About Bank of America

Basic Information.

Bank of America
100 North Tryon St
Charlotte, NC 28202

Status: Active

251 client reviews-Bank of America scored 2 out of 5.

Concentration:All Other Specialization > 1 Billion
FDIC Insurance:1934-01-01
FDIC Cert:#3510
Holden By:Bank Of America Corporation
Charter Class:Commercial bank, national (federal) charter and Fed member, supervised by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC)
# of Branches:4852, ranked #3
Total Assets:$1,616,426,000,000, ranked #2
Total Deposits:$1,260,726,000,000, ranked #2
Total Equity Capital:$202,675,000,000, ranked #1
Total Domestic Deposits:$1,186,746,000,000, ranked #1
Net Income:$14,126,000,000, ranked #2
Quarterly Net Income:$4,562,000,000, ranked #2
Return on Assets:1%, ranked #958
Quarterly Return on Assets:1%, ranked #1072
Return on Equity:9%, ranked #2310
Quarterly Return on Equity:9%, ranked #2431

Routing Numbers.

According Bank of America website,

LocationPaper (ex. Ordering Checks)Electronic (ex. Direct Deposit/Automatic Payment)Wire Transfer
California, North121000358121000358026009593
California, South122000661121000358026009593
Washington DC054001204054001204026009593
Florida, East063000047063100277026009593
Florida, West063100277063100277026009593
Illinois – South081904808081904808026009593
Illinois – North071000505071000505026009593
Illinois – Chicago Metro071103619081904808026009593
Indiana Accounts opened online with Bank of America before 8/23/2008051000017051000017026009593
Indiana Accounts opened online with Bank of America after 8/23/2008081904808081904808026009593
All other Indiana accounts071214579071214579026009593
Michigan Accounts opened online with Bank of America before 8/23/2008051000017051000017026009593
Michigan Accounts opened online with Bank of America after 8/23/2008081904808081904808026009593
All other Michigan accounts072000805072000805026009593
Missouri East/St. Louis081000032081000032026009593
Missouri West/Kansas City101000035081000032026009593
New Hampshire011400495011400495026009593
New Jersey021200339021200339026009593
New Mexico107000327107000327026009593
New York021000322021000322026009593
North Carolina053000196053000196026009593
North Dakota051000017051000017026009593
Rhode Island011500010011500010026009593
South Carolina053904483053904483026009593
South Dakota051000017051000017026009593
Texas, North111000025111000025026009593
Texas, South113000023111000025026009593
West Virginia051000017051000017026009593

In our record, Bank of America has a total of 215 routing numbers.

Routing NumberProcess FedACHProcess FedwireLocationRegistered Name
026009593YYRichmond, VABank Of America N.a.
053000196YYRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
071000039YYRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
111000012YYHenrico, VABank Of America, N.a.
114000653YYHenrico, VABank Of America
114017714YYHenrico, VABank Of America
121000358YYHenrico, VABank Of America, N.a.
121140331YYRancho Cordova, CABank Of Amador-a Division Of Arb
121141822YYRichmond, VABank Of America Na
011000138YNHenrico, VABank Of America, N.a.
011000206YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a
011000390YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a
011001742YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
011100012YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a.
011100805YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a
011100892YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a.
011100915YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a.
011101529YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a.
011101752YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a.
011104047YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a.
011200365YNHenrico, VABank Of America, N.a.
011201539YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a.
011300605YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a.
011301646YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a.
011302357YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a.
011302438YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a.
011400178YNRichmond, VABank Of America
011400495YNHenrico, VABank Of America, N.a.
011500010YNHenrico, VABank Of America, N.a.
011500337YNRichmond, CTBank Of America N.a.
011501035YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a.
011801052YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a.
011804185YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a.
011900254YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a.
011900445YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a
011900571YNHenrico, VABank Of America, N.a.
011900652YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a.
021000322YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
021001318YNRichmond, VABank Of America
021100329YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
021109935YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
021113086YNRichmond, VABank Of America
021200339YNHenrico, VABank Of America N.a.
021202162YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a
021202609YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
021203501YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
021300019YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a
021302622YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
021404465YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
021901748YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
022000127YNHenrico, VABank Of America, N.a.
022300160YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
026007508YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
028000325YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
031202084YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a.
031300669YNHenrico, VABank Of America
031304050YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a.
031902096YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a.
051000017YNHenrico, VABank Of America, N.a.
051000101YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
051400361YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
051400507YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
051400646YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
052000168YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
052001633YNHenrico, VABank Of America, N.a.
053100258YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
053100559YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
053101396YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
053102463YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
053107989YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
053200064YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
053200446YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
053201610YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
053900377YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
053904483YNHenrico, VABank Of America, N.a.
054000551YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
054001204YNHenrico, VABank Of America, N.a.
055002341YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
056001011YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
056007387YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
056009110YNRichmond, VABank Of America
061000052YNHenrico, VABank Of America, N.a.
061000078YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
061001323YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
061112788YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
061302417YNRichmond, VABank Of America
063000047YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
063100277YNHenrico, VABank Of America, N.a.
063100552YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
063100620YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
063100714YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
063103193YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
063104215YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
063104697YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
063104972YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
063105683YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
063106006YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
063106129YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
063106145YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
063106268YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
063107393YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
063107610YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
063109058YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
063110092YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
063112294YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
063200407YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
063201040YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
064000020YNHenrico, VABank Of America, N.a.
064100852YNRichmond, VABank Of America
064101178YNRichmond, VABank Of America
064101385YNRichmond, VABank Of America
064101673YNRichmond, VABank Of America
YNRichmond, VABank Of America
064208194YNRichmond, VABank Of America
066005502YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
066007681YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a.
067002436YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
067003985YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
067005475YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
067005679YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
067006063YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
067006238YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
067007130YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
067007758YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
067007949YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
067008579YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
067008582YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
067011294YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a.
067014026YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
071000505YNChicago, ILBank Of America, N.a.
071103619YNRichmond, VABank Of America N A
071214579YNHenrico, VABank Of America
071923284YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
072000805YNHenrico, VABank Of America, Na
072413609YNRichmond, VABank Of America
073000176YNHenrico, VABank Of America N A
073921763YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
081000032YNHenrico, VABank Of America, N.a.
081000058YNRichmond, VABank Of America
081200544YNRichmond, VABank Of America
081211135YNRichmond, VABank Of America
081221497YNRichmond, VABank Of America
081500875YNRichmond, VABank Of America
081517897YNRichmond, VABank Of America
081904808YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
082000073YNHenrico, VABank Of America N.a.
082900429YNRichmond, VABank Of America
082900487YNRichmond, VABank Of America
082907464YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a
082907545YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
082908560YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
084000819YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
084000945YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
084301767YNRichmond, VABank Of America
086500087YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
101000035YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
101001173YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
101001911YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a.
101100045YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a.
101200929YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a.
101901820YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a.
102201244YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a.
103000017YNHenrico, VABank Of America, N.a.
107000327YNHenrico, VABank Of America, N.a.
107000796YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a.
107005607YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a.
111000025YNHenrico, VABank Of America, N.a.
111000258YNHenrico, VABank Of America
111300932YNHenrico, VABank Of America
111300945YNHenrico, VABank Of America
111901302YNHenrico, VABank Of America
112002080YNHenrico, VABank Of America
112200303YNHenrico, VABank Of America
113000023YNHenrico, VABank Of America, N.a.
114000019YNHenrico, VABank Of America
114900025YNHenrico, VABank Of America
114913164YNHenrico, VABank Of America
121000044YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
121000345YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
121000536YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
121000853YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
121103886YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
121108250YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
121108959YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
121200158YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.- Nevada
122000030YNHenrico, VABank Of America, N.a.
122000043YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
122000616YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
122000658YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
122000661YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
122101706YNHenrico, VABank Of America, N.a.
122203248YNSan Francisco, CABank Of America, N.a.
122206216YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
122400724YNHenrico, VABank Of America, N.a.
123103716YNHenrico, VABank Of America Nw N.a.- Idaho
123308825YNRichmond, VABank Of America, Na
124303065YNHenrico, VABank Of America Na
125000024YNHenrico, VABank Of America, N.a. (sfnb)
211470319YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a.
221172513YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
221270347YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
221272442YNRichmond, VABank Of America Na
221371246YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
231270793YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a.
231371841YNHenrico, VABank Of America N.a., Pa
236073474YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a.
267086058YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
267090536YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a.
272471674YNRichmond, VABank Of America, Na
307072278YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a.
311093120YNHenrico, VABank Of America
314072986YNHenrico, VABank Of America
322170016YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a. – Arizona
322170692YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a. – Arizona
323070380YNHenrico, VABank Of America, N.a.

Swift Codes.

According Bank of America website. Bank of America’s SWIFT Code for U.S. dollar denominated wires is BOFAUS3N. The SWIFT code for wires sent in foreign currency (non-U.S. dollars) to Bank of America in the United States is BOFAUS6S. SWIFT members include banks, broker-dealers and investment managers. While not always required, a SWIFT Code may be required by some banks for the completion of wire transfers.

Swift CodeNameCityCountry

Oversea Locations.

The following is the list of 229 Bank of America branches that are located in either foreign countries or outside the 50 states of the United States.

3502 Santa Fe Ave Branch3502 Santa Fe Ave, Buenos Aires
Agencia Millan BranchBulevar General Artigas, No. 3967, Montevideo
Aguada Sub BranchYuaguaron 2057, Montevideo
Airport BranchAvenue Haile Selassie, Port-Au-prince
Alexandria Branch10 Rue Patrice Lumumba, Alexandria
Amsterdam Branch1000 Bp Amsterdam, Amsterdam
Anguilla BranchThe Valley, Anguilla
Antwerp Branch34 Van Eycklei, Antwerp
Arroclub BranchAvenida Eusebio Ayala Y De La Victori, Asuncion
Asuncion BranchChile And Oliva Streets, Asuncion
Athens BranchStadiou 24, Athens
Athens BranchPanepistimiou Street, Athens
Avellaneda BranchAvenida General Mitre 570, Avellaneda
Avenida Entre Rios BranchAvenida Entre Rios 1255-1261, Buenos Aires
Avenida Joao Pinheiro BranchNr 329 Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais
Avenida Olavo Egidio BranchAvenida Olavo Egidio-De Souza, Sao Paulo
Avenida Presidente BranchAvenida Presidente Giovanni Gron, Sao Paulo
Avenida Sub BranchAvda Uruguay 1552, Montevideo
Bahrain BranchGovernment Road, Manama Centre Bldg., Manama
Banco De Boston BranchPte. Franco 706 Y O’leary, Casilla D, Asuncion
Bangkok Branch2/2 Wireless Road, Bangkok
Barcelona BranchEntenza 332-334, Barcelona
Belgravia (London) Branch31 Lowndes Street, Belgravia
Berkeley Square Branch47 Berkeley Square, London
Bernardo De Yrigayen BranchBernardo De Yrigayen 1578, Buenos Aires
Birmingham Branch118-120 Colmore Row, Birmingham
Bombay BranchNariman Point, Express Towers, Bombay
Brasilia BranchEdeficio Federacao Do Comercio Quadra 6 Loja 200, Brasilia
Bridgetown BranchTrident House, Broad Street, Bridgetown
Brussels Branch2 Boulevard De La Woluwe, Brussels
Buenos Aires BranchCangallo 525/35, Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires BranchFlorida 99, Buenos Aires
Bulevar Espana Sub BranchBu Espana 2100, Montevideo
Cairo Branch106 Kasr El Aini Street, Cairo
Calcutta Branch8 India Exchange Place, Calcutta
Callao 1600 BranchCallao 1600 Y Vincente Lopez, Buenos Aires
Calle Laballa Branch1463 Labala Street, Montevideo
Campinas BranchAvenida Francisco Glicerio 1275, Campinas
Canada De Gomez BranchMoreno 101, Canada De Gomez
Cayman Island BranchRoyal Bank Building, Georgetown
Cayman Island BranchEdward And Janeth Streets, Georgetown
Cayman Island BranchWest Wind Building, Georgetown
Cayman Island BranchBank Of Nova Scotia Building, Georgetown
Cayman Islands BranchMain Street, Georgetown
Cayman Islands BranchWest Wind Building, Georgetown
Cayman Islands BranchMain Street, Georgetown
Cayman Islands BranchWest Wind Building, Grand Cayman
Cerrillos Branch6115 Pedro Aguirre Cerda Avenue, Santiago
Cologne Production BranchGereonstrasse 34-36, Cologne
Colon Free Zone BranchApartado 3024, Colon
Colonia Branch1197 Colonia Street, Montevideo
Comayaguela BranchBarrio La Granja, Comayaguela
Concepcion Branch449 O’higgins Street, Concepcion
Cordoba BranchRivadavia 23, Cordoba
Cordon Sub BranchAvo 18 De Julie 2210, Montevideo
Curacao BranchWilhelmenaplein 14-16, Willemstad, Curacao
Dejulio Sub Branch18 Dejulio 1322, Montevideo
Dublin Branch26-27 Grafton Street, Dublin
Duesseldorf BranchKoenigsallee 33, Duesseldorf
Duesseldorf BranchKoenigsallee 24, Duesseldorf
East Asia Bank Center Branch48-2 Hennessy Road, 15th Floor, Hong Kong
Euerfanos BranchEuerfanos 1034, Santiago
Flores BranchRivadavia 6398, Buenos Aires
Flores BranchCalle Rivadavia No 6312 Esquina, Flores
Frankfurt BranchMainzer Land Strasse 46, D-6000, Frankfurt
Frankfurt BranchBockenheimer Landstrasse 24, Frankfurt
Frankfurt BranchUlmenstrasse 30, Frankfurt
Frankfurt BranchMainzer Landstrasse 43-45, Frankfurt
Geneva Branch15 Rue De General Dufour, Geneva
Geneva Branch7 Rue Des Alpes, Geneva
Georgetown BranchNorth Church And Fort Streets, Georgetown
Georgetown BranchWest Wind Building, Georgetown
Georgetown BranchWest Wind Building, Georgetown
Georgetown BranchEdward Street, Bank Of Commerce Bldg, Georgetown
Georgetown BranchHuntlaw Building, Georgetown
Georgetown BranchMain Street, Georgetown
German Credit Center BranchEschersheimer Landstrasse, 55e #14, Frankfurt
Goes Sub-BranchAvenida General Flores 2966, Montevideo
Grand Cayman BranchFort And South Church Streets, Georgetown
Grand Cayman BranchCardinal Avenue, Georgetown
Grand Cayman BranchMain Street, Georgetown
Guatemala Appraisal BranchAvenida De La Reforma 7-10, Guatemala City
Guatemala Branch5a. Avenida Y 10-55, Guatemala City
Guayaquil BranchCalle Malecon Y Elizalde, Guayaquil
Hamburg BranchBallindamm 17, Hamburg
Hipolito Yrigoyen BranchHipolito Yrigoyen 518, Buenos Aires
Hong Kong Branch6 Des Voeux Road, Hong Kong
Hong Kong Branch15 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong
Hong Kong Branch12 Harcourt Road, Central, Hong Kong
Hong Kong Branch3032 Connaught Road, Hong Kong
Hong Kong BranchJardine House, Central, Hong Kong
Islamabad Branch15 Khayaban-E-suhrawardy, Islamabad
Jakarta BranchJl. Medan Merdeka Utara 21, Jakarta
Jersey Branch11 Esplanade, St. Helier
Juan Bautista Alberdi BranchJuan Bautista Alberdi, Buenos Aires
Karachi BranchIsmail Ibrahim Chundrigar Road, Karachi
Koram Bank/Shinsa-Dong Branch467-10 Shinsa – Dong, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul
Korea Branch101-1, 1 Ka, Ukchiro, Chung Ku, Kifc Bldg., Seoul
Kota BranchJl. Kunir 9, Jakarta
Kowloon Bills Center Branch56 Dundas Street, Kowloon
Kowloon Main Branch9/F Of World Commerce Centre, Canton Road, Harbour City, Ksimshatsui
Kuala Lumpur BranchKompleks Antarabangsa, Kuala Lumpur
Kwai Chung Branch15 Shing Fong Street, Kowloon
La Paz BranchAvenida Mariscal Santa Cruz 1364, La Paz
La Paz BranchPlaza Venezuela Casilla 7878, La Paz
La Plata BranchCalle 5 Nbr 652, La Plata
Lahore Branch1 Roberts Road, Bank Square, Lahore
Lanus BranchHipolito Yrigoyen 4227, Lanus
Leandro N Alem BranchLeandro N Alem, Rosario
Lima BranchAugusto Tamayo 120 Y Juan De Arona, Lima
London Branch25 Cannon Street, London
London Branch95 Gresham Street, London
London Branch119-125 Finsbury Pavement, London
London BranchOne Moorgate, London
London Branch4 Broadgate, London
London Branch5 Cheapside London, London
London Branch1 Watling Street, London
London Branch60/63 Aldermanbury, Dallas House, London
London Branch52-60 Cannon Street, London
Madras Branch748 Anna Salai Mount Road, Madras
Madrid BranchCalle Jose Ortega Y Gasset 29, Madrid
Malaysia Credit Center BranchKompleks Antarabangsa, Kuala Lumpur
Managua BranchKilometro 4.5 Carretera Sur, Managua
Manama BranchGovernment Road, Bahrain Tower, Manama
Manchester Branch10 Marsden Street, Pall Mall Court, Manchester
Manila Branch8747 Paseo De Roxas, Manila
Manila BranchBuendia Avenue, Metrobank Plaza Bldg, Manila
Manila Offshore Branch9/F Boston Bank Center, 6764 Ayala Avenue, Manila
Mar Del Plaza BranchAvenue Independecia 1827, Mar Del Plata
Martinez BranchAvenida Santa Fe 2166, Martinez
Mataderos BranchAvenida J.B. Alberdi 6601, Mataderos
Mbna American Bank Cayman Island BraP.O. Box 501, George Town
Mendoza BranchEspejo 85, Mendoza
Milan BranchVia Turoti #18, Milan
Moneda BranchMoneda 797, Santiago
Munich BranchArnulfstrasse 44, Munich
Munich BranchLudwigstrasse 8-10, Munich
Nassau Branch50 Frederick Street, Norfolk House, Nassau
Nassau BranchCharlotte And Shirley Streets, Nassau
Nassau Branch50 Shirley Street, Nassau
Nassau BranchShirley Street, Beaumont House, Nassau
Nassau BranchRoywest Banking Corporation Limited, Nassau
Nassau BranchBay Street, Beaumont House, Nassau
Nassau BranchBay Street, Bernard Sunley Building, Nassau
Nassau Branch50 Shirley Street, Nassau
Nassau BranchBank Lane, Nassau
Nassau BranchBay Street, Beaumont House, Nassau
Nassau BranchBeaumont House, Nassau
Nassau Branch50 Shirley Street, Nassau
Nassau BranchWest Bay Street, Bahamas Ltd. Bldg., Nassau
Nassau BranchShirley Street, Charlotte House, Nassau
Nassau BranchMain Street, Nassau
Nassau BranchMain Street, Nassau
Nassau BranchBay Street, Beaumont House, Nassau
Nassau BranchMain Street, Nassau
Nassau BranchFrederick Street, 7 Norfolk House, Nassau
Nassau BranchParliament Street, Bay Pal Building, Nassau
New Delhi Branch15 Barakhambra Road, New Delhi
North Point Branch179 Kings Road, North Point
Osaka Branch11 Koraibashi 4-Chome, Osaka
Panama BranchCalle 50 Y Calle 53, Panama City
Panama City BranchVia Espana Apartado 5368, Panama City
Paris Branch43-47 Avenue De La Grande Armee, Paris
Paris Branch10, Avenue Montaigne, Paris
Paris Branch104 Avenue Des Champs Elysees, Paris
Pergamino BranchSan Nicolas 954, Pergamino
Piraeus BranchSnouze 5-7 And Filonos Street, Piraeus
Pl De La Constitucion Branch1287 Agustinos Street, Santiago
Plaza Libertad Branch1201 Marcelo T. De Alvear, Buenos Aires
Plaza San Martin BranchCalle Paraguaya 901, Buenos Aires
Plazuela Espana Branch7a. Avenida 12-35, Guatemala City
Pocitos Sub-BranchJuan B. Blanco 876, Montevideo
Port-Au-prince BranchRue Des Miracles, Port-Au-prince
Porto Alegre BranchRua Dos Andradas, 1250, Porto Alegre
Presidente Stroessner BranchAvenida Adrain Jara Y Curupaty, Ciudad Presidente Stroessner
Pueyrredon 181 BranchPueyrredon 181, Buenos Aires
Punta Arenas Branch1115 21 De Mayo Street, Punta Arenas
Pusan Branch77-1 Chung Ang-Dong, Pusan
Quilmes BranchHipolito Yrigoyen 518, Quilmes
Rafaela BranchSan Lorenzo 2, Rafaelo
Resistencia BranchJ. B. Justo 171, Resistencia
Rivadavia 63 BranchRivadavia 63, Cordoba
Rivera Sub BranchAvda Gral Rivera 2756, Montevideo
Rondeau Sub BranchAvenida Rondeau 1502, Montevideo
Rosario BranchCordoba 1201 Rosario, Rosario
Rosario BranchAvenida Cordoba 1201, Rosario
Sacramento Urban BranchAvda Espanola Y Sacramento, Ascuncion
San Justo BranchAlmafuerte 3138, San Justo
San Martin BranchEstrada 931, San Martin
San Salvador BranchAvenida Olimpica Y Pasaje 3, San Salvador
Santa Cruz Sierra BranchCalle Velasco No. 19, Santa Cruz De La Sierra
Santa Fe BranchSanta Fe 2245/49, Buenos Aires
Santiago BranchAugustinas 1465, Castilla 117, Santiago
Santiago BranchAvenida 11 De Septiembre 2277, Santiago
Santiago Sub Branch1034 Huerfanos Street, Santiago
Sao Paulo BranchRua Libero Badaro 487, Sao Paulo
Seoul BranchSam Sung Main Building 250, Seoul
Seoul BranchDaewoo Center, 18th Floor, Seoul
Seoul BranchDong Sung Building, Seoul
Shaw Centre BranchScotts Road, Shaw Centre, Singapore
Shinjuku Branch21-1 Nishi – Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo
Singapore Branch65 Chulia Street, Singapore
Singapore Branch21 Collyer Quay #09-00, Singapore
Singapore Branch24 Raffles Place, Clifford Centre, Singapore
Singapore BranchOcean Building, 10th Floor, Singapore
Singapore Branch3 Shenton Way, Singapore
Taipei Branch43 Kuan Chien Road, Taipei
Taipei Branch205 Tun Hward Road, Taipei
Taipei Branch62 Nanking East Road, Section 2, Taipei
Taipei Branch261 Nanking East Road, Taipei
Taipei Branch#2 Chung Cheng 3rd Road, Taiwan
Taiwan BranchMin Sheng Commercial Building, 11th Fl., Taipei
Taiwan Branch137 Nanking East Road, Taipei
Thessaloniki Branch34 Tsimiski Street, Thessaloniki
Thessaloniki BranchIonos Dragoumi 3, Thessaloniki
Tintas Ypiranga Sa Rua BranchTintas Ypiranga Sa Rua Gen Bruce, Rio De Janeiro
Tokyo BranchMitsui Seimel Building, Tokyo
Tokyo Branch1-3 Marunouchi, 1-Chome, Tokyo
Tokyo Branch1-12-32 Akasaka, Minato-Ku, Tokyo
Tribunales BranchViamonte 1534-1536, Buenos Aires
Tucuman BranchSan Martin 736, Tucuman
Union Sub BranchAve Jose Battle Y Ordonez 2881, Montevideo
Us Consulate Bldg BranchUs Consulate Bldg Rua Padre Joao, Sao Paulo
Valparaiso BranchCalle Arture Prat 863, Valparaiso
Venado Tuerto Branch25 De Mayo 799, Venado Tuerto
Villa Urquiza BranchTriunvirato 4462/64, Buenos Aires
Vina Del Mar Sub BranchAvenida Libertad 101, Vina Del Mar
Yildiz Posta Caddesi Branch17 Esentepe, Istanbul
Zurich BranchBleicherweg 15, Zurich

