social interaction with their customers. So after I got off the phone with them, for shits and giggles, I typed in “money grubbing banks” into the search engine and guess who came up…PNC and Wells Fargo. Guess they thought it was okay to start running their bank services like the Government is running our country…finding every way possible to dip into the hard working Americans pocket. On a scale of 1-5, I rate PNC as…GO “SUCK A DUCK”. I will gladly find another bank!

  171. I am sure this is not an isolated incident. A 92 year old man walked into the PNC Bay Forest Giant Branch at Annapolis, Maryland. A customer Service person greated him at the front entrance way and invited him to open up an account. Being an elderly gentleman, he was happy someone was being nice and welcomed the attention. What followed next is inexcusable and NEVER should have been allowed. He was talked into changing all of his pension checks, etc, over to a PNC bank account. This created a huge problem since all of his bills are set up for automatic payments through a Wells Fargo Account and his sons oversee his finances. He was totally unaware of what he did. But, the customer service representative and the Branch Manager should have known better. At this stage in someones life a 92 year old generally has someone looking after him or her. The branch manager should have seen a red flag go up when the age of this gentleman was presented.

    So please beware that these customer service people are pushed to open up new accounts no matter what it takes. It is not necessarily the customer service persons fault. I blame the Bank Manager and the Bank Policies unethical practices.

  172. Mike, the branch manager is the most unprofessional person I have ever come across. All the other negative comments I’ve read are absolutely correct and im certain all of the lousy staff there gets their lead from this joker. If it was my bank, this guy would have the opportunity to sweep the floors at night where he would have no contact with revenue driving customers. If that wasn’t good enough then he would be fired! Biggest jerk I have ever had the displeasure to come across! please do yourself a favor and go to the next bank…there are plenty of people working hard for you out there.

  173. Outstanding service-reliability-customer support

    True professionalism

    Always exceeds normal service expectations

  174. After over 10 years of banking with PNC, I’ve decided to switch banks. I’ve probably used their customer service line a handful of times, and each time they were okay in their level of helpfulness. However, today’s call fell way below and I’ve had enough. Never, from a customer service standpoint, have I ever had anyone make feel talked down to and disrespected. After speaking with the manager, I asked that they review the previous call with the rude customer service representative and instead she “tried” taking care of it, but failed. She promised to call back at a certain time and was late. I’ve worked in hotels for over 12 years, and I can honestly say that if my staff responded the way PNC had, they wouldn’t be working for me. My advice would be to please listen to your customer’s fully before deciding to assume what they are inquiring about. Letting your customer talk shows respect and they deserve that for how loyal they are with your company. Too many competitors exist not to.

  175. I have to say after leaving a bank I’ve been with for years, I was shocked and surprised to see how amazing the people at the crystal lake bank are. Mike took hours out of his day to make sure things were right for me. THANK YOU AMAZING Mike, I also will direct everyone to you. Betty Jo

  176. i met with Erin, a beautiful redheaded teller. she was very friendly and also very helpful in assisting me. I was doing something as basic as withdrawing money and since i had not updated my pnc info i had to meet with another woman named Joan who was just as helpful. Erin has a great smile and the perfect attitude for helping customers. I was very plaesed with the staff overall.

  177. I recently began banking at the Antioch branch. All of the staff was very friendly, polite and professional. Mary Demers handled my entire bank switching and setting up of new accounts. She was pleasant to work with and very respectful to me. She clearly knows her job and is an asset to the Antioch PNC as well as the customers. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU STOP IN AND MEET HER OR HER CO-WORKERS.

    No need to write allot here. Suffice to say I left both Chase and Fifth Third and moved write in with PNC. They were professional and very accommodating. I have been there several times and feel welcome and satisfied that they met my needs. I now have my mortgage with PNC as well as several other accounts and find it very easy to use their on-line banking system and Mobile App’s.

  178. First it is unprofessional that it is difficult to get print outs of your account, do to the machine being broken or down too often.

    There is an employee named Brittany who refused to add or assist me with reviewing my transactions when I had a dispute, it was terrible, brittany stated if I had a dispute file a conplaint. It was a horrible way to treat customers. Even if she felt she was correct, where is the customer service to go over the accout with me. It was Horrible.

    I have never been treated with such lack of concern or disrespect.

  179. This branch staff is very courteous and helpful. It is also very nice inside. I don’t know why someone would knock it. It’s in a nice part of town also…

  180. The people at the Canonsburg location are rude, & remind me of trolls. MY ATM/Debit card was eaten by the atm outside of the bank. I called the next day & the troll at his desk said I was “lucky” he didn’t shred it, because he was just about too. Okay… I can see 2 – 3 days later, but the next morning threatening a customer? And yes he had a threatening tone to his voice. The troll was on a power trip, because he had something of value of someones. I bank there, but only out of convenience.

  181. I started as a customer for national city bank and stay with it when it became PNC. Most of time I have no problem with it until recently I used their investment service. I tried to open an IRA and get some professional opinions from it. I contacted the bank about 4 times to ask the staff leave a message to this professional guy. None of the message was passed to him. Finally I was able to meet this guy. He is cool and serious overall. The thing I don’t like about the service is he never brother to ask about my financial conditions. He assume I was young so did not have enough money to invest. More toward to tell me what to do base on his assumptions but ask about my plan. Until at the time I left, he never asked about my household income, how much we had here and there, and what are the opinions we would like to have. Generally how could he assist people if he does not know them? Personally I would never use the investment advisor from this bank anymore!

  182. Lousiest PNC Bank Branch. They have locker without vault. When I signed up they have mentioned that Locker Rent charges are pro-rated but later mentioned that it is not pro-rated and charged me for 1 whole year of Rent even though I just used it for 2 weeks and closed it as I felt the locker facility is not secure enough. ***DON’T even think about doing any transactions at this branch ***

  183. The Roland Park Branch of PNC is by the far the best bank service I have ever had. Karen the manager is fast and efficient and everyone in the branch is polite and helpful.

    I do not always have the best account in the branch in the bank by far but they treat me as though i had a milluon dollars. I would never leave this Branch.

  184. I have had to deal with the Branch Manager on several occasions regarding questions I had on several of my accounts. He is very abrupt and rude. Does not give you a chance to finish your sentences because he interrupts with an answer that has nothing to do with my question. He acts as if you are disturbing him when you come into his office. Perhaps he does not like his job. I think he should find another job and let another person who is unemployed with a good spirit and customer service experience have that job. We have been with National City for over 20 years before it came PNC. We have been in several other branches of this bank and have found the employees very helpful and friendly.

  185. These people are GREAT! Always friendly. Always helpful. No matter what the question or problem they work with you to resolve it quickly and correctly. My bank card was scammed. They called me the day it happen to identify the suspicious behavior. They cancelled the card immediately, and even put provisional funds back in my account until the credit had been received from the company that processed the charges.

    This really feels like an old fashion family business. They really care about their customers, and every visit is a pleasant experience.

  186. I started with this Bank when it was National City, and followed it into PNC. Since then, I have attempted to open a savings account online, since PNC boasts its “great online service.” I went through it all, allotting 150 dollars of my money from my checking to be deposited into the savings, and a hold was placed on that money. Now, I get to the part where all you have to do is print and sign and mail a card with your signature. Well, when I clicked their button to open and print the signature card, it crashed my browser, and now I have an open account with 150 dollars in it, to which I have no access. I call the line, waited for 26 minutes, and got told that the following were my options:

    Drive all the way to a branch (about 20 minutes in traffic out of my way to get to one after work, the only time they’re open I could go) and fill out the card, or I could wait 21 business days to get a new one mailed to me, or I could close the account, take a 25 dollar fee on it, and get mailed a check, which would cover 125 dollars, in 10 days. For a bank that supposedly prides itself on its ability to support online banking, they sure have a gem of a process for it, don’t they? So, now, I will be wasting an extra hour of my life to probably go to this bank and get told the same crap and end up starting the whole process over. I’d just like to know one thing- how is it fair (and more importantly, not a felony) that when I try to open an account, the funds are INSTANTLY (and I mean it took 4 seconds) deducted from my account, but because of THEIR system screwing up, I lose out on 150 bucks for a month because of “requisitions?” (literally that’s how the moron I talked to put it). Hardly customer friendly.

    I’ve about had it with this bank. If I didn’t have so many accounts feeding to and from this bank, I would have closed my accounts with these hacks and scammers long ago. I advise any one of you looking at a new bank to stay as far away from PNC as your options allow.

  187. I started with this Bank when it was National City, and followed it into PNC. Since then, I have attempted to open a savings account online, since PNC boasts its “great online service.” I went through it all, allotting 150 dollars of my money from my checking to be deposited into the savings, and a hold was placed on that money. Now, I get to the part where all you have to do is print and sign and mail a card with your signature. Well, when I clicked their button to open and print the signature card, it crashed my browser, and now I have an open account with 150 dollars in it, to which I have no access. I call the line, waited for 26 minutes, and got told that the following were my options:

    Drive all the way to a branch (about 20 minutes in traffic out of my way to get to one after work, the only time they’re open I could go) and fill out the card, or I could wait 21 business days to get a new one mailed to me, or I could close the account, take a 25 dollar fee on it, and get mailed a check, which would cover 125 dollars, in 10 days. For a bank that supposedly prides itself on its ability to support online banking, they sure have a gem of a process for it, don’t they? So, now, I will be wasting an extra hour of my life to probably go to this bank and get told the same crap and end up starting the whole process over. I’d just like to know one thing- how is it fair (and more importantly, not a felony) that when I try to open an account, the funds are INSTANTLY (and I mean it took 4 seconds) deducted from my account, but because of THEIR system screwing up, I lose out on 150 bucks for a month because of “requisitions?” (literally that’s how the moron I talked to put it). Hardly customer friendly.

    I’ve about had it with this bank. If I didn’t have so many accounts feeding to and from this bank, I would have closed my accounts with these hacks and scammers long ago. I advise any one of you looking at a new bank to stay as far away from PNC as your options allow.

  188. PNC Bank has never been a good bank administratively. They make a lot of mistakes. The tellers at my home branch seem to be clueless to the rules. In fact every teller has their own set of rules. The bank manager is a very moody individual (that is putting it nicely). There is a financial advisor who does not know anything about his/her job. I can’t believe he/she holds down a job! With the exception of two members of the staff everyone that works at my home branch seems confused by their job or just plain disagreeable.

    Monetarily I have been Poor, Lower Middle Class, Middle Class, Upper Middle Class, and at one point very well off. The more money I had the better PNC Bank treated me. They would bend over backwards for me. They waved all fees for me, and made me a top priority. If for some reason I became overdrawn they would wave the $35.00 fee. If I called I never had to wait for someone to help me. There were no rules that applied to me, because I had a lot of money. Then the economy crashed and I lost almost everything. I was now poor, and that’s when it started. They started nickeling and diming me. When I would call to fix a problem which my account I was met with quite a bit of hostility. It didn’t matter if I was talking to my branch or the PNC home office no one wanted to help me. Suddenly all the perks I had before were gone. If there was a disputed transaction it took forever to get fixed. I even got into a argument with my home branch manager when I called to get fees that were wrongly applied to my account exponged. He/She was screaming at me “What do you want me to do?” over and over again even though I had made it quite clear to him/her what I wanted he/she to do. I could got on and on about the problems but I think I have proven my point.

    At this point I really do not want to have to switch to another bank. It would probably end up costing me a lot of money to change all of my accounts to another bank. My advice to any potential customers is this: If you are poor to middle class look elsewhere they do not care about you. If you are rich this is the bank for you!!!

  189. i have been a account with this bank location about 17 years, recently the bank teller keep complain and question about my deposit in account. it seem to me they bother, so i have to leave this bank and go to another bank.

  190. We had County Bank before it became PNC for years and honestly when it changed I was worried. I am glad to say that the Chesapeake City Branch of PNC are simply great people to do business with and very friendly. Shirley was there when it was County Bank and loved her then and love her now. Wonderful employee and asset to PNC Bank and will go out of her way to try to help her customers. Also deal sometimes with the PNC by my work on RT 4 in Newark and they are very pleasant people there also….

  191. I asked how I could change my address on my business account. She told me to call customer service. I asked her if I have a debit card option on this checking account she said maybe and then when I asked her to pull my account up so she could give me an actual answer she said “right now I am busy with the ATM.” !!!

