About First Niagara Bank

Basic Information.

First Niagara Bank
726 Exchange Street, Suite 700
Buffalo, NY 14210

Status: Active

46 client reviews-First Niagara Bank scored 2 out of 5.

Concentration:Commercial Lending Specialization
FDIC Insurance:1943-07-01
FDIC Cert:#16004
Holden By:First Niagara Financial Group, Inc.
Charter Class:Commercial bank, national (federal) charter and Fed member, supervised by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC)
# of Branches:411, ranked #24
Total Assets:$39,357,642,000, ranked #44
Total Deposits:$29,352,483,000, ranked #45
Total Equity Capital:$4,415,954,000, ranked #45
Total Domestic Deposits:$29,352,483,000, ranked #44
Net Income:$207,713,000, ranked #52
Quarterly Net Income:$72,169,000, ranked #53
Return on Assets:1%, ranked #958
Quarterly Return on Assets:1%, ranked #1072
Return on Equity:6%, ranked #3899
Quarterly Return on Equity:7%, ranked #3465

Routing Numbers.

According First Niagara Bank website. First Niagara Bank’s Routing or ABA Number is 2223-7044-0.

In our record, First Niagara Bank has a total of 30 routing numbers.

Routing NumberProcess FedACHProcess FedwireLocationRegistered Name
011807043YYLockport, NYFirst Niagara Bank, Na
021110209YYLockport, NYFirst Niagara Bank, Na
022072692YYLockport, NYFirst Niagra Bank
031911812YYLockport, NYFirst Niagara Bank
211170088YYLockport, NYFirst Niagara Bank, Na
211170130YYLockport, NYFirst Niagara Bank, Na
211170185YYLockport, NYFirst Niagara Bank, Na
211174369YYLockport, NYFirst Niagara Bank, Na
221370616YYLockport, NYFirst Niagara Bank
222370440YYLockport, NYFirst Niagara Bank
221370195NYCatskill, NYFirst Niagara Bank, Na
221370205NYAuburn, NYFirst Niagara Bank, Na
221370289NYCortland, NYFirst Niagara Bank, Na
221371259NYTroy, NYFirst Niagara Bank, Na
222370518NYGeneva, NYFirst Niagara Bank, Na
011104173YNLockport, NYFirst Niagara Bank, Na
021313569YNLockport, NYFirst Niagara Bank
021313747YNLockport, NYFirst Niagara Bank
031302272YNLockport, NYFirst Niagara Bank
031302803YNLockport, NYFirst Niagara Bank
031305253YNLockport, NYFirst Niagara Bank
031307468YNLockport, NYFirst Niagara Bank
031308564YNLockport, NYFirst Niagara Bank
031311810YNLockport, NYFirst Niagara Bank
031314749YNLockport, NYFirst Niagara Bank
031315382YNLockport, NYFirst Niagara Bank
031918527YNLockport, NYFirst Niagara Bank
211174990YNLockport, NYFirst Niagara Bank, Na
231372170YNLockport, NYFirst Niagara Bank
231375575YNLockport, NYFirst Niagara Bank

Swift Codes.

According First Niagara Bank website. First Niagara’s preferred Correspondent Bank is: The Bank of New York Mellon, One Wall Street, New York, NY 10286, USA, BIC/SWIFT IRVTUS3N. Correspondent account number 8901025461. Please include the account holder name and account number of the beneficiary at First Niagara with all wire transfer instructions.

Swift CodeNameCityCountry

46 thoughts on “About First Niagara Bank”

  1. I have done banking at this bank for many years. I love everything about this branch in Palatine Bridge, New York. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. they have gone out of their way to help me in all kinds of situations, especially when my husband passed away. I am always greeted with a smile and a hello and treated with kindness and respect. The customer service here is excellent.

  2. The fees w/this bank are ridiculous! Look at all the complaints on the “review” list. They are willing to risk losing a long time customer w/multiple accounts, mortgage because they have to charge the customer a fee to withdraw moneys from their savings account in the form of a check instead of cash…really.