251 thoughts on “About Bank of America”

  1. based on past few visits, tellers are understaffed, lines are long and move slowly. During a recent visit, there was a computer issue we in line were told after about a half an hour wait in line knowing nothing about the reason for the wait. A few of the regular tellers are pleasant and friendly (from past visits), but one individual in particular who I believe has been there a while could benefit with a refresher course on being pleasant and civil to long time customers holding many accounts, such as myself. I don’t care if you ARE a supervisor, I’m the customer and I believe that counts for more than your thrown at me title. In the future, I’ll be avoiding this branch.

  2. My mom has been banking at building for over 22 years. She loves going to this bank until recently, now this teller Ann keeps harassing her to use the atm. Ann should be sent to customer service training again. I tried to talk to her that my mom needs assistance when comes to the bank but this crazy lady start to yell back to me like I am her child. This is not boa standard by no means. Everyone else at this bank is professional but this lady needs to go.

  3. I have banked with BOA for many years now, and primarily use the south location as my go to for any questions or concerns. Not only have I been a happy customer all these years, but today I was blown away by the kindness and help I received from Chris. He was so helpful and sincere while providing me with the best customer service I have had in my 31 years to date. While he probably just simply thought he was doing his job, he made my day. If you ever have issues or questions that need prompt attention I recommend requesting to speak with Chris.

  4. Branch is not provided enough staff. Those present do a phenomenal job. Very friendly and kind.

  5. I went there to notarize a document. The customer service rep. and the teller told me that the manager was not there and that the other notary was on lunch. After waiting for 30 min, the teller who told me to wait for the notary came and told me that she could notarized it for me. When I asked her why she lied and told me that the notary was not there while she was a notary, she said that she was the only teller and could not help me anyway.?????has she heard of….the truth will set you free???. I could have taken care of another errand and come back instead of waiting there!I will close my accounts tomorrow.

  6. I went into get some money off of my master card by Bank of American. Maria and another young man met me at the door and said that I couldn’t write a check or get money from my master card as I didn’t bank there. That was new to me as I know that when you write a check it is immediate deducted from your checking account and if you don’t have the funds, then it is reject. This was done because I did not have a checking account with them. I think she did not know the answer and just made up an answer. What a poor representative for a bank.

    A week later I was in Mt Pleasant and I went to a Citizens Bank and they were very friendly and charged my master card so I could get some cash.

    If I lived in San Marcos I’d discourage people from checking with Bank of America. If I lived in Mt. Pleasant, I would bank with Citizen bank.

  7. The rio pinar branch of Bank of America is the worse location ever! They are rude, snotty, just not nice. I feel that because I am not of Spanish origin that I am treated like crap in this branch. As a person who is not predujuice, it really shows me how people must feel when someone displays prejudice toward them. Rude, nasty, unhelpful, I do my banking at another branch, but it makes me question doing business with them.

  8. I live in the and work in the area. The tellers ALWAYS know me by name and are always kind and friendly!

  9. I went to close out an account and after doing the necessary paperwork with them, rather than cutting me a cashier check as they originally cited they’d do… they last minute said my $ had to go through their processing and now it’d be 5 to 7 days later that I’d get MY money. So 2 weeks later I’ve recieved NOTHING and so I try to call the branch, but No ONE answers the phone! I called and called for half an hour and no one would pick up. I finally picked( on the phone service menu) a national representative option and directed to a service center rep. who told me they could do nothing for me and suggested that I go down to the Forsyth branch to physically “re-check” what I arranged with them to do in the first place. Do you mean to tell me that I need to baby-sit your employees for what they already said they’d do? The service center rep. admitted that if he were to call to the branch himself (to figure out what the hold-up was), that he already knows they wouldn’t pick up for him either. So what’s the point in having a branch #? I pressed with him that I was pretty pissed and that at this point it seems that BoA is just holding my money to keep making $ for themselves and I should start charging them interest. He finally got me a manager who said she’s expidite the process of getting my money to me (clearly it wasn’t even in process). That’s a lot of work on my behalf to take my money out of this bank. I took it out because they were charging me $25.00 a month for the account!?!?!?!!? That in itself is highway robbery!

  10. Long long wait time at the teller.

    25 minutes wait,9 customers in line with one teller. The manager stood by shuffling paper and did nothing. There were 4 other bank staff in the branch, but they did not come over to assist. Teller was pleasant and efficient but it was unfair to her and all the customers. Three customers came in, saw the line and left. Poor,poor customer serbice

  11. I enjoy going to this branch as their employee treat you with respect and make you feel confortable at the same time. I have used their notary services several times and they are always open to help and make my banking experience the best they can.

    The branch manager really makes a difference in customer service, as well as the products’ marketing person.

    They have a really good team and I enjoy their service.

  12. I’ve made it a habit of stopping inside when able to chat with the staff who have all been very helpful over the last 15 or so years that I’ve banked at this location. There have been 3 or 4 managers during that time but each has been very helpful and the staff often recognizes me and greets me with a friendly hello! I stay at BofA for the services and the people! Thanks! Richard

  13. This branch is horrible. They have one teller on the line, she is 75 years old. Meanwhile, there are 8 other young, sharply dressed employees strolling through the facility, never offerring assistance. Merchant window closed. Disgruntled customers waiting fir extended periods. Occasionally another sharp young employee will approach the lengthy line, asking what the branch could do to improve service… OPEN 2 MORE TELLER WINDOWS, THE MERCHANT WINDOW, AND RETRAIN MANAGEMENT TO PRIORITIZE CUSTOMER SERVICE. Honestly, I would have changed banks already if I didnt have access to the Scotts Valley branch. Figure it out….

  14. I have been assured that a Safe Deposit Box # 0000565-5 had been closed with no charges due back 2005 when I moved to Colorado. Hoever, I continue to receive annual billings. This occurs even after my continued effort to close it out. Now I just got transferred by 3 different people to another person & the last transfer was to a number that had a recording saying the bank is closed, wherever that was!! Very frustrating!!

  15. I’ve banked with BOA for years & love their services, but for this particular Branch, I give it 2 stars for one employee. 5 stars for the rest. I’ve dealt with George three times and I was not pleased with his services. Very disconnected & very uninterested.

  16. Worst wait time. Waited 30 minutes to make a deposit. 1 teller inside and 1 for drive through. Additional employees walking around and no one stepped up to the plate to help the teller out. One man just stood with his suit on staring out the window. Need to cross train. Too many employees not to help. Be prepared for lunch time and additional staff. Cross train please…even managers can help.

  17. I hate to write reviews but this place is the WORST when it comes to wait times. They continually seem to be understaffed. They are way to pushy at the teller windows. Some people just want to withdraw money or cash a check. But they waste time trying to sell you other products!! I always try to avoid this branch but sometimes this is the only place to go as it’s around the corner from my worksite. And it never fails its a 20+ minute wait in line for anything!! UGH!! I will never, ever stop here again! And I should just consider closing my savings account with them!!

  18. Did a Mortgage through here and everyone was terific! I was a bit hesitant at first but the staff was 1st class!!! Very friendly and on time closing!

  19. They are awesome at this branch. The manager to the cashiers.

    Keep up the good work y’all!!!

  20. I have been with Bank of America for nineteen years and can say my experience there today was awful. My finance got his refund check and his plan was to put it in my account. The lady didn’t give a really good reason he came with his ID. He doesn’t want an account and is better with cash on hand. ANY WAY LONG STORY SHORT APPARENTLY HE COULD HAVE FILLED OUT A FORM IN ORDER TO DO SO. WAY TOO PUSHY ON OPENING AN ACCOUNT. NOT HELPFUL AND SEEMED UNDER STAFFED. SO CLOSE TO CLOSING MY ACCOUNTS. THANKS FOR THE RUN AROUND

  21. This bank location has the worst customer service I’ve ever seen. There’s always a long wait no matter if there is 1 person or 20 people, doesn’t matter the service is still slow. The employees act if they are not properly trained. No matter what you say they still have the same bored indifferent look on they’re face….they don’t look as if they even enjoy working there.

    Which does not inspire me to visit or keep my $$$ there……worst service ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Low overall rating because we have been with bank for years and the location that we did business banking with closed and we were directed to go to a different branch in a different town. We had no problems getting checks deposited; two or three party checks at our home town location. There was no mention of depositing second or third party checks when we opened the account years ago. Now if you open an account “New Account”, I believe there is. Since we were directed to go to the new branch, they won’t deposit a check without either the business name or the business owners name on it. It is very time consuming to get a customer to go get another insurance check written with the business name on it. The new branch wouldn’t accept the check for deposit even though the person it was payable to, was in the bank (in person), ID in hand and was going to endorse it in front of the bank employee. No, they wouldn’t do that either because the check wasn’t drawn on their bank. The check was an insurance check that came out of California…..I assume they wanted them to fly to California to get it cashed? lol. The person it was written to here, didn’t have a checking account to deposit it in and write another check to the business or cash it. A telephone call was made to another branch. I was told the reason behind them not wanting to deposit the checks, was because they didn’t “know us” at that branch and after time it would get better. I told the person that I called at the other branch that it wasn’t getting any better and they even made us fill out and sign a (1-5 page) document and another (1-5 page document) that didn’t pertain to our business whatsoever (not the second 1-5 pages). Sorry for our mistake…..we didn’t know to go introduce our selves before our home town branch closed and furthermore, didn’t know where our bank was going to direct us to do banking. We were pleased with our bank before all this took place, but now saddened.

  23. Two months after my Dad died, Mom got word from Band of America that she had now died. They did this on two separate occasions. The last one had cancelled her credit card and closed her account. The branch manager said she had to start over with NO credit, like a brand new customer. Mom has great credit! Luckily someone else there fixed it for her. Horrible

  24. I visited this bank at 9:40 on a Tuesday morning. The teller took down my name & my reason for being there (new account) and asked me to have a seat until someone called my name. There was one other man waiting. 30 minutes later there were 4 of us waiting and no one being helped. Mind you, this is a main branch office. I left soon after to look for a better bank. If this is how they treat potential new customers, I’d hate to see how they treat the ones they’ve already got.

  25. Just wanted to say thanks for almost 30 years of good service from the Military Bank department. I started with your bank back in 1984 when it was National Bank of Fort Sam Houston. Stayed with you throughout several acquisitions by Nationsbank, NCNB Texas and finally Bank Of America. You always provided great service no matter where I was stationed. Recently learned that you were shutting down the online military bank and I would transition to a regular Bank of America account. Really sorry to see you go. Can only hope the service will be as good in the future as it has been in the past.

  26. I would have rated this bank at zero stars, but there was no such option. To have received taxpayer dollars, their “customer” service could not be worse. Since banking at the Wieuca Road branch in Atlanta, GA, since 2004, I have been treated shabbily to say the least. Heaven forbid you have to deal with a teller, either in the drive-thru or in the branch office. Furthermore the ATMs will never read the checks properly for deposit and/or they will tear and skew the checks as they feed through the ATM, thereby voiding the checks – good luck with a reissue on a payroll check. The tellers are rude, condescending and in my most recent interaction, even questioned my signature thereby accusing me of being a fraud! I have banked at this branch for 9+ years, and they did not even ask to see my ID or offer the service of a manager. The teller simply kept stating that it “didn’t look like your signature”. I was outraged, and after calling customer service to leave feedback, I received NO reply – typical for Bank of America. I’m sure it won’t be long before they get another taxpayer bailout reward for “good behavior”. Thanks, Bank of America.

  27. Visiting my son in Las Vegas from Florida, I stopped into this branch of Bank of America to get some cash. The young Latino teller was happily conversing with her friend as I was the only person waiting to be served. After several minutes, she finally noticed me. I gave her my debit card and asked for $80 cash. I received the cash, with no receipt and walked out. Three weeks later I see that $300 was taken from my account. When I called the branch, the manager said that I had signed for $300. That was not true. I signed no piece of paper. He said there was nothing else he could do. I then filed a claim with B of A, but received a letter saying I would have to resolve the issue with the Las Vegas Branch Manager. I live in Florida. I called numerous times, but no one answers the phone. So ….. CAUTION …. there is a teller at the Las Vegas Airport Center Bank of America Branch that knows how to extract more cash from your account than requested. Get a receipt and double check it.

  28. I recently got married and changed my last name. So I went into Bank of America on Ina Road to order new debit & credit cards with the new name on them. The employee told me I could not order new cards without my husband being present (even though I had my new social security card & marriage certificate.) I said okay and walked out. The next day my husband took time off of work to come with me and we ordered new cards. I was told they would arrive in 7-10 business days in the mail. Over two weeks pass and still no cards. So I call B of A on Ina and speak to someone who told me they were the manager. She apologized and said she would re-order them rush b/c they were actually NOT PUT IN THE SYSTEM the 1st time my husband & I went into the bank. I say okay b/c mistakes happen. Well again 2 weeks pass and still no cards. I call a third time and speak to the manager who now claims she never said she would rush order the cards but that they were mailed out however couldn’t track them b/c once they leave her bank…it’s out of her hands. SO her fix to this issue was to mail out new cards AGAIN for the 3rd time and I could either pay $25 rush fee or wait another 7-10 business days. The manager at this location is horrible at customer service and doing her job correctly. She was beyond rude and had no sympathy for having to wait 30+ days for new cards. I informed the manager if my cards are not here in 10 days that my husband and I are leaving Bank of America. She could care less. At the end of the day…I ended up calling B of A’s 1-800 #. Turns out the manager never even put new cards in the system to go out to me the third time around. Do not waste your time at this location….they do not know how to do their job.

  29. I’m a BoA customer for over 7 yrs but not with this branch. Yesterday, I went to cash my check at this branch as it’s closer to my work.The teller took forever to help me even though there was no other people in line. It took a long time for the teller to count $1056, going back and forth changing bills and straightening up the creases??? He finally counted the cash in front of me but a little obstructed and puts it in the bin. I then asked for an envelope and puts the money in there. My mistake, I didnt count the money before stashing in the envelope. I just trusted too much I guess. After some errand I got home counted the money and it was $90 short.The next day I called the bank and reported the issue with the manager. They said that they were all balanced yesterday. I described how the transaction went and asked for them to check the video. I told him that not that I’m trying to insinuate something about the teller but I wanted for them to review the video if there’s anything wrong with that transaction. But the Manager said that when they normally request for films, they’re not able to prove anything.I read the other reviews here and found that other customers had the same issues. Shouldn’t this cause the management to get alarmed and start investigating. We are all different people complaining about the same problem. It’s shame if management choose to ignore and not do anything about this, or more shame if corporate don’t investigate what’s going on in this branch!!!