    By the way I called customer service and they said all business banking matters had to be handled at the branch but they would gladly take a branch complaint form and have the service researched. What a joke!

  192. I finally stopped going to this branch – the people in this branch are the rudest people I have ever had to deal with – we have been customers with NCB/PNC for over 24 years & we have finally made the decision there are other BANKS & we are leaving this bank – we have currently opened a new account with Chase & so far seem very happy – they treat us like we mean something – that staff at this branch should be split up or just all fired but they should not be in that branch together – not sure what their issues are but they all seem very unhappy with their jobs or maybe just with PNC. I know we are & we have made the change. Good bye PNC & GOOD LUCK WITH A BUNCH OF LOOSER – keep that staff together & you will be loosing more good cutomers. Your Head Teller has the worse customer service we have ever seen, those people should not be allowed to have their cell phones in their ears or texting all the time – you walk into that branch & most of them don’t even look up because they are texting on their phones – not even a response that you have come into the branch & that is a very small branch & they should acknowledge you have walked in – no customer service respect at all. What a joke !

  193. There is a reason National City Bank went under, and PNC seems to be making matters worse. I have been a customer with a spotless record for 30 years, but each time I approach PNC they treat me like a stranger. Worse, they treat me like a criminal. Even after I identify myself with my photo ID, there is no sense of trust or relationship at all. If a glitch arises, their attitude is, the customer is always wrong. They wont help find a solution. I have always been able to work out any problem, but no thanks to the manager or staff at this branch.

  194. I have been working with the Rt. 130 Bordentown NJ Branch since it opened. I have never experienced anything except excellent customer service as well as polite and courteous staff. They have always been extremely helpful. I read through several of the other reviews and do not understand how anyone could have had a bad experience.

  195. terrible staff. thats all i can say. its like you get on their nerves. Staff act like they dont wanna be there

    Other branches are friendlier and knowlegeable.

  196. I had been with Commonwealth for 4 years but switched to PNC after moving to Cherokee Triangle. This was a terrible decision. Living near Bardstown Road, I have a lot of foot traffic near my apt complex. Someone went rooting through our mail and kept taking the debit card I ordered through PNC. After a few weeks of not receiving my debit card, I asked them to have it sent to the bank and I will pick it up there. I came in at least once a week for LITERALLY 4 months waiting for the card to arrive. I dealt with a few tolerable employees and some incredibly rude ones who acted as if I was lying about ordering the card, writing me off as a delirious customer, or completely denying me a meeting with the manager… that “it isn’t necessary since I will receive a call when the card actually arrives, JUST BE PATIENT”. After a while, I stopped trying, until I got a new job and needed direct deposit. I finally talked to “a specialist” who finds out the woman at the head branch who she ordered the card through just forgot to confirm the cancellation of the previous card sent out. It was their fault completely. She profusely apologized to me, and was thankful for my amazing patience and good attitude. She said she would special order my card and it would arrive at the bank in 3 business days. 3 days later, I receive a call from PNC telling me that the special order was charged to my account, making me overdraft. I will never bank with these idiots ever again.

  197. Great bank with the best people. I couldn’t imagine going to another bank. You can tell that they really care about their customers. The manager is really involved in the local community which I like.

  198. Like I said,

    A decent bank for coffee and check cashing. Beyond that these knuckleheads have no idea bout finance and direct all inquiries away to “specialists” and “other branches” makes it VERY hard to get anything done here for my business. Too bad they can’t send in a better manager or Branch Director. As a share holder I am livid at their lack of attention or knowledge of the industry.

  199. I was surprised to read the negative reviews about our local PNC office. I am pleased to have a bank so close. Our family has always been treated with respect, and the staff has been courteous and attended to our needs and requests promptly.

  200. Please do yourself a favor and stay away. They’ve figured out how to legally rob you blind.

  201. i had been with bank of lancaster for 15 years when PNC took them over so i have now been with PNC for several years!!! i paid a bill over the phone company ran payment 2xs which overdrew my account and has now resulted in overdraft fees of close to 180 dollars i had called the bank 2 days in a row to get help since this was not my fault!! the superviser NEVER called me back!! i found out threw a friend that works there that he decide they could not help because it was not there fault!!! you could clearly see by my account that i had money in there but do to fees i was forced to have no money all week!! i am a stay at home mom of 4 kids and a husband who works fulltime!! we had to resort to useing our credit cards to get gas and groceries to last us fot the week!! we just make eneough money to last us threw the week and now have to pay high intrest rates on credit card thanks!! i am very digusted with how i was treated by this supervisor!! i deserve a phone call!! i am not threw with this yet!! i will be calling to file a complaint with the company!! no one should be treated with disrespect it is money they are playing with not some piece of trash or animals!!!

  202. I’ve banked with PNC since they were National city.I most frquently use the Lockport,Il location. I’ve opened all three of my children’s FIRST savings accounts there, and now two of thier first checking accounts!When doing our banking I would put deposits together on they’re designated slips for each account. One of my two oldest daughters, my Husband or myself would go to the bank, I never had any problems with this till one day out of the blue they wouldn’t let my daughtters do any banking for me or my husband. I called PNC and was told to just send my drivers license with and then that would be fine. Then AGAIN out of no where that didn’t work either. Now I needed to call the branch Manager first send my license and then my children could do all the banking together again. So the other day I call th speak with the manager to let him know my children would be in to do all our banking and I encountered th “Teller Supervisor” who informed me that the manager was in a meeting and that if absolutly nessesary she would email him to make sure it was okay. She then proceeded to ask me if there was a reason I was unable to make my own deposits and cash checks, was “I disabled or something?” I informed her I was not, however i did not find it neccesary to have each person in my family go through the bank drive up when someone was alredy going. I also found it to be a large waste of time and gas for each of us to have to go to the bank ourselves. I don’t feel I need to be disabled to have the conveince of one member of our family to do the banking, but obviously this is an issue with PNC! My two oldest children leave for college in a month, so I opened new aaccoung at TCF bank, where hopefully they won’t be as ignorant enough to ask stupid questins, especially in such a tone to make you think that if your disabled what exactly ids the problem that you can’t do it all yourself?!?!?!

  203. Love the service i’ve received. I’m amazed at the other complaints, i’ve never had a bad experience. I’ve had to wait a whole lot longer at the dmv. Customers can be so demanding and imptatient. I’ve seen it many times while being takened care of. It’s not the banks fault your account bounced. Learn how to balance your check book. It’s not the banks fault that interest rates stink. Blame your congressman.

    I’ve been a customer for 7 years and have had excellent service. There are times i have to be a little patient.

  204. I went ito the branch last Thursday. Spoke to Susan. She was very helpful to my needs and instructed me that when I have something that I don’t understand, to contact her and she will walk me thru anything that I need.

    She was very pleasant and so was the other staff. I am glad that I switch my banking services to PNC and I love the Longate Branch! Thanks Susan, you made my life easier!

    Darlene Butler

  205. Worst bank ever. Starting with management, no one there

    seems to know what they are doing,and they don’t want to be bothered. They should not be working with people, but with objects that they can vent their frustrations on. Their body language reveals that they don’t want to be bothered. Stay away from that bank

  206. We started with this branch several years ago, and for a time we had accounts here and at the Chase branch down the street. Chase stunk, so we left them. This branch has been a dream. Bill, the Branch Manager, is the best. He knows my whole family by name, and the tellers call US when something looks amiss with a deposit or check. We have never seen customer service like this at a bank before. I give it 5 stars across the board.

  207. This is the worst bank branch I have ever seen. I opened the account here since it was walking distance from my house but was shocked to see they treat their customers. They seems to have no respect to their time and will never get back to you. they always appear to be “out” of branch manager hence no body feels the responsibility / accountability. I finally had to close the account. Highly recommend to stay away

  208. I have been with PNC for 7 yrs now. First they were National city. I have 4 accounts with them and wehn I have an issue the staff is quick to help me resolve it.

  209. I came into the bank and met with a bank employee concerning paying off my home equity line of credit. He took all my information and escorted me into his office where he proceeded to pick up the phone, call the numbers that I had already called. After 20 minutes and 4 tranfers he was disconnected. I informed him that I was late for work and he told me he would look into the matter and call me back. Well 3 days later I had to call him and SURPRISE, SURPISE, he wasn’t able to do a thing. What a joke!

  210. My complaint is that they handed out flyers for a 10.00 dollar starbuck card. When I went in to get it they said they are out of them. The flyer said between dec 3rd and jan the 3rd to stop in vist the new branch and pick your gift up. Why give a month window when 4 days later you have none. I do not appreciate false advertising, just say you have to come in on the first day… Its the principal here. May consider taking my money out. This was the new green branch on washington road mcmurray pa..

  211. Wow…their staff has the best personal service. They know their customers. Their checking accounts have no service charges. Obivously if someone is overdrawn there will be fess. The staff really loves working together at many branches that we have visited. Too bad they don’t have branches in the West.

  212. I didnt know that pnc had a branch that was open seven days. Hamilton Market Place is the Second branch that is open on Sundays..

  213. Have had my mortgage loan for 21 years. Behold our poor economy, loss of work, and decrease in pay. I suddenly got behind 3 months of payments. I kept in touch with PNC all the way and they agreed on my catch up date. I sent the funds in and they accepted but did not apply them. Two solid months after my account was brought current , I was told that it was now in foreclosure because they added over $2,000 in attorney fees. This is the help I got .

  214. I don’t usually write reviews, but when I saw how low the reviews were for this bank- it really upset me. This branch is awesome! Staff is super friendly and attentive. My husband had a small business and they started knowing his face and remembering his name. They make an effort to be a cosy family bank. I enjoy my banking here.

  215. My wife and I recently moved to the Bethany Beach area and had to find a new bank.PNC and their staff have been very helpful and friendly.I have and will recommend them to anyone.Keep up the good work.

  216. I had great rapport and service when my branch was Nat’l City Bank, when PNC took over I had many problem. A teller cut up the wrong debit card when I was consolidating and it cost me over $300 in late charges to correct. The branch mngr was only to return $100 of the ‘insufficient’ charges. Closing an account by phone I was not told it would take 3 days to actually close the account, two charges went through casting me another $70. I was with my branch for 27years & had great service. I cannot afford to keep my money with PNC an am looking for a credit union and will move our personal, savings, ira & business accounts.

  217. I am an office manager with a non-profit that has an account with PNC. The staff is very professional, and no matter what time of day I almost never have a wait.

    Since I’m a regular customer, they know me by name. I can’t speak to their personal account and interest rates, but as for customer service this branch is excellent.

  218. Worst Bank! If you want a long line and lying bankers , go there. Don’t truest PNC! Never!

  219. Always was one of the worst branches even when it was National City. Long waits. Too few tellers. People busying themselves at their booths while you stand and wait. I think they finally are trying to fix it, but they have a lot of hard feelings to heal.

  220. Sent my son to cash a check for me today as i just had knee surgery and could not go. I signed the back and he signed it as well when he got there. I called and told PNC what we were doing as well. We have been banking there for 10 years and they really should know is by now.My son was told they couild not cash the check cause i was not there even though i called they needed my (Id) since the check was made to me.R U KIDDING ME? where is the personal service you are suppose to get? There is only one person at this location that can do anything for me. She came from the PNC across the street. Where did all the old people go and why? Maybe they got treated poorly as well. Also my son recently withdrew his money from PNC and went somewhere else cause PNC on more then once put his deposited into my account and made his overdrawal. When he called PNC he was told he needed to come to the bank along with me to fix what they had done wrong. I have no time for such nonsence My time is money…. I am so DONE with PNC.

  221. Sent my son to cash a check for me today as i just had knee surgery and could not go. I signed the back and he signed it as well when he got there. I called and told PNC what we were doing as well. We have been banking there for 10 years and they really should know is by now.My son was told they could not cash the check cause i was not there. Even though i called they needed my (Id) since the check was made to me. R U KIDDING ME? where is the personal service you are suppose to get? There is only one person at this location that can do anything for me. She came from the PNC across the street. Where did all the old people go and why? Maybe they got treated poorly as well. Also my son recently withdrew his money from PNC and went somewhere else cause PNC more then once put his deposit into my account and made his account negative. When he called PNC he was told he needed to come to the bank along with me to fix what they had done wrong. I have no time for such nonsence My time is money…. I am so DONE with PNC. My husband went and they cashed it???? Still made out to me and i was not there…. Reallly??? NOT GOOD

  222. My daughter went to the bank to deposit money INTO my account and they told her she couldn’t deposit money INTO my account unless she had my account number. When she got the account number, they told her I would have to be present to put money INTO my account. Are you kidding me?? Now I have a couple of checks that are going to bounce and I am not very happy about this at all. If this is the way you do business, I will be looking for a new bank.