  3. In the past 2 months or so when I’ve got out to do banking, it has been closed? What gives? I didn’t know you could close a bank when you felt like it? It’s 0 degrees outside, who wants to go through parking and walking to the main bank when we are supposed to have a drive thru? That was one of the reasons I opened my account there. The girls that work there used to be so cheerful, now most are gone? This really raises an eyebrow. It used to be a good place to bank for my needs, like I said, until the past few months. I’m very unhappy and considering closing my account.

  4. tried calling local to get a pin # for card they sent in mail.

    After waiting 4 weeks for the pin to show up, I call them. After waiting on hold for 5 minutes, they tell me I have to call a 1 800number to get something done about no pin

    After being on hold for 20+ minutes, go through several different hoops to verify who I am. I am told they can not send another pin in the mail….. I need to activate the card and request a temporary one. (Activation requires me to call from my home of record (another 30 minutes away)). So much for convenient banking.

  5. Employees are always nice but I live in irondequoit, this bank location is right behind my house. Should be easy and convenient, but I’m finding the opposite lately. The drive through is 7/10 times closed for maintenance… I do my banking on the go- hence the drive through. I do NOT have the time to be running in and standing in line to get a quick deposit done, therefore I end up having to wait or drive to another location which is extremely inconvenient!!! Then what ends up happening is I’m swamped in fees cuz I can NEVER GET TO the drive through!!! This place went to sh*t as soon as it switched from HSBC. Also- Friday hours: only till 5??? Most working class people work UNTIL 5 on Fridays, ALL my other banks are open until 6 or even 6:30. Once again making me miss my deposit, and killing me with fees. I’m switching as soon as I find the time to sit in a bank and remove my accounts. Get with the program first niagara! People need convenience and this bank completely lacks that.

  6. Horrible Bank. They don’t work with you. They only care about themselves. THEY DON’T WORK WITH YOU. GO TO CHASE. I am going to make sure I tell everybody how horrible they are so that my family and friends and their families and friends don’t ever go to this bank.

  7. I have been a customer of this bank for 17 years. Yesterday I called to inquire about what documentation I needed to open a new LLC business account said who I was and was put on hold. When teller came back she said I needed to speak with branch manager who was currently with a customer I said I would hold after second time she came back she said she said she needs to call your husband first I said why does she have an issue with me and won’t get on the phone with me? I again was put on hold, finally branch manger took my call and was very rude to me and questioning my right as a full partner in our business to open this new account. I explained to her that I have papers in front of me stating that I am 50% owner of this LLC and I asked her why she was giving me such a hard time. She continually questioned me what the papers said and I read each one to her getting more livid each time she questioned me. She then proceeded to tell me I needed to fax everything to her first before I could open this account. I again asked why I was being treated this way. She finally said I could come into the branch. When I arrived she was not available and was taken care of by another employee. I was told by this employee that branch manager told her that my husband and I were separated which has nothing to do with us doing business there. Apparently this branch manager had some type of personal/friendly relationship with my husband who at the time was giving her misleading information. So bottom line she was unprofessional by one, not getting the whole story two, by treating me like I was trying to do something illegal when she had no right to police my husband and I’s personal situation. She went solely on the information of a customer that was going through a rough patch in his marriage. Bottom line I proved with documentation that I had every right to open bank account for a business that I was partner in. She mislead me by actually lying to me at first that I needed to fax my paperwork she also had her employee lie to me she was not with a customer she was frantically trying to call my husband I later found out from him. He called the bank and spoke to another employee since she was unavailable how upset he was that I was treated that way by her. She in a position as bank manager acted so unprofessionally by her treatment of me especially when in the end I was proved correct. I am appalled also by the fact that she aired my personal business with her employees at that branch. RUDE RUDE RUDE!

  8. This is a sleezy bank…truly. Fees are excessive, employees are rude and grubby looking, and in my opinion, the technology utilized by this company is so outdated that your personal information is at a much greater risk of identity theft. I recommend avoiding First Niagara Bank entirely.