  30. I walked into the bank not sure if it was open because the place looks like it was closed. the place looks like its going to fall apart but was surprised when i was greeted in chinese by a white guy. anyway, it took 45 minutes to cash a check but the staff was friendly enough.

  31. I closed my account with BofA years ago because of runaway fees but, my girlfriend still banks with them and from time to time she asks me to help her make deposits. I never liked this branch I guess because the staff there always seems constipated or should I say mad and the clientele is very ghetto like a check cashing store. The other day I made a $5K deposit in cash and there was an error on the deposit slip that required my attention which was the first time I took my eyes off the transaction and the second time was when I was helping unfold the bills straight. When the money was finally put through the machine it came out $100 short. I asked for the money back and re-counted it manually and it was indeed $100 short. The night before my girlfriend had counted the money right before she handed it to me and I re-counted it so, it was counted twice before it was rubber banded. Nobody else in the house except her and I and the rubber band was removed at the bank right before I put the money through the slot. I called the branch today and spoke with the manager and asked him to please review the video to see if there was a mistake on the tellers end and he said they don’t video tellers which was strange because even retail stores have cameras on their cashiers so I would imagine a bank would have them for sure to watch their tellers as they do handle large sums of cash daily. Any teller at this branch that has the intent to steal obviously knows cameras are not watching them so this becomes a serious loophole and a grave security threat to the cash customers of this branch. Now I’m not accusing the teller of stealing that $100 since I myself have not witnessed it nor do I have any proof however since the money was last counted correctly until the time of the discrepancy the teller was the only variable in this equation which leads me to become suspicious of the teller and since there is no video on the transaction it makes it even more suspicious not only on the the teller but the bank itself. $100 lesson learned here. Never take your eye off of cash transactions especially at this branch and never do business with a bank that has sour faced tellers indicating that they’re not happy there and may want to give themselves an instant raise at your expense.

  32. We area long time bank customer. But, the loan process staff was not very good in providing information needed. Sometimes, we had to provide documents twice because they couldn’t find it. The loan officer was very arrogant with terrible manner. We are very sorry for the poor attitude. We plan to move all accounts out of this bank.

  33. I just want to let anyone out there know that even people who are responsible and current on their financial matters, are getting screwed over by bank charges that were manifested by employees of the bank being reviewed. I never ordered a transaction, only information and got charged for it. I hope this review takes away business from you just like you took money from me. $6 or $60B, theft is still theft (Look it up online). Don’t underestimate the power of the internet!

  34. disabled veteran buys condo that stipulates any damages found would be fixed, after inspection a million dollars was found. Sued builder an won, builder files bankruptcy, causing the veteran to have to foreclose as he doesn’t ave money to fix what was supposed to be new. BofA refuses to forge a tiny 2nd mortgage. The disabled veteran no lives in a basement apartment in a low income area. BofA response is sorry, Live in poverty for 6 years!!! Pay us we only made 6.2 billion last year. All veterans and military go to navy federal or Kitsap bank, run from bank of UnAmerica.

  35. I have been with Wells Fargo for 2 years. I had a no fee checking account. Every single time over the last 6 months when I go in they ask me if I want to “upgrade” my account. I said no numerous times. Now they added a 10 dollar monthly service fee. The teller was no help in explaining why all of a sudden I am charged a fee. I also do not like their over the top attempts of being friendly, makes me want to throw up, very insincere. Friendly and cordial is ok but don’t ask me about my “weekend plans” each time I come in sounds like a used car salesman script. I go their to bank not chat!! I am closing my account!

  36. This bank is horrible, they are soooo condescending not friendly and unbelievably snappy.

    Their “personal bankers” talk down to you, there is ZERO Customer service value.

    Do you self a favor walk half block down to Chase.

  37. This is the worst bank, wait times are long. Im moving my small business account at the end of the month.

  38. i got a settlement check from BOA, when to cash it at this with a charge u would think is their bank’s check it would be free of charge and thats not all i asked for $100 bills she say i only can give you 3 $100 bill,i thought in my mind this is bull sh–t ill never bank here ever again.now im banking with chase i never have any problem when i ask for $100 bills they ask how many? this is the place i want to put my money!!!!

  39. I have been with this bank for 15 years.I have always maintained a very high balance. They just decided to close my account for no reason ( according to them, it was a business decision). The real reason, is this account was not making them money, because it was a no fee account when it was opened. Do yourself a favor and use a smaller comunity bank. They are better and even safer than a big bank esspecially Bank of America, The worst bank in America.

  40. We’ve always been less than impressed with the customer service at this branch. They have taken their laziness, rudeness and lack of any customer service skills to a whole new level. They are both untrained and unwilling to help. Save your sanity and DON’T GO HERE!! Avoid their mortgage loan officer Peter at any and all costs. This guy is the textbook definition of a HORRIBLE person. I will definitely be taking my complaints (which are too many to list here) to his manager and to the corporate office.

  41. I just returned from attempting to deposit two checks into our checking account. I was not asking for any cash back. One of the checks was made out to our daughter from her ex. Our daughter had signed it and gave it to us for deposit after we gave her the amount equal to the amount of the check, I counter signed the check and really believed it would be no problem since the check was to be deposited into our checking account. The drive-up teller refused to accept the check. I explained that that was the reason as to why I had counter signed it. He at this point decided to discuss it with what I presumed was his supervisor, after a lengthy discussion they came to a decision that they would not accept the check. They than returned the check to me. I have been with this bank for over 20years and always keep between $5,000.00 and $10,000.00 in our checking account. WHERE WAS THE RISK. Is BofA SO BIG AND SO SURE OF THEMSELVES THAT THEY CAN OFFEND LONG TIME CUSTOMERS AT A WHIM. In retrospect, I turned around and went to our CHASE BANK where we also have a checking account, they CHEERFULLY accepted our check and deposited it into our checking account. I really don’t really expect an answer from BofA but, this is my way of venting.










  43. I Tried to add my name on a business account that was opened in NYC. I had the pleasure (not) of being assisted by an Indian female banker whose tone was soooo rude and condescending. I eventually had enough of her shit and decided that I was going to go elsewhere when I was assisted by the assistant manager. I explained to her what had happened and she assisted me but the damage was already done. I have never been into a bank even in NYC and felt as if they were doing me a favor. I’m writing letters to every manager I can get in contact with because she needs to work in the storage closet. She has no customer service abilities but holds a customer service position. Go figure!!! If something is not done about Ms. Rudy, I will close my business account and go elsewhere.

  44. I would like to compliment the entire staff at the Bank of America East Milford Branch on 209 East Main street,Milford Ma.

    Every staff member that I have worked with has been extremely professional, courteous and always focusd on helping me to get my business done.

    In this day and time it is extremely rare to encounter such a crew as this one.

    Thank you East milford Branch!!

  45. THE WORST EXPERIENCE EVER. Went with my friend Nick to close his bank account (since all banks apparently work for the devil, proliferating a world ending ponzi scheme blah blah) but anyway we wait and line and once they found out he was closing his account we were escorted to the red couches for 1 freaking hour until finally someone helped us, sort of. Come to find out, after waiting that long they did not even close the account. Had to go back today and the same lady “I think I know what you are here for” helped him and started by saying I couldnt close your account last night because of all this stack of work I had to do. Can you believe that? They are totally inept or there really is a government directive to make it hard as possible to check out of the system. BOA sucks but wow were screwed they are a reflection of society….

  46. I absolutely adore the High Ridge Branch Great service from a great staff I recommend everyone to do their banking here. They do it all Definitely worth your time and business It is so refreshing to find a bank that gives the consumer what they want and deserve

  47. I’ve been with them for years and have a “linked” checking and savings account. I apparelty overdrew from my checking account and was charged with multiple overdraft fees and extended overdraft fees on one billing statement without being notified in advance. I have never done this in the past, but they billed me multiple times. They did not call, mail, email, or text message me to alert me, which makes me think they were just waiting for this to happen. They only sent me a notification after my account was overdrafted, which of course, promted my immediate attention. When I went to the bank, they told me that I wasnt enrolled in overdraft protection and that my accounts weren’t linked in the correct way. This makes me wonder why they didn’t sign me up for overdraft protection and properly link my accounts in the first place! I’ve been a loyal customer of theirs for eight years and this is what I get for my loyalty! I also want to mention that my funds were there, just in my savings account, where they are earning very little interest. I am also (unfortunately) at this bank every two weeks to deposit my paycheck and nobody cares to update me on my account status/new developments/anything informative. They sure enjoy calling me for telemarketing purposes, but when I need them, they wipe their hands clean looking for new ways to charge me! I will not be a customer for life, thats for sure.

  48. Attention: Rich Baker, Assistant Vice President and others

    Bank of America

    Enterprise Estate Unit

    Reference: Walter Scott’s Estate

    Case Number: 13440731

    I hope there is a Rich Baker I spoke to this morning at 10:45 to 10:55 am. I have encounter so many misleading information from the company estate unit.

    I want you to know that I can recognized a theft. But I will not let you steal my deceased brother money. On or about September 28, 2012, I did what I was supposed to do when I received your letter requesting information need to handled the accounts of Mr. Scott. When I received your letter I went directly to the Bank of America at the Ashley Crossing Location in Charleston South Carolina. I sat down and provided the death certificate and additional information as requested per your letter . You requested that I provide the following documentation, and I did provided all the information needed to Bank of America Representative “Eric” . I was told on numerous occasions that I cannot close the account of Mr. Scott. Is this your illegal tactics, the way of stealing from the deceased estate.

    Rich Baker, I want to let you know that I am a Bank of America customer, there was no call for, no reason for you to be so rude to me, you over talked me and you did not want to listen to the customer concerns. You were so rude and you stated your are a Vice President. I did not appreciate the way you spoke to me, very unprofessional your tone of voice. Listen I am somebody and deserve respect, I am not trying to take money from you nor your company, I am only trying to get what belongs to my family. I am not at fault, the bank made an error, so the bank need to correct it and put every penny back into my brother account.

    Your letter in reference to Mr. Scott’s Estate have no mention of “need to read a disclosure statement” to me. If Mr. Scott’s account was in the negative, the company should have address it in writing. The company representative did not addressed it when I spoke to Mary Simpson in October 2012.

    The company representative did not addressed it when I spoke to Eric (on numerous occasions) after my brother death in Charleston SC

    The company representative did not addressed it when I spoke to Alex (on numerous occasions) in February 2013, Charleston SC.

    Oh, by the way Rich Baker, I told you on today that I was in the bank, and you informed me that the representative should be able to help me, UNTRUE, Mr. Alex, stated that ” he can only read the notes on the computer” and he don’t know and can’t help me because he is not in that department”. I am so sick of being lied to and you trying to make it look like you can’t contact me.

    The company representative did not addressed it when I spoke to Elmer Valentine?? on February 15, 2013, I was not informed of a disclosure statement, I was told that “maintenance fee” will be reimbursed.

    I hope that your company(unit) will get your facts and records straight. Let me tell you what I wanted to tell you when I spoke to you today. I tried to return the call of Edwin?? (a foreigner) on February 21, 2013, he left me a message that he called in reference to Mr. Scott’s estate. I did tried calling him back he left a number but, I could not make out what he was saying (being that he was is a foreigner) the complete number, I tried calling 714-577-0878 and 714-577-0870, not good numbers, when I played the message back, approximately 5 times, my voice mail gave me a 800- 722-4092 number. Like I tried to tell you the only number he left on my voice mail was the 714-577-087_??? number. He then called back that pm and stated account over drawn sending letter on what to do.

    You (the unit) have deceived me in every effort to resolve this case. Your letter stated that you will make every effort to resolve the case by November 16, 2012. You did not contact me by phone after September 28, 2012, October, November, December, and January 2013, not until I went into the bank in a few weeks ago, February 2013. Your tactics used to steel my deceased brother money, is unacceptable.

    I hoped you will reimburse the account since you hesitate to freeze the account, or permitt me to close the account as his POA who recommended him to open the account with Bank of America

    Bank of America, just lost one more customer. I know I am only one person, where you have millions of customers, does not make or break the company. For the record you have always had my phone number, please inform your representatives to leave an extension number.

    Hazel Scott, 843-330-0969

  49. We bank at BOA and my wife went to cash a BOA check and then get a cashiers check. The teller said she could cash the check without a problem, but if she wanted a cashiers check for the same amount she would have to deposit the initial check in our account. My wife said she would cash the check and return in 10 minutes to purchase a cashiers check. The teller said she could not do that and then indicated BOA was the only local bank open on Saturday. So my wife took the cash and went to Walmart for the cashiers check. Typical BOA stupidity.

  50. I’ve had one other bank in my lifetime and I’m almost 40. I steered away from the other bank when I experienced the bank’s unprofessionalism regarding a $14.95 recurring charge that wouldn’t stop.

    Bank of America! They were batting a 1000 up until the point of speaking to a rep by phone in the AURORA, IL on the Indian Trail Rd. branch. To make a long story short, including 2-3 employees I know by name there, they’re FAKE & PHONY sickening nice — face to face & rude over the phone!!! WOW! Even after you identify yourself and say I know you, why are you treating me like this over the phone!!!? And the rep was even combative & was taking things way too personal. It was all over a roll of $10 in quarters that I forgot:) I left them there minutes before closing & did several transactions with the newer teller and do you think she’d try to bother and remember me!? After she said how she loved my coat… Unreal. If this is how they act over the phone & the call was initiated in regards to a roll of quarters you left, just imagine how pissed off they will make you about everything else. I even have my mortgage there & a good $2500-4600+ in deposits in any given month. Well, quite frankly my dear, they DON’T GIVE A D@MN!!!

    Anyway, made my way from Jason, teller supervisor to Ray, the branch manager & I could tell although Ray was the only professional person I spoke to at the branch, he was quivering like a leaf & was rushing me off the phone at the end kinda. Almost as if he was afraid I was going to go higher up still (which I probably will).

    It’s unfortunate, because I got a killer interest rate on my mortgage. Good luck if you bank or have any dealings with them!!!

  51. My boyfriend has to go there everyday to deposit his corporate business deposits. They are constantly sending him the wrong amount of money back for his petty cash breakdown and telling him that his deposit is wrong when its not. The wait time is completely unreasonable and they have no sense of urgency. Not to mention I gave him a check last week to deposit into his personal account and it already cleared my bank and it is no where to be found in his account. They deposited my $800 check into someone else’s account and now we can’t pay our credit card bill for this month.

  52. The staff really screwed me over. I think the guy’s name is Michael and I opened a credit card and checking account with him. Bottom line is the bank ended up screwing me out of $500 that I deposited into my checking account and mostly I blame this on him because of all the questions I asked about the $500 he lied or talked around the truth, which was my mistake for believing him in the first place. Never, ever, ever will I step foot in another Bank Of America

  53. I strongly recommend visiting this branch. The staff there is very helpful and lots of knowledge. They help me establish the right account for my business needs and recommended some great payroll ideas. The waiting time was very short and just received the kind of customer service you don’t normally get in California.

  54. Bank of America has screwed up my mortgage loan, Have taken money from my ewcrow account for unknown reasons but always state it as insurance paymenets which is not owed. They have given 10 late fees in one month’s time and payment has not been late. They have tried forecloser threats which I filed a lawsuit and settled out of court, they continue the same activity the next month now I am going to file another lawsuit for the same reasons. I’ve made my payments at this branch but they have never been properly credited the same day or the same month. They put the paymenet into an unapplied funds account. They took 6502.05 that I borrowed to pay on the account when I did a modification and paid it to themselves as interest and to this date have never applied it to my loan: principal/interest/escrow. The money just disappeared and I have never seen it to date other then to see it on my payment history as interest paid to them….they are stealing from my escrow account, my mortgage and every month I am threatened with foreclosure and certified letters and I can’t find a lawyer that wants to help me sue the bank, I had to do it on my own.

  55. BOFA – Dulles, VA

    To put it in one word – SUCKS. Staff are not helpful. I have met with a lady called Netu many times and she will make sure that she is always correct by telling different rules and making sure that you return empty handed without your work done. They have to revamp their staff.

  56. The worst service bank i have ever dealt with. I can’t get my business out of here fast enough and into a smaller personal bank. I am disgusted

  57. Mailed a pretty substantial deposit to my business account, currently out of town on business. 800 customer service has e-mailed bank manager & asst. bank manager because the fedex envelope was signed for but has not showed up in my acct… I called the bank about 20 times, finally got through, was put on hold for 25 mins then hung up on. I’m pissed

  58. Mailed a pretty substantial deposit to my business account, currently out of town on business. 800 customer service has e-mailed bank manager & asst. bank manager because the fedex envelope was signed for but has not showed up in my acct… I called the bank about 20 times, finally got through, was put on hold for 25 mins then hung up on. I’m pissed

  59. I never had a problem with the free checking account until I changed jobs and my new employer did not direct deposite. I deposited my check via the ATM to avoid a $12.00 teller fee. I was givin access to $300 the rest of which was withheld for 3 days. I can undertand the next buesness day but at 5pm 3 days later is unexceptable. Later that week I needed to set a PIN number on my new debit card on my lunch break and I told to wiat for the lady (no problem) but then when she was done with her guest she informed me that she had a hypothetical appointment and I would have to wait until after that appointment was over. Setting a PIN takes 5 min. They wanted me to hang out for someone that wasn’t even there.

  60. Bank of America has gotten too big for their britches. The right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing. They took out a mortgage automatic payment after a loan had been closed and it took almost 5 days to get the money back. I was told so much conflicting information….no one could seem to get it right. Departments can’t work together it seems because they are all seperate and info isn’t always passed between each other. I was told info that was suppose to be done and wasn’t. I was told that a case was opened to try and take care of things, then I got an emaill that said the case was closed and the reason was it couldn’t be resolved. So much bad, wrong, incorrect information between different depts. They had MY MONEY….the loan had already been paid of and closed. Did they offer to compensate me somehow ……NO…..but if I had done something wrong, they would have charged me all kinds of fees. Really upset with Bank of America and also feel bad for some of their employees…..they don’t have proper procedures in place for their employees to handle things. Good customers should be taken care of and not be treated like “oh well, sorry.” Also alot of NO follow through when people say they will. You also can’t deal with the same person……you have to tell the story over and over and over. I spent over 6 hours at least trying to take care of this. It finally got taken care of and no one calleed me to tell me….even though they said they would. I had to find out by myself by checking on my account. Just really really unhappy with Bank of American and after over 50 years of banking with them am very seriously looking into pulling all our accts out after the new year. Ironically after this happened to us so many people have told me how unhappy they were with BofA and that they left that bank……it is really a shame that they have gotten so big they make the customer feel like they don’t even care……Shame on you Bank of America.