    Kathleen A Dickson

    433 Country Vineyard Dr

    Valrico, FL 33594

    813-684-4528 (home)

    813-787-6650 (cell)

  223. Acting as financial controller of numerous companies spanning the East Coast, I’ve worked with big-name banks, including TD Bank, Bank of America, Key Bank, HSBC, and regionals including Sun Trust, Hudson United Bank, Walden Bank, and others—but I have yet to find a bank which compares to PNC Bank’s level of personalized attention. Since turning to PNC to handle my commercial needs, I’ve moved ALL of my accounts over (both my personal accounts and my colleagues’ accounts).

    If you want a giant, faceless, cold bank just to drop your money go with BOA or TD. If you want unmatched personal service and extreme attention to detail, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more suitable bank than PNC.

  224. She told me she will place a request for name change and allow 3-4 weeks. I called back and I was told it was never placed by her. This delayed a few tasks I had to do in a time-sensitive obligation.

  225. In addition to a handful of other problems, after we opened a new business account, we waited over a month for our debit cards. Finally, I called the HQ business account division to find out what the problem was. They had to process them again as the branch had failed to submit the request. In 16 years of business, I have never had so much trouble with a bank. If I had it to do over again, I would avoid PNC at all cost.

  226. As a new customer of PNC, I discovered they handled the available balance in my account a bit differently than my old bank, thus leading to an overdraft charge. When I went into the bank to clarify the situation, Lynne at the Swarthmore, PA branch immediately became short with me and got her back up, refusing to help me with the situation in a kind manner and even went so far as to suggest that I return to my other bank if my relationship with them was so wonderful. I really didn’t expect to have PNC remove the overdraft charge because I understood it to be my fault but I did expect Lynne to be courteous when dealing with me. Unfortunately, she wasn’t and PNC lost a customer that would have brought a lot more money to PNC than the overdraft charges they received.

  227. This bank needs a lesson in basic communication and writing skills. I corrected my name twice already for their bank card and still they have the gall to charge me a replacement fee for not being able to copy some letters into their computer. Some rude staff don’t even know what the bank can and can not do. Avoid and find some competent staff elsewhere.

  228. I am astonished that some reviewers find the staff at the Upper Montclair PNC Bank to be rude. I have always had good experiences. The one time I got upset about something, I found out that it was my fault and not theirs. They were courteous enough to print out all of the deposits to show me where I had made the mistakes – with no charge. They were great sports in not rubbing it in that I was the idiot that made the mistake. I love going to this band and will continue to do so. I think that all of the brances are nice, but this one especially stands out as being one of the friendliest banks I have ever patronized.

  229. I own a few companys so I have an account with just about ever bank in North Jersey. This local Summit bank is new in the area and I wanted to set up a CD and Money Market Acct for my newest grandson. I delt with a Gentleman leaving the Bank and he explained that he worked there and was on his way home. Instead of just calling it a day at close to 6:00pm, he walked back into the Bank with me and we chatted about all types of different monies making opps and just to get to know you type chatter. Turns out it was the young mans 2nd day of work and he was very, very talented and made me feel comfortable and in charge of what I wanted. Bottom line..in business, if your GREEN your Growing and this young man was great. Just walk into the place and he will stand out on his own. He’s a young, talented kid who makes you feel the way you should. Great Job, kid! -The Old Man

  230. Ever wonder where they put most of the unprofessional employees?

    Well wonder no more, they are at this branch. Just step into this bank and you’ll quickly notice the level of customer service that you DO NOT get. There will be one person working and the rest of the employees walk around. Ask them about their programs and no one seems to know the details of the accounts that they are advertising, and to top it off, the branch manager is never there to help you get information that the other ladies do not even have a clue on. Your money is better off hidden under your mattress than to these unknowledgeable people here.

  231. I was with PNC (the Meadville branch) for ten years. Extra fees, hidden online banking fees, oh, and a branch manager who called and harassed 3 members of my family b/c we took out large amounts of money occasionally. Every time I took out more than 1000 I received 20 questions, how is how I spend MY money THEIR business?? Yeah, I don’t know….At the moment 4 members of my family are withdrawing over 200,000 of their money from PNC and moving to North West Bank…never have I been treated so poorly/suspiciously by anyone! The bank manager, Debbie, even had the nerve to say “That’s questionable” when I told her taking out large sums of money wasn’t illegal! Gotta love when your bank insinuates you’re a criminal…definitely stay far away from them!

  232. This bank corporation PNC has no decision making made locally. It never used to be that way when it was National City. They act like they are NUNS now, after they have been prostitutes for years. CUSTOMERS IN FLORIDA BEWARE.


  234. This is a terrific little branch that gets you in and out immediately. You don’t even have to leave your car, since it still has the old fashioned vacuum system and car teller.

    However, they’re planning on expanding and taking down the houses in the quiet Robin Dr to have more parking space (which they don’t need). Neighbors don’t even know about this move and they’re buying their way into doing it with the city government.

  235. One of the worst branches of the bank. Wait times are very long, tellers have bad attitudes and they are not able to resolve porblems.

  236. The web site has it mixed up. The drive up window opens at 8 AM, and the office opens at 9 AM.

  237. this was a horrific experience i went to open my account after initiating it online-I was told to go in and finish the transaction. It said nothing about two forms of ID- I went in and WAITED FOR 50 MINUTES before being seen by a banker it was ridiculous and then to be told to come back b/c i didnt have two forms of ID-I would not have been so irritated had i not waited so long about coming back-I only had my drivers license i told the banker that i did not drive and coming back would be hard on me-(and having the person who normally helps me out-want to come back after waiting in the car for 50 minutes would be a long shot)I just had them close it down. Customer service here was HORRIFIC it was crowded noisy and the wait was horrible-would not recommend at all- I had wanted to use this bank because of all the online options and it turned out to be a huge hassle! BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  238. After years of service with the PNC in Mount Pocono, PA, I moved to Leonia thinking I would receive the same quality service. To my surprise I encounter the worse manager I have ever met. She refused to provide me with a cashiers check despite the fact it is my own money. She stated that she needed to know why I was in Leonia and that such services can not be provided to Pennsylvania residents. She was highly rude and unprofessional. I will be closing my account with pnc because of this manager.

  239. I opened an account in August when we first moved to No. Virginia. They were very kind to my children and got us started with all the services we needed. I found the online system to be far more user/consumer friendly than the “major” bank we used previously. I am neither wealthy, young, nor attractive, but I am treated like a favorite relative. They know me by name and once even carried a heavy case of water to my car. They assisted me in rolling over my childrens’ 529 account from another state. When I go in from time to time, they never forget to ask about my family and my job. Based on the great treatment we consistently recieve, I will be opening a business account with PNC as well, because I know I will be well-informed. Good job!

  240. PNC took over National City bank in April 2010. I was told nothing would change. LIARS! Monthly maintenance fees more than doubled. (Business accounts pay THEM to have a bank account there.) Money deposited isn’t available until the following day, unlike National City. When confronted about some issues, a girl working there told me how things are just like National City. I laughed, and asked her how long she had worked for National City. I was prepared to laugh at her when she responded with 1 or 2 years. She said, “five months”! HAHAHAHAHA!!! Really? 5 months? At that point, you hadn’t even met everyone you work with! I had been with National City for 11+ years, since this girl was probably 8 or 9 years old. Long and short of it is, PNC is bad news, and I’ll be happy to see them go. (And they will)

  241. I deposited a US Government Treasury check for $84,815 into a regular savings account at PNC. After TWO WEEKS of having the money deposited in my account, PNC refused to allow me to withdraw my money! While the local staff is nice, no one was availble to help at the newly opened Lake Bluff, IL branch to remove the “hold” and they said it had to be cleared by their legal department in another state. I opened a couple accounts to try and help a new local business in my town be successful. PNC is not a small town bank but another huge bank which appears to like to hold peoples money and wrap their excuses for incompetence around new banking regulations. There is absolutely no reason a bank should not allow a two week old deposit to be withdrawn; especially since a US Treasury check takes ONE DAY to clear. Sorry PNC, but I will take my business elsewhere and would encourage others to do the same.

  242. The branch manager put a 3 day hold on a deposit because I questioned the teller as to why when this had never happened before and after having been told that all checks now clear in one day. It’s all electronic, why does it even take a whole day when electricity travels at almost the speed of light, which happens to roughly be 186,000 miles per second. This is fast enough for a check to clear by computer about 46 times in a single second if you are halfway around the world.

  243. The people that work at this branch are so wonderful! They are always friendly and helpful. I closed my Bank of America account to bank with PNC just because the location in Stop & Shop is very convenient and the hours are fantastic!

  244. When my mom needed to set up a checking account, we went to the Carnegie branch of PNC and had such a great experience. the Assistant Branch manager took an hour with us, since this involved transferring funds, contacting social security… Throughout the time, she was kind, smart, organized and calm. Would definitely recommend this branch. (I’ve been with PNC for a long time and this is not unusual)

  245. on april 23 i opened an account with pnc. i was told for the first 30 days for any deposited checks there would be a two day waiting period . there after deposited checks before 1pm would be credited the next day…on may 24th i deposited money into this account which by my timeline would make it 31 days . when my money didnt show up on tuesday i was told they did not count that sunday, and i would have to wait until wednesday to see my deposit…as i see it, this last sunday should have no effect on the count of 30 days, the other sundays n saturdays n holidays were all counted, why is this particular sunday not included. after 4 tedious phone calls to the bank of which i heard 4 different versions of what to expect i was disqusted with the results, and that was money wouldnt be available until wednesday, my suggestion is dont use this bank, because when they make a mistake they dont try to correct but instead give you double talk and no satisfaction….be careful of what they say, its not what they mean

  246. Absolutely a wonderful great experience , every one is very friendly . Defenatly a bank I recommend to anyone .

  247. My husband and I have been banking with the same for 12 years when it was MidAmerica never did we have any problems with our account. Now that is changed to PNC they have messed with our account without any notice. PNC changed my free checking account to a interest account so when we paid our bills and go under a certain balence they would charge us fees. I caught this before that happened went into the Downers Grove (75th and lemont) location demanded that be changed and also told them to put a note on my account to never change anything without our ok. The bank manager was ingorant to me about it. Now I received a letter that the bank was adding me to a automatic check ordering system. I recieved that letter on 2/29/2012 contacted the bank as it stated in letter to cancel is that day. Man on the phone gave me a hard time to cancel. Yesterday I recieved CHECKS in my mail that I did not order!!! NOW I am fedup with people taking advantage of our personal account. I took the unopened checks to the bank in Downers Grove told them again to take me off that system and to make sure I dont get charged for the checks. Man was ingorant told me lady you did not get charged so dont worry about it. I told him I know I will get charged they are not for free. Again was talked to in a ignorate manner he continued to put me down. Told me that I have never worked in a bank and dont know what I am talking about. GUESS what I checked my account this morning and GUESS who got a charge!!! I am pass mad I made an other call to the bank now have to wait until tomorrow to get that charge off my account get my money back in my account. Still waiting to hear back from the complaint department from yesterday. BEST ADVISE STAY AWAY FROM THIS BANK WE ARE NOW GOING TO CHANGE BANKS WE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS TYPE OF TREATMENT!!!!!!!

  248. Thursday, 22 March 2012

    This letter has been sent certified to the President of PNC bank Mr. James Rohr!

    Dear Mr. Rohr,

    I would like to take five minutes from your busy schedule, so I can give you a real experience of a customer who had to deal with one of your branches located at 2061 Route 57 Hackettstown, NJ 07840.

    On March 22, 2012 at 10:00 AM, I went to the drive-thru to get $3,500 from my saving account. I welcomed by an aggressive lady who said: “the limit is $2,500”. I replied: “why you guys making it so difficult, how about if I get $2,500 now and then turn around and come back for another $2,500; would that be ok? I was being funny and in the same time learning about the policy and procedure. All sudden, another aggressive lady showed up on the screen and said: ”Now, you cannot get even a dollar, you have to come inside.” WOW! So, I left, parked my car and came down to the branch to speak to the branch manager – I felt I am being punished.