  9. We recently took coins to the bank to deposit. At the counter we unfortunately had our bag break open and some of the rolled coins fell to the floor (we had quarters and nickels all over the floor) . While we picked up and rerolled coins, our teller continued to collect and add up the coins. We tallied a difference of five dollars (roll of dimes), and thought we just left it home. Today the teller called us to let us know that the cleaning staff found a roll of dimes….Our teller called us and wanted to know if we had found the dimes (we hadn’t), and she said the roll found was most likely ours and she’d deposit it into our account. We were pleasantly surprised at not only the quick follow up, but the integrity of both the teller and cleaning staff to report it. We have always found the staff at this bank considerate and pleasant, and are even more so today expressive of their honesty. Although you’d expect this from your bank it is great to see it in action first hand. Thank you Amy.

  10. I live in a different state and have an account with a different First Niagara branch. Someone at the Elizabeth branch withdrew money from my account for another customer because the “handwriting on the account withdrawal slip made it look like your account number.” So, essentially, the geniuses at this branch committed identity theft.

    They drained my account without looking at the name associated with it, the signature, or the fact that the person withdrawing the money was doing so from a different state!

    When I called customer service, the problem was rectified. But then I asked, “What can I do to prevent this from happening again?” I was informed, “Oh, there’s nothing you can do. They just didn’t look at the account name.” WRONG. I can do something– switch banks.

    I told them that I consider this identity theft. They took my money without asking for a name or signature. They stole from my account. The sad thing is that the people at my branch are great, but if First Niagara allows these types of things to happen at the Elizabeth branch, I can no longer do business with them at all.

  11. Rude! I had a mild dispute with the teller, when she realized I was correct and she was wrong, she threw my deposit receipt at me, turned and stormed off like an immature brat! I’m still in shock. How can this kind of behavior even be possible in this day and age. Unreal! Totally unprofessional. We’ve got to get out of there!

  12. Been with them about 3 years, since they acquired NewAlliance. Good rates, good online services, friendly tellers, no complaints. Can’t imagine why others have such a different experience.

  13. I’m sorry to hear all the negatives about First Niagara. I, fortunately, have had only good experiences. Ms. Geneva and Ms. Michelle at First Niagara in Hazelwood, PA. have always been extremely helpful and I’ve had no problems with any transactions. The women there are always very professional and curteous, explaining my account in lay mans’ terms to me 🙂 I’ve been a customer for almost 3 years now, and am very happy with them. I live out-of-state, and I still have no problem with money transactions, of which I’m very thankful for! I also like the fact that they have a great overdraft program in place, which has also been a huge help to me 🙂 I will continue to be a valid customer of First Niagara 🙂

  14. Upon being told in person an erroneous EOF NSF FEE of $37.00 had been posted to my account. Upon living and experiencing horrible personal assistance in the past on a painfully consistent basis, I kept my temper at bay and went again to the branch in Loundonville. Aster reviewing the issue it was agreed that this $37.00 NSF fee was not right and the “Relationship Mgr.” I spoke with assured me they would fix and reverse this charge. After 2 more personal visits to this branch, still nothing is done. Upon my last visit the original Relationship Mgr I spoke to assured me again that the forms they needed to submit for approval had been completed and APPROVED. Great, good news, right? WRONG, this charge is still sitting as a negative on my account and I have since called and will be showing up to the branch now for the 4th time. Horrible accountability, poor and pathetic management for just a local branch and treatment of people as if they do not matter unless you are buying something from them albeit a financial product or some service that just takes your money and you receive no valur from your hard earned money. So upset about the problems this has caused me. I wish I had recourse.

  15. First Niagara is a horrible bank all they care about is making money off u by charging u outrages fees and they are terrible about notifying you about when they change there rules or notifying u at all for that matter at lest they did a horrible job with me I was not notified when my bank account went negative by their 9$ fee if I had known I would have simply paid the 9$ and then there would have not been a problem but since I never received any notice that my bank account was negative it sat like that since I did not know and they charged me another fee for 35$ and I think that is wrong I felt that since I called them and explained everything to them then they should have and could have removed that 35$ fee but they would not they told me I had to pay it all and they would not close my account unless I did they didn’t even seam to care about losing a costumer and terrible costumer service by the way the lady on the phone I was taking to made me feel like I was dumb because she kept repeating herself and also pritty much called me a lier and did not believe me when I said I didn’t receive any notification in the mail worst bank ever!!! And I will be making sure I tell all my friends and family about how terrible they are too!