  62. It’s about time I found people who actually do their job It’s so sad when we live in a world where Good service is hard to find especially in businesses that rely on Cust Service to survive This bank of America actually surprised me with Great Service Problems were fixed immediately Staff was nice and didn’t act like they were doing me a favor Service was Great I actually closed my Chase account to do all of my bankin at this branch just from my experience I am finally satisfied. I found what I deserve as a customer Nice Staff Friendly Efficient and customer focused You have my Vote and my business Everyone should bank here

  63. The little guy in the suit and tie was absolutely rude and belittling. Not to mention did not have accurate information regarding IRA Accounts. I will stick to the 5th street location after a 30 minute confusion fest. I would not use them for checking or savings.

  64. I have had nothing but a great experience at this location. I would call the 1800 # for customer service and they are never able to help me and are full of excuses of why they do want to do their job. So I goto the location and they are alsays able tohelp me. I have never had an issue and they havenever given me an attitude. Even when I have one they do not. They have always been able to fix the issues and I am happy. My only complaint is that I wish they would answer the phonewhen I call so I am not routed to the stupid people in the call center

  65. two tellers just hanging out and chit chatting with the other co-workers yet i’m patiently waiting in drive-thru and no help. You would think someone would watch periodically at the drive-thru area, but apparently they are too busy chit-chatting as well as being on their cell-phones.

  66. I have been waiting over 150 days for a $100 promotional credit. I have contacted the customer service number as well as Nick at the branch. I received nothing but the runaround. At another location, I got to the bottom of it. A coding error happened when opening the account. Today, they cannot even answer their phones. When they did their phones are not working properly, ” Hello, hello???” than they hang up. In this economy, where people need jobs I cannot believe the lack of professionalism involved! Not to mention a lack of ethics. Where is my $100 that was promised me?

  67. I have to say the ladies in here are the BEST they are kind, friendly and very helpful!

    I enjoy going through the drive thru there is one teller specificlly that is the BEST ever, she is truly FANTASTIC!!!

    You know who you are!!!

    Keep up the good work!!!

    Maxx the VP of the bank is very nice and easy to work with, always trying to help.

  68. I have meet so many of the employee at this branch only to see them in other branches, as I have learned this is a training location. However the branch manager Heather is awesome and there is a teller named Bethany. They always have a smile on there faces and go the extra mile. The entire branch is full of smiling helpful people. I love this branch and have made it mine. I don;t know if the employees read this, but I want them to know they are appreciated by this customer! Thanks Ladies and the occasional Gentlemen who have and do work there. Thank you all!!!

    By the way my experience at the Austin Branches were cold, people have no interest, your just another number.

  69. Bank of america is a joke, have a business acct. We get insurance checks. In order to deposit them if it has your business name plus the client name the client as to be with you to deposit. Can you see telling your client can you please come with me to the bank! How unprofessional. We are not a new client have been with them over 10yrs. Not anymore! Closing all accts, going to PNC they are great! Everyone should follow never had better customer service better rates and hours. Goodbye bank of america

  70. I find this branch to be fast, friendly and efficient. I drive past another BofA to get to this one. Highly recommend the branch.

  71. I came to the branch to obtain a new debit card, my current one closed due to fraud. My choices were to wait 7 days to receive a new one in the mail (impossible since I currently have no cash on hand) or go to a location and get a temporary one issued. Upon stepping in, I was unsure of who would be able to assist me with this: the staff sitting at their desks or the tellers and there was no one available to help guide me in the right direction. I chose to stand in line for the tellers because there seemed to really be nowhere to go. I chose wrong. After standing in the teller line for what seemed like a century, I was promptly told that they couldn’t help me they would put my name on a list for the staff at desks to call over. Needless to say, I was now at the end if THAT line now. Everyone who came in after me got helped before. I am sitting here now. Still waiting for my turn. In all honesty I don’t mind a little wait but they should’ve put me ahead of the 2nd line since I was already waiting

  72. I have a business account and tried deposit and get change. Took me 25 minutes for the whole process!! This vietnamese lady teler # 17 she count the money with machine money and she said the machine didn’t. Work, instead of using another right away she try to fix it….come on you have customer in line for 5 people behind me and she tried to fix it. She ended up use another one. She complain me about my folded money, she complain me how I write the deposit slip…o gosh, what a terrible customer service! When she was getting my one box quarters change, she brought a whole cart of change. Took her forever to full the cart while all the business people still waiting for her. I lost 15 minutes sales because this idiot took her time.

  73. My Husband deposited his pay check at this banks ATM. They lost his freaking check! Unfortunately he chose the paperless reciept option.

    Now we’re out $700+ dollars due to a “glitch”! The representative said they had glitches at the ATM. Supposedly they’ll investigate and redeposit they money. However the experience with this bank I have little hope. I’m thinking its time to switch to Alaska Credit Union inside QFC.

  74. Ms.Carpenter is an excellent banker.She shakes your hand,looks you in the eye,and completes what you asked to be done.She carries herself very well and knows what she is doing.She will be the only one I go to to have anything done in my account if I keep it.She won’t be here too long.Bank of America is accustomed to having rude employees.Hopefully she moves on to somewhere that is more caring like her.

  75. So I came to here to follow up on a dispute and the current Assistant branch manager, Amy, not only ignored me waiting for service, but was also very rude!She didnt complete what i asked her to do which caused me to have to make another trip to the bank.Not happy about that.She is not very friendly and I would not recommend her service to anyone I know.Hopefully she fixes that soon.

  76. Rhonda is incredibly unprofessional, rude and snappy. A sad excuse for a supervisor who needs to work in a warehouse rather than customer service. Also, wtf is with a $9 fee for depositing money into my account via teller? How stupid is that. Wells fargo is free, and every week im leaning more toward switch back to them as my bank. Why would i pay you to take my money? Especially if i can do it for free directly outside at your atm?!?! How dumb are you b of a??!!

  77. i was very impressed by staff and how quickly i was taken care of with my transaction. i always enjoy coming here to see the ladies with there smiling faces. they always help me out

  78. Does anyone realize that all the reviews are either below average or 5 stars! and with that, most of the 5 stars arent even about this branch that most of us are talking about. i believe those are fake or paid to be written.

  79. I usually go to the bank on 31st and garnett an i absolutely had no problems there. i liked that bank. They actually GIVE service! until i moved to 71st here and this branch on elm was the only nearest one. all they do is waste my gas and deny service!!! I would gladly drive all the way to garnett again!

  80. I have never seen a bank that absolutely refuses to cash ANY check that is not your own or from other banks!!! Until Now! I took my boyfriends check(his account is closed) to this exact location, with his signature on it, and they took it like how the tellers are suppose to service their customers! The next time i took his check there, they decided “no, we cant do it without the id or the person here”. pissed off! i came back a week later with his new check to the drive thru with his signature and mine on the check along with his id. “oh we cant cash this check without him”………Aaaarrrghhhh…..Days Later on i went inside with the signatures, his id, and him in person. “I dont feel comfortable cashing this check. I wont do it.” ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! i dont care if u dont feel comfortable, DO Your job or are they just there being paid to say NO!

    This place might as well close DOWN at this rate!

    With Shoes, With Shirt, With required info, No Service!!!!

  81. Everyone with 1 to 2 stars is absolutely true!!! i have $25 automatic transfer from my checking to savings every month. when i transfer it back to checking, they would charge me $35 fee for it being returned. their fees are the worst, their method of trying to make money is Fraudulent!!!!

  82. My first experience with this branch consisted of them denying me service because my license was expired by one day (it was my birthday). The second time I went in there with my fathers check he had written me. After being very rude and taking forever, the woman said that she would be unable to cash the check. I asked her why and she said that she could not personally verify my fathers signature (he has been a customer there for years). I asked why and what could be done and she walked away saying “I can’t go into further detail.” 9 months pregnant and extremely pissed off, I drove 5 minutes down the road to the Granby branch. I explained to then what had happened over at Simsbury and they apologized for them and had no difficulty cashing the check for me.

  83. I didn’t like the way I was treated in that location, and certainly didn’t like the comments they’ve made after I close my account, they are kind of rude. they are nice to certain people only. I will never open another account with BOA again.

  84. I opened an account because of charity. A woman at my church said Bank of America would donate $25 to the church for every person who opened an account with them. I thought it was okay, seeing as I was helping my church. I had the account for over one year and they suddenly began charging me a maintenance fee of $20 without notice. When I brought this up to the agent, she said I should’ve received a notice that they were going to start charging me. She apologized and switched me to ebanking where I could go paperless and wouldn’t be charged as long as I don’t go into the office. I could only use the ATM outside. When I had to move away I went inside and cancel my account, withdrawing all my money to pay off my bills. A month later I received an email alert from my BoA account stating that I was $-8. Apparently they had charged me the fee for going inside of the office when I had canceled. It was completely ridiculous. I had to call customer service and straighten everything out.

  85. They started charging $16 monthly fees because my balance was below a $ 4000 threshold. He told me that it was my own fault that I was being charged those fees. I told that my balance has been over $ 4000 and then he asked me to prove it. I told them that they have access to my account, so why should i go home to bring back my statements. after 5 minutes, he was able to look online to see that indeed my balance has been over $ 4000. No apologies, whatsoever, but did agree to try to waive the fees. However, although they have been charging the $ 16 monthly fee for 11 months, they can only go back and reverse up to 6 months of fees. Again, he said it was my fault for not coming in sooner.

  86. There is a begger who sits outside in the parking lot every evening, even Saturday’s, peddling for money. This is daily between 6-8ish PM. I’ve told management about this, but I suppose the area allows lottering. So, it’s ok for customers of this bank to be harassed by sob stories from bums. It’s bad enough we have to put up with this at gas stations. Go to another ATMs, there’s a ton of them around.

    Fairfax and Melrose…avoid !

  87. The branch manager is very unprofessional and rude. She would not cash my check because my drivers license had Jr on it and my check did not. I have cashed may of these checks with Bank of America in Encino and have never had a problem. I asked for her business card to complain she did not give it to me. She said “I dont give my name out to strangers”. All I was able to find out from the teller is that her name was Ellie. I googled her online and found out her name was Ellie Nabili. I have never in my life experienced service this bad.

  88. The branch manager is very unprofessional and rude. She would not cash my check because my drivers license had Jr on it and my check did not. I have cashed may of these checks with Bank of America in Encino and have never had a problem. I asked for her business card to complain she did not give it to me. She said “I dont give my name out to strangers”. All I was able to find out from the teller is that her name was Ellie. I googled her online and found out her name was Ellie Nabili. I have never in my life experienced service this bad.

  89. This was my worst experience ever.

    The teller by the name of Ruth is very un-professional and very unfriendly.

    I don’t know how she was hire.

    I would not come back to this banking center.

  90. I have been banking with the Bluewater Bay branch since 2001 as my main account.

    Although I live overseas in New Zealand I have had nothing but the very best of service.

    Thanks to Mary Rivas and Melissa (nйe) Dye for a great job making busuЎiness at a great distance very simple.

  91. First of all, all those reviews where people are putting five stars are phony. BoA is PAYING them to do this to improve their reputation. What they should be doing instead is actually treating customers properly. I have a million dollar mortgage with them for the past seven years and have never missed a payment. I live blocks from the bank, and yet they would not let me cash a $74 check from another bank because I did not have a checking or savings account with them. They weren’t apologetic, but they did tell me they aren’t in the business of cashing other bank’s checks (REALLY, I THOUGHT THEY WERE A BANK). They had the nerve to ask me to open an account! While I was waiting for the manager I overheard them speaking with an elderly woman and trying to talk her in to getting a high interest mortgage on a house she had paid off, instead of the $2,000 short term loan she was requesting. She seemed confused and they seemed like vultures. The new branch in Mooresville that opened in 2011 is the worst. If you had to write a book on how not to treat people, you could simply walk into that branch and listen. I will never be going there again – ever!

  92. The minute you open an account with BOA, they automate third party sharing of your information. I pleaded with the personal banker at the desk to help me remove my name from both their list as well as from the national credit reporting agency lists. As a loyal five-year customer, I know this isn’t what they typically do, but needed to stop the bombardment of junk mail. The banker told me she wouldn’t help me simply because she was not obligated to. After five years, I plan to close my account Monday, and move to a bank that will help me even if they aren’t obligated to!

  93. This branch of B of A has some very nice smart efficient tellers but the manager is a total jerk to the merchant customers. He has trouble understanding very simple problems. His first response to almost everything is “NO – you can’t do that”. What’s almost worse is rather than being friendly and setting an example for his staff, he tends to hide in his desk area and do nothing. I think a manager should be the smartest and hardest working person in a branch. This dude’s name is John Nguyen, and he made me and another merchant customer wait for an extra 5-10 minutes while there were 3 regular tellers open & doing nothing. 2 of those tellers are sometimes merchant tellers who would have liked to help us, (they offered) but he yelled at them that we were to wait for the Merchant teller to finish. The irony of it all was the merchant teller that we were to wait for, was dealing with some crazy street person who didn’t have an account and was trying to cash their check without paying the $5 fee. They were in the wrong line. Maybe it is B of A policy to openly discourage merchant customers ? Maybe they don’t care that this branch is run by a slow thinking, unkind, little dude with a Napoleon complex ? The sad simple truth is we should all take our money somewhere else. I’m going to talk to my boss about moving banks on Monday.

  94. I went to make a two deposit on March 8, 2012 for $750 & $200 they took my checks gave me a receipt and then lost the checks I have my receipt and the manager refuses to give me a partial credit while they investigate their own ineptitude it has been a month and six visit to the branch to talk to the teller and manager and no answer or solution given what’s worse the teller said that all of her work went missing for that day so there are another 12 people who don’t have their money because this branch can’t function properly, they should hire people who know how to resolve these type of issues frankly the service on these branch is unacceptable and bank of America is just taking advantage of their own clients, everybody visiting this particular branch should make sure that they deposit are being credited and that they don’t lose their money

  95. US Bank changed the terms of my checking account to add a monthly fee. This was not part of my original agreement with them–they say they notified me by mail. US Bank sends me a great deal of mail–most of it is of the “junk offering” category, so I don’t open all of it. Now the $6 per month fee has eaten away the balance to a negative amount (it’s not my main bank account–only something I use to make transactions in town). When I learned that their new fees had wiped out my account, I requested they close the account. Then they wanted me to pay them to close the account! The manager agreed to waive the small ($5) negative balance, but they “ate” $40 of my money after changing the terms of my account without my explicit agreement–this shouldn’t be legal, and it’s why the public is moving away from doing business with the “big” banks. Don’t do business with US Bank–open a credit union account instead–my credit union has never done anything this shady! Bye bye US Bank!

  96. Best branch I’ve been to. I walked in around 11am and everyone was busy so I sat down. Immediately after I sat down a young lady came to my assistance asking what I needed help with. I’m happy she asked because I could have handled my transactions at the teller line. She was very helpful with all of my questions and finished my transactions very fast. I believe her name was Liz. If you want any assistance, go to Liz at putty hill plaza

  97. I went into this branch on Saturday morning, September 17, to withdraw funds from an IRA account to pay property taxes. This branch is open from 9 am – noon on Saturdays.I entered the office at about 11:10 am.

    The banking services individual was speaking with a customer in her office and so I sat down in one of the chairs outside her office to wait.

    I got up periodically to peek into her office as time went by to enure she knew that someone else was waiting to see her. To make a long story short, I sat in the chair no more than 10 feet oustide of this person’s office was able to overhear a very long personal conversation with the customer in her office (yes, the same customer as when I arrived). This employee made no effort to see if anyone else was waiting to see her at any time.

    At no point during my wait did either of the two tellers, who could not have missed seeing me waiting to be serviced, ask me if they could be of help.

    At 11:50, I told one of the tellers what I needed to transact and if she could help me. She replied she didn’t know and as far as she knew, only the person I had been waiting to see could help me. I was told to go to the Brewer B of A branch but I pointed out that I would never make it in time before the Brewer office closed at noon!?!?!?!

    I have never been treated so poorly by any bank that I have ever done banking with…..if my company ever treated its customers this way, we soon would not have any customers. My presence was totally ignored at this branch office….I feel insulted that this happened to me.

    If I could easily find out who the head officer for B of A Maine is, I would share my experience this day and demand an apology….if this ever happens again to me at another B of A branch, I am pulling all of my accounts out of B of A and putting them with another more service-minded bank!

    I only gave a one-star rating because zero star rating is not available…..

  98. I have never banked with Bank of America, but have heard good reviews about it, so I thought I’d look into it. I arrived at BOA around 5:45 and they closed at 6. I had to wait for about 20 minutes to speak to a banker but I understood since I had come in so late. I was helped by Darlean Brewer, and all I have to say is that she is such a people person! Very friendly and very helpful. She made sure I knew everything I was getting into. And she also stayed an hour late just to help me out, which is great customer service. I felt really bad that she had to stay late and I let her know that. Also they manager made sure I was satisfied afterwards and even gave me a shirt. ;P

    I dont know what to say about the other employees there but if you want great customer service go see Darlean Brewer, you won’t be disappointed.

    Also after I had completed signing up for a checking, savings and credit account, Darlean went to the ATM with me and made sure I understood how to use it. I’ve been a BOA member for less than an hour and I’m already satisfied. Thank you so much! And keep up the great work Darlean!!

  99. I have been a good customer for more than 10 years. I just realized that they don’t allow my daughter to use their restroom. That’s after I and my daughter waited a long time to make a deposit.

  100. WORSTTTTTTTTTT customer service ever!!! I rush order checks 8 days ago. I tried calling the bank several times since that’s where I was told to pick the checks up a couple days after the order was entered. Nobody ever called me to say they arrived. Finally I got through to a teller today only to find out my checks had still not arrived. I asked to speak to a manager. Her name was Vathany with a very heavy accent. I could barely understand her. I told her I paid an extra $8 for the rush order & was in desperate need for my checks. She asked for my information and put me on hold so she could look into it. I was re-routed twice back to the teller. I complained about it and was told she had taken another call. I was put back on hold for 25 minutes!!! I was feeling stressed and angry at this point. I hung up and called the bank back. The teller proceeded to tell me he didn’t know where his manager went. He put me on hold and came back to inform me she left for lunch while I was holding for 25 minutes. I was so upset I wanted to rip their entire bank for their HORRIBLE DISGUSTING customer service. Now I have been on hold for another 15 minutes trying to call coorperate due to high call volume. What I call lack of employees. Great way to spend an hour of my day!

  101. This bank is horible, rude, dont know what they are doing, they tell you its a free account then stick you with fees, bank of america charges u money to see your checks for online banking! everyone i know hates bank of america! middlesex nj branch is plan ignorant! i have auto loan with them, bad move…lesson learned , pnc is you best bet !1

  102. I have been with Bank of America for over 10 years, but I am changing banks soon. I have been going to this branch for years, they got a new assisitant manager and it seems as though he may be incompetant. When I asked him a question he was very nuervos and kept interupting me. He gave me all the wrong information and then tried to blame it on me! He said I wasent understanding him, he was talking loudly in a bank full of customers! I was humiliated! In Malibu we all know eachother, its a small community a neighbor was in the line behind me and he brought it up to me later that week, he thought it was unproffessional an rude as well. We were both thinking about going to somewhere else, I dont want to pay that managers paycheck.

  103. Horrrrrible customer service. Assistant bank manager is rude as can be. Pray the bank manager is there if you come in with a problem or you will have to deal with this beast.

  104. I went to talk to the customer service rep. Asked her if I could open an IRA and have the money moved from my Edward Jones account. She told me no that she could not do this. A week later went back to her and said Yes you can do this. She filled out the information and did it wrong. It was rejected by Edward Jones for lack of information.