    I parked my car, went inside the branch and spoke to the branch manager. Another aggressive lady, who seemed to stereotype me based on my accent – she thought maybe I am someone who will not be able to reach you. She was not ready to listen to my story and after a few minutes, she managed to say: “I don’t know what happened there, I cannot hear from here. But, I do apologize if the teller said that to you.” I replied: “Ok, thank you and left.”

    I went back to my car; then I remembered that I still need the money. I turned back to the drive-thru and I send my PNC bank card and driver licenses. The same lady came and said: “How can I help you?” I replied; I would like to get $2,500 from my saving account. She said: “You are creating suspicion and you have to come inside as I told you. She closed the screen and sent me back my card without giving me any opportunity.” I took my card and my driver license and left with two thoughts in mind. One, I will be writing this letter to you and two, I will be closing my accounts and I will never ever deal with PNC bank again.

    A little about me, I have been with PNC bank since it used to be Chemical bank – never had an issue. I deal with PNC bank in Princeton “500 college road west” all time, and they know me by name. In fact, I take Donuts and cookies to the staff once a while, call them and ask about me. I have an MBA and I am a director of information technology in a pharmaceutical company; I deal with business and customers on a daily basis and solve issues and make sure customers are happy. My experience today with your branch was horrible and I am very disappointed. Not sure whether my last name or my accent had created all this or just a poor customer service.

    I hope to hear from you soon and please let me know what should I do next.

  249. I received a phone call from one of the staff recommending that I switch Checking acct products.She stated they had changed their checking accts and to keep receiving Points I would have to switch.I asked if there were any fees associated with this acct and her answer was NO….5 months later the fees started.When I called to ask about the fees the Branch manager told me I had to meet certain criteria for a no fee acct.To apologize she didnt take off the fees but sent me a $15.00 pnc gift card.To make matters worse the gift card would never work,so I sent it back and asked them not to bother sending another GIFT CARD.We have had quite a few negative transactions with this PNC.

  250. PNC Bank is the worst of all worst Banks… It should be against the law the way they do banking and their fees. They take debits before credits on the same day service. Then if you are short even $5.00 they will charge you $35.00 for each item that came in that day then they give you credit for the deposit. OUTRAGEOUS… Congress needs to put a stop to this type of Banking Business. Cost Me $122 in return check fees because I was short $5.00 …

  251. It took us over 9 months to refinance our house. Our credit is just about perfect and have never made a late payment. Our mortgage is only 1/3 of the appraised price as well. Originally denied us for no reason, just said “We do not have the loan package you are applying for.” They ran our credit 15+ times which of course negatively impacted us. We finally closed and now every month they call us on the 2nd or 3rd day of the month and advise us we are late. Our mortgage payment is due between 1-15th. They are actually rude about it too! It was a very miserable, time consuming and costly mistake to refinance with them. We should have taken our business somewhere else.

  252. Went to a branch to cash a check given my by a local business that gave me a PNC check on its account. The cashier told me that there would be a $10 check cashing fee since I didn’t have an account with their bank. What a ripoff! It is their customer’s check written on their bank.

  253. Opened a no-minimum balance checking account. But charged over $200 for “balance falling under minimum balance”. Need a lawyer to fight these scammers

  254. Staff is super friendly and helpful. Made me glad I stayed after all the changes in ownership (I go back to DeKalb Bank days–early 80’s.)

  255. PNC Bank representative helped resolve the issue. Although it took a while, it was resolved successfully. Appreciate the gal who helped close this issue. Thanks!

  256. I’ve worked with many banks (moved for business). This is by far the best, friendliest and most competent bank I have ever worked with. They helped, yes actually helped, me with things beyond the normal banking areas. Fantastic. The Branch Manager is the best.

  257. At the account opening the representatives were very pleasant and answered all our questions. We did not use the account for a few weeks but when we tried to we found my husbands payroll check was put on hold for several days. Each day we tried to call and work this out we would get a different answer. We would be promised they would be available the next day, which would come and go just to be promised the same thing again for the next day. The representatives were condescending and rude. Much more interested in passing the blame then resolving the situation.

    PNC makes promises but does not keep them. PNC’s staff is untrained and has terrible customer service.

  258. I switched to PNC from Bank of America and all I have to say is awesome. I have gone to the Montrose Crossing three times and the drive thru of another branch once and all I have to say is complete difference then Bank of America (El Salvador). Anyway, Gerard your awesome, keep up the good work. Glad I switched!!

  259. I had four CD’s that matured on 10/24/11, on Nov 7 I visited the branch to see if the money could move to my checking account since the CD’s had matured. I explicitly asked the agent that the CD’s were not automatically renewed and that there was no penalty of any charges to withdraw from my CDs. She confirmed that there would be no charges and remitted the amounts to my checking account.

    I never received a full statement showing the total interest, but I believed that the banks won’t cheat customers and will remit the full amount due.

    However, when I received my 1099, it shows penalty on all four CD’s. I feel completely cheated by PNC. I called the 888 number listed on the 1099 but not one person was able to explain and the branch ofcourse closes by 5PM so normal people cannot even transact business.

    If PNC wants to raise money, they should ask for charity and not cheat customers.

  260. Your’e right (@ the other reviewer with the title “Manger is a Jerk”), the manager doesn’t know what he’s doing. The rest of the bank was overly friendly. One woman even came out of nowhere to ask if I waanted a drink of water while I waited on the bank manager.

    I knew when I walked in and only saw one type of poeple working there that I was probably about to have more problems than I came for, and as usual I ended up being right ( when it comes to reading people). There’s certain type of people I don’t like dealing with when it comes to customer service in maryland… theyre a lil slow brained and usually give you the wrong info or don’t know what they’re doing. This one was no different.

    I went to get some papers signed and the manager tells me he was afraid to sign it because he could get arrested if the information wasn’t legal, and says, plus PNC was strict about signing certain forms. He just didn’t know if he was ALLOWED to sign it and wanted to ask somebody else if it was ok, his PNC financial advisor (who wasn’t there). So I ask him, if I can’t get my own bank to sign the papers where do I go. I doubt a bank where I’m not a customer would sign them, they have none of my personal information as trust or any reason to sign.

    So I go to Bank of America to see what happens (plus other PNC banks were closing), and like I thought they had no problem at all signing it, BUT I’m not a customer so they couldn’t. The Bank of America Rep even told me PNC should’ve signed it.

    I looked at this manager and knew I would have problems and as usual I was right (I can read ppl in half a second and I’m ALWAYS right). He said he’d probably sign after his financial advisor looked at them but I don’t want to deal with someone who can’t handle his own business as a bank manager without having to ask someone who works for him first. I wouldn’t of had this problem at another bank with a different type of manager. I know this. So I’m going to another PNC.

    If not, I’ll just open up a Bank of America account to get it signed. I won’t leave PNC just because of one moron but I will if I run into another. Extremely bad business, because after sigining the paper they would’ve had an extra $30,000 in my PNC account. I might complain to a higher up about him.

    The actual bank is okay as long as you have no problems. I had a huge problem getting my card sent to bme when I opened up teh account because they kept sedning it ot the wrong address. The savings account fee is crazy too. Deposited over $100 last year in my savings and never used it. By the end of the year the whole hundred was gone to fees.

  261. The staff at the West Aurora branch have been extremely helpful and have I’ve received expectional service. It has the feel of a small town, privately owned bank

  262. The branch manager is such a jerk. He is mean and impatient to the customers. Other than him, everyone else is helpful and nice. I don’t understand why pncbank chooses this kind of person to be the manager. I am gonna switch bank because of him!!!

  263. The staff patiently answers question in a friendly manner. They greet you when you walk in, and smile and have eye contact.

  264. Each person knows my name and I do not even live in the town of Byesville. They offer the best for my money and call when ways to save money or make money are available.

    The manager of the bank shares his wealth of knowledge as he is looking out for the best interest of the people in and around the community.

  265. I had been looking for a link to review this specific branch. I have been with PNC on and off for over 20 years. I choose this bank because I am all over the state and so is PNC.

    When I use a branch at a supermarket, it’s a two for one. I do my banking and food shop at the same time.

    I have never seen such unprofessional, lazy, rude tellers in all my life. I was depositing cash, it was 1:00 in the afternoon. The staff was chatting. I asked if I could make a deposit. I was told to use the ATM. ” I said, No It’s cash I prefer to hand it to you. Only then after huffing and puffing, did they break up the gossip section they were in. I stopped there 2 weeks later. I wanted to cash a 100.00 check against my PNC account. I have 400.00 available. I was told they could not do that at this branch. I tried again 3 weeks later, I had a check written to me from a PNC customer. I was told, to go to another branch in Elizabeth NJ.

    I was so ” taken a back” by the laziness and attitude. I called the 800 # and during that same week I got a call from a PNC customer satisfaction survey. I could not express strongly enough that the party there needed to be broken up. The employees have lost focus and forgot why they are there. I will tell you I was there recently. It appears there are new staff members. I am hoping enough ppl complained and PNC removed the bad eggs. Again, I am all over the state. My overall experience with this bank is really good. This branch is / was the TWILIGHT ZONE.

  266. PNC just keeps doing everything they can to aggravate customers. Since PNC took over the Mundelein, Illinois bank they have gotten rid of their coin counter. So now PNC no longer takes coins for deposit. Which is a huge pain for not only their regular customers, but a massive pain for the business owners that bank there. PNC has eliminated its computer connection to the state making it impossible for their patrons to pay their real estate installment payments there. For both coin counting and property installment payments the PNC employees have repeatedly suggested to me that I go to the bank next door. Each time I do go to the bank next door and even though I have no bank account in their bank the other bank has been happy to meet all my needs. When the next door bank was even going on line to print the tax installment bill I needed they even offered me a cup of coffee. Once again even though I had no accounts at all in their bank. The Mundelein PNC has now cut down their employees in the main bank to about three people on most days and instituted this stupid program where one of their employees sits at a desk near the main doors and greets you. Last time I was there the person in charge of the bank was at the desk and greeted me and told me I would have to take a seat and wait in line to talk to the only bank employee in a cubicle. There he is the person in charge of the bank, and instead of him being in another of their multiple empty cubicles where he could help customers, he just sat there and told people coming in to sit and wait! Stupid! Also because there is only one person watching the drive up and she often has to watch both her teller window and the drive up at the same time, just forget it if you are a business owner and need to get thru the drive up in any reasonable amount of time. After the first of the year I am pulling out all of my accounts and moving them to the bank next door where the PNC bank employees keep sending me to get done all of the things the Mundelein PNC bank no longer does for there bank account holders!

  267. Do not use all services but what I do use have been the best of any bank I have used. The employees are ALWAYS pleasant and helpful and I have not had any issues at all in the many years I have been with the bank.

  268. I had my checking and savings accounts at Nat’l City prior to PNC’s acquisition. My parents also had their checking and IRA accounts at Nat’l City. The first time I visited a branch, after it became PNC, was to transfer money from my father’s IRA into his checking account. I was told by a banker that they were busy and that I should return the following week. I asked her if she was kidding, but she wasn’t. I returned the following week. This time I was told that there was a discrepancy in my POA papers and they would not make the transfer. Prior to this incident I had never had any problems with these papers being accepted. I ended up filing a complaint with the OCC. About a week later I received a phone call from PNC’s IRA Department. They informed me that my paperwork was fine. No, really? For several months after conversion, they debited my mother’s checking account for somebody else’s auto pay phone bill. A couple of weeks ago I went to make a deposit into my son’s savings account. I was informed that PNC no longer accepts coins. He won’t be banking there anymore either.

  269. PNC bank Glenpointe, NJ branch recently had a workplace presentation at our company. They presented that we could get a $400 bonus just for opening an account with $5,000. She clearly stated that there is no direct deposit required. After that presentation many of our workers are in the process of opening a preferred checking account in her branch. I personally visited her on the same day with my wife and spent 2 hours to open two accounts with necessary deposits requested. Afterward I found out from their website that the direct deposit of $5,000 a month is required to get the bonus and I contacted her immediately regarding this. At that point she simply said she is sorry for the misunderstanding; to me it is a matter of misrepresentation NOT misunderstanding. I have at least 20 witnesses who also heard the same facts that were presented by the employee. PNC just wants your money, nothing else.