  16. If you have $$, they con you into investing, next thing you know all your $$ is gone, I invested $150k and in 3 months,I lost $50k, their investment broker is bad news

  17. They are absolutely rude! and went as far as messing with my account to make things even worse. I will never use them again! I called corporate and they corrected the account and apologized for that branch. Thank you for that at least.

  18. I am taking the time to write this review in part because of the absolute surprise I experienced with regard to the less positive reviews here. My small non-profit organization (annual budget of about $200,000) has been working with First Niagara in downtown New Haven since it merged with NewAlliance Bank. My staff and I have had overwhelmingly positive experiences with the bank, and their tellers have managers have made my job of overhauling an old organization and its various processes dramatically easier.

    A rare problem occurred recently in which a subaccount of ours was closed for having no funds over a certain period of time. We had not been aware of the policy that closed it, and as soon as the teller and branch manager Kristin Bures were aware of our need to deposit a check to and write checks from the account, they sprang immediately into action and went above and beyond their call of duty to make sure we could use our funds during a critical week. The assistance we received was absolutely characteristic of the expertise, courtesy, and clear communication we have always received from our First Niagara branch. This branch’s service continues to improve with the leadership of Ms. Bures, who I believe has been manager since the fall of 2011 and makes a point of visiting and getting to know her business clients in the area.

    I highly recommend the main downtown branch of First Niagara for any small to mid-size organization seeking clear communication and excellent customer support.

  19. The people who work here are awful. I had a problem with my account (overdraft fees like everyone else. They starting charging me more without informing me) and they had absolutely no sympathy, refusing to offer me any means of fixing the problem. On top of that, they gave me false information about deadlines and promised to call me back and never did. Seriously people, avoid this branch at all costs! I went to the Malvern branch to try and get a second opinion and they helped main a half hour flat, no abuse. In general though, the customer service sucks (I was called a “bad customer”) please please please dont use this bank.

  20. I opened an acct there over a year ago and a few months ago had to choose it due to fraud, well I was tired of the random charges to my acct so I closed the acct the lady who helped me charged me 25 dollars cause it was less then 6 months old, even though it was fraud so I asked to talk to a manager but he was not in so I called when they said he would be in and he was busy do I asked them to have him call me, he did not so I called back he was still busy, so I told then to jabber him call me before he left around 530I called again and he had just left and when I asked when he would be back in they said I don’t know we dint know his schedule,I had to go to corporate to get somewhere, they said they would be sending me a check but hmmm a week later and still nothing. I don’t recommend this bank to anyone!

  21. Just at the bank to open up a checking acct and the clerk stole a hundred dollar bill from me. So I left and tried tocall the manager and the number listed is out of service. Don’t go there.

  22. I checked the hours of this bank online before going . They were incorrect as bank closed when according to website should have been open. Employees still in bank and when I arrived and I let them know of the misinformation on the website so it could be corrected and I got a completely disinterested response and no apology to me for coming there when closed either. Awful.

  23. They have a super friendly knowledgable staff,, they are always helpfull,, they have helped me while i was on the road with realtors..!! They are like family,, they are the Best :))

  24. My business brings me to banks all over Europe.

    Should I encounter a problem, it is usual that Customer

    Service, corrects it immediately. Not so with First Niagara. I have sent numerous emails without any response.