  105. We went to this bank for a very important service. The woman who did it, did it WRONG. I took the document where it needed to go (about 20 miles from our house), and they informed me that it was not done properly, and that Bank of America should know better.

    I called the bank to try to figure out what we needed to do, and to hopefully bring the mistake to the attention of the person in charge so that this woman wouldn’t go on messing up other people’s documents. Well, turns out the same woman IS in charge. SCARY! She tried to blame it on us, saying that we didn’t specify properly. Ridiculous! We’re not in the banking industry, you should know what is required for specific documents. DO YOUR JOB AND DON’T BE RUDE TO YOUR CUSTOMERS. We plan on cancelling all of our BoA accounts as soon as possible.

  106. The manager refused to allow me to cash a personal check ($250)even though my husband and I have three joint accounts with BoA. The check was made out to both of us and signed by both of us, but my husband was not with me at the time I wanted to cash it. She was very rude and raised her voice at me three times. At one point she said, “Chase bank would not cash this without your husband being present”. I used to think BoA was better than Chase. I kept my voice tones down and left very upset. I was going to switch banks, but I drove about 5 miles down to another branch I’ve used before. The Altamonte branch cashed the check for me… no problem. Unfortunately, I will have to use the Altamonte branch which is much farther to get good service.

  107. The manager would not let me deposit a check from another bank, countersigned to me by my daughter, because she did not have an account with Bank of America. Never mind that I am an official B of A “Preferred Customer,” with over $17,000 dollars in Bank of America accounts, for which I get practically no interest.

    Completely inflexible, regardless of the situation. Their “friendly” manner on the surface does not extend to “friendly service.” I will be looking for a different bank to do business with, quite soon.

    No wonder B of A is the only major bank whose stock is now less than $10 a share, with losses just posted of over 90 cents a share! Just awful!

    Grampa in Glenville

  108. Bank doesn’t know what it’s doing. New account set up WRONG, phone calls are not being returned, pathetic!

  109. Not a customer friendly bank. I was told I would have a phone call concerning a banking matter in the evening after personally going to our local branch. Of course, there was no phone call. I will start tomorrow moving my accounts to a more customer oriented bank.

  110. We attempted to have my husband simply join onto my checking account. The computers at the branch would not allow it, so the manager suggested we open a second checking account, with no fees. We agreed, as it was our only option. The account went on without fees for a short time, then we noticed that we were being charged monthly fees. I went in to speak with the manager, a new manager, unfortunately, and she said, “Who told you that? We have no free checking accounts here.” We are thinking of taking action against the bank because of this.


  112. I have been a customer for 15 years, they are clueless who I am, that’s ok. What I can’t tolerate is their poor service, from waiting time on lines, to incorrect deposit or withdrawal on transaction. I now have learned to look at slip and count my cash. They try to come across as friendly and concerned, but really not qualified. This ranges from opening accounts, once the rep changed my online password and never told me, to miss counting cash. Will be taking my business elsewhere.

  113. You have got to be kidding me. I transfered from another state and this is the closest branch. (no problems at the other branches) The lead teller was RUDE both to my spouse and to myself when we had to go in (most of the other staff we have dealt with were nice enough, but only the lead teller could help us with what we needed – so we were told). So, over the past three months we went to the bank once a week. We had to call every week first (getting through to the bank is a nightmare in of itself) and then after a while were told that we would be charged a fee unless we were a business customer. So, we transfered over our business account – and then the next time she still charged a fee to the business account. After confronting her on the matter she stated she has never said anything of the sort. Question: WHY would we start using a business account at your bank when we already had a personal account that did the job. It is not as if we try to make more work for ourselves. Rude and snippy every time were came in. Unacceptable.

  114. Switched banks due to poor quality staff members. Very uneducated and time consuming. I follow the bank rules but they don’t seem to. Had no idea why I could not make a deposit, particularly my second time there. She made very broad statements about the payer of the check, which I have no control over. So I asked if she wanted to speak with my employer over the phone to verify if the funds existed as we both use BoA, which she agreed to and verified. Unnecessarily, she said my employer will explain to me what just happened, while she went back and forth for about 5 minutes at the drive thru while two other tellers were sitting at their desk. I had to wait for my teller to finish up before I spoke to her. She informed me she could not make the deposit anymore. I have no clue what happened, and I’m not sure she had a clue either. Maybe she was assuming that people write checks for amounts they don’t have these days.

  115. US Bank changed the terms of my checking account to add a monthly fee. This was not part of my original agreement with them–they say they notified me by mail. US Bank sends me a great deal of mail–most of it is of the “junk offering” category, so I don’t open all of it. Now the $6 per month fee has eaten away the balance to a negative amount (it’s not my main bank account–only something I use to make transactions in town). When I learned that their new fees had wiped out my account, I requested they close the account. Then they wanted me to pay them to close the account! The manager agreed to waive the small ($5) negative balance, but they “ate” $40 of my money after changing the terms of my account without my explicit agreement–this shouldn’t be legal, and it’s why the public is moving away from doing business with the “big” banks. Don’t do business with US Bank–open a credit union account instead–my credit union has never done anything this shady! Bye bye US Bank!

  116. The customer service at this branch is unbelievably bad, even for a bank of America branch. We waited almost an hour for a cashier’s check because first, they didn’t recognize me as much to just let me use my license for my account, (they told me I had a check card with them – funny I’ve never received one) so I drove home for a credit card. The branch manager never once approached me, even though we’ve been to that bank several times. I asked a sheet with my personal information back to shred at home and basically had to argue for it back since “these little blue buckets are for confidential documents that need to be shredded”. Forgive me if I don’t trust my personal information in a trash can with no lid. The teller then had given the branch manager my license to sign off on y cashier’s check and somehow left my license on the counter next to me. When I asked for it, the teller simply she had given it back. I had to ask her to please look again. Another customer in line saw it on the counter and handed it to me. They were rude the entire time up until the manager saw the amount of money I had in that particular account. That’s when he wanted to talk to me, shook my hand, and wanted me to come back to talk to him…needless to say all my money will soon be out of bank of America.

  117. I’ll be entirely honest – I work for a major American banking corporation (not BAC), but I have all of my deposit and investment accounts with Bank of America, and I must say, I’m nothing but pleased with BAC – especially because of the service at the Scotts Valley branch. The staff – Lisa, Andrew, Brian, Kim, and the rest – are all very pleasant to work with. They know me by name and know my banking preferences. Nothing but good experiences from BAC and its Scotts Valley Banking Center. Keep up the good work.

  118. I have been using this branch for at least ten years, and the personable way the employees treat you make a difference! you are treated the way small companies do, like you count!

    We all tend to take the time to complain, and forget to give a pat on the back when things go well. I am pretty sure that a lot more customers feel the way I do, just do not take the time to let others know.

    I have been a customer of Bank of America, since they acquired Barnett Bank/Nations Bank, more than two decades ago.

  119. Horrible bank! Went to make a deposit because ATM machine not working. Did not let me make a deposit with my husbands name on the check stating that his name was not on the account which is incorrect. I have been married for 25 years and banked with bofa for over 30 same check that gets deposited every 2 weeks. Not to mention I managed at a bofa for 25 years as well. Waited in a line out the door with 2 unknowlegable tellers. Horrible experience. Bofa is not like it used to be!

  120. I am very pleased with Bank of America Branch in Monroe, Georgia. The people who work there have always went out of their way to help me in any way possible. I can also say the same for the 800 # people. They are always very helpful. The service means so much. They are very competitive as far as the interest rate goes. Of course, in these times the interest is almost non existent. I have been a customer for 5 years now and plan on staying one. Don’t always believe everything you hear about Big Banks. This bank is great!

  121. What a waste of my time to go into this bank with any problems. Sure they are friendly and eager to help you…but they have NO clue what the heck they are doing! I went in there to change my name because I got married…well what a nightmare that turned out to be. I received my debit card back twice with my maiden name on it. Furious as I was, I called the branch and no one answered…typical! So i called BOA and had to have a representative tell me that whoever tried to do this “Did not know what they were doing.” Umm that would be 2 of your branch employees there…Word to the wise BOA…you might want to start hiring smart people who actually know what the heck they are doing. OH and I was charged $5.00 everytime this branch requested a new card for me..Bye Bye $10.00..I’ll never see you again!

  122. Unfair dismissal practices for emplyees who are treated as badly as customers. Termination of husband’s job after working loyally for this Bank for 13 years. Worst thing is they cancelled his health insurance for the whole family effective immediately without informing him of that until he made contact with human resources himself. Did not receive final paycheck in the 72 hours stipluation time for receipt of final check. Bank is covered for fraud at a banking center. This is a recent crime ring that took a lot of banks for a loss recently and i believe were finally appreheneded in Valdosta GA. With regard to healthcare iwe have two children, aged two and four. We lost our beautiful daughter six years ago and the total cost of her care in the hospital exceeded $150,000. Can you imagine. No phone call or written notice to inform my husband of the fact that he no longer had health insurance or an expiration date, grace period etc. Help me with suggestions for banners etc. Please join me at 10 A.M Friday. Newberry Square Bank of America location. civil · 1.Jill King correction to picket against unfair practices

    about an hour ago By the way- i am also informing high end depositers at Bank of America of this situation. So far i have a committment of a withdrawal of $30,000 from a friend and customer. Not bad for a morning;s work. More to come

  123. I have had a BOA heloc for 10 years. It was called due this September. I started the refinance process in August. Everything was handed in and the appraisal was completed by August 26, 2011. There were a series of conditions that were required at the time of the loan that we agreed and completed as soon as the items were requested.

    During this time I was consistently paying toward my HELOC. BOA still reported me delinquent and lowered my credit score by more than 100 points. Because of the change in credit score, they were going to deny us the loan! We finally got that straightened out, but our credit score was still 50 points below where we had started.

    We were told every week, that the closing would be scheduled. That they had everything they needed. But then a new set of explanations for a deposit or a past address that had appeared on our credit had to be put in writing. Every other day is was some new Letter of explanation we had to submit.

    We had what we thought was a closing on January 3rd (5 months after the 1st application) and today, January 6th we were told they would not fund without closing every single credit card that were already being paid off at closing. Basically blackmailing us into submission. We couldn’t risk going to another lender without Bank of America, again ruining our credit when all we did was, in good faith, try to refinance an existing loan WITH THEM. There is plenty of equity (approx $80,000) from the loan amount to the appraised value. We both had good credit (scores over 740) We have the credit card debt (that was being paid off), a rental property that more than pays for itself and nothing else!

    They were absolutely unconcerned with what they were subjecting us to: 5 months of a new problem to resolve every week, Ruining our credit, then on the third day after the closing demanding we close all credit cards without letting us know in advance to get our direct payments worked out.

    I will do everything in my power to “get the word out” about how Bank of America does business. That they bait and switch what they offer and approve you for and then change the conditions, terms and interest rates without explaining themselves. I have the paper trail to prove it.

  124. Wouldn’t do a simple savings account number look up for a deposit after explaining it was for my ill, handicapped father in law. ATM drive doesn’t do savings account deposits and after frustration accidentally left his ATM card in machine. Drove back home to load him and his wheel chair into my vehicle to get no help and looks like we were stupid. Here’s the kicker, are you ready….ON THE WAY OUT THE HANDICAPPED BUTTON ON THE WALL DIDN’T WORK TO OPEN DOORS!!! All funds were withdrew next day!

  125. BOFA is corrupt.

    They are negotiating 2% loans with customers that have gone delinquent over 90 days to avoid Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, or Short Sell with the bank. IT’s Corrupt!

    I have an 804 Average Fica Score and I am now having to fill out my application for the third time because of the time elapsed. BOFA told me 45 days max on closing my loan, they are now @ 90 days. They have sent me so many excuses and still wanting to pass the buck. I have no idea what to do now! I’m thinking about exposing them to the media! This is organized Crime @ it’s best! TERRIBLE COMPANY! TRUST ME ON THIS!

  126. I found the new manager from Houston to be rude. It makes me not want to go in there again and deal with her attitude. Having our business is a privilege, not a right.

  127. i was totally blown away.truly outstanding service. nice staff and good service.i usually bank at chase and peoples. went to bank of america bc chase declined my mortgage application. pissed off and frustrated i went to bank of america and was able to close on my loan in a record breaking 3 weeks i could not believe it i think every customer needs to check out the old greenwich branch truly outstanding

  128. I stopped by this Westwood in Seattle branch today with my dad to cash his check. My dad was only trying to cash a check roughly 20k. Both bank teller and Assistant Manager ( Julie Tr) here were rude and unfriendly. They acted as if my dad stole the check from someone. They asked all kind of nonsense questions…Finally, Julie came told my dad that if you want to cash the check it will take a week to clear,and we have to let her know 1 week in advance if we want it in cash…, even though he had more $ in the bank to cover the check amount…Both banker and Julie were joking back and forth about the check as if there was some sort of problem with the transaction.

    If Westwood BOA doesn’t want our business, just let me know I will stop by other banks for assistance. As a business owner and has been banking with BOA since 1994, I don’t know if I should continue on with it or not. & not to mention about the fee on top of it… We’d thought about about Wellsfargo…

    Hopefully, they will realize these matters and train this Asst. Manager to better serve its customers 🙁

  129. I went into putty hill plaza ysterday 10-13 to speak with them about all of these things we’re hearing on the news about fees fees fees. I spoke with a teller and she kindly answered all of my questions. The news did NOT tell us that the fees dont start until sometime in 2012, nor did they tell us that the 5$ is for an entire month.. i thought that it was $5 per purchase. I did some research and found out that M&T, Wellsfargo, and Suntrust all charge the same fee. Bank of america was one of the last banks to charge. i dont know why people are fussing about it for, if you want great service, stay with bank of america. if you have questions about the 5$ debit fee, just call and they will explain and.. they actually found a way for me to NOT pay it by becoming an advantage customer. stop fussing and talk to someone about it.

    by the way, the tellers at the putty hill branch are extremely helpful

  130. Please bank elsewhere! After visiting the branch on Monday and speaking with Tracey Barrow, Vice President, Banking Center Manager (954) 462-9464, she said she would call me back later in the day. No call back by Wednesday, so I called and left a message on her voice mail on Wednesday morning first thing. No call back by Friday, so I called a left a message again. If you want a bank that treats you poorly and sets the gold standard for outrageous fees, while smiling and stealing money from you … then this is your place. Try Ally for banking and keep a small local account at a regional bank. Send a message to BofA and the other banking giants that creating the banking crisis, took federal handouts, and then won’t lend money. Otherwise you can help their CEOs buy more solid gold toilets for their 25,000 square foot homes. NO SERVICE + HIGH FEES

  131. My daughter lost her wallet while visiting Fort Myers, Florida. she was without cash, debit card, and worst of all, without her ID. After spending most of the afternoon working through probably the most useless website and automated phone system I have ever used, I called this branch and the teller told me to have her come in and they would ask her some questions so she could have access to her account. Sure enough, within minutes of her arriving, my daughter walked out with a temporary debit card and was able to plan her return trip home. I only wish I could remember the names of those who helped. Thank you…

  132. I Lost my wallet and ID. Recovered my wallet with all cards except my ID was missing. Within two weeks my checking account accumulated $760+ in fraudulent charges. Filed claim with BofA via phone. BofA instructed to go to Banking Center to gain temporary debit card while new card arrives within 7 to 10 business days. I explain that I don’t have an ID (replacement ID takes many weeks to arrive)and wanted to know if that could be a problem. Rep says “no problem just explain your situation. We have several ways to verify your identity (Social Sec. photo on debit card, passport, green card, security questions, thumb prints)”. I produce three forms of ID, including two with my photo, answered security questions and questions about my recent purchases and about the fraudulent charges (I rattled off correct answers about all). The bank manager refused to issue me a replacement card because I didn’t have my driver’s license and claimed he couldn’t positively ID me. Utter nonsense.

    Then in a baffling move; this guy lets me withdraw $100 from my checking account. Why in world would this guy give me money from my checking account if he doesn’t believe that it is my account?

    Thank you of Bofa of Chinatown for the huge unproductive hassle. You proved to be no assistance during a time of personal hardship. Please remember that is MY MONEY. You really suck at what you do.


  133. It’s a great BANK. Has helped in every way…. The folks at the Biddeford Branch just can’t do enough.. That also stands with the folks at Corp. in NY …. Three times I’ve had my identity stollen. They shut down my accounts, reversed the funds and went after the bad guy’s….. Every time i’ve asked for help they have been there…. EVERY TIME.


  134. This branch is so rude the manager non helpfull. He is something else. My mom who is like 65 elderly bank with this bank for over six months. Then someone stole here account information so she goes in there to let them know, we ask to speak to the manager Matthew Davignon at this branch so we can get this all cleard up. He pulls my mom into the side room tells her their going to close the account, and not open up another one, and that their going to hold her money tell this gets cleard up. So then they close the account every thing got cleard up and they still havint gave her what was left in the account over 800.42 dollers their holding on to her SSI check she cant even pay her rent. We went in their today he again yelled told my mom she cant have her money, and their charging her fees after the account was closed like a week ago. this manager is a vey rude guy, stuck up, and dont care about nothing but taking elderlly peoples money. Dont go to this bank they are bad. A bunch off stuck up people that just care about how they look, and who they can cheat ou of money!!! Be aware stay away!! and people on SSI dont go in their they treat you like crap. Stay away from the manager “Matthew Davignon” from this branchh on W. Charleston Blvd Las Vegas!!! I cant beileve this that they wont give my mom her money.

  135. One of the worst customer service ever,I wanted to closed my debit account because of activities I didn’t approved of,so after I made a car payment I wanted to closed that debit account I was told by the same not so gentleman that he was not supposed to be at work today and instead of him closing my account, has i’ve requested he told me to signed in and some one will help me.I’ve a member of bank of america for over 8 years with with a debit,savings,credit card,small business,and a car account and thats the treatment I received for being a member,stay away from the bay colony branch 62 North Federal Highway.

  136. Terrible customer service and shady business practices. I asked for transactions to be disallowed if I didn’t have the available funds so I wouldn’t be charged the $35 overdraft fee. What they DID NOT tell me was this does not apply to checks which resulted in getting $300 worth of overdrafts in one month. Worst bank ever. I could not reach them over the phone all day and eventually had to go all the way downtown and wait a half hour before they told me they couldn’t help me. College students, avoid this bank!! Go to the credit union across the street.

  137. I’m a college student that just wanted direct deposit and to apply for a credit card at this San Pedro location. The lady representative (N.D) with the glasses and ugly facial expressions looked down on me just because I was young(20 years old). I am a customer just like everyone else. I’ve been living on my own for 3 years now and I don’t deserver to be talked to like I’m stupid. Why do Old people have to do that? She asked me if I had a job after I just got done setting up my direct deposit.Hello? She didn’t tell about the student plans they have or nothing. she just assumed I was a retard? I know other banks that would love me to set up direct deposit and apply for a credit card with them!!! I felt I was mistreated and if it wasn’t for CUSTOMERS like me SHE WOULDN’T HAVE A JOB!

