About Balboa Thrift and Loan Association

Basic Information.

Balboa Thrift and Loan Association
865 Amena Court
Chula Vista, CA 91910

Status: Active

3 client reviews-Balboa Thrift and Loan Association scored 1 out of 5.

Concentration:Consumer Lending Specialization
FDIC Insurance:1986-07-03
FDIC Cert:#26704
Charter Class:Commercial bank, state charter and Fed nonmember, supervised by the FDIC
# of Branches:4, ranked #2558
Total Assets:$214,798,000, ranked #2839
Total Deposits:$178,096,000, ranked #2859
Total Equity Capital:$35,544,000, ranked #2074
Total Domestic Deposits:$178,096,000, ranked #2859
Net Income:$1,631,000, ranked #2616
Quarterly Net Income:$346,000, ranked #3482
Return on Assets:1%, ranked #958
Quarterly Return on Assets:1%, ranked #1072
Return on Equity:6%, ranked #3899
Quarterly Return on Equity:4%, ranked #4829

Routing Numbers.

In our record, the routing number for Balboa Thrift and Loan Association is 322284928. The following is the information for the routing number of 322284928.

FedACH Routing

Name:Balboa Thrift & Loan Association
865 Amena Court

Chula Vista, CA 91910
Type:Main Office
Servicing Fed’s Main Office :121000374,
Change Date:07/17/2007

Fedwire Routing

Name:Balboa Thrift And Loan Association
Telegraphic Name:BALBOA TL CV
Chula Vista, CA
Funds Transfer Status:Eligible
Book-Entry Securities Transfer Status:Ineligible
Revision Date:11/07/2014

3 thoughts on “About Balboa Thrift and Loan Association”

  1. My daughter’s friend passed away suddenly and he had a loan here at this bank.the executor handling his estate offered my daughter a chance negotiate with this bank. They sent emails back and forth regarding negotiations, they never told her or me they wouldn’t negotiate. We talk with supervisors and vp company pretending to negotiate. A bank employee met her and told her he wanted to check out car for negotiations, he never came back with car and she had a bike and few other belongings, basically they stole her bike and left her stranded at McDonalds with a 2 year old and no way pick up 6 year old right now…what jerks. I have never dealt with a business with such dishonest practices, I would advise careful consideration before dealing with this bank. Has anyone else experience any of this? I am in NC she is in Los Angeles, last time I talk with her about 30 minutes ago her phone battery was low and now it goes to voicemail. I have no idea she and her 2 year old is safe and 6 year old was at school, does she have a ride or abandoned. I am so devastated now, all I can do is cry. Help the pain is so intense.

  2. Sometimes I think these people are going to be the death of me. I feel like I have entered the bottom layer of hell. They constantly confront me with inaccurate data via the absolute worst temperaments I have ever seen. I wouldn’t wish this crowd on my worst enemy an that be the truth of the matter. I wish of all companies getting bought out this were one, but I suppose they are making far too much on “late” fees to be in any danger even in this financial mess. Please do yourself a huge favor, take the advise of an old fella lookin to pass it on. Do not. Under any circumstances. Take a car loan with this “Thrift and Loan Association” stamped on it. You will lose years of your life every time you have to speak with them. And they will make it a priority to ensure they do.

  3. I don’t even know where to start. I’ve had the worst experience with this bank than I’ve had with any company EVER! Apparently they feel that they’ve done you a huge favor by giving you a loan and proceed to treat you like you are the scum of the earth!

    I purchased my vehicle almost a year ago and have made on time payments each month as I am trying to rebuild my credit. Last month, I unintentionally made a payment that was $30 short. Today, I had a Balboa Bank representative SHOW UP AT MY DOOR! He stated that he was sent to ask me about problems on my account. Fortunately our offices were closed today, for the holidays, or I fear he would have showed up at my job! I was obviously puzzled as to what was going on and the “representative” had very little information so he called the manager Hector. Hector got on the phone literally screaming at me that my account was past due. When i tried to find out why my account was past due, his response…”that’s not up to me to figure out it’s your loan”. After 10 minutes of him yelling at me he finally admitted that I did, indeed, make a payment last month however it was $30 short which prompted this entire debacle. He followed that, however, with “I don’t care about the $30, I care about the $16,000 loan!”

    This just happened so I’m still too much in shock to go into much more detail of this experience but let’s just say I am about to shop around to have my loan refinanced elsewhere. Just wanted to give a fair warning to anyone thinking about signing with Balboa Thrift and Loan. Take it form me, it will be a HUGE mistake!

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