    I tried to correct simple problems over the phone, long

    distance. The representative (clerk) was not at all helpful. My next step is to transfer my accounts to a

    more intelligent bank. Having read all the poor reviews

    of this bank, I can’t see why the management has not reacted to all the complaints

  25. When I walked into this bank, the staff were all off in a corner having a chat, which was fine until they all turned and saw me, then continued to chat. I definitely overheard them and their conversation was not work related. Again I wouldn’t have cared if I hadn’t had to wait there for approx another 5 mins to be acknowledged, RUDE! Then they gave me a hard time because I wanted to open an account, seriously?! I’ve never been to another bank that gave their customers a hard time. Overall, poor service, I’m not impressed. To top it, a couple days later I received my “opt in” confirmation in the mail, when I had specifically said I wanted to opt out. On top of being rude, they don’t even listen to what you have to say when you are acknowledged. Now it looks like I’ll be jumping through hoops to fix this mistake.

  26. First niagara is the worst,messing with deposits and withdraws so the situations outcome always results in overdraft charges… I am in the process of getting a new account and can not be done with this bank soon enough.Management is more concerned with her pet projects outside of the job to do a good job seeing how people are being treated



  29. This institution is ‘FEE HAPPY”. I am closing all my accounts next month, as I have been doing business with them for over 9 years as a small business owner. My merchant services funds are deposited nightly to the tune of $15K to $20K per month. I have automatic debits on my account,which cause an overdraft, and make a CASH deposit the same day…. they still NSF me!!!! CUSTOMER SERVICE????? If you are thinking about opening an account here, take my advice, go elsewhere. I cant wait to close all my accounts and leave this nightmare of a financial institution.

  30. This bank is ridiculous. The tellers are always new and miserable. When you walk in no one acknowledges your presence. The manager is the rudest person I’ve ever met. There’s some absurd fee for everything you do. I’m surprised they don’t charge a fee for walking in the door.

  31. This was once a great bank. 5 years ago I could go in ,the tellers were happy and the whole experience was great. Now it is a group(mostly management)which are rude and god forbidden if you have a problem

  32. The Chatham branch is a disgrace. Overstaffed yet unable to help with the simpliest of problems.Bad from the top down stay away

  33. Ed, the branch manager is the reason I continue banking at First Niagara. No matter what question or concern I have, Ed ALWAYS calls me back and addresses the issue. If First Niagara makes a mistake, he fixes it immediately. I beleive any problems people have with First Niagara is croporate glitches. I have had had bank accounts with most every other major bank and have NEVER recieved the amazing attention or customer service I have recieved at the branch I bank with.(Audobon) Now, I have used a different branch closer to my job on occasion & the manager there is nowhere near as knowledgable or problem solving as Ed. In the end Ed had to be called to resolve the issue. Though, the staff there are super friendly and always smiling. SO, if Ed ever leaves my branch, that will probably be when I leave First Niagara.

  34. Went to the Audubon branch Saturday morning, and I felt like I had walked into a fraternity party. WMMR (hard rock) was blaring. Two young men were yucking it up behind the counter. The dude in charge was dressed in sloppy Jeans and a tee shirt. This branch is totally unprofessional, and I would NEVER bank there.

  35. DO NOT use First Niagara Bank- if you have money in that bank- move it somewhere else immediately. We have lived in 3 states now and have never experienced such horrible customer service or ineptitude from a financial institution. They don’t have account records for those who had HSBC accounts, you can’t close out an account without going in in person, they lost our credit and debit cards, our new address was never transferred so things are being sent all over the US… the list goes on- over 6 hours wasted talking to people and being put on hold over a 3 day period.

  36. The bank itself OK, pretty much like most of the bank, however % rates on savings accounts went down from around 1.5 to around 0.01 after they merged last time. I have not seen free accounts and hiden fees all over the place. Also don’t like that they call me for no reason.

    Around a year ago I took almost all of my money to the other bank. I had only one reason for that-Branch manager.

    I think her name was Irene or something like that. I have heard that she got promoted what made me even more sad.

    She was harassing employes couple of times when I was there. I hated it so much! I switched the branch cause

    I did not want to see this BAD woman. Then I met some employees from that branch and asked them what’s wrong

    with your manager. They said she is crazy. She thinks it’s normal to send employees to get her food, groceries,

    take her car somewhere, she forces girls to do heavy make up and always ALWAYS picking up on everyone.