  138. i had two banks before bank of america they were wachovia which they messed me up all the time they did not care and citizens which sucks bad i cant go back there that was disgrace i love bank of america its faster and easier to use thier machines

  139. I went in rather perturbed because I got an email saying I was overdrawn from my account and had 5 days to put money in or they would hit me with a 35.00 late fee for each overdraft. I was supposed to have had a check direct deposited to the account as always but I found out after all of this the check was not deposited and was being mailed USPS instead because of a computer problem….so my account was overdrawn without me knowing it and BOA for some reason, contrary to the email they sent me went ahead and hit me with OD fees 3 or 4 times! I went to BOA at Indigo Run here on Hilton Head Island and met and talked with a teller named Holly. She was very eager to help me, worked patiently with me, calmed my fears made me think someone really cared and really wanted to help and finally, someone was on my side for a change…it felt nice! Holly was very nice and reimbursed my OD fees help me deposit my check, and made my day, all with a nice friendly smile, attitude, and professionalism! You could tell the general attitude there was a real willingness to help. That is unheard of in this day and time. I was at another bank 3 years ago and had to cash a check written off their bank, I wont mention this bank, not BOA, and I did not have an account with them, so they were going to charge me with a cashing fee, I said to them, you know it used to be banks tried to get your business instead of punishing you for not having an account with them. BOA so far as I can tell is doing something right, looking after its customers! Holly if you ever see this, you are awesome and I got your thank you letter and card. God Bless Bank of America!

  140. I’ve always been greeted warmly, by name, upon entering. Sometimes there is a wait in line, but once with a teller my experiences have been outstanding. I live on the other side of town from this branch, but I keep my accounts here because I believe I will get conscientious help when I have problems or special needs.

  141. I have repeatedly tried to call this branch and have NEVER reached a live person. You cannot leave a message and get transferred over to the banking customer service lines. Even the agent there could not reach the manager on my last attempt. He has a back office number which the branch is required to answer. He let it ring for 3 minutes and gave up. The B of A process for contacting a branch is broken but this issue at the Spanish River branch is reflective of a manager who does not care and has no radar for her customers’ needs. My experience here is enough to motivate me to switch to a totally different bank after 20 years with B of A.

  142. I don’t usually write reviews but figured I would like to help those considering banking here.

    To reiterate the previous reviews, this is by far the worst bank I have ever banked with. I should have known when I was trying to open an account there and had to wait an hour and a half; it just went down hill from there.

    My recent visit, there were four women behind the counter, one at the window assisting the drive-thru, one at the desk assisting walk-in members, and two trying to figure out the vault system.

    There was one car at the window, one person in front of me inside. The woman at the desk went to help the woman at the window (with the one car) and made the person in front of me wait while she did so. During this time, the other two women continued to interrupt those working to get help with the vault. (The women at the desk that made the man wait continued to get distracted because she was trying to be part of the women’s conversation.) The women at the window put her fingers to her head as if it were a gun (like the “just shoot me” sign) to another one of the ladies. Then looked to see if we (still waiting for the woman at the desk to partake in her duties and actually stop eavesdropping and do her job.) I waited at least 15 minutes for a 1 min transaction. I will be closing my account there soon and going to another bank that has professional, knowledgeable, and active employees that are not more interested in talking to each other than providing the customer support members deserve.

    When signing up with BOA, the gentleman stated this would be the best bank I will ever belong to, I believe he may need move to another bank/location if he is going to try to promise that.

  143. HORRIBLE SERVICE. If you want your money fast then stay away from this place. A week ago I went to withdraw a check and a lady that looked like the middle east/ Pakistan/ India and accent from one of those places told me that my money wasn’t available and to pass by the next day. I called the person that gave me my check right after and he told me the lady lied to me because the money was available. 5 minutes later I arrived at another Bank of America and they gave me my money. So I basically wasted my time going there. I provided my identification and still got rejected to get MY MONEY. So if you do go to this place stay away from the Indian/ Middle Eastern lady. Shes not hard to identify. Bank of America: just give your people their money when they need it…

  144. We have been Bank of America customers for 14 years now. The service has always been excellent and the staff at the Crystal River office is VERY DEDICATED TO THEIR CUSTOMERS. Tammy, the Vice President, is always attentive and courteous to ALL of the customers. We have never had an issue or any problem with the staff and we are always treated in a respectable and professional manner.

  145. I visited the b of a at 122nd and was very happy with my experience. I was with wells and was not happy with there products or services and decided to switch. The gentleman in the lobby was friendly, helpful, and funny. He made me fell welcome unlike other bankers I’ve met who made me feel like a number. The banker who opened my account Renay I believe was her name was very friendly and informative. Over all I’m very happy with my experience and new account.

  146. SPECIAL THANKS TO NATHAN @ the Horizon Ridge BOA for taking my call and resolving my Issues in A Courteous, Prompt,timely,Efficent,Effective Business Manner. I was Indeed Pleased and Very Much Appreciated.Blessings and Love to the BOA Family in ~2015~Ozzie @ Sandra Durrett,(BOA/14years)

  147. This review is not about my branch at BofA…it is about business practices with BofA. My son deposited a check for me into the ATM at the branch I have my account. The check was in excess of $6200. I made a mistake and did not notice the Insurance draft had both my name and my son’s name on it. I am the policy holder…still not sure why his name was on the check. The deposit was made on December 12th. On December 15th I got on line to see if the hold had been lifted on the check and funds were available. The money is gone. I look through transactions and see BofA has removed the deposit from my account. I got on chat with them and was treated as if I was too dumb to find the deposit to view the check. There was no image of the check at all. Worse service on chat ever! I spent almost an hour talking to two different people that are trained only to repeat the same scripted answers over and over and over. They told me would receive notice in the mail explaining the correction and that my check would follow that in the mail…in 7-10 business days. WHAT???? I won’t HAVE the check back in 7-10 business days (bad enough), but it will be MAILED to me in 7-10. The check can’t be retrieved, there is “nothing they can do”. I called customer un-service this morning. Spoke to a really nice gal…she unfortunately gave me the BofA “perfect script for all customers”. I apologized that I was about to shoot the messenger and asked to speak with a manager. Manager came on the phone and gave me the identical BofA speak. There is nothing they can do. REALLY? I wasn’t given a courtesy call when they took the funds out of my account…a $6200 check? REALLY??? apparently they don’t “do” that for their customers. We aren’t talking about a $10 check here…we are talking about a $6200 check! Now…I get a “courtesy call” each and every time I make a debit purchase on line to a company that BofA does not recognize…for as low as $100. They’ve even locked down my account for my “safety” for the same reason…but its okay for BofA to take $6200 OUT of my account with NO courtesy call what-so-ever. You have GOT to be kidding me!!!!! Couldn’t overnight the check to my branch so I could get it appropriately taken care of? I just want to swear so badly right now! The manager tells me it can take up to three weeks for me to receive the check. Am I an idiot here, or am I the only one thinking about the fact that they are putting an endorsed check for $6200 in the mail. How irresponsible is that? I realize the check requires on more endorsement…but really? There are no criminals that haven’t figured out how to get around that? Oh my gosh, I’m dumbfounded over this. So to make my little story even further entertaining…if my account overdraws…I WILL RECEIVE OVERDRAFT FEES!!!!! In three weeks time literally anything that bounces will run a second time and bounce a second time…at $35 each time? Who is the criminal here? I probably have less to worry about with a signed/endorsed check with my account number on it floating around out in the mail at Christmas time. This business practice has GOT to be illegal. Absolute robbery of customer money!

  148. Friday afternoon and two tellers. 25 people line. What a joke. Manager can’t do anything to help other than to try and get them to go to ATM. Hire two more tellers instead of having someone in a suit that’s useless to all of your customers. This isn’t the first time at the same location either.

  149. Very long wait time. We were 4 people in the line . I was second in line . It took 40 min. Only 1 cashier was at the counter. They need better staff and staffing

  150. David Olinda is never there to manage issues and the one time I was able to have an issue resolved for a unauthorized charge, I was basically told that my account wasn’t large enough to get an approval. This is a shame since the location for this branch is low/mid income. I have been a faithful customer for over 10 years and RARELY complain about an issue in a branch. His district manager was a woman named Marisol Vasquez last I heard. If you have issues with this branch, contact her. Why does he even work for a bank and why do they allow him to stay???? BOA needs to do better.

  151. When my mother passed away the bank closed her checking account and I transfered the balance into a tax account (EIN). Then I discovered they allowed a direct deposit into the closed account which they so far have not put into the EIN account but will not release the money to me. I have spent over three hours with one of the drones that shuffles papers there, while they get on the phone with the “Lawyers” (three times), and everytime they assure me the monies will be transfered. This all began in June and every month I get a statement from the bank with a $12 fee for a closed account… basically theives in polyester. Now I just got a notice from them that I had passed away and would need to bring in a death certificate. There’s an old saying, “Give a room full of monkeys all typewriters, they may actually write something.” That’s an insult to our primate relatives, “I say make them Bank of America drones and maybe they’ll get something right… after they take your money.” I think one star is not appropiate… should be a minus star.

  152. The lines for deposits are long, suggestion open more teller windows.

    Never can get anyone to answer the phone. They let it ring to go to customer service center and that is useless unless your calling about an ATM card.

    There is no night deposit access without a key or a ATM card. Get with it people.

  153. These people only care about numbers and see you as such…was told that I didn’t matter unless if I had a current balance/investment of over $200,000…the staff has told me misinformation multiple times and manipulated bofa members into registering for programs that are not fdic insured or have a fine line advantage toward the bank. I would much rather bank with chace or citi bank which offer better interest rates and have just as many atms!

  154. Wanted to liquidate several CD’s. Brought in all the paperwork I was instructed to bring in and was then told that I needed other documentation. Bank officers are not customer orientated and have not been trained as to what to ask for.

  155. I have been dealing with BOA for many years and I have never been to a worse branch. There are no management people there and the remaining staff have an “I don’t care” attitude. I took off of work to do personal banking and go to my safe deposit box and it should be illegal for me not to have access to my assets. THIS IS THE WORST BANK I HAVE EVER USED!!!!

  156. We have had the worst experience with this branch. Not only are the tellers incompetent, but their bank manger Veronica is worse off, she LAZY and unable to do her job! Went into the branch to pay our mortgage payment, with the slip!!! The young man handed back the envelope, thinking he placed the receipt back into the envelope, I filled it away. Got a note in the mail from the new mortage company, stating we had not made Aug payment. Called BOA they also, had not received our payment. Went into the branch spoke to Veronica told her the story. She was skeptical of me! I asked to her to check the closed credit card account. Which she didn’t want to do, so after screaming, crying, and cussing she finally checked well…. Sure enough the teller applied it to a credit card that had been closed since 2008, this isn’t the first time they had done this to us. To make matters worse, this was the last payment we would be making to BOA, since they had sold the mortage to another company, so the mortage account was closed as of Aug 15. Veronica got the money tracked down, and had BOA credit card dep. apply it back to the mortage account. They were unable to do so, due to it being closed. No one notified us of this!! I called Veronica back the following week, asked the status of the mortage account, well the money got denied due to the account being closed, sooooo the BOA credit card company applied it to another closed credit card, that had been closed since 2011. Veronica ” bank manger” let me know there was nothing else she could do. She gave me a number, to call and told me I had to deal with it. Finally got the the money back, it took well over 2 months to do so. BOA is far by one of the worse banking centers, and customer service I have ever had to deal with in my life. I called Veronica, and let her know all of the chaos I went threw. I advised her, if she would of done her job in the first place, and took care of it we would of gotten this handle awhile ago. She of course did not take the blame, she passed it on to the teller. She let me know he was let go. Which I think was extremely unprofessional of her, as it was none of my business!! Veronica should not be a manger at BOA, with her qualifications she should be picking up garbage on the side of the road.

  157. After making an appointment for a specific day and time, with a specific person (female VP) I arrived at the bank and began to wait. Ten minutes after our set meeting the VP came out of a room and said she would be with me shortly, Now waiting 20 minutes after the set appt the VP comes out of a room eating food and passed me off to another person. Things have gone hill or consistent from there. I have had appts with this VP and she talks to much about herself and makes promises that are not true (to myself and another friend) to get you to make deposits in their bank. Even the President consistently makes analogies about how she works her accounts with her son. I do not care! I don’t have kids and I do not have to worry about someone I can not trust completely. I only bank here because there are branches in many other places I frequent. Very unprofessional staff in their VP and not so much professional otherwise either. Anita consistently acts like this is a play room and she just wants to visit, eat and play. It’s a small town but this really exemplifies fun and games and not professional environment!

  158. I have been really happy with mr. Dan mendendez. He really goes out of the way to help . Eric is great too. The only person I hate dealing with at this location is mr. Tej. Mr. Tej needs some lessons on customer service. If you really take the suggestions seriously I will be happy to discuss my encounter with mr. Tej.

    I would still keep taking service from this location but would only see mr. Dan.

  159. I was looking over previous reviews from other customers, and I believe many reviews are confusing and are mistaken by comparing this bank of america montrose branch with other bank of america branch location around the country. FOR ALL REVIEWERS MAKE SURE TO LOOK at the bottom part of each customer review because it tells you WHAT BRANCH and in WHAT State/City the customer is reviewing upon. From my perspective as customer, I’ve been extremely satisfied with this branch located at 2320 Honolulu Ave Montrose, CA 91020. The place is spacious and often has short lines for a quick and efficient transaction. The tellers are courteous and few even have a good sense of humor. I personally recommend this branch due to its laid back atmosphere, friendly staff, and professional demeanor. In hindsight, I believe all the tellers are very friendly and all the staff surpasses all my banking needs. That’s just my opinion. Highly recommended and as a bonus many great places to eat and shop around the area.

  160. I am not pleased with how management runs this branch. No customer friendly and need to up their game.

  161. I have a great deal of moeny here in several accounts as well as credit cards…I have been witt he bank for several years

    About 3 weeks ago, I went to bank for a full review of my accounts and to check into availability of better credit cards and account services.

    I was promised a phone call back froman employeee named Jose Grisales within a few days on both matters..

    2 weeks later i followed up and left a message and did not receive a call back…

    2 days after after, I called again – no call back…

    4 days later I called again and asked to speak to manager (Mike Ando)…he explicitly told me that Jorge Grisales was out for a few days and would call me right back).

    This was 5 days ago.

    I am quite unhappy because my choice is to either accept this treatment or to go to a great deal of trouble to close my accounts, on-line payees accounts, etc and start over somewhere else.

    This is galling and at the least, simply disappointing

    My options: accept apathy or inconvenience…Some choice!

  162. I dont understand why some people are saying such horrible things.. They have helped me out so much during these past couple of years. Its been very tough financially and they have sat down with me for atleast couple hours at a time to help me with my check book and accounts. So i am very pleased with everything

  163. I was very pleased on how fast and friendly the staff is at bank of america. They always make me feel comfortable there and take there time getting my questions answered.

  164. The staff I have encountered are very slow. They were asking me all these questions just for deposit, a second person had to assist on the transaction which created a long line. In my opinion they need more energetic people working there that are able to get customers in and out quickly. Another thing I have noticed is that one ATM machine is always broken, at night there is almost always a line to use the one ATM.

  165. The staff is rather friendly (in a business superficial way), and they are awesome in changing bills into coins. That one worked for me. All the other questions I had concerning loans, credit ratings international money transfer etc.. they could not answer. They had simply no idea and could not transfer me to somebody who could answer my questions. Or they told me the manager would call me back with the answer, but they did not. I was really surprised how little their knowledge is concerning money and banking. I could not even deposit my change there, only if I rolled it up.. So I had to go to the supermarket for depositing money! I am speechless how uneducated they are and how little services they offer which are actually useful for me.

  166. I’ve was at BOA for 4 years and I never had a complaint whatsoever. The staff was great, helpful and always friendly.

    However when I went to cancel my account, because I had decided to go to a different Bank, immediately the tone of staff (From the Managers) changed from friendly to frigid. I couldn’t wait to get out of their faster.

    I’ve never had a problem with this bank, but this last transaction has left a lasting impression on me.

  167. I am always greeted by name and acknowledged by the staff. Everyone is courteous and helpful. When I have unusual questions, they always find the answer for me or call someone who can answer the question. I have been with this branch since it opened and wouldn’t think of moving somewhere else. New employees have come and others have moved on but the service has always been excellent. I love my bank !!

  168. I only go there to use the ATM because the location is convenient. I don’t go there for customer service, because for some reason bank of america failed to give IQ tests during the hiring process for that branch. Whatever reason that ever I went there for customer service in the past, it was always very unprofessional. I go out of my way to other branches for customer service. I love bank of america, just not this particular branch.

  169. This is a branch filled with idiots!!!! They lie and make changes to deposit slips and don’t initial so it looks like the customer did it. They don’t contact the correct numbers that are listed on the accounts. They contact reletives with the same last name and discuss account information.

  170. Every time I stop by the bank, its a genuine pleasure to see everyone happy to see you.

    The smiles are contagious and everyone seems eager to help you.

    Drive up is always a charm and the teller comes across as genuinely concerned about helping you complete the transaction.

    Don’t know about other branches of bank of america, but this one gets 5 stars. 🙂

  171. i feel bad for the employees that work there. most of the times i come in there for a transaction, i see the way how their teller manager amy and supervisor julie treat their tellers. they would embarass the teller in front of me. they talk so loud, they use unprofessional language and the most important thing that annoyed me was when the supervisor embarassed the teller after the other person left because the teller didnt sell an account. it looks unproffessional because I and other people can hear it and there i could see that they’re not really here for their clients but just to sell an account. thats why everytime i go there, they’re employees are like robots. they come up with different types of accounts for me to open. after this account,heres another, then another. they are really after accounts, they are after our money thats why they find ways to charge fees. i really feel bad for the employees. they work hard, hopefully they are getting enough pay for the treatment that they get.

  172. These people are awful, they are liars tell you one thing and then lie about when you come back with what they told you. The manager and staff are incompentent. I complained to corporate they did nothing. I will never go to ba again. closed all my accounts. how do they live with themselves

  173. This bank is a ripoff with incompetent personnel who give contradictory and inaccurate information. They are very slow to process deposits…even cash thru an ATM can take five days. However they are VERY quick to process payments or withdrawals made on a debit card. Consequently, they get to charge you their BELOVED, inflated, hi-profit $33 or $66 overdraft fees.