  270. PNC BANK Giant Grocery Store Route 3 North, Gambrills, MD.

    I opened my account with this bank initially, and the service was great. Over the years there has been a huge turnover of employees who are useless. Yesterday when the employees couldn’t help us regarding interest on a money market account, I suggested we remove our thousands of dollars from their bank and go somewhere else. The teller, Nicole, standing right next to the bank manager, Chris, said, “You don’t want to move your money from bank to bank.”You know you can trust PNC with your money” The manager said nothing. Seriously the teller was trying to make us afraid of other banks so we would stay with PNC? Furious we left and are in the process of finding a bank with an excellent promo rate on a savings account of some kind. Gee I hope they don’t steal our money! Also when this bank doesn’t have customers, the employees can often be seen playing ball near the bank because they are bored. Please avoid this PNC bank and go to a real bank that can answer your questions. I use their ATM more than the tellers because seriously the tellers are ignorant of bank policies. How about taking out the bank, and employees from this Giant and just leave the PNC ATM, it’s smarter.

  271. Bank has a “greeter” that stands around while customers wait in line for inside transactions. ALWAYS must wait. Wanted to improve my banking/savings, MUST make an appointment, can’t do it while I am in the bank.Was with National City (starting in 1975) until they closed & became PNC. This is the only bank I have used, until I had to “have an appointment to deposit $$$ in a new account so I just went to another bank with my deposit. Today I had a tax check made out to myself & my husband, I tried to deposit it in my account, my husband HAD signed the check, refused to let me deposit unless HE was there, so he took the check back to the bank, HE was allowed to deposit it in his account, (without me being present). Then he had to write a check to me from his account so I could deposit MY money. A mattress earns as much interest & has no waiting!!!

  272. The Macedonia branch is terrible. The manager Arbi didn’t even use the information I gave her for the credit card. They lost my credit report, and I had to go to corporate to get things straightened out. People there could care less

  273. I purchased a car from an account holder and met the seller at a branch and paid off the lean with cash. That was 13 days ago and still no release of lean. I have had to rent a car as this is going to be my daily driver. The fact that we live in a world that is controlled by computers and it was cash transaction leaves me so mad that I will bad mouth this bank every chance I get from now on. Several attempts were made to expedite the process but they have not done anything they promised to do. Terrible service.

  274. I do not have an account but my works paychecks are from pnc bank. So i cash them at pnc usually with no trouble at all because my work has an account with them. And today i went in ans was told to provide 2 forms of id and pay a ten dollar fee just to cash my check. And have never had to do that in the months ive been cashing my paychecks there. And the tellers were very rude and very unhelpful. And i call to try and talk to a manager and am turned over to the same rude woman i talked to in the first place. Kendra i believe was her name, worst customer service ive ever experienced. The employees here are rude and obviously a few of them have to be trained correctly. I dont have an account with pnc and will never open one. This bank is terrible.

  275. I am a convert from Comerica bank. I cannot use enough adjectives to tell you how PLEASED and BLESSED I am to have found this branch. I am almost 75 and when I come into this bank it reminds me of the old days when you were a person not an interruption. They have treated me so wonderfully at this branch . I would not even think of changing. It is a real upper for me to go there. I could not praise them enough.

  276. The bank in Largo on Rosery road promised me $150.00 dollars if I opened an account with them. I was suppose to have a coupon with me but didn’t. Christine said she would take care of that for me and I would still get the money. I met all requirements but after 2 months I ask why the money wasn’t in my account. I was told it was because I didn’t bring in the coupon. The money doesn’t bother me as much as the fact that the bank lied to me. I am going to get a new bank.

  277. This branch has not moved its staff into current era of doing business with minorities. A customer of a non-white nature is not permitted to wait in their parking lot before the branch is open due to the fact that some of their staff who happen to be white do not feel safe existing their vehicles while you are waiting in your car. The young lady involved in this show of “racial profiling” was simply waiting for the drive-up window to open when she found herself surrounded by North Canton’s finest – wanting to know what she was doing there. With other cars and individuals in the parking lot waiting – she and only she was accosted by the police, told it was against bank procedure for her to be there before the bank opened and told to leave. North Canton PNC you have issues with your staff and you operate in a city that fosters such unacceptable behavior. We as minorities work as hard as whites do. We do not disrespect and will not stand being disrespected. Everyone working at this branch works for PNC and if it comes down to a class action lawsuit or your job; I hope your resume is in order. You’re staff behavior will not be tolerated on a corporate level because at the end of the day the money in my “black hand” is GREEN and GREEN is the Black that keeps their investors happy, them in business and you employed. Finally I am a PNC customer and have been for years – I’ve enjoyed being a PNC customer til now. Education is essential to survival – RACISM AND RACIAL PROFILING HAS NO PLACE IN ANYTHING.

  278. I used two promotional balance transfers (with expiration dates) from PNC, thinking I would pay aggressively and save money. One, used first and carries a larger balance, for 24 months and 2.99%. The second for 12 months and at 0%. I just learned that whatever I have been paying above and beyond the minimum payment will only be applied to the first balance on the account, not toward the balance with the promotion set to expire first. So basically there is no way for me to pay off the 12 month balance before the promotional period expires (unless I win a small lottery). Even if this is common business practice among banks, it does not seem ethical. BOO! Looking into banks that will take the balance at a low interest rate and will move my business there. Hopefully a local credit union. Enough with these big banks and their dirty dealings!

  279. My favorite PNC Bank,is the Chesterfield Valley Branch. The reason? Excellent customer service with a smile and kind word; even the upper management staff are uplifting!

    I reside in Dupo, IL, however, Katie and Jenise have taken care of me since I started working at CenterPointe Hospital in Weldon Springs, almost 2 years ago. Chesterfield Valley Branch is where I prefer to conduct my business.

    Thank you to all of you who make my banking experience “The Best”!!


    Lisa D. Wright

  280. I was doing a $10,000 business transaction with a PNC customer. They took me to a local in a stop and shop. The customer asked the PNC agent to confirm that her account had funds to cover a personal check they were writing for $10k The teller Julio checked that she was a customer but refused to help the PNC customer and would not provide the info if the check amount was covered. I then asked if I could open a account and deposit the PNC into the PNC account. Julio then again refused and said they do not open accounts in PNC satellite branchs. My experience was bad for me and bad for PNC as they did not get a new customer account with a large intial deposit.

  281. Banking is all about the BANKER. PNC offers great tools for small businesses;the staff at the Wootton branch takes the time to explain how the tools work and benefit my clients. I bank at PNC Wooton, use the Online services and other tools for my business. I encourage my clients to select a banker and a bank that puts them first.

  282. went there to get change for my garage sale. I don’t have an account there but they very nicely gave me all the change I need- years ago banks frowned on that unless you had an account(though my student loan was purchased by PNC and they have been good to deal with for that matter)

  283. i have been banking here for sometime now and i closed an account on a saturday and i was not informed that i could not close it on a saturday and expect for it to be closed. i had to open a new account for personal reasons and now there are two accounts open . i called the service line and i was told to go in the branch. meanwhile i have charges racking up from this old account that i thought was switched to my new account. i am very,very ,very mad and i do not plan to pay over draft charges on an account that i thought was closed.

  284. I left my bank of 17 years as they had become a disappointment in customer service, charging fees that I didn’t think were conducive to good business…so I closed those account and opened two new accounts at PMC in Algonquin Illinois. I was told over the phone, several times by the manager and by a banker, that (1) my interest rate on my checking account would be .05, and it’s actually 0% to 1% (2) I would get a $100 gift of cash placed into my new account just for having direct deposit from my employer (3) the interest rate on my money market would be 1% (it’s .9% for 90 days, then drops dramatically)- None of these were true. Also, the banker made mistakes several times while spelling my not so difficult name. I feel like they gave me false and misleading information to get me there, and then I find out the truth. I can’t tell you all how very disappointed I am in this bank, and will probably not stay there long. Customer service nowadays is a huge disappointment in banks as well as other companies. I was born in 1950 and wish the old way of customer service would come back. To charge fees that are many, many times more than the pitiful interest paid to customers is a crying shame. I am considering putting my money under my mattress….Banks out there….beware….people are getting really fed up with poor customer service, ridiculous interest rates, and jumping through hoops for you. To get 63 cents interest on $20,000 is inhumane, insulting, absolutely insane.

  285. I have been with PNC since it changed from National City and previous to that Allegiant Bank. So at this location I have been here many years. PNC Bank has the most friendly tellers and know me by name when I walk in. The service is fast and everyone in the bank is saying hello as you enter. I recently received a home equity loan and the process couldn’t have been better with low rates. I give this bank thumbs up for overall performance with friendly fast service.

  286. Sat for 20 minutes waiting for the customer service rep to finish opening an account for another client only to hear her complete the transaction and continue with a casual conversation with no care in the world about other customers waiting. Fine to have a friendly conversation with patrons when there is no line, but not on my time. Will be closing my account with PNC.

  287. This particular PNC branch is the worst PNC I have ever had the misfortune to visit. I have ben a PNC/Riggs Bank customer for 30 yeears. The PNC/FM branch in Washington DC is a superior bank with outstanding staff and services. Both personally and professionally, I would recommend it highly. The PNC branch in middletown should just be closed as they do not know what they are doing, pass simple questions up the line of command where even officers seem to take interminable amounts of time trying to figure out simple requests. If you are a commercial customer run don’t walk to any other branch or bank because the lack of knowledge and professionalism at this branch with cause you endless frustration.

  288. I have been with PNC for about 3 or 4 years now – I followed National City in their conversion to PNC. Recently in March, PNC introduced an entirely new line of checking products – their “Virtual Wallet” line. Now, before I upgraded my account, I was not any more impressed by PNC than I was by just about any other bank. I had accounts at First Merit, Charter One, Fifth Third – I never really just had one bank where I did everything. However, this new virtual wallet totally changed my way of thinking.

    A very friendly teller at the North Canton branch asked me if anyone had spoken to me about upgrading my accounts. I sat down with someone to talk about it, not expecting it to be anything I really wanted to do, but to at least hear my options. I ended up getting an amazing new checking account, and $200 directly deposited into my account for getting a direct deposit from my place of employment. The $200 that was so simple and hassle free was what first baited my love, but when I finally got time to play around with online banking for Virtual Wallet, I was blown away.

    Old online banking was nothing special. This is completely different. There are 3 accounts – spend, reserve and growth. Spend and reserve are both technically checking accounts, with the spend being primary checking and reserve a short term savings account also acting as overdraft protection. Then, there is a third account called growth, a savings account with an outstanding interest rate – much higher than any of my other banks. The interface of online banking features a calendar – it shows you how much you spend every day, how much you deposit, and any bills scheduled to come out. It even tells you when your payday will be.

    Now, my problem was that I had payments at different banks for loans, mortgage, etc. I used to have to drive all over God’s green acres to deliver all of my checks on the first of the month. With virtual wallet, I program my bill into my calendar, and it will print a check for me and mail it to my other banks for payment – free of charge. No worry, never need to stress about being late because I don’t even have to THINK about the payments anymore.

    I also love the budget feature. The Virtual Wallet shows you your spending habits from month to month, as overall dollar figures but also broken down into different categories such as gas, groceries, bills, shopping, restaurants, etc. You can use these figures to set up an online budget by category, and get this – you can set it up so that when you are about to go over your budget in a certain area, it will TEXT YOU and tell you to watch your spending! How cool is that!! It will also alert you when your balance reaches whatever minimum you set, or when you get a direct deposit. It is soooo cool.

    If you do a lot of online banking, PNC is the place for you! I have not seen any other banks with such an innovative checking product. Not to mention the outstanding, friendly service i receive every time I enter the branch. Love PNC!!!

  289. PNC used to be a great regional bank. I had been with PNC for 20 years. Now they are just like every other big, impersonal corporate bank. If I could do it again, I would NOT have opened a PNC Business account. Corporate representatives are very polite but ARE SHORT ON SOLUTIONS FOR MY BUSINESS.

    Below is a list of basic banking issues I have run into during my business and personal relationship with PNC. These are also a list of reasons why I recommend that anyone contemplating a relationship with PNC think twice on the points outlined below.

    1. PNC Bank always pays checks in the order that causes most fees to incur. A bank manager tried to tell me that PNC assumes that the largest check is the most important and therefore pays that check first. But time after time, PNC has shown me that they pay ALL the amounts presented to the account and charge for each check. I postulate that the issue is not the importance of the check, rather the amount of fees to charge. Although this is my personal experience with PNC, I have heard this complaint from dozens of individuals as well.