    They said that some employees cry like once a week and people quit constantly. Where she came from? From some dictator country?

    When I heard she got promoted I took all my money to the other bank and very hapy not seeing people like that

  37. I would like to start off to say that overall I like the branch, but today one bank teller that Ive never seen was awful. I have a business account and had a deposit of over $9000 and he huffed and puffed the whole time he was counting the money. Im sorry Im making the bank money, if it was not for the other staff I would of closed my business account right then and there. And when I asked for the available balance it was like pulling teeth with this guy.

  38. I banked here for 20 years. This is the 3rd name on the sign. I have (until next week) both personal and business accounts. In the beginning it was a friendly and helpful local bank. If I needed a check cleared right away, they would do it for me. Deposits (cash) and ACH debits all cleared at the end of the business day. Over the past few months I noticed all the employees that I had worked with for years began to disappear, and were being replaced by new faces. Accounts were converted to other types with new different minimum balance requirements and surprise fees. Yesterday I had an ACH debit scheduled to pay my health insurance. I checked my balance early in the morning and walked into the the branch office at 10:30am, and made a CASH deposit, telling the teller that I was depositing CASH because I had an incoming ACH debit coming that day and needed to balance the account. (The debit was not showing on her screen at that time. She was looking at the balance.) Later that afternoon my online banking showed that the ACH bounced. I went into the branch office and was given a raft lies about how this could have happened. Everyone I talked to had a different story: “cash isn’t necessarily credited immediately” (right), “the balance shown on online banking is not necessarily correct” (oh?), “the balance the teller sees is not necessarily correct” (oh, sure), “debits can come in at any time, and be processed at any time” (actually, the only true statement made). This was all smoke and mirrors because I could tell by the looks on their faces that they were all well aware that First Niagara is one of the banks that engages in “rearranging” debits and credits so that accounts appear to be overdrawn even when they are not, and “customers” are assessed fees. That’s how they squeeze money out of their “customers”, especially the working poor who live paycheck to paycheck. The teller I gave the cash to in the morning was too ashamed to even look at me. I would have given them zero stars, but I had to click one. Advice: Join a credit union.

  39. Recently I had to get involved in understanding and helping my elderly mother manage her investment and checking accounts at First Niagara. I am from out of town and had limited time to accomplish a lot. Paul Graboski went well beyond my expecations in terms to the amount of time, quality and attentiveness to helping us understand my mother’s situation. He continued to support us and worked with us and the local branch manager Rajni Kaul continued to provide outstanding customer service providing a lot of time, patience and caring suport. The level of service we received compared to the size of the accounts was in excess of what you might anticipate. This was a benchmark experience for outstanding customer service.

  40. I have been a member at this bank for many, many years. It used to be East Penn Bank. Those where the good old days. Now the bank sucks. The fees are crazy, the staff do not understand their own policy, and the female manager at the Macungie branch is extremely rude and degrading. I switched to a credit union and will never look back. Run far, far away from this bank. All they want is your money. They could care less about the customers and will charge you as much as they possibly can for everything.

  41. The Airport branch is friendly and helpful but you’ve got to watch First Niagara like a hawk. They’re always changing rules, adding charges and, in my opinion, trying to bleed every penny out of you that they can. As with all banking, it’s probably better these days if you use a local credit union. We’re 30 year customers of this bank but looking to get out the first chance we can.

  42. Friendly staff who are attentive to the customers needs. Solid institution! Brand new to the bank but am a professional who has dealt with many banks over the years. Did my homework before making the switch and very happy with my choice.

  43. The male branch manager is the most polite accomodating gentleman. If you have an issue he is their to help and fix or prevent future mistakes regarding customer accounts. I have banked with other people in the past and it seems that they just want to take advantage and not help when it comes to overdraft fees. Let alone wanting to take the time to hear out the customer.

    If you want to be treated like a respectable human being anyone included the tellers, Marge, or Cindy they are always full of smiles

  44. This is a review for several of the First Niagara branches. I frequent Georgetown the most with this one being 2nd most ften

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