  174. Dear Ricky Parks and the Refinance Team of Bank of America,

    Thank you so much for educating me on how to do my part in stimulating the economy. Please let me explain. I currently have a 30 yr. fixed rate FHA loan with a 6.75% interest rate and a line of credit with you, Bank of America. Back at the end of September 2010 I followed our wise President’s advice and decided to do my part and refinance my loan. Hey, at least I could get rid of the $50 a month payment for mortgage insurance, I thought. So I contacted BOA, the bank that already owns my loan, with the high hopes and naпvetй, that I and my wife could actually refinance our loan with you, BOA. BOA assigned Ricky Parks, loan officer, to my refinance. Ricky was a nice gentlemen and very polite. Quite simply, a pleasure to work with. I told Ricky I wanted to do a refi. on a 15 yr. fixed rate mortgage, which would cost me an additional $150 dollars a month and save me tens of thousands in interest. Ricky ran my wife’s and I credit and we were in the 690 range. Great that meant we could qualify, but then we hit our first hurdle, my wife, a full time teacher, had only been working for the district for a year and a half and therefore we could not count her income. Although, you could definitely hold her debt against me. It is a good thing the genius switch is never off, because I had the brilliant idea of going solo on the new loan. Armed with my info Ricky went back and plugged the numbers in and BAM! I was preapproved. Ricky sent me the good faith estimate on 9/30/2010 and with the giving of my debit card number; we locked our rate and were on our way to refinancing. At the time I thought the $500 upfront and $5,131 in closing costs was a bit excessive, but hey the tens of thousands I would save on interest would be worth it in the long haul. After the money was drawn from my account the hurdles started lining up in front of me. Having been a hurdler in high school, I welcomed the challenge. First came the usual easy hurdles, pay stubs, w-2’s, a survey, 2 mo. reserve. The reserve I thought was a bit odd since I already pay you every month for the loans I have with you. I collected all the paper work and emailed it to my pal Ricky, loan officer. Well guess what? My accounts didn’t have the reserves in it but I had the money in my account at the time we were talking because my wife received her first full time pay check at the end of September, but my checking and savings statement is taken from 17th of the month to 17th of the month. So July and August’s statements did not reflect our new income. Ricky assured me that if I could get a 60 day certified statement from my bank then everything would be kosher. Jumped that hurdle and got it in, but then came the next hurdle my income. I make $30 an hour, which grosses to 2400 bi-weekly. In January and February I took time off and worked with a friend at Le Tourneau University in Longview, Texas. My pay stubs reflected these weeks off so the awesome underwriting team readjusted my monthly income to reflect that 6 week absences. Uhoh! Now I don’t make enough to qualify for the loan because we can’t count the $5000 I made while working for the university, since I hadn’t been employed with them for 2 yrs. Great. So we decided to write a letter saying I took an extended vacation and that was why my income was different. Wrote it, sent it, we were good to go and then the next hurdle my debt ratio is too high. With Ricky’s advice I was told to defer my student loan payment for a year and that would bring my debt ratio down to acceptable. We are at the end of October now, so I quickly contact my student loan provider and get my loan deferred. As soon as I get the email, I forward it on to Ricky, loan officer and all is good again. Of course until the next hurdle, the appraisal. County has me appraised at $159000, you appraise me at $145000 and I owe you $114700 for my current loan with you, BOA. You know what that means right? I’m above the 80% loan to value and that requires me to give you, BOA, an additional $50 for PMI each month on this new mortgage. No problem, except now my debt ratio is too high and the underwriter is adjusting my income to reflect the absence of pay in my pay stubs. Which means I don’t qualify for the loan. Now it is December and I ask Ricky to try for a 30 yr. fixed rate refi., but he persuades me to give him another shot and let him try and push it through again. He tries, but to no avail. The underwriter is not on my side. Now we are at New Years week and Ricky tells me unless I have proof of $2600 in my accounts for 60 days there is no way I will get a refinance of any kind through BOA. Awesome, I think. I just helped stimulate the economy and don’t even own the appraisal I paid for. So thank you BOA. Thank you for teaching me that I cannot refinance to a lower rate on a loan when I already pay you at a much higher interest rate. It makes sense. Why take less money from someone if you can keep getting more out of them. Thank you for teaching me about customer loyalty. It lets me know that all my on time, never late, often early payments on both the loans I have with you, has not gone unnoticed and is appreciated. Thank you for also teaching me how to take a clients money 1st before calculating debt ratio’s and income so I can squeeze whatever I can out of them before I turn them down. Thank you for the most awesome, unstressful process possible and dragging it on for over 3 months. Thank you for making sure that I missed out on the low interest rates that were present when I locked my rate. Thank you.

    In all honesty this is unacceptable business practice and I want to know how you are going to make it right with me? I will forward this on to every person at BOA whose e-mail I can find. I will do this daily until I am a satisfied customer.



  175. Worst service on the planet. New definition of greed and guts. I rarely complain, but the branch at the corner of Williamson and Brawley School Road has to be setting a new record in distain for the customer. Despite having a sizable mortgage, perfect payment record, excellent credit, valid ID, and living a few minutes from their branch, they refuse to cash a check for $142. (I asked them to cash it while making a large deposit for my employer of 16 years who does commercial banking there). They seem to have a new policy that “encourages” everyone who walks in their door to either open a checking account and fill it with cash, or be cast aside regardless of request. The check was even drawn on my employers account. They appear to have no clue what common sense and customer service is all about. The person who identified herself as the branch manager informed me that they have a company wide policy to never cash a check for a non-customer, without exception. I find that over the top unacceptable. I decided to blog about this experience after sharing my experience with a couple dozen neighbors who are gathering with me today for thanksgiving dinner. This brought up so many negative Bank of America stories that the few people who still had accounts there have agreed to pull their money and put it in a credit union instead. If you are even remotely thinking about opening an account there, think twice. They will gouge you for ever nickel they can. They are now facing multiple lawsuits related to mortgage fraud, and it wouldn’t surprise me to see them go out of business, in spite of their size.

  176. My account allows for free money orders.

    I had a 55 dollar expense check from work that I cashed today at the Sand Lake branch. I cashed it against an account with a balance in excess of $1,000. After getting the cash, I asked for a complementary money order to pay off the credit card on which the work expense was charged.

    The teller refused, stating that the check I just cashed hadn’t cleared. So I said “You gave me cash. If I go down the street with this cash would another branch give me an money order?” “Yes” she said. “They wouldn’t know where the cash came from”.

  177. I was not pleased with the service I received – AT ALL! My tenants bank with BOA and send me a montly (sometimes bi-monthly) rent check. I have been going to this same branch for six months and every single time it is a new song and dance- no one knows how to cash the check, or exactly what they are doing- today after waiting for well over 20 minutes I left- check un-cashed! I was told by the teller and the manager that maybe I should come back tomorrow when another teller would be there to do it- because they couldn’t figure it out! Ridiculous!!! Worst service ever!

  178. I’ve been to this bank several years ago and the bank was great and had good customer service. Today, I happened to be around the area and needed to deposit a check. I also realized that I needed to order some blank checks since I was running out. When I was there to deposit a check, I wanted to order more blank checks as well and was wondering how I would be able to do that. The bank teller directed me to wait on a seat for someone to help me with that and said it would only take a few minutes.

    In reality, It took over 30 minutes of waiting and the representative that was helping another customer and she just pointed to me and said, “You know you can do that online.” This was new to me and I didn’t know how so I was there left on the chair waiting again. That representative obviously took her sweet time and acted like she didn’t even care about her customers. There was another person with me waiting on the seat and we were busy talking about how incredibly slow and frustrating the service is here. She was late for work due to waiting so long and I ended up being late for a meeting as well.

    After 38 minutes of waiting, a representative finally came out from the front and asked what we were waiting for. I told her about my situation and she kindly told me what I needed to do in order to order checks for online banking in less than 1 minute (Also, that I could save $3 from going online to order instead of waiting for someone). It was all I needed to know and without the female representative dressed in black coming out from the front counter explaining this to me, I probably would’ve been waiting for another hour just for them to tell me something that lasts less than one minute. I didn’t get her name, but she was straight to the point, told me exactly what I needed to do, how long the checks will take to get to my address, and even told me on how I can save some money.

    I don’t know how the customer service there went downhill, but I’m glad that I don’t visit that branch at Hamden as often anymore. Hamden needs more representatives like the female representative that I spoke to after waiting for so long. If you want to have the kindest, most helpful, courteous, yet efficient customer service in the area, I recommend to goto the North Haven branch instead. They have the top of the line customer service in the area there and are more than willing to help out their customers with a smile. I always enjoy going there. Hopefuly the Hamden branch will be able to shape up and change their ways, but until then, I’ll stick with what is best, which is the North Haven BoA.

  179. I went in before noon yesterday to deposit commercial checks for my employer and deposit a paycheck for a coworker/fellow employee. A lady at the front kiosk, with Bank of America tags on etc etc, greeted me and asked if I was just making deposits. She said if I did not want cash back that she could make the deposits for me. I agreed…with hindsight I would not have. She hand wrote a receipt and took my deposit slip and checks for the commercial account I was depositing for and then did the same thing for the employees pay check I was depositing. Hours later (3-4) my fellow employee noticed that her check had not been deposited. Around the same my company accountant called and said the business checks I deposited had no record of being deposited as well. I was mortified. My coworker and myself tried calling the branch many times to no avail. Finally around 4pm my coworker went to the bank and talked to a teller who had our deposits sitting in a pile and said she had not had the time to enter them as of yet. That is absurd! When you go to a bank to make a deposit, especially for commercial accounts, you expect that your checks are actually being deposited and that your accounts are handled with the utmost of care. NOT A FAN.

    (And after all of that, my coworkers check was deposited into the wrong account)

  180. Long line- one poor teller, 4 other bank staff standing around doing nothing while customers lose entire lunch hour trying to get business done. Not the

    way to attract smart clientele.

  181. Horrible customer service. Made to feel like a criminal by parking in their lot, using the ATM next door, and then trying to conduct business inside the B of A. We were instructed to pull OUT of their lot, DRIVE to the ATM next door, park THERE, and then come back. Parking lot guard and floor manager had NO customer service skills. So offended we closed our account.

  182. Went to this location as it is the closest to my work of employment, and I needed to cancel my current debit card and get a replacement asap due to discrepancies on my checking account. So I arrange to take a longer lunch so I could take care of this. I get to the bank, and was immediately met by a gentleman asking what service I needed. I told him, and was told to sit down and that someone will come out and help me. So I did. By the time 15 minutes have passed and the reception agent helped two customers, I decided to get up from my seat and let her know that I was still waiting. But before I could, she went to the back and disappeared. So I waited, but this time standing up and pacing a little. Another customer came in,I heard her say she had a 1pm appt. (Great, it was 1:07) She was told to sit down and wait. After another ten mins of waiting the reception agent finally came out and addressed me if I needed help. (Sigh) Really? So I told her what I needed, with my voice cracking of course because I was so mad at this point. She told me what I already predicted she would (unfortunately), that she couldn’t assist me and because there was a customer with a 1pm appt that I had to wait longer.

    Approx. an hour later, I’m finally helped. Well I guess I’ll be late for work, since I only get an hour lunch. But at least I got what I came for, right? WTF. Mind you, I am now starving, since I haven’t eaten lunch. Here’s the thing, if the first agent (one that apparently was going to lunch) would’ve told me right off the bat, “sorry but it’s going to take at least an hour because there is only one banker at the moment,” then that at least would’ve given me the option to come back another time. And the fact that they made it known to me (way ahead of time) that I was going to wait awhile. I couldn’t nor wouldn’t have felt neglected and impatient. It would’ve been my choice to stay and wait. This would’ve been sufficient customer service.

    I never write reviews, I usually just read them. After reading these reviews here (since I had a whole hour to do so), I decided to channel my anger into writing this review. I’m contemplating on canceling my account too (yes just because of this bad branch location service), but the online agents I’ve dealt with for the past week have been sufficient with their services although I can’t say the same with this branch. I’m torn.

  183. Last Saturday I went to this location to take money out for rent. Since it was too much to take out over the ATM I had to walk into the building. I had an e-banking account, meaning that if I have to ask a teller to take money out, they will charge me ~$8 (stupid rule in the first place). I knew about this fee, and was okay with it. After withdrawing the money I needed for rent, the teller informed me that there would be a fee for walking inside. I said that’s fine, and she told me it would be $94.00 and it would show up on my account within a few days. I was speechless and didn’t know what to say, so I just accepted and walked out. I went to a different branch and told them the story and they seemed as shocked as I was, and said that should never be the case. I was fed up with them anyway, so despite the nice people in the Fairport location, I closed my account. So relieved to be done with the worst bank in america. (They should change their name to that.)

  184. I will be closing my account with BOA next month after my direct deposit is finalized with another bank. I’d like to thank the teller for making it difficult for me to withdraw my own money from BOA. From her questions of ss#, occupation, id, signature and even then had the audacity to announce to the other teller that there was a somewhat large beneficiary check in my account. ( Which cleared two weeks earlier) this was the last straw. Forget the large wait time, outdated atm which frequently eats checks ( ate mine)a notary who is hardly there and the attitudes, I’m not happy with myself for not doing it sooner. So thanks again to the teller for pushing me to switch after 20 years.

  185. Ok here is real story what exactly happened at this bank with me and my friends.we came here and there was a line to one of the window when they have 7-8 windows that are actually not working.so we’ve waited for about 20 minutes not big deal ,we’ve been approach by the teller named Alisha Johnson so here when everything started.We asked her to do very very simple task to take money cash and give us certified check how simple is that?we were waiting for one hour to get it and what you think we never got anything,so she told us that car auction that we were in do not accept the checks if they under different name then the name that it’s actually on the bill.i tell you that she is defiantly wrong,now Alisha Johnson I have to tell you to stop doing these stupid duck lips when you talk it looks sooo stupid.also you have to work on your skills to improve the customer crevice and save peoples time.I have to tell you that I never never seen so stupid people like you.sorry

  186. I am a G M at a golf club, tennis courts and three large pool parks. I have the simplest request. we need the generic clear night deposit bags. if everyone is listing please do what I did ALL DAY Monday. Try to get /reorder more bags. why does your company make it so hard to deposit our money in your bank. this a basic request. PLEASE tell me what to do. do I buy sip lock bags at target. we have 5 night deposits everyday. the mgr at the location could care less and the phone operators could care less. both tell you to talk to the other person. IT’S A GENERIC BAG TELL ME WHAT TO DO!!!!!!!

  187. They was rude ,and present to me that they were racist.I will never go back to that branch in liberty.Ny….and I was just putting money in my family account..glad I don’t have account with your bank anymore.

  188. The Branch manager (David Olinda, is a pig who seduces all women. He flirted with my wife right in front of me and gave me attitude about the same matter that a another guy in front of me had, but his matter was solved in 2 minutes. DO NOT GO THERE AND DO NOT TAKE YOUR WIFE. I was 2 seconds from going off on him. I plan to contact his district manager.

  189. To all who may read this, please don’t do business with this bank, unless your Mexican! I have tried several times to do business with this branch called Bank of America in Fallbrook and have unsuccessfully been able to get any positive results. I felt it was time to write a review today. I am proud to say that I am of Ethiopian descent, and know for a fact that this bank profile and are racist!!!! A couple of years ago, I once tried to get checks verified at this bank before I deposit them into my bank account and the manager and tellers wanted my ID and was acting like I was trying to steal from them, and I wasn’t trying to cash the checks at this branch. Please know that the checks were drawn from this bank, and I had a right to get the checks verified before depositing them or cashing them to make sure they were good first. The bank manager at this bank had the audacity to take the checks from me as if they were stolen! The checks were electronic checks that were printed out to be deposited, and I have no problem depositing business checks to my bank.

    Fast forward to today, I tried to get a cashier’s check from this bank, even though I don’t have an account with them, I am still able to go to any bank branch to get funds transferred from my bank to get a cashier’s check. I verified on the phone with Bank of Americas’s 800 number 3 times before going to this branch to be able to do this before I even went to this bank because it was an emergency, and was told that it is at the discretion of the bank if they want to do it or not. I am convinced that since they did NOT want to do it, is mainly because they are RACIST! I watched other customers come into the bank while I had to patiently wait for a manager to help me, and noticed that they treated everyone else kindly, especially the Mexicans. Mind you, I am not racist, this is just what I’ve noticed the few times that I have visited this branch. I have vowed that I would never go into this bank again when they thought I was some kind of thief or criminal when they didn’t want to verify customer’s checks for me before but, I had to go into the branch today because I needed to get funds immediately for an emergency and my bank is located out of state. I could not withdraw the large amount of funds from the ATM. The tellers and manager at this bank are not friendly at all, and they do profile people as if they are criminals and by far very racist!!

    This branch was afraid and scared to give an Ethiopian (black) doctor a cashier’s check for $17,000…point blank! I wonder if they were afraid because maybe I wasn’t to have that much money in my account.

    I will never attempt to do any business with this bank ever again!

  190. I have banked with Ft. Sam for nearly 50 years. I need to talk to a representative about options for a credit card. I tried the automated system. Won’t work. I called the listed Ft. Sam number 10 times. After multiple rings it says all representatives are busy, call later or use automated system. I assume there is no way to speak with someone to anser my qyestions. Very disappointed

  191. After banking with BOA for 30 years, I will close all my accounts this week.

    With more than enough in CD’s, and checking account to surpass the $300.00 requirement (that I was unaware of), many thousands more!- for a savings account, I found I was being charged $5 per month because I had $268 in the account. I do not get paper statements and don’t check this savings account on line…my fault, yes. The bank told me they post fees and I should have read them and checked my balance each month…they charged me every month for more than 5 years!!! They will credit me 3 months…$15 . THAT IS WHY I AM CLOSING ALL MY ACCOUNTS AT BANK AMERICA AND TELLING EVERYONE I KNOW OF THEIR DISRESPECT AND LACK OF CUSTOMER COURTESY FOR A LONG TIME CUSTOMER.

  192. Sunday around noon my husband and I and baby walked to bank

    After hours,went through security door we were followed and this big African

    American man went inside after us we were thinking doors shut right after which they should but don’t! Please be careful this man followed us inside and yelled at me I was so scared … He then left and we shut door with our hands before he came back… I alerted the branch I hope they fix doors ASAP!


  194. I was told that this bank would cash a federal tax return check.

    I went in and all seemed fine the check was for 4,718.00. I asked if they could cash a check of this amount if I’m not an actual customer and if so how much would it cost. I was told that they absolutely could and there would be no fee. Sounded good to me they had me put my fingerprint on the check and asked for two forms of ID, I handed them my valid drivers license and my social security card. I was then asked if I had any other ID, I then showed them my expired state ID. They told me that this was not sufficient and that it could be a debit or credit card w/or w/out pic, A college ID w/pic, a high school ID w/or w/out pic, a passport, a different out of state ID or license, an employee name tag w/or w/out pic. Okay, so I don’t have any of those things! But isn’t my social security card a second form of ID? I was told, no. I could go home and get my birth certificate? Sorry no also invalid. I was then told I could open an account with the forms of ID that I had on hand. So I asked “If I open an account could I cash this check?” They said yes. So now I’m in a little booth and apparently this woman has been warned about me because the first thing she asks is “are you going to close this account after you cash your check because we don’t like to make checking accounts, just for check cashing services.” I’m not exaggerating. So being the honest person that I am I tell her that I truly would just like to cash this check but none of my secondary forms of identification are up to par. We then go through the list again and again I confirm that I do not have any of those I repeat “I have my driver’s license, social security card, vehicle registration, court documents signed annd sealed by a judge, a birth certificate pay stub so on. She says “sorry none of those are valid. She then asks “do you have a work badge such as this?” And points to her name tag. A name tag? “A name tag?” I ask. “If I get a name tag with a little sticker from a label-maker that says my name, that will be a valid second form of ID? Above even an actual paycheck stub?” “Yes” was her only reply.

    I’m on a mission now so I go to work, explain the situation and my boss is more than happy to issue me a name tag.

    I walk back into the bank thinking they can’t possibly give me any other excuses not to cash this check. I go up to the first teller and try to cash this check again; they ask for two forms of ID, I deliver. They say “I’m sorry but we can’t cash checks of this amount unless you’re a client of the bank.”

    The lady who told me about the name tag loophole walks up and asks what happened I proceed to tell her that earlier when I asked if they would have a problem cashing a check of this amount for a non-client, I was told there would be no problem. And that I feel like I’m being treated badly because I don’t want a bank account. She just shrugged a little and said “sorry, this is why you should probably get a bank account.”