    2. PNC Business Banking requires a minimum average monthly balance on most business accounts. Yet PNC never shows your average daily monthly balance online. PNC fails to give you the means to measure whether or not you are in compliance with their rules until the end of the month, after you are hit with yet more fees for not keeping a minimum average daily balance. I spent 10 years as a computer programmer. I know it is not a major technical undertaking to provide customers with a simple arithmetic calculation to manage their accounts.

    3. I attempted to get a credit card attached to my business account to prevent NSF fees. I was rejected, probably for having an old address on the MAC card, which I could not see and could not change online or via telephone. I could not even ascertain an accurate reason for the rejection because PNC keeps that information for a short period of time, and then just deletes it.

    4. PNC touts its online banking, but their system is a mess. What PNC’s own online system shows its customers is markedly different from what is actually transpiring in their accounts. When you confront an associate about it after discrepancies occur and after fees have occurred, they tell you yes, that is the case. I have seen no disclosure on the web site regarding this discrepancy. It is enough to drive an already busy small business owner to madness.

    5. In these difficult economic times, it is a sin that PNC charges my customers a $10 fee to cash my check across the street from my business. For small checks (under $300), the local check cashing business on the highway charges LESS than MY BANK charges MY CUSTOMERS. In this regard, PNC treats me and my customers worse than a small check cashing company with which I have no formal relationship. The manager of a local branch told me it was due to check cashing fraud which has been on the rise. This argument does not pass the smell test. A thief is unlikely to waste his time trying to cash a bogus $60 check, but a thief wont care if the bank takes $10 for a large check that is fraudulent. Any reasonable person can come to the conclusion the fees are simply a way to make more money. PNC also uses the fees to attempt to get potential customers to sign up for a checking account. I would suggest that they would have more luck attracting customers if they changed their policies regarding their voracious appetite for fees. Furthermore, my understanding is that there is no $10 fee if an individual tries to cash my personal check, fees only apply to business checks to customers of that business. Some time ago, my local branch manager WAIVED the check cashing fees to my customers back when they were $5 per check, only to have the PNC Corporate Main Office put the fees back AND raise the fee to $10.

    6. CASH DEPOSITS after 3 pm are not necessarily credited immediately to your account and count as a deposit for the next business day, EVEN THOUGH the PNC Online Banking shows the funds as available immediately. (SEE PRIOR COMPLAINT #4 ABOVE) I have asked various tellers if the cash deposits are available immediately, they will tell you that they are, but it isnt true. Case in point … I deposited $2000 CASH on a Friday after 3pm. That particular cash deposit counted as a Monday deposit, causing checks that were presented to my account on SUNDAY NIGHT to accrue insufficient funds fees. Yet a cash withdrawal on Saturday counted as Saturday. Come on guys!! A previous cash amount deposited after 3 PM at a Clifton branch DID indeed count as a cash deposit for the same day. How would anyone know which branches are on a 3 pm close and which is on a 5 PM close for CASH? I AM ALREADY EXTREMELY BUSY WITHOUT HAVING TO WORRY ABOUT INCONSISTENT DEPOSIT RULES BETWEEN PNC BRANCHES WHICH ARE LESS THAN 5 MILES APART.

    7. I called the business banking 800 # to find out how they can help me to better run my business, and if they have any business plan that is comparable to that of one of their competitors, TD Bank. I was continually directed to one of their 4 business banking tracks. TD bank has later hours, Sunday hours, and most importantly clears most checks overnight that are deposited before 6 pm. (PNC has a cut-off of 3 PM) With TD Bank, CASH IS IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE. The representative from the PNC Business Banking Center simply tried to push me into one of the four PNC Business tracks that was best suited for me, completely disregarding that TD Band was clearly better or equal on most comparisons. As they say, when your only tool is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

    8. When I ask a teller or call the 800 # for information, I often receive conflicting information, depends on who is answering the question. Trying to get accurate information from a telephone representative is a cruel joke. Call three times with the same question and you may get 3 different answers. One would figure on getting better service from a domestic call center. What kind of questions did I get conflicting information on? Is my average monthly balance high enough now to avoid fees? Is my online information accurate?


    My Business VISA / MAC card had an old business address, even after I changed all online information. Therefore, when I attempted to make a business purchases online, I was continually rejected for not having an address which matched the OLD address on the MAC card. I called the 800 business banking several times explaining that I tried possible combination and permutation of my current address … uppercase, lower case, mixed upper and lower case, 5 digit zip code, 5 + 4 zip, address in the first address line / second address line. The PNC associate did NOTHING to look further into my problem. I COULD NOT SEE THE OLD ADDRESS BECAUSE I DID NOT HAVE ACCESS TO THE BACK END SYSTEM, yet the associates at the 800 business banking phone number did not find the problem either. I was told that the telephone representative may not have access to that information, but THAT IS NOT MY PROBLEM. This issue was finally remedied by an astute and persistent assistant manager at a local branch.

    10. Inter-Bank processing (between PNC and an external bank) is often quicker than processes that are entirely within PNC. On my personal checking account, I have a line of credit attached to my checking account. When I attempt to pay that line of credit with all of the funds in my checking account, it takes 2 days to process. So my checking account balance is temporarily zero. In the mean time, if a regularly occurring charge hits my account, which would normally be covered under the line of credit, I incur insufficient funds fees. Where did the money go which was used to pay the line of credit? It disappears for 2 days during the processing. It wasnпїЅt in my checking account and it wasnпїЅt in my line of credit. Well then, where was it??

    11. SO YOU THINK YOU WILL SIMPLY CLOSE YOUR PNC ACCOUNT??? ah, but you have a regularly occurring charge … lets say gym membership dues. After you close your account, the gym fees hit your CLOSED account. Guess what PNC does? PNC RE-OPENS YOUR ACCOUNT, PAYS THE CHARGE, THEN CHARGES NSF FEES TO YOUR CLOSED ACCOUNT.

    You cant even end the relationship if you try!!

    Furthermore, AFTER YOU CLOSE YOUR ACCOUNT, you will fail to have access to your records online, so you MUST go in and save everything before you close your account.

    Representatives of PNC have tried to explain to me how currently my fees are waived for minimum balances and how at some time in the future branches will all run on close of business being 5 pm. At this point, the damage in the relationship has already been done, through fees, lack of information and the inaccuracy of that information, rule inconsistencies, and, worst of all, the wasting of my precious time – regardless of what improvements are under way presently. Many companies have implemented quality improvements long after their reputation has been damaged. Ford Motor Company comes to mind. It is my opinion that long after PNC makes positive improvements in how they treat their customers, the effects of current and past policies will linger with the corporation for years to come. It is my prediction that no one at PNC will listen until their reputation is damaged beyond repair.

  290. PNC Bank is where out of the box thinking just isn’t happening, either on a branch or on a corporate level.

    PNC is the worst bank for the NJ small business owner in Northern New Jersey.

    The PNC branch in Little Falls is where my frustrations finally came to a head.

    PNC is slow to clear checks.

    They also charge for cash deposits. WTF? Not clearing checks quickly AND charging for cash deposits.

    They charge my customers $10 to cash MY checks. Upon questioning them about this practice, one teller chirped “it was to better serve you”. Yeah? As long as you smile while you reach into the pockets of my customers, then it is OK?

    But the tellers are simply following orders. As the Russian proverb says, a rotting fish stinks from its head… Sean, the Branch manager, told me the $10 fee was to prevent check fraud. Who the fudge would go to jail for a few hundred dollars? Truth be told, how would PNC pay CEO Jim Rohn his $8 million compensation if they did not nickel and dime the working classes? PNC account holders would be lucky if he was the only “white shoe boy” receiving obscene compensation. How many vice presidents, board members, etc? Anyone besides me smell rotting fish?

    How come the local “seedy” check cashing place in a “bad neighborhood” cashes checks for my customers for less of a fee than PNC charges? Isn’t getting robbed by a banker in a suit the same as getting robbed by someone down on his luck?

    Deposits after 3 pm count as a next day deposit, meaning yet another day to clear checks.

    Deposit CASH at the ATM and it will not get credited until next business day, even if a teller verifies the amount deposited. For example, you are BUSY running a small business, and make a CASH deposit at the PNC MAC machine at 7:00 AM, because you woke up at 5:00 AM and you won’t be in the area for much of the day. If a teller verifies a cash deposit at 11:00 AM, why does it not get credited until the next day? I was told it gets sent by courier to another site. Why? How the heck is this different from an in person cash deposit? If the teller can count the money and credit my account in my presence, why can’t he or she do it when I am not there?

    Deposit CASH on a Friday at 3:05 pm and it counts as a Monday deposit.

    Withdraw that same amount 15 minutes later and you may overdraw your account because the withdrawal counts as Friday while your CASH deposit won’t get credited until Monday.

    Assistant managers often stand around greeting and smiling at customers, instead of finding ways to help people find solutions to real business challenges.

    Sometimes a check clears and yet you, the small business customer, still do not have access to your funds. Case in point: My balance was low, but I had deposited a large check the prior day, BEFORE 3 PM. PNC Online Banking showed the check as cleared and the entire amount as AVAILABLE. I needed to withdraw something like $400. Hetal, a “Senior Relationship Manager”, prevented me from withdrawing funds that were available according to PNC Online Banking. I was livid… But instead, I just walked over to the MAC Machine and withdrew the needed funds from there… Great job of “relationship management”! I think she will be on to better things, like American politics… or perhaps a job with the NJ Motor Vehicle “Services” or some other job to “make our lives easier”.

    Thanks for the wide screen TV with important “news” about Charlie Sheen and American Idol or the Word Scramble game. If only I was 12 years old again, I would be impressed.

    Unemployment is soaring, people are losing their homes to foreclosure, and PNC in Little Falls needs to pretend to be hip by giving us BREAD AND CIRCUSES?? Well, forget the bread they take from your mouth with their special fee arrangements… Don’t forget, CEO Jim Rohn needs to eat too! Beluga caviar on the French Riviera and all!!

    Instead of vacuous “information” on expensive flat screen televisions, how about PRETENDING to be a bank…

    HOW ABOUT making small business loans?

    HOW ABOUT paying checks out without a fee?

    HOW ABOUT clearing my deposits quicker?

    PNC in Little Falls really has a tough time with the BASICS. Alternatively, when it comes to charging fees, they have a “Goldman Sachs” mentality.

    PNC borrows money from the Federal Reserve at 0.5%… and they can’t lend me short term funds after a 21 year relationship? Did they ever bother to understand my business model? Of course not! But their competitor did. Bill, the Little Falls TD BANK manager took the time to come to my store and inquire about my business … about 5 times over a 2 year period. Now who do you think will get my business account?

    Small Business Owners will come to regret any relationship begun with PNC.

  291. This branch is horrible! I am a 1st Niagara customer. I used their ATM (paying a $3 fee to do so!) and while I was counting my money, the ATM machine sucked my card back in. There was no warning, no beeping, nothing! I went into the branch to ask for my card back. They said, “Sure! We just need your driver’s license.” When they saw it was a 1st Niagara card, they refused to give it back in spite of the fact that I showed my license, showed the receipt for the transaction. They kept my property and I’m filing a complaint with the attorney general. Go to a smaller back that believes in serving people honestly and ethically instead of mindlessly following idiotic policies meant to punish consumers of other banks.

  292. This branch is horrible! I am a 1st Niagara customer. I used their ATM (paying a $3 fee to do so!) and while I was counting my money, the ATM machine sucked my card back in. There was no warning, no beeping, nothing! I went into the branch to ask for my card back. They said, “Sure! We just need your driver’s license.” When they saw it was a 1st Niagara card, they refused to give it back in spite of the fact that I showed my license, showed the receipt for the transaction. They kept my property and I’m filing a complaint with the attorney general. Go to a smaller back that believes in serving people honestly and ethically instead of mindlessly following idiotic policies meant to punish consumers of other banks.

  293. I went to cash a check drawn on a PNC account, they refused and told me I had to wait for it to clear. And I have (or had I closed it) an account with this bank! Worst service I know. Go to 5th 3rd!

  294. Had purchased something online and didnt recieve. The program we ordered was bad and the company had many write ups about it. Went in and told them and was assured we would get refund- DIDNT HAPPEN. They protect scammers online better than they do their own customers. Recently had 2 charges we didnt make and went online to review the companys info. only to find out they ripped many other off . Went in to speak to bank personell and was told to call their 1-800 number. Very unhappy with staff at bank that seems to now change weekly.

  295. The manager told me that she would reverse a bank charge when I sat down with her to discuss an error. The next day when I called her she refused, saying she could do nothing about it. She purposely told what I wanted to hear when I was in her office to get rid of me.

  296. Was very lucky to have a very helpful & accommodating member of the PNC staff, Lou Mauro. He puts forth a remarkable effort to resolve any type of challenge.

    I appreciate all the great service at the Frazer, PA office

    M. V. Callaghan

  297. I saw the other reviews and I’m scratching my head. PNC is the best bank I ever used in 20 years. 1- BEST online banking! Super easy to navigate, easy to investigate drafts, pending drafts, works very well with online Quicken 2- best points program (but program changes time to time) 3- best attitude of employees 4- hassle free parking… they stamp your parking slip, which can be useful if you run errands in the city; i.e. the Federal Courthouse

  298. Ever walk into a bank with proper ID, & ask to open a savings account?

    PNC will not allow unless you have $400 to start! If you say no, they will bargain you down to $50. But the man at the drive-through minutes before just said,”oh sure! You can open savings w/ only $1.00.”

    Any bank, anywhere w/ be happy to open a savings w/ $1 or $1.ooooooo. But not at PNC!

    Each person makes up their own rules,& policies. Drive through says one thing, inside says another, phone call says another.

    National City wasn’t like this. It knew how to do business.

    Wonder what the bank auditor would think about this kind of practices? Each one telling you something different, & not allowing you to open the kind of account you want.

    I should just keep my $$ in a mattress.

  299. Poor management. Poor customer service. Poor worth ethics. People who work here should be ashamed of themselves.

  300. Stay away from this bank. They can really ruin your life!

    I had purchased/financed a used vehicle and they botched up the paperwork so badly that the manufacturer will not release the title, but they established the loan and still hold me responsible. I cannot drive or license my $33k car due to PNC’s horrendous handling of the title work. And they are still holding me to the loan. It’s been two months and no sight of a resolution. The manufacturer got their pay-off and they consider the car still owned by the prior owner, who is unreachable.

    They are destroying my (once 811 score) credit… costing me thousands… and basically ruining my life. I’m so sick from this I cannot stand it. Attorney fees will be through the roof. This started with the PNC Branch on Henderson in Columbus, OH.. and has progressed to their upper tier loan centers with no resolution (all of PNC has been useless in trying to resolve this). Henderson Road, Columbus is horribly managed (well all of it is). And this after being an excellent customer with a prior vehicle.

    PNC is heartless and will not resolve this. They simply say, “sorry”. So, please find another institution to finance through and save yourself the pain. These people are thieves!

  301. I am always greeted with huge hellos at this branch. They go out of their way with customer service and helping with any issues I have with my business banking or with any of my personal accounts. Other banks and even PNC branches could benefit from spending a day here. Top notch service and offerings. I go out of my way to go to this branch above all others.


  303. I have never banked with PNC and the only reason I went to this branch was because of an offer that I received in the mail. I spoke with Todd Scott at this branch, and he was VERY helpful and persistent in my processing the loan. I was not

    impressed with the customer service that I received when I went to this bank which was a surprise to me since I was in the banking industry before and I know how important good customer service is to the success of the company.

  304. To pnc bank president. Either you hsd better return $173.++ now or I wil see you to COURT.I’ve reported you to the FTC. And you had better not touck my direct deposit on 6/3/12 Toy are takin advantage of me because I’m Disabled.I’m mad as hell.This was written bu his temp. aid

  305. I signed up w them recently and couldn’t be happier so far, never any waiting in line and the staff is always super friendly as well. Charlie Cumberbatch is always super helpful to me and I liked them so much I signed up my gf and they offered us 150.00 credit for doing so.

  306. Hospitality is very poor at this branch. The female bank representative working behind the desk hops over to me with a ‘I don’t want to be bothered attitude’ and asked if I needed assistance. We walked over to her cubicle. I found her to be very sarcastic. Visit another branch or try the guy ‘John.’

  307. I have banked at pnc for a long time. I come to this branch only due to the coin machine, to cash in my change and deposit into my son’s savings. When I walked in I was greeted by a friendly gentleman sitting at the desk in the middle. I dropped of my change, proceeded to get my ticket, and walked to the teller area. I am standing there waiting o be assisted, beings I am the only customer in the bank, I say ” apparently you are all busy, which one can assist me?” I then get ignored by the first teller Jennifer, the next teller Adam, who I later find out is the branch manager,he points to the next teller, Michelle, and says she can help you. Michelle was friendly, I had my change deposited, then I ask for a copy of my last 6 months bank statements. Before Michelle could tell me anything, Adam made a point to tell me it would cost me $5 per page per copy. I asked why, due to it clearly costing 10 cents for a copied piece of paper any where else. He again repeated himself with an attitude and walked away. Then while I am clearly saying something to Michelle, my teller assisting me, Jennifer comes over to her cuts me off talking, to tell Michelle, about another situation involving another person that was clearly more important than me. So this would cost me, around $125 due to me having a savings and a checking account with you. Maybe I was treated this way due to how others opinions were about me, maybe my age, whatever their reason, I am a 31 year old general manager, who deals with hospitality 5 days a week, the other two I am a single mother spending time with her two year old son. I guarantee that I would never treat my guest like this, they wouldn’t be passed by because of computer work, and sure would not be paying $5 dollars for one piece of paper. I love this company, but apparently it is only my branch at muegge road that I love, I left this branch and went to my branch where I was assisted right away, the door was opened for me, AND received the copies of my bank statements with no charge, thanks to Matthew and Joey at muegge road. So if it wasn’t for muegge road and their amazing customer service, myself and many others in my family would avoid this bank, but we love muegge road and WILL continue to bank only there. Thank you Matthew and Joey for your AMAZING customer service!!

  308. I had two business and a personal account with PNC Bank. Once I opened a State Lottery Account (required by state), the bank manager in Imlay City told me that she cannot open one and if I try through another branch all of my account would close. Well I went to my original branch in Lapeer and showed that State Lottery Paper and requirement to open an account which was opened without any hassle. After 2 days I received letters stating that all of my account would be closed. No explanation was given. I contacted PNC Customer service but No explanation was given. I think it was due to Imlay City Branch Manger that I was discriminated. Now I have 2 huge bundles of check and 2 stamps that are of no use. I have opened account in Talmer Bank in Imlay City. I would suggest not to open account there specially business.

  309. Other customers may not experience what I just experienced, so please keep an open mind. I just recently opened an account at this branch. Great people, and willing to work with you. Everything seemed to go smoothly and they said they would call me back with more answers to my questions. The next couple of days (Tuesday and Wednesday), they gave me a call to answer those questions, but I was busy at work and their office closed before I could call. The lady left a voicemail and hung the phone up or so she thought. She started to say that she thought I was a fraud and there is no way that I could have saved that much money. I will never return back to this branch and suggest that if you do, caution yourself as they will probably talk bad about you behind your back as well. PNC is a great general bank, but this specific staff member is making me regret my decision to rejoin. I understand everyone talks bad about people behind their back, but can you at least hang the phone up before letting me hear that type of stuff! I am still deciding if I should report her as I still do have her voicemail…

  310. Take care of your Associates, PNC, because they are the reason I return and use this branch. Frequently. Outstanding service. Akways.

  311. Take care of your Associates, PNC, because they are the reason I return and use this branch. Frequently. Outstanding service. Always.

  312. I have never been disappointed with the staff at this branch. When I lost my bank card while abroad I was able to call the branch and have them assist (I was unable to connect to a 1-800 number as is usual internationally).

    The staff have always greeted me by name and have provided assistance within a few minutes, if not immediately. Henry is one of my favorite faces there and I hope he is transferred to a branch nearby!

    I want to thank all of you for your service, hospitality and hard work. I will miss such a convenient branch location with an stellar team. Hopefully the M street location can meet the high bar of care you have provided.

  313. I’ve been banking with PNC for a few years, and have several personal and business accounts with them. I have never had any real issues with them until lately. They have changed policies/procedures on the way online banking is done. They never notified me of the changes just started adding fees. (They changed procedures last year without notification too, the changes didn’t effect me, but notification would be nice.) I called to find out why I got fees, and got the runaround. They wouldn’t reverse the charges. Asked to talk to a supervisor several times, never talked to one yet. Talked to the local branch, they were NO help. Called corporate number again, got the same runaround after an hour and no supervisor again, no reversal results, or explanations…I am fed up! Time to withdrawal my money tomorrow and find a NEW bank!

  314. I’ve been going to this bank for years now. I have several personal and several business accounts. They have worked with me through everything. Every time i need something the managers put in time to make sure i get what i need. Great place. Great Bank. Thank you guys.

  315. After nightmare experiences with Wells and Regions, this bank is simply a breath of fresh air!!! The people are real and friendly and always courteous to me. No, I don’t have a ton of money in the bank…never have. They treat me with respect regardless. I will be opening a business account today and with great pleasure! I’ve had nothing but good experiences with this bank. Their policies make sense. They are always fair. They are logical problem solvers. That’s so much more than I can say for Regions and Wells. You’ve got a friend in me PNC!

  316. Outstanding branch manager, outstanding team!!! All banks are not created equal and it is the personnel and their attention to detail and service that makes this branch the best I have ever used. We use them for both business and personal banking needs.

  317. I love banking at this branch. They are always so nice and welcoming. I just had a fraudulent charge hit my account and Jennifer took care of it right away. We spotted the charge and Jennifer watched it from the time it was pending until it hit my account and called me to keep me updated the whole time. As soon as it hit she called to let me know she was disputing it and getting me a new card. She is awesome!! I won’t use another branch.

  318. I visited this location earlier today to withdraw money using the Eppicard (child support). At the ATM I tried to withdraw the entire amount that was deposited into my card, and the ATM gave me a receipt saying that my account had insufficient funds. I then printed out my balance and indeed, I did have SUFFICIENT funds. I went inside of the branch to tell them about the issue, and the teller said there was nothing she could do because “we don’t even service our ATM.” After explaining to her that the reason I believed I couldn’t withdraw the entire balance was because the ATM was trying to charge a fee, which according to the Eppicard Agreement, we are allowed one FREE transaction per month; she proceeded to tell me to speak with the manager–who was very rude and also told me that there was nothing they could do because they don’t have anything to do with their ATM and that I should call the Eppicard customer service. How can a branch manager not know anything about a partner company?! Horrible experience!

  319. I’ m Just a little Ticked off when I go up there to try to cash a check written out to Me by my mother who’ s been at that branch for a number of years. there was plenty enough in the account to cover the check and I had all the proper ID. the teller said I have to come back tomarrow, which is now today because she said I couldn, t do it through the drive through window and the inside was closed at that time. I have been through there hundreds of times before. Time to tell my mother to get her money out.

  320. I ABSOLUTELY HATE THIS BANK!! I have never been a personal account holder but my job used them because they were the closest. Everyone moves at their own pace and are never able to provide you with answers. Not to mention screwing up deposits!! Then just today I needed to deposit money into a friend’s account so she could put gas in her car when she got off of work. I wasn’t requiring any information, simply making a counter deposit. I wasted an hour lunch break just trying to deposit $10 into her account because they claimed that for security purposes I needed an account number. What?!? I wasn’t asking for money nor any of her information. Giving her name wasn’t enough even though I could verify her address. It was the dumbest thing ever. Not only was it a HUGE inconvenience, my friend got in trouble because I had to call her job.

  321. I’m a business owner in the area of Hackettstown, and have always found them to be welcoming and polite. I have to say the turn over in staff has been often and hard to get to know. There are four individuals that are common and am thrilled with the service. It’s a tough industry when the employees don’t have a say in policies and changes. They have to follow the rules. Please keep smiling and doing that great job when you have unpleasant people verbally accosting you. Rise above and keep giving that great service. You make my day when I enter and am greeted with a smile.

  322. I needed a cashier’s check reissued and Phil was extraordinarily helpful. When I came by a couple days later to pick it up, he and Ashley not only remembered my name but also completed everything within a matter of minutes- no wait and no hassle. The customer experience here is wonderful and I am so pleased to have such a helpful, community environment.