    As soon as I left, I called a different branch and asked, ” would you be able to cash a federal tax return check in the amount of 4, 718.00 if I don’t bank there or anywhere? He said “absolutely, that wouldn’t be a problem!”

  195. I experienced impeccable service at the Bank Of America branch on E. Outer Dr. and VanDyke. The Branch Manager would always come and greet each customer and would help personally or direct each customer or advise in the matter that brought us in there. That was impressive. The staff would always greet you with a smile, courteous and friendly. I was disheartened to learn the branch on VanDyke would be closing. I sincerely hate to witness such heartwarming and professional care thats given, be gone. The staff at the VanDyke location will be missed greatly. I wish everyone the “Best” and I hope that each will get in return outstanding, impeccable service they gave to the community they served.

  196. Opened a checking, savings, and home equity account years ago. The savings was changed to a checking account without my permission. We had no overdraft charges and made small deposits on a regular basis only to have a 25 dollar maintenance charge deducted every month which kind of defeats the purpose of trying to save.

    Terrible wait times for phone support, 20 minutes, crappy customer service.

    We are closing all of our accounts and sincerely hope that BOA is the next big bank to go under.

  197. I was referred to customer service after being unable to reach the local branch in an attempt to get my account number. Provided my name, address, SS #, and last 4 digits of my account number, I was told by rep (Tina) that she could not provide the entire account number because I did not answer enough security questions. This bank needs to be revamped. It has the rating it deserves.

  198. I have been a customer of Bank of America since 1993. I use their debit card. On the back of the care are 3 numbers that are often required when you order anything online. I use my card for almost everything. So, as I used the card, the number faded. I asked for a new one and was told the cost would be $5. Now I didn’t lose the card, it wore out. I said “You have to be kidding me”. Of course they replied, all by email, nope. It takes a lot of effort to change banks. Over the next few weeks I’ll get it done. Nice bunch of people these folks? Not in my book.

  199. The tellers seem to be nice, the other staff members are horrible and very inexperienced as far as I am concerned. Anita Grey is the worst employee at Bank of America that I have ever dealt with. She is very unprofessional and does not want to do anything to help you out. I will never bank with these people again!

  200. My son went on a 2 1/2 month mission trip to Africa. I opened an account at this branch for the sole purpose of being able to transfer money into his BofA account (I bank with Wells Fargo). When my son completed his trip in mid-November (2013), I went into the branch, withdrew the remaining balance, and told the teller I needed to close the account. She said she was unable to close the account, that I would need to speak with one of the customer service managers.

    I went to the customer service kiosk, told the assistant manager that was standing there that I needed to close my account; she told me I would have to wait to speak with someone. I told her I didn’t have time to wait to speak with someone, particularly to close an account. She told me I could go online to close the account, which I attempted to do, and was unable to find any links to close the account.

    I assumed that with a zero balance and zero activity, BofA would simply close the account on their own. No such luck. After I received the third notice that I was being charged another $12/monthly service fee (I had maintained the minimum balance while the account was open, so no fees were charged/due), I called the bank to close account. After explaining the situation and then waiting for several minutes, the CSR told me I would have to pay the $36 to bring the account current before it could be closed. I laughed and hung up.

  201. I waited at the drive up window with three cars ahead of me for 10 minutes. When I reached the window I waited several minutes before anyone came to the window. Then she told me that the four deposits I was depositing (which included four checks and one had cash) were a little over the limit for the drive-up and I would have to come in. She didn’t offer to deposit any of them. Then she just left the window before I could respond. The bank is understaffed at times and has terrible customer service! The transaction was at noon on a wed. I won’t be going back.

  202. Good bank, but need to change the stuff. Customer service is bad, absolutely, it is not helpful about my questions.

  203. Good bank, but need to change the stuff. Customer service is bad, absolutely do not want to help me with my questions.

  204. My name is Samuel enchill .had the best service ever from the Owen brown branch..teller name Madonna was excellent..good customer service..

  205. Why would you not list the local number for your Albion Branch!!!!!! I have been on hold for 10 minutes. Your bank is STUPID

  206. most discourteous and rude assistant (I presume) bank manager I have ever dealt with. I was courteous and professional, and have had many dealings with financial matters. I needed a signature guarantee on some important (to me) documents. There were no other people waiting to be served. First of all, she was standing at a small booth, and wanted to sign my documents there. She acted discourteously from the moment she saw me, and moreso after that – why?? I asked if we couldn’t go in the (empty) office, where there was both a desk, and privacy. For some reason, she made it abundantly clear by her cold treatment, and shoving the documents back at me across the table, that she was not happy serving her customer. While I was there, another customer went storming out of the branch, very angry, about which I do not know. There must be a reason for unhappy customers. I have in the past had exemplary treatment by BOA online customer service. So this was particularly shocking to me, and very upsetting, to have been treated with such disrespect by an employee whose job should be to serve the customer. Even had I not been polite, there would have been no justification for her behavior. Someone should look into this branch’s customer service records, and try to document whether the customer had a good experience, or not. Needless to say, I will not be persuing any further dealing with BOA, and I am in the market for both a new car, and a house. to contrast, the following week, I went to the State Employees Union in Siler City, for the same reason (to get signature guarantees) and was treated with decency and consideration – what a difference!

  207. Just want to share what should not be done… ever! I needed to have a wire transfer, so after being in line to see a teller she directed me to one of the bankers. I sat in the waiting area and at some point I was asked what was the purpose of my waiting. So I said “wire transfer”, it was about 4:30 pm, I continued to wait my turn and then the same person who asked me before came up to me at about 5 pm and said that wire transfer closes at 5 and I need to come back tomorrow. So she let me sit and marinade, did not bother to mention that I won’t be able to do it after 5 pm, and then came up and smiled while telling me the news. I was very upset, because I wasted about 45 minutes of my time and accomplished absolutely nothing. She knew perfectly well that she won’t be assisting me today, she said nothing, let me sit and wait and then announced the news. This is truly the most upsetting visit, I realize they work until 6 pm and they don’t care about time, but being so callous and lacking any empathy towards customers’time reflects poorly on Bank of America’s customer service.

  208. We have been using this bank for years and had nothing but great experiences. The tellers are friendly and helpful. The other staff and the location manager have always given us the best service I’ve ever had at a bank. We have never had to wait to get assistance. They know there stuff and get things done quickly and correctly. It’s a pleasure to walk in to a bank and be greeted by name. They always go above and beyond, and are a pleasure to do business with.

  209. We have been using this bank for years and had nothing but great experiences. The tellers are friendly and helpful. The other staff and the location manager have always given us the best service I’ve ever had at a bank. We have never had to wait to get assistance. They know there stuff and get things done quickly and correctly. It’s a pleasure to walk in to a bank and be greeted by name. They always go above and beyond, and are a pleasure to do business with.

  210. As a merchant, this is the worst Bank of America location I have done business with. They never have the correct change that we need (5’s, 1’s etc.), even if we call ahead and they say that they will have our change ready for us. The wait times are always really long because they typically only have one person working in the front. If I get in the regular line, they tell me I need to move to the merchant line, if I move to where the merchant line would be they tell me to get in the regular line. Today was very frustrating. I came in, and there were two people working. I got in the “merchant” line because the girl had her merchant sign up. When the person she was helping walked away I started walking up, and she held up her finger at me and told me I needed to wait. She then had a regular customer come up to the merchant teller. Then the manager approached me and said “there’s no merchant teller today, you need to get in the regular line” then she removed the merchant sign. Then I got in line (behind 6 people, 4 of which had come in while I was in the merchant line.) A half hour later I was next. The second tellers spot opened and I started walking up, but was told I needed to wait because the other girl was the “merchant” teller. I run a business and am supposed to be able to go in and out of the bank, which is why they have merchant tellers. Every Bank of America I have banked with in the past is great, unfortunately this branch does not live up to the Bank of America standard I am used to.

  211. Our 81 yr. old father’s account had some fraudulent activity & because we had recently added him to our acct the bank froze & was going to close our acct!! we had recently been robbed & we gave them the police report, however, 2 1/2 weeks later we r still dealing with this. UNBELIEVABLE…every time I call one of their depts, u have to start at the beginning & get a different story, (they’ve lied a couple of times)…the real kicker is they weren’t even going to tell us about closing the acct. Thank God the place I make my car note contacted us prompting us to go into the bank. If it not been for Karen, (mgr at Thornton rd) this account would have closed. Their customer service dept. treated us like we did something wrong. It’s been a nightmare & it’s still not resolved.

  212. Today 12/9/13, I visited the Bay Colony Bank of America drive thru, where I did a personal deposit as well as a change order for my employers. Upon arriving back to my office, I was shocked to see the money in disarray. I had to take time out of my day to fix money that was not in order, not facing the same direction, mixed in with other denominations, as well as upside down. I was a bank teller for two years and I know that this is not a proper standard of customer service. I was highly disappointed in the value placed upon me as a customer, that I was not worth an organized change order. I called the location to let them know what happened and that this was not acceptable customer service. One of the tellers answered the phone and let me know the manager was not there and could she help me. I said yes and told her what happened. She then proceeded to laugh in my face. I asked her “Are you seriously laughing?!” and told her I would be speaking to her manager as well as closing my accounts. I am so disgusted with the lack of quality customer service.

  213. The tellers, officers, managers,everyone in the Heckle and Herlong Branch of Rock Hill, SC have always provided me with excellent customer service. They have always been professional, knowledgeable and thoughtful. Over the past 10 years my mobility has gradually became severely handicapped and without my even requesting special considerations the teller manager let me know that I could use the drive-thru for all my banking needs.

  214. Went to pay my mortgage with a check teller says i need account number I said don’t have it. She stares at me. Then says do you have your bank debit card I said no. She stares. I said all you need to do is look up my acct number with my social she says do you have your id I said no…….she stares ….. i went to snatch it from her and she says your social is???? i told her she sighs…….and then says oh its a mortgage…..and they wonder why I don’t want to use them as a bank. Her name was Rose – doesn’t need to work there. I bank with vystar.

  215. They have ONE phone number. They NEVER answer the phone. The phone has NO voicemail.

    They called me yesterday. After trying the sole number for two days (at least 20 tries), I cannot find out what they wanted. I hope it isn’t important.

  216. My husband and I cannot thank Bank of America for their outstanding service the last few weeks. I had my purse stolen and other banking items stolen, it was a very stressful time and the last straw was when the thief’s were cashing checks using my identity and bank account. WE went into the bank extremely stressed and wondering what was going to happen next. We were blessed to come across Paulina who immediately took action to help us. She continues to contact us daily and/or assist us in our accounts. Paulina is friendly, helpful and is not afraid to search for an answer if she does not know it. So thank you Paulina for making a terrible situation into a bearable situation.

  217. I went into this branch a few days ago and I was helped by the teller named Jennifer she was so sweet and really caring she helped me with my problem. I would definitely recommend this branch

  218. The title says it all. We’ve been with Bank of America for so many years, and for the 18 years we’ve lived in our chandler home, we’ve gone to the Bank of America on queen creek and alma school, and most of the employees have changed over time, yet Linda, a heavy set man, and Vera have been there for a majority of our banking experience. Linda and the mentioned man–whose name has slipped my mind, I’m sorry to say–have been marvelous and outstanding, but Vera has treated us with the absolute most disrespect possible. From accusing us of robbing a bank (when we had a stack of ones and fives from a garage sale) to calling managers over time and time again, not allowing us to deposit money into our shared account with family members when it had never been an issue previously, the list goes on and on. Between her constant badgering and the incompetence of each novice and nosy manager, we should have changed banks long ago, but we kept hoping things would get better and they haven’t. So take my advice and steer clear of this branch and this bank and find somewhere that values your business, time, money, and loyalty, because the ocotillo branch of Bank of America clearly does not.

  219. I went into the bank to open a saving and checking and to invest in my retirement plan for over 500k. The managers signed me into their system to sit and wait. I had some coffee and contemplated on my ideas. After being called I walked over to the manager. She did not know a thing about her job and was very unprofessional. She did not wear her name tag and was so unprofessional. Common have some respect! She had her shoes off and acted like it was her home there. I did not enjoy the visit and I didn’t get to invest that day. I do not want to give this bank another try! I do not recommend! STAY AWAY! I don’t know how this lady became manager but someone needs to make sure she is qualified!! Obviously she does not give a flying crap about her job.

  220. Having used the Parkage Branch for years I was shocked today at the attitude of the Branch Manager Billie. She was quick to inform me that she is the manager and her way goes. No smile..No Reason..So Unfriendly. I must say the tellers are very nice and seemed embarrassed at the way she was talking to me.

    Next time she speaks so abruptly to a customer she might want to know I work for a company with 14 stores depositing in Bank Of America!

  221. I was supposedly put on waiting list for safe deposit box. A few months later, come to find out, I was not even on the list.


    Oh sorry, shall we add you now?

    Had problem with account. Went into one of the offices.

    This is almost laughable. We were both standing, as the other seat was by her, not near the front of the desk. We were never asked to have a seat. So finally I sat down and my 6’6″ bf crouched down beside me on the floor. I told her I had been severely ill and going to Boston for treatment. As an explanation as to why I had not come in sooner. No Response to that at all. Nothing.

    She proceeded to talk down to us like we were ignorant.

    The whole time. I’m thinking to myself, why are we here putting up with this?

    Not a nice feeling to have with the people holding your money.

    Then she left the room, supposedly to speak with a manager, we waited 7-10 minute and she came back only partially doing what we needed with this long winded pompous lecture, again talking to us like we were slow and acting like she was doing us the favor of the century.

    Hope this condescending holier than thou snob never faces any hurdles in her life. I just can’t imagine how she will be able to cope.

    I do not recommend this branch.

  222. Im advance customer with bank of america for past 7 years and was happy with the service. Had to move my office to Lilburn, GA and use different branch. People r nice however branch manager is not competent and not helping at all. I gave a few chances but I will probably stop using this branch. Unbelievable experience:(

  223. I recently got a check which bank of america put a hold on it (for 10 days!) their customer service team online said it was because i overdrafted however, as long as I got a letter from the individual it is from, they can release the funds. The next day I get a letter from the individual faxed, go to the bank, ask them to release the funds. The branch Vp Lee Nappi (god knows how this person is the VP of the branch) said nah, i saw you have overdrafts so i really don’t think you a responsible enough to have the money now. Thanks Nappi, for deciding what my best interest is. I went on nicely to explain I spoke to customer service & they told me it can e done, she said good, deal with them. So that’s what I did. Spoke to Sony from BofA in California who released the funds within moments. (Very nice!) Im not sure how someone so miserable is VP. Cant wait to close my account.

  224. This bank has the worst drive through tellers. I had to wait 30 minutes in the drive through line. I complained and they have retailiated against me every time I come there. The excuse was they only had one teller. Sounds like bad management to me.

  225. I talked with the manager and some guy named chris. probably the two nicest people i’ve met in a bank.

  226. Best experience ive had with any employee o and bank. I went to Teddy Hanson banking center manager of point loma location to make a claim a month ago he handled my problem in a timely manor and with a sense of urgency and care. A month later another issue arises i knew i could go back to him to take care of the situation. He was able to take my call right away he remembered me from before took interest in my problem said he would call me back with some answers and did so within 15 mins and isolved everything with clear reasons i highly recommend this staff member he does his job right and with care urgency and sufficiency.

  227. I went in today to make a large cash deposit and was treated incredibly poorly by both the teller and the manager. The teller was disgruntled that she had to count so many bills, and acted as if it were an inconvenience to her day to assist me. After getting several varying amounts on her cash counting machine, she told me that she had ran the money through the machine three times and would not be doing it again. Am I wrong in the understanding that that is her job to deal with money? After calling over the manager, he was just as rude and appalling in his treatment of myself and my business. I have never been treated so poorly when I am attempting to give a bank money or my business, and this branch needs a serious coaching on how to treat customers. When I asked for the money to be counted by hand, they told me quite simply, “No.” According to them the machine was much better than any person and they would not accommodate my request. This bank has a serious misunderstanding of the job they are responsible for doing and how valuable their customers are. I contacted the regional manager who said she would speak with the employees, but I doubt anything will be done, it will just be business as usual. I plan to cancel my Bank of America account due to this experience and I warn any future customers to avoid this branch.

  228. Really bad experience! I am a business manager for two local businesses in Aiken. Both used Bank of America and I mainly used the Laurens Street branch as their office in within walking distance. After 18 months of conducting business on their behalf, no one even knew my name. The only real business we conducted in the bank were deposits and that was miserable. The employees are rude and the service is slow. Both businesses switched to Southern Bank and Trust and we are much happier. They even know my name there. Won’t get that at BOA. Terrible bank. The McDonald’s of the banking world. Too big to fail but not too big to bail. See ya suckers!

  229. This branch should get NO stars! I go to US bank just about everyday. This is the ONLY branch that treats their customers so poorly! Rude tellers and they have no idea what they are doing! Very slow! Straight deposits with no cash should be very easy and fast if they actually knew what they are doing! Sorry to hold up your line with NO ONE in it! Rude, just plain rude!

  230. This Branch is a JOKE!!! I dont know if the Area Manager or others notice this and if so- take some action. I went in to open and account, i was made to wait 45 mins to talk with a Indian employee. She was full of it and least bothered about a new customer. She promised me so many things to start an account. She took a picture of me sitting in a casual way for it to be on my debit card, while her colleague walks by and says, “I didnt know we can take picture like this with the customer sitting down so casually”. She laughs and winks. After 2-3 weeks I get my card with a picture. Everything she promised, was NEVER kept. She was the most lame and worst bank employee I have ever met in my adult life.

    Hope some action is taken with this branch after all this reviews….I am NEVER going back to this branch and BOA is something I have had all my life, now planning to change.

  231. Stay away from this BANK in General !!

    They lie to get you to open an credit card and then once the billing cycle ends they don’t want to take responsibility for when their employees lie about lowering your interest rate!

  232. The Branch Manager Mr. Mann is a complete arrogant piece of work. He is so condescending and rude. I have never been treated like that. I asked a simple question regarding overdraft fees, I said, “So with the overdraft fees, wasn’t there a huge lawsuit that went all the way to the Supreme Court in Washington?” Mr. Mann’s reply, “Next time you come into here you should probably educate yourself 100% before you ask a question like that.” Then he refused my business and told all the employees behind the counter and the personal banker to not help me the next time I come into the bank. For the record I went to the other location down the street and informed them of what I had encountered at the other location to find out that Mr. Mann is the BRANCH MANAGER. When I first walked into this location I opened up a business account, and Mr. Mann walked over to me and introduced himself and said, “If at anytime you have any questions or concerns please call me or come in and see me.” Well I did and he is a real piece of work that should not be employed by anyone. I have ran a number of different types of businesses and there is no way that any established business would hire him after hearing what he said. I am canceling all of my accounts because of his attitude. I have three accounts with Bank of America. I would rather get a Wal-Mart pay as you go card than deal with a human being like that. What a disgrace to the bank and all of the employees that have to work with that type of individual.

    WORST BANK EVER!!!!!!!

  233. This is a crooked Bank of America branch, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, stealing over $14,000 from the account of a 98 year old woman before she died. Close your accounts with BofA before they rob you blind. They will do the same to

    you or your mother if you leave your money there.

    This branch is located at 5600 Lomas Boulevard in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Get your money out, before they

    steal it!

    I am filing a Racketeering Lawsuit against BofA Corp in

    Los Angeles for all their criminal activities.

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