  323. My experience with PNC Bank employees has been great and very encouraging and kind.

    However my experience with the Manager of 5450 Johnson Road Michigan City branch has been cold, insensitive, unhelpful and negative. I called the branch manager on Friday march 7th around 2:30pm regarding our Higher Ground account to see if she would consider reversing fees due to the bank taking 650.00 from our account and her answer was cold, insensitive and unhelpful. This branch manager was not at all open to consider any options or making any suggestions. I was very offended when she stated that it was not the banks fault that put us in a overdraft situation, but our fault because we switched merchant services. The branch manager told me that she would not reverse the fees and did not offer any consideration of any other means. Her customer service was terrible and offensive. I want to meet with someone that is in a supervisory capacity over this branch manager please. I would like a phone call or email from a superior asap please. My email is randolje@gmail.com and my phone number is 219-576-4283. Thank you for your assistance.

  324. EditYour Name reviewed PNC Bank

    Mar 07, 2014

    1 out of 5 marksBad Service, Poor Customer Interaction and Turn off of potential customer.

    I went into the local Auburn, Indiana branch to cash a check that was drawn on PNC. I had waited for this check for quite awhile. It was a big deal and I was hoping to scope out PNC as I am looking into opening another account.

    I presented the check with a U.S. Passport and a valid Indiana drivers license. I was told there was an issue with my signatures that they do not match. My passport was issued almost 10 years ago. However, I clearly look like the person in the id. It was brought to the managers attention.

    The teller Tabitha, indicated that I shouldn’t be upset because I had another bank elsewhere and I could have deposited it there. This check was drawn on their bank, with funds available, with presentable ID’s, and that I had considered their bank for further accounts.

    The head teller Adriana, tried to insist she was the manager of this branch, while it was clearly noted that Jason Burke was noted as the manager. Very poor service and rude attitude. She was extremely condescending and tried to justify the lengthy wait for my check to be cashed.

    Jason Burke, the manager was somewhat professional. However he was inept in the service area. Instead of calling the County clerk that had issued my check. He had to go line by line by line on the checks to make sure this was legitimate. I have been in customer service for 20 + years. Mostly in the financial industry and started in banking. I have never been so appalled at how I was treated. Just so the bank wouldn’t have the funds taken out. However they lost at least one potential customer. Me. And I am using social media to let this be known as well.

    I had also contacted the Regional manager for PNC Bank Steve Walter and as of yet, he has not returned my call. Beware! PNC has horrible service. Especially the Auburn, Indiana PNC Branch!

  325. I went in to get cash out of my account cause my atm card was expired and even though the check I deposited couple days ago was showing available they told me they can not give me money first cause the check was not available second they dont know me, I dont know what that suppose to mean We dont know you, like I could be doing something bad or what??? I called customer service and the lady I spoke with said that your money is available and you can withdraw all of it if you like. While I was on the phone with customer service I walked back to the bank and told them if they would like to talk with customer service and verify the fact that the money is available and the big lady with glasses who looked like to be branch manager rudely told me that she is not going to talk to anyone and that she does not care that the money is available, she said that it is entirely up to her to make decision. She was very Rude. It felt like it was her money that I was asking for. Also for all of you to know IF YOU ARE FOREIGNER HIGHLY ADVISED NOT TO GO THIS BRANCH THIS PEOPLE CLEARLY DONT LIKE FOREIGNER, if you have to go than choose other branch drive up to fenwick island they are much nicer. This bank has very bad customer service, my advise go with BANK OF AMERICA so if you travel they got branches all over the country.

  326. I really love banking with PNC! Every branch of PNC I have been to always have really friendly and informative associates, and they really make you feel like part of a community! I largely prefer PNC over Regions who I used to bank with.

  327. The overweight lady who seemed also to be a manager had an attitude from the moment we walked into this Port Orange branch of pnc bank. Shannon (?) rudely asked to put away an electronic cigarette my husband had in his hands, claiming she’s not gonna talk to us otherwise. She didn’t give any proper explanation of her behavior neither other than claiming it somehow offends her. Later she offered us to sign up for a card, but couldn’t answer simple questions about it. She couldn’t even tell us if we can use this card to make online payments or sell stuff over internet and get paid through PayPal. At the same time she was trying to do lots of small unrelated talks, and very unwillingly talked about the having account in their bank. At the end she seemingly felt uncomfortable in front of her employees being unable to answer simple questions every person working in a bank an being trusted with money should know and refused to open an account for us at all. When asked what is the reason for her refusal, she started talking something about opening an account is being a privilege… We just said whatever and went to the wells Fargo across the street and had a nice customer service and an account opened in 5 minutes.

  328. Sure is hard to find a branch office. Guess it is no problem if you drive on the street that PNC is on.

  329. My aunt passed away and my mom was executor. When my mom went to closeout the account, has had nothing but problems. Aurielle(?) bank mgr does not know anything about customer service. She has had my mom downbthere 2x with an appt and was not even there. A meeting and a class or something. Really? Then why make the sppointment!!! Disrespectful and totally unacceptable!!!!! Has she ever closed out an account from a deceased account?? Probsbly not!!!! I will never bank with PNC and tell everyone I know!!!

  330. My aunt passed away and my mom was executor. When my mom went to closeout the account, has had nothing but problems. Aurielle(?) bank mgr does not know anything about customer service. She has had my mom downbthere 2x with an appt and was not even there. A meeting and a class or something. Really? Then why make the sppointment!!! Disrespectful and totally unacceptable!!!!! Has she ever closed out an account from a deceased account?? Probsbly not!!!! I will never bank with PNC and tell everyone I know!!!

  331. The tellers at PNC are the BEST tellers in the business–I live and bank in Frederick, MD and ALL of the tellers at the Westview and Ballenger branches are super helpful and nice. Miguel at the Westview branch is the friendliest teller I’ve ever met.

  332. I’am the P.O.A. of my father banking.I had to go there alot of different time to get bank statements for 5 years plus other accounts my father had.

    I don’t know another bank that would help you as much as they did an not charge for all the paper work they had to do.

    I myself deal with 2 other banks an wouldn’t know if they would have help this much..

    Linda was a life saver..

    That so much.

    Brenda Swarr

  333. Their ATM Machine gave me TWO “incomplete” transaction errors when I tried to withdraw 145.00 and 100.00. Charged me the 3.00 fee for both transactions and deducted the amount from my bank account but NEVER gave me any money. Went inside and talked with manager, and not only was she uncaring, not helpful, and unprofessional, but she was just lame in my opinion. Said it was nothing she could do. No information on who owns the machine or any other information on what to do. Since I was not a PNC customer, I was treated like trash. I will NEVER become their customer after this incident. Just lame and a GHETTO bank!

  334. I work for a property management company and I was helping out at a Senior complex, and laundry quarters had not been deposited for a while. The maintenance tech and I put the very heavy quarters in two buckets to get them to the bank before the weekend we took them to the Glendale bank and they were very kind but said they didn’t have a coin counter. They gave us the address of a few PNC Banks in the area, and said they were open till 6:00pm on Friday.The very kind banker even carried the buckets back to the car for us. We left the quarters in my car and decided I would take them to the Thiensville PNC on my way home, as I live 30 miles north of Glendale. At 5:00 I arrived at the Thiensville Bank and carried one very heavy bucket into the bank, I was greeted by the manager woman and told her I had several quarters that need to be deposited. She looked at he bucket and said it may take a while and I would have to wait I said that was fine and that i had some more in the car and asked her if anyone could help me carry it in, she looked at me with a smirk and said not really, so she gave me a bag to but some in. i went back to the car and put some of the quarters in the bag and carried in both the bag and another very heavy bucket. As I set the quarters down the manager came over to me and said we can’t do those now you will have to leave them here and come back tomorrow to get the receipt. I just looked at her and said now you won’t deposit these for me and she sternly said NO. I only have one teller and she can’t do the coins and her other work, (there were 6 workers in the bank at the time) I said I can’t just leave these here with out a receipt, she said well it’s either that or take them with you. I couldn’t believe how rude and unwilling to help me in any way she was. As I live 20 miles from the bank I could not come back on the weekend or leave about $1000 worth quarters there. I asked for a couple more bags so I could put the quarters in my trunk and take to a different PNC near my house. I put the quarters in the bags and carried them back to my car. The manager just watched me, she didn’t even open the door for me as I struggled to carry the 80 or so pounds of quarters back to my car. When I came back in to get the receipt for the ones she did count two workers put their coats on and left. I waited 20 min or so as there were still 4 workers in the bank at this time. The manager just stood in the lobby of the bank talking to another woman worker as I stood waiting for my receipt. I finally got my paper work and the manger just watched me leave and even continue to watch me go to my car outside. I felt like she was going to rob me as soon as I left. I could not believe the rudeness and unprofessional actions of this woman. She should not be in the customer service industry and I would never recommend this PNC Bank to any one, and I will never go their again. Our company’s Complex deposits hundreds of thousands of dollars into PNC and no one should be treated like dirt when they are doing business with anyone.

  335. This review is for the branch manager at PNC Bank located at 791 S. Randall Rd. in Algonquin Il. 60102

    It was my wife’s bank….not mine. The problem is that my wife went to the bank on January 31st with questions regarding some service charges to her account for December 2013 $10 and January 2014 $15. When my wife opened the account about 1 year ago, she was told that this bank doesn’t charge any monthly service fees as long as there is a minimum amount kept in the accounts and she did. On January 31st she was working with some ladies at the window and they told her that the bank changed the rules few months ago (changed the rules in the middle of the game). She asked them why the bank would not notify her..…there was no response, but they told my wife that they will fix it and she will never have to pay any service fee again. My wife also asked them to put the charged fee back to the account. She was told that they can’t do it, and they will have their manager to call my wife. We waited a week and no call from the manager or anybody. Yesterday there was a new additional charge, so obviously nothing was fixed and nothing has changed. Me and my wife went to the bank today and asked to speak with manager. After waiting for 5 minutes we were invited to his office and I explained to him what happened. This guy looked the account and he was clueless. Had no idea what was going on, but he said that he will modify the accounts. After going back and forth with him I asked him to put the service money back to the account. He hesitated but eventually did it for January and February only. He is as stupid as they come. He should be shoveling snow and not managing the bank. Being angry at the people there that they lied to my wife, and not specifically at him we start it arguing and I told him that he better not to touch my wife’s account again without prior notification. At that point he tried to throw me out of the office and told me that he is the banker and he can close the accounts right now if I don’t leave his office. Remember those accounts are not mine and my wife was sitting there quietly and did not say anything, did not piss him off and he did not ask her what she wants to do. He told me again that he is the banker and he can do anything. Yes he is the arrogant SOB banker and that guy broth his management skills from some other country. Shame on PNC that they hire people like him to be in charge of their branch offices, no customer relations experience at all, just simply arrogant SOB. At that point I told him to close all her accounts and he did. End of story, so if you people want to do business with that bank…..you have been warned.

  336. This is the best bank that I have ever done business with. They are always courteous and can answer any question I may have. They will actually work with you to meet your needs and goals. Would definitely recommend!

  337. I opened my accounts with PNC after I refinanced here to get a lower rate. A issue came up with the bill pay, and I was charge a 30 fee that was suppose to be taken care after 4 phone calls and two trips to the bank, I still do not have the fee credited or a follow up phone call. Customer service is horrible. My wife opened her account here as well they got her last name screwed up on all her checks and bank card. They told her she needed to come into the bank to fix it. It was their error. She went to another branch in Roland Park and the problem was solved immediately and they could not have been any nicer. Unfortunately this is the closest PNC to my house or else I would stay away.

  338. For a large bank, the staff and service at the Chesapeake City branch is superb. Having come from Chase in Connecticut (a horrific experience), the attention to the customer’s needs is top-notch. They have held my hand through wire transfers, large cash transactions, setting up Pinnacle on line transactions, and much more. And the Tootsie Rolls at the teller window beat the crumby lollipops at Chase any day.

    Only gripe: Several typical large bank fees. Pinnacle is VERY difficult to deal with, and their online banking is tough to navigate. This of course is not the fault of the branch, but of the corporation…

  339. I have been going to this bank branch since the early 90’s. There has been some turnover in the personnel, but they are always helpful and after you go in a few times they all know your name. As long as this branch is here I will use it.

  340. They ran my deposit (all checks) through multiple times and said I was .50 cents off. Well come to find out they could not read the check properly and it said .37 not point .87 like they claimed! There was the 50 cent difference! I know this sounds petty BUT with a business account, everything must match EXACTLY! We did not use our regular branch and we had a problem